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  • Morning Bell: The System is Failing

    This past weekend the American public learned that not only was the Obama administration briefed about the bombing technique attempted on Flight 253, not only did the United States have information that a Nigerian was being prepared for a terrorist attack by al Qaeda in Yemen, but our government also knew that an “Umar Farouk” was involved.

    Following these revelations, the Obama administration again took to the Sunday shows to defend their national security record. Last week Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano tried to convince Americans that “the system worked”. She failed. This Sunday, Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan did admit that the system failed on Christmas Day but still insisted: “Every other day the system has worked this year….The system is working.”

    No, it is not. The complete failure of the Obama administration to connect the dots on the Flight 253 bomber was not an isolated incident. On June 2nd of this year, Adulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, upset about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, shot and killed one soldier and wounded another while they were standing outside a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas. And on November 5th, Nidal Malik Hasan, also upset about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, opened fire at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 31 others. And on December 10th, five young men, all Muslim extremists from Northern Virginia, were arrested in Pakistan at the home of a man linked to a radical jihadist group.

    Since 2001, there have been 28 failed terrorist attacks against the United States. That averages out to about three foiled attempts per year. In 2009, there were six failed attempts — the most in one year. As troubling as these incidents are by themselves, Americans should be concerned about a White House that looks at this body of evidence and then declares “the system is working.” No, it is not.

    The problem is not, as Brennan would have us believe, an isolated incident of “human error.” It is a failure of leadership. A failure by the occupant of the White House to admit we are at war and use the tools at his disposal to protect. Instead of providing stability and confidence in the intelligence community by seeking the renewal of key investigatory authorities authorized under the USA Patriot Act, President Obama has settled for a six-month extension tacked on to the Defense appropriations bill. Instead of going to Congress and pushing for a comprehensive war-on-terror detainee system, President Obama has punted the issue to the Federal Courts. Instead of promising victory for our war on terror efforts in Afghanistan, President Obama sent fewer troops than were required for a maximum military effort and gave al Qaeda a set date for our withdrawal.

    Faulting the administration for a lack of leadership is not meant as a partisan criticism. Scoring political points won’t make us safe. The terrorists don’t care if they kill Republicans or Democrats or the West Wing is held by the left-wing or the right-wing. Nobody wants the White House to fail in this mission. But the President needs to stop blaming his predecessor and look forward. He needs to start over. Make winning the war against terrorism the top priority of his administration and act like a war president day in and day out.

    Quick Hits:

    • Democrats in Congress are pushing for quick confirmation of President Barack Obama’s Transportation Security Administration nominee Erroll Southers, despite the fact Southers admitted he misled Congress about incidents in which he inappropriately accessed a federal database for information on his estranged wife’s boyfriend.
    • Iran will conduct a large-scale military exercise next month, coinciding with what government officials now say is a deadline for the West to respond to its counteroffer to a nuclear-fuel deal.
    • According to an analysis of shipping records Chinese companies are evading existing U.S. sanctions on Iran.
    • Beginning with the Obama administration’s decision to impose staggering tariffs on tires from China, trade disputes between Beijing and Washington are escalating.
    • An Alameda Superior Court judge has declared California government furloughs of public sector unions illegal and ordered government workers back to work at full pay.
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    61 Responses to Morning Bell: The System is Failing

    1. Charles, The Republi says:

      Let's cut to the chase. Obama 0 Terrorist 2(that we know of). What is needed are Search & Destroy operations. You aren't going to stop people who's sole purpose is to kill you by checking them at the airport. It's too late at that point and passengers should not have to do the governments' work. The terrorists are seemingly always 1 step of airport security & bureaucracy. You have to kill them first. War is hell, whether it's in the trenches in Iraq or a cave in Afghanistan. There will be collateral damage. Sadly, the greatest tragedy is how stupid this administration thinks we are. Obama may be uncomfortable with victory, but Americans still love to win. Can someone send obama a copy of the movie "Patton"? Just maybe the "anointed" one will become "enlightened".

    2. okiejim says:

      It is time for the liberals to get over the political correctness phobia they have about racial profiling and get serious about the job of national security. Profiling does not mean that if you are of a particular race or color, you are automatically a suspect. It means that many factors can be used to determine if a person should be screened further. The panty-waists in Congress that are afraid the ACLU will cut off their re-election funds need to "man up" and get serious about protecting this country. I don't believe the Presidents current advisers can do the job, and it is the job of Congress to rectify weaknesses in our approach to national security.

    3. tony, mi. says:

      systems don't fail,people do,when you have a total opposite of a lincoln or washington in a thoughtful position of leadership like the presidency,you can only hope he is of the grounded type as those mentioned who can contemplate and reflect those allowed god given attributes because of learningful and humbling experiences which require's the ability of looking within oneself to measure those good and sometimes regretful decisions made in the past,then administer differently, to rectify those past regretful mistakes…

      washington today is made up of gaggles of opportunists ,who disgrace the good name of some decent political patriots who have given all,plus many of we citizens who have volunteered to wear the uniform in defending our country in/on many fronts around the blue planet…if these B.S.artists and traitors to our constitution are not thrown out of office soon,there will be little of the country left for our young to inherit…maybe only the vast debt of we the lesser generation.

    4. ED says:


    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Of course the "system is failing". That's Obama plan. Remember the words "never let a crises go to waste". Anyone that cannot see what Obama and his Democrat lackeys are attempting to do is either totally brain washed or is actually in favor of "transforming" this country into a socialist state. Just look at Obama words in Copenhagen. The EPA threatening Congress to pass Cap and Trade or else. Obama EO to allow Interpol and the UN to supersede ALL of our law enforcement agencies. Do we need the jack-booted

      troups marching down our streets to realize what Obama and the Democats are trying to do to this country? You people had better wake up before it's too late.

    6. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      No wonder. This is the same administration that refers to terrorist acts as "man-caused disasters," the War on Terror as

      "Overseas Contingency Operations," and wants to close down Guantanimo Bay in the misguided belief that if we send Yemeni

      terrorists back home to play tiddly-winks, color with crayons,

      and fingerpaint, like kindergartners, then they'll be good little boys who'll play well each other. I just saw the new

      Star Trek movie yesterday. A renegade Romulan from the 24th century goes back to the 23rd century to destroy Spock's homeworld of Vulcan. Captain Christopher Pike, Kirk's CO, is warned not to negotiate with Captain Nero of the Narada saying that this isn't the time for diplomacy. Pike goes over to the Narada anyway. I agree with Kirk. Now isn't the time for diplomacy. It's like sending members of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS back to Nazi Germany only to have them take up arms against us again.

    7. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The congressional left's and Obama administration's agendas and priorities are completely out-of-sync with the federal's constitutional mandate of national security and foreign policy. Conn is absolutely on target. Good job!

    8. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      When the investigative agencies have been brow beat, the agents been raked over the coals for the work they did, what do you expect. Yes a failure did occur, information was not shared, but back up and look at the polices the dems and obama have put in place. The terroist have all been given rights to a civilian trial, provided a lawyer and been treated with kid gloves. The dems and obama do not feel they are a threat, and will do all in their power to make us the people believe it. Untill we the people take back controll of the government we will loose.

    9. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      The nature of warfare changes throughout time. It was not until the Treaty of Westphalia (ca. 1645) that war was seen to be the exclusive province of "nation states". That view continued up to modern times. But today, we have "4th generation warfare" – warfare is conducted by ideological groups which cross national boundaries. Beginning with the early 20th century, the warring ideological group was primarily international communism. Now it is Islamic jihadists. The liberal/progressives DO NOT UNDERSTAND this radically changed nature of warfare. They still operate under the old mindset that unless "Iraq" or some other nation state "declares war" on us, there is no war. William Lind, a brilliant military historian, writes extensively about 4th generation warfare.

      So! Once again, the "progressives" demonstrate their complete inability to face Reality! They are blinded by their reality-denying ideology.

    10. Gary Abshire, Pearla says:

      This is just another in the long line of "hope and change" failures from this administration. people need to also remember, it was a democratic lead congress the last 2 years of Bush's presidency. that being said, is it any wonder we are in the mess we find ourselves.These people have shown time and again there interset do not lie in the American people voting them in, but on special interest groups and unconstitutional laws to strip us of our rights.

    11. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      The "System" is NOT – FAILING.

      HF wants it to fail.

      What are HF Haters to Fix the Mess Bush left us?


      Being a GOP in Congress – is the EASIEST JOB IN AMERICA.

      They do NOTHING

      except complain.

    12. Marcus, Bremerton WA says:

      Why doesn't anyone get it. The Obama administration not only knew about this incident, it was their agencies that planned and perpetuated it. Where is the MSM coverage of the witnesses stating there appeared to be a "handler" who helped him board the plane? If this is not considered suspicious, then they should be covering the story. What about the passenger that was videotaping the "so-called" terrorist even prior to his ill-fated attempt? False flag attacks are nothing new in

      America, they're just never covered as such. Hmm, convenient that the Patriot Act of (oppression and tyranny) is set for debate now when congress reconvenes…perfect timing Umar. (wink, wink) Wake up Heritage, get the facts, and dump the neo-con business of thinking Al-Qaeda is waiting around every corner. Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. It's on record, follow the trail.

    13. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      Dear Mr Brennan and Ms Napolitano: If it were true that the "system worked", both of you would be dismissed immediately. How dare you make such ludicrous statements to the American people just because the bomb was prevented from exploding by a passenger! And if that bomb HAD EXPLODED, would you still be saying the system worked?! Or would you be still blaming Bush, who under the same circumstances saying the same thing would have been crucified by the left.

    14. Harry GA says:

      the geneology of a crisis event:

      crisis begats chaos

      chaos begets revolution

      revolution begets anarchy

      anarchy begets the need for a firm hand (read: dictator)

      connect the dots

    15. David Freyer, Virgin says:

      What is absolutele outrageous is Obama ignoring the national defense in favor of his ill conceived domestic agenda. Trillions of unaffordable dollars will be spent to wrest away our freedoms under the guise of health care reform and cap and trade, leaving homeland security as an after thought.

      Simply stated, the Obama Admistration the Congress and their staff probably have over 10,000 years of university education and advanced degrees, yet I fear they have only several weeks of combined common sense. Where are our men and women of courage, honor and integrity, that they may serve?

    16. Kathy Parker says:

      Obama is selling the United States down the river in any way he can. He, his czars and elite few are sly, but I have faith that the true americans who really have lived the true american way of freedom and hard work, plus remember how and what this country was founded on, will win out in the end with God's help.

    17. Mary, Tx. says:

      The problem with liars is that they eventually begin to believe the lies themselves; however, a liar cannot generally repeat the same lie the same way more than once. This Administration may put the lie to that theory. They are extremely accomplished. Witness all the jobs the stimulus created "or saved". Witness "the system is working". What they lack in veracity they more than make up in false bravado. These people are all playing politics and playing at being "big wheels" and they have not given the first thought to the people they represent or the gravity of the duties they have sworn to execute or the country they have sworn to defend. This is borne out with each unconscionable act more depraved than the last. They not only don't credit or defend us, they demean us. God Bless America and save her from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    18. Scott Soyer Tucson, says:

      When the presidential baton was handed to Obama, it was up to him to 'change' those high priority security issues to his liking–he hired Napolitano the useless one. Considering the fact that GWB had experienced 9/11's full impact led him to become OCD over terrorists worldwide, which by the way was the correct response.

      Therefore, it is now Obama's turn to feel the heat. The buck no longer stops with Bush, it stops with Obama. With no backbone shown during his short political career, Obama is still showing his yellow streak loud and clear. His pussyfooting is clearly seen around the world, his incompetency and impotent actions are leading us into the third world politics so popular amongst those weakest nations connected to the United Nations.

      2010 is not the time for all good men to bury their heads, it is time for real change, not Obama weak-kneed change. America has to wake up or be blown up. Its now up to us to separate the men from the socialists. My God Yahweh help us all.

    19. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      I wonder when the Obama administration will start owning their decisions and policies and stop blaming Bush. Any bets?

    20. itsover, Lake Havasu says:

      This is a prime example of what political appointees will do for you. This monumental failure of our security system can be laid at the steps of the administration because of who Obama has chosen to lead the security apparatus in the country. Janet Napolitano, a politician, Leon Peneta, a politician are two fine examples of this. Rather than choose someone who has experience he opted for politicians and the results are what they are, unsatisfactory. Bush did the same thing although not to the extent Obama has.

      This is just one more example of what is wrong with our government and another reason the natives are getting so restless. Lets hope people will remember this next fall and there are enough people willing to make a real change running for federal offices so we have someone worthwhile to vote for.

      I am not confident that the people will remember nor am I confident there will be any decent candidates running. I'm also not confident the Repulican Party can figure this out. They are too busy trying to be a big tent party and not offending anyone.

    21. Tater Salad says:

      The United States does not have a failed national security system but a "failed administration". They are failing to recognize and tell the American people the truth which GWB was telling us all along. These are "long term" problems created by "terrorist" who do not like our way of life. It know seems the Obama administration is caving in to the terrorists and is now trying to change our way of life (socialism/Marxism) to appease the terrorists.

    22. Cara Jones, Dallas T says:

      May God have mercy on us!

    23. Les Lemon, Independe says:

      I was surprised when you failed to mention one of the worst parts of the current "system". That is that rather than interrogate the underwear bomber to determine what he knows about other potential terrorist plots or plans, etc., they treat him like a burglar and allow him to "lawyer-up" and to keep silent. Using this "technique" will provide far fewer dots to connect. Obama and company simply turn their back on prim sources of information and what for? To demonstrate we don't torture? This is dereliction of duty and a clear failure to protect the nation!

    24. Les Lemon, Independe says:

      I'm not sure this went through so I am submitting this again: I was surprised when you failed to mention one of the worst parts of the current "system". That is that rather than interrogate the underwear bomber to determine what he knows about other potential terrorist plots or plans, etc., they treat him like a burglar and allow him to "lawyer-up" and to keep silent. Using this "technique" will provide far fewer dots to connect. Obama and company simply turn their back on prim sources of information and what for? To demonstrate we don't torture? This is dereliction of duty and a clear failure to protect the nation!

    25. E Fresquez says:

      We are at a new year and we as republicans and independents need to look at the big picture "elections." The illinois cronies have failed enough with our system that we need to get it back. We could go on and on about all the bad things they have done to our country but that is not going to change anything. We need to get them out of power and that means having the right people to replace them with. We need top support change and I don't mean barack obama change, I MEAN WHITE HOUSE CHANGE!!!

    26. Ted Moore Grand Pra says:

      This socialist president and his socialist administration has no spine and like a socialist they are more concerned with stealing the freedoms that we have left in order to achieve absolute power over us, the war on terror is put on the back burner while the president and his lackeys steal our health care system, financial system, and energy production, they have their agenda and it does not involve keeping us safe from terrorist, he can blame the past administration for that, as they do for anything that goes wrong, we need a president not a school kid who is unwilling to stand up and take criticism, at least President George Bush was not afraid to take blame, he could have pointed his finger at the Clinton administration for 9/11,but he didn't, he went after them with a vengeance and kept us safe, Obama and his idea of sitting around and singing kumbiya with the terrorist will get hundreds of Americans killed, and he will blame Bush as usual.

    27. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      Wishes for a Happy New Year. I have given up on Obama acting like a war time president. He would have to face reality, be honest and open with the American public and then be courageous by fighting back against terrorism in every possible way. None of that works for his socialist agenda. It would mean keeping Guantanamo open and trying terrorists in military courts, where they belong and profiling in airports. His top priorty is not the safety of our country. Vote him out.

    28. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      No surprise. The entire Obama administration is a failure. Just keep hoping and praying that this Nation can survive such an ignornant, incompetent and anti-American administration.

    29. toledofan says:

      I watched a little of the Brennan interview on FOX and I couldn't believe that when he was asked why we don't treat these guys, the terrorists, as enemy combatants he danced the Fox Trot and couldn't give a sound rebuttal. The idealogy of Obama and all in his administration is so deep rooted that they can never accept the fact that these guys are really bad people and they do view them as criminals. I think some innocent people will end up dead because of this idealogy and thats the travesty surrounding this administration.

    30. Len Yancey, New Mead says:

      The occupants of the White House are acting just like the 1960's Students for a Democratic Society group of radicals they grew up with. It is sad that they continue to chip away at the foundations of this Republic. They not only have no sense of what this Country is about they continue to work toward lowering us down to the level of the European Union and ushering in the rise of the Chinese as world leaders in the same way that my parents used to describe back in the late 1950's. We must be willing to engage in a new revolution in principle in order to put down this assault on our governmental structure just as if it were an armed military coup.

    31. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      Mr. Brennan is a disaster, totally out in space. He must go with Napolitano. This is disgusting and frightening, but the liberal press will never report it.

    32. Ron Derry NH says:

      Thank goodness no one was hurt when the breach of security occurred under Obama's watch.

      Anybody who can still blame Bush a year into a presidency is insane.

      Obama has full control of this country, full responsibility of the economy and full blame for his parties MAJORITY rule and decisions, there is absolutely nothing the Republicans can do with the scales tipped the way they are from the lapse of judgment applied at the voting booth.

      I am afraid the economy is still tanking, the dollar is being devaluated and the foreign powers are starting to see the impotence of the USA under Obama.

      None of this can be blamed on Bush at this point because Obama has been setting record pace at Marxist policies and ineptly chosen team agenda Czars, who have more interest in socializing us and stripping our defining strengths to insure their idea of a world with no borders, with Marxism going global.

      The only good thing is the leftist rabble are all pleased that we are no longer a threat to anybody and the world can now see us as a docile player in a violent world preparing itself to rattle some cages with new dominating powers.

      The USA won't be a player but a servant with Obama's skills in play. Any one who ever fought for this country should wake up and stop defending the very incompetence that will bring us down in the long run. This administration isn't showing any desire to defend our Constitution or our citizens with anything more than rhetoric and appeasement to foreign sensibilities.

      To continue to send Gitmo battle field detainees back to Yemen, the worlds hot bead of terrorist training, shows a total will to sympathize with a foreign power and put americans at risk for a repeating calamity. Aiding and abetting the enemy is not what George Bush did.

      This president is a failure at policies, and they are his fruits. Anybody so dumb to have voted in a complete leftist sweep and is now hoping the right can save us is living in a world defined by irresponsibility of action. This is what happens when you vote party loyalty over COUNTRY protection; a weak, agenda driven, unchecked regression of principles.

    33. Harry, Illinois says:

      We keep blaming the system. It's not the system that needs fixing. It's the idiots in the asylum running the system that need to be fired. Until we start hiring qualified people with a LITTLE COMMON SENSE and know how to work as a team than, we are going to continue having problems.

      Just because someone happens to be a friend or relative sharing the same values and ideals, does not mean they are qualified to fill the position.

      The MEDIA needs to start addressing these problems objectively instead of pointing fingers. Pointing fingers does not and will not get the job done. The terrorist see this, and they are exploiting this lunacy to their advantage.

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    35. ken in santa barbara says:

      Harry, Illinois…….great write…..enjoyed it immensely, especially in regards to finger pointing. I see what you mean….

      Here's to fixing the problems that we are all party to, even if all of us don't see our part or role.

      I still see hope for the rest of us leaving the finger pointing behind and resolving to be more in tune with amicable solutions and a belief that opposites often attract and come together for the good our species.

    36. Adam, Canada says:

      Certainly, your current President has mishandled the national security portfolio. However, don't be so quick to pardon Dubya. His Administration had EIGHT YEARS to curb Muslim immigration and visitors' visas, purge openly jihadist elements from government departments (e.g., Nidal Hasan) and liquidate jihadi-front organisations (CAIR, Salafi mosques, MSAs, Kenneth Gamble's Universal Companies). Instead, Bush kicked his shoues off at mosques, plead for 'tolerance' and instituted hire-a-Muslim affirmative action programmes. Bush I-II deposed a SECULAR government from Iraq, so that Islamic fundamentalists in Arabia and Iran could sleep better. (The Ba'athist regime VICIOUSLY suppressed Islamists and kept Iran scared; the 'WMDs' scam will go down as one of the worst frauds perpetrated by American and British governments.) Also, conservatives have to acknowledge that their Alzheimer's-addled hero Ronald Reagan helped create the political infrastructure that lead to al Qaeda bases in Afghanistan and Waziristan, by aiding and abetting those rotten misogynistic pederasts the Mujaheddin…who later morphed into Mullah Omar's Taliban.

    37. J.A. (USA) says:

      Um, communist China has continually shipped missile technology and parts to Iran for well over a decade. And some of that missile technology is what Bill Clinton secretly gave to communist China. (why is anyone's guess)

      From a 1997 CIA report : ""For the reporting period, China and Russia have been primary sources for missile-related goods""
      "Acquisition of Technology Relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction and Advanced Conventional Munitions "

      As far as putting tariffs on tires, its a smart thing. Having a domestic tire manufacturer is a national security issue. In a time of war, do we want to be dependent on tires coming from the same country (China) that has: 1) threatened to sink all U.S. ships in the pacific 2)supported Iran and its nuclear program 3)supported Pakistan's nuclear bomb program and its nuclear proliferation 3)supported Libya's nuclear program 4)supported North Korea 5)supported North Vietnamese during the Vietnam conflict 6)supported Venezuela's recent Russian military procurements 7)supported maoist 'rebels' in many countries with recent military shipments 8)severed cables(2009) on U.S. underwater surveying equipment in international waters. 9) continually hacked government computers around the world to both gain control and steal military technology.

      I ask why does the Heritage Foundation support "free trade" with communists? How can you people put trading with communists ahead of national security? (Also, trading with economic protectionist China is anything but "free trade".)

      "Bush imposes steel tariffs"
      "(2010)China will soon have the power to switch off the lights in the West"
      "Hackers Steal US-South Korea Military Secrets …IP location in China"

      Computer Spies Breach Fighter-Jet Project

    38. Jim U.- New Haven says:

      To: Ken Jarvis….."there is none so blind as he who will not see" You are hopeless!!!!

    39. Curtis Smith Raytown says:

      Never have I seen such a collection of such arrogant, self-centered, self serving ego-maniacs in the white house. It was a sad day in America when Obama took office. He and all his "czars" are a disgrace and an insult to the American public–all these bums need to be shown the door–

      at election time Nov 2010

    40. John, Arizona says:

      Ron Derry: You are absolutely correct, BUT, you will see the Obama administration blame Bush for everything bad for another year, and then start promising all the things they think will get them/him re-elected in 2012. But, didn't he promise a lot in 2007 and 2008? And what if any promises has he kept?

      The likes of lefty loonies like Ken Jarvis will continue to help Obama's cause by blaming Bush for everything and anything that is bad. It has been suggested by many writers to the HF that Ken get a grip, but he is unable to admit the country made a huge mistake in buying into Obama's "change".

    41. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      Bush is not to blame for this.The blame is the president and his liberal friends, the democrats.They only care about them selves.They donot care about us the american people.

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    43. Judith in Michigan says:

      Could it possible that all of the politically correct (and woefully dillusional) people in this administration will soon realize that all of the Marxist/Saul Alinsky diatribe they were fed in college was really just a bunch of garbage? That in the real world, appeasement doesn't work, but you must have strength and power to maintain freedom in this dangerous world?

      I can't help but think that there are some Democrats in DC who are feeling very uneasy about the behavior of Obama & Co who appear to be sympathetic to our enemy's cause.

    44. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      Citizens of America: do not expect the controlled and corrupt main stream media to promote anything AMERICAN, nor any policies to protect us. They are in league with socialists and communists. Don't think so? That mental midget Chris"shivers down my leg" Matthews is a proponent of Sol Alinsky(spelling?). I hate calling the man prominent, its like calling Mao prominent after he is responsible for the murder of over 30million people. Remember socialists, the ones who died were professors, media people, doctors and so-called elites(Hollywood?). Be careful what you wish for !

    45. Tony Bakersfield Ca. says:

      Simple Qestion.

      Why is it that if we point out how this Child in the White House is messing up we are called Neo- Con's by liberals? Can you not see through the Rose colored glasses you wear? When Bush was wrong we said so. This Guy is a joke around the world. He runs around telling people how bad we are. then he comes home and starts raming this Health care Bill down our throat's and say's we need health care like the EU has. How much do they spend on defending their Butts vs what we spend. Oh yea we defend them with our troops. They don't have to worry about that. Our biggest alley over there is britian look how much they spend on health care vs defense. The numbers are a joke. Mr Obama lives in a world that is made up of weak kneed liberals who want this country to be like the EU. Well I want the contry we were given 234 years ago. Not what they are trying to make us.

    46. Spiritof76 says:

      How come Janet Napolitano and Brennan still have their jobs? How come we are not hearing from the members of the great 9/11 Commission when they couldn't wait to lay it on Bush every chance they got? Who is watching for Americans and the country? I don't see many in the WH. Obama believes that the terrorists attack because of our policies. Remember the rant of Obama's preacher, "the chickens are coming home to roost". Ordinary Americans will be strip searched in order to get on the airplane while the terrorists will be waved through because of political correctness.

    47. Bobbie Jay says:

      Jason Lewis said it right.

      Totally paraphrasing: Bring the troops home! If America is attacked, we'll bomb you and leave. Do it again, we'll bomb you and leave, do it again, we'll bomb you and leave. Domestic terrorists? Automatic CAPITAL PUNISHMENT TO THOSE WHO DON'T SUCCEED!

      The human brain is bound to pick up on this? No costly studies necessary. ENFORCEMENT WORKS BEST!

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    49. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Do you all listen to Glen Beck? I advise you to todays show was great. stay tuned- you are being marxized, like it or not The American voter has gone extinct due to ignorance and apathy

    50. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I give up I am just driving myself insane trying to save america, they are to dumb to save, I am going into the humor business before I go crazy

    51. Ken in Santa Barbara says:

      Ron Derry NH et. al.,

      You had me at Thank Goodness, but of course I blame Bush for a portion of the economic situation, the current state of politics and garbage left behind in Afghanistan. I blame him for Rumsfeld and for a below acceptable rationale and an unforgivable number of unnecessary deaths from the Army he sent instead of the prepared Army he needed. He was a liability that Bush had to distance himself from. Lest we forget Bush's approval rating was an abysmal 26% when he left office compared to almost 90% on 9/11. Except for Iraq and Sadam's capture he hit the ground and tripped downhill


      I thought I'd share some good ole 'publican Rumfeld'n wisdom with you

      "If you try to please everybody, somebody's not going to like it."

      "If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much."

      Make of these quotes what you like but if they only apply to the "right" viewpoint than we are destined to grow apart as a country and people and ultimately the blood we spill may well be our own on our own soil by our own hands. That does not speak well for keeping a democratic Republic from perishing.

      I don't understand you here- "full blame for his parties majority rule and decisions"???? Wouldn't presume to argue with that logic, but I question if it is logical.

      as for the scales being tipped…..You are trying to tell me

      53 percent of the voters were wrong and 45+% were cheated/too informed/to quiet/what???? They are tipped because there was no support for the Republican Party or platform (lack of originality thereof). No need for Republicans or conservatism as it was being force fed to the masses to think they could be of any further present service. They are not banished….yet, They must change and met the change with optimism. Change happens and will continue to do so….what we make of it as whole is what will set us apart from historical failures who chose to erode from within.

      Obama's election was a part in parcel reaction to the previous 8 years add to it a time for a look inward and a reaction to what was happening locally to yours and my investments, portfolios, and our image around the world. (I blame Bush for domestic state of affairs as much as congress). I believe scholars and experts will bear that out also.

      Pointing at Medicaid and Social Security an Health care and trying to blame the government (or liberals, progressives, libertarians or the left)for its failure is almost as laughable as blaming government for the care afforded most of our veterans.

      If it weren't for the government vets wouldn't have anything. Both administrations need improvement, that is what is great about our system, we can improve it by telling our government to do so. The fact that HF says the system is failing is no testament to patriotism heroics or a passion for the wealth and health of our nation or deeds of human sacrifice and challenge. It is liken more to a baby's reaction to a toy being taken away, a child's way of laying blame, divisive chatter.

      This isn't about Marxism it's about Fascism/Corporatism and how far you and I are willing to allow it to spread. Good luck trying to convince your adversaries that the road to happiness is paved and maintained by Republicans and Conservatives. It obviously was in bad enough repair to call for heads to roll and it will take more than an attitude of or if I owe you an apology or making me ask you nicely so I might be let off easy with a warning. Think more to the middle and you're likely to look more like a great American, Republican, five star general and trust worthy president than the alternative.

      I'd love to meet John Boehner.

      Peace on us all

    52. Dee, California says:

      Let's just call it as it is…."A WEAK, NON-QUALIFIED, INCOMPETENT, INEPT, DISGRACEFUL, EMBARRASSING, DELUSIONAL, IDEOLOGICAL ADMINISTRATION IS RUNNING AMERICA OR THE INMATES AE RUNNING THE ASYLUM". I think most Americans could agree right now that we need a Ronald Reagan in the White House or wish good ole GW was back at the helm, but we definitely do not need a weasel as Commander in Chief. Obama and his administration are a complete disgrace and ALL lack leadership and not an ounce of courage in any of them. As I watch and listen to the non-stop parade of explanations and decisions from this failed administration, I think Dumb and Dumber are currently in charge.

    53. luhut,, Bataks says:

      The failing system should be integrated with culture,religious and low income country of the among country like Iran, Afganistan and African. The program will be star from zero base together with among countries to select the base menu to war.

    54. Harry, Illinois says:

      Thank U Ken in Santa Barbara. It's no longer a Democrate/Republican problem. It's everybody's problem. And until our Media and the Representatives in Washington wake up, we are going to continue to struggle as a nation.

      Wish you and everybody else a happy and prosperous new year.

    55. Rob Garvey, Altus,O says:

      Obama's National Security Policy in a nutshell is:

      "Get Health Care Insurance reform passed…NOW!"

      Think about it.

    56. robert sargent new j says:

      national security should be everyones concern.obamas people using the blame game and the excuses help our enemy.these people are getting by the radar.as far as the christmas bomber being tried in our courts is unthinkable.the bomber says there are more like him.so his laywer tell him to stop talking.and the american people have to set and wait for another attack.obama and holter should voice our concerns and tell us why.why are they putting us in harms way.

    57. Pingback: A Constitutional National Security Crisis of Obama’s Own Creation | Step Down Obama

    58. Al Reasin says:

      As with anything attempted by man, those at the working level need clear, concise direction. The people that carry out policies need to know that the leadership will support their efforts, especially when there is no clear cut policy and one does what one honestly believes is best for the nation. Anyone who is willing to take such a career and personal risk is not the norm. President Obama's confusing message about the fate of CIA operatives who followed policy during the Bush Administration does not give one confidence that filling in the blanks of the dot pattern based on experience and then taking action will not cause you to be thrown under the bus if political/diplomatic pressure is put on the Administration for the actions taken.

      Viewing this President as a common citizen does not give me any confidence in his ability to properly and constitutionally govern this representative democracy, so why should he instill any confidence in those who work in the physically dangerous and politically risky intelligence community.

    59. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      I agree with Ron Derry.

    60. Pingback: Updating…SCHotline Breaking News | Campsen for Congress: Finally? «

    61. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Obama's mantra is that we have to do something and do it now.

      Patience, they say, is a virtue. In other words, don't just do

      something, stand there!

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