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  • New TSA Procedures Are Not The Answer

    Today, TSA announced a new round of security checks for international flights. Extra security in the wake of the failed underwear bound bomb for Detroit made sense as a measure of over abundance of caution. A rash of new permanent procedures, however, appears more like a knee-jerk response than anything else. Requiring one hundred percent inspections on travelers from 14 “terrorist” countries is a kind of feel good, but useless idea. Terrorists route their attacks through the international air hubs that are not the most suspicious. Nor is geography an indicator of security. Remember 9/11 was launched from a domestic airport. The Christmas Day attack could have been launched from a domestic flight too. Why are we preparing to thwart the last attack instead of the next one? Real security does not come from throwing billions of more dollars at aviation security. It comes from getting the terrorists. Shame on the administration for introducing a bunch of measures that will inconvenience all of us just so it can say it is doing something…rather than doing its job and going after the terrorists.

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    12 Responses to New TSA Procedures Are Not The Answer

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Simply put, the normal traveler is being punished for the terrorist. Wouldn't it be easier to just compare the reservation to the "no fly lists" and "potential dangerous lists"? Then implement full body scanners and let the NORMAL people get on with their lives.

    2. SAMUEL, AMERICA says:

      THE OBAMBBA ADMINISTRATION wants to enter the union into the homeland security. I have never seen a union that does anything right. This is a pay back for obambba.

      Some—-how I do not think I will be traveling.

      Union school system, union post office , THESE TWO ALONG IS ENOUGH TO SAY NO TO UNION TRAVELING.

    3. philip says:

      TSA is not the solution. the problem lies with Presdent Obama and homeland security drictor Napolitano. When they refuse reconise that we are at war with AL QAEDA TERRORIST.That are forming terrorist jihadist sleeper cells around the world, and the U.S.with the intent to distroy america, and it's western freedom type of goverment. We need our boarders closed and Obama you need to lisen to and support our security agentcies and stand up america . AMERICA FIRST NOT REST OF THE COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD.

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    5. matt, bend, or says:

      who wins here again no one but the terrorists, everytime there is an attempted attack insane measures are taken making the terrorists the winner. we need to take measures to combat these people from gaining access to these flights and if this includes profiling than so be it. once they are stopped at the gate than they won't gain their recognition with the media making them the losser!

    6. Resident from Detroi says:

      Obama and his group react but do not know how to lead. They want to control us through health care, and cap and trade, but they are incapable of doing their job which is Protect America. They should concentrate on the war(which the lefts do not acknowledge)and let Americans control their lives.

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    8. Ana,Hialeah Fl says:

      Cuba now on the list of possible terrorist countries???Who would have guess…..

    9. Bobbie Jay says:

      wouldn't it be more effective if government taxpayer paid employees did their job in the first place? Who are the czars behind this one?

      Obama seems to favor these types of inhumane beings?


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    11. Drew Page, IL says:

      Well, as long as TSA procedures exclude profiling, we are going to continue losing lives due to political correctness. It isn't little old ladies from Sweden that are flying airliners into skyscrapers; neither is it sub-teen children, nor American men in their seventies. The terrorists we have killed or captured fit a very defined mold. They are middle-eastern males between the ages of 16 and 45.

      Who were the geniuses at the airport in the Netherlands that let the Christmas crotch-bomber onto an airliner with out a passport and who bought a one-way ticket with cash? We need American security forces at all airports that allow flights to the U.S. to screen any and all passengers coming to the U.S. Anyone coming to the U.S. from Africa, the Middle-East or Afghanistan should be screened especially carefully.

    12. David Mitchell, Salt says:

      Okay, I have changed my business plan, canceled my vacation and all of my air travel. Is there some way I can recover the non-refundable air fare?

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