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  • Yearly Archives: 2009

    A First Look at the Manager's Amendment

    The Senate Leadership is scheduling the first vote on their health care bill later today. A thorough critique and analysis of the 383 page manager’s amendment cannot possibly be done in the short time frame given by the Democratic leadership in the Senate. The race to push through the towering … More

    Reid Unveils New Bill. Now What?

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) just unveiled his much discussed amendment (called a manager’s amendment), which many believe is the President’s last chance to secure significant health care reform before next year’s mid-term elections. Fittingly, since no one has seen the bill, the Senate clerk is now reading the … More

    Newspapers Endangered...By the Telegraph

    With the advent of new technology, newspapers are being threatened. Many are expected to go out of business, and the rest will have to change substantially. Many observers fear that journalism will become too driven by speed, and that judgment and deliberation will be lost. Others said that news reporting … More

    MoveOn.org Urges Members to Oppose Obamacare

    This afternoon, reports surfaced of a petition to ask Senators to block the health care bill—not from the right, but from a source none other than the liberal campaign organization MoveOn.org. In an e-mail to supporters, MoveOn.org said: But there’s enormous pressure from all sides to pass a bill quickly, … More

    Obama Lays out Formula for Economic Disaster at Copenhagen

    In his speech at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, President Obama told leaders from around the world that “the time for talk is over.” Obama pushed for all major economies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but admitted some doubt as to whether a collective agreement would be reached. He could … More

    School Choice Supporters Ask Reid to Show a Little Christmas Spirit

    Some members of Congress are trying to bring a little Christmas cheer back to District families fighting for the continuation of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. Representative Burgess, along with co-sponsors Boehner, Kline, Frelinghuysen and Issa, introduced legislation to amend the Omnibus to remove language phasing-out the Opportunity Scholarship program. … More

    More Broken Health Care Promises

    New analysis confirms that the health care bills moving the House and Senate will break the many promises President Obama made to the American people. As the details of the legislation are exposed, it is no wonder that Americans are growing uneasy over the direction the legislation has taken. The … More

    Live at Copenhagen: Try Again In 2010 - The Final Slogan From Copenhagen?

    The Heritage Foundation’s Steven Groves and Ben Lieberman are live at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference reporting from a conservative perspective. Follow their reports on The Foundry and at the Copenhagen Consequences Web site. Rather than the much anticipated (by environmental activists) or much feared (by those concerned about the … More

    Time To End The Summit Tsunami

    Back in September, Heritage fellow James Roberts wrote of the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh: In the past 10 months, the leaders of the G-8 and G-20 nations have met three times at elaborate and expensive summits to address the world’s financial woes. … Originally a Group of Six–France, Germany, Italy, … More

    Video: Spending is the Real Problem

    The Cato Institute’s Dan Mitchell and the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation, have produced videos explaining why Keynesian economics is wrong, presenting the evidence that big government hurts economic growth, explaining how big government hurts economic growth,  making the case against the Value Added Tax, and detailing the real … More