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  • Yearly Archives: 2009

    Video: Cash for Cloture

    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) attempted to force a vote this Wednesday on an amendment that if adopted will ban the practice of trading earmarks for votes in the Senate. As even President Obama-friendly MSNBC has documented, Sen. Ben Nelson’s (D-NE) Cornhusker Kickback was not the only backroom deal that enabled the … More

    What Next? Fish for Fidos

    Since the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference ended in complete failure, some on the eco-left are engaging in a bit of gallows humor including Head of Research for Oxfam Duncan Green who writes on his blog: The BBC’s ‘Ethical Man’ (probably another cat lover) has done the numbers. Keeping … More

    What Obamacare and the NHS Have in Common

    As US legislators continue to advance the largest expansion of government control over health care in the US, many Americans may need some comic relief. Although such massive consolidation of federal control over health care is by no means a laughing matter, the following 2-minute clip from a popular BBC … More

    Morning Bell: Coal for Christmas from the Senate

    This morning  just after 7 AM EST, the United States Senate passed, again on a straight party-line vote, President Barack Obama’s health insurance bill. Originally scheduled for a 9 PM vote tonight, the bill’s Senate passage is a welcome Christmas gift for a beleaguered White House. However, as the First … More

    Could the Senate Bill Eliminate Private Insurance?

    The Senate health care bill no longer contains an explicit “public option,” but it does include heavy regulation of private health plans, including minimum amount they must spend on medical claims, and taxes that will not count toward those limits, limits on deductibles and co-payments, and authority for federal regulators … More

    Beyond the Constitution: The Healthcare Bill Violates the Rule of Law

    Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) has pointed observers to a problematic section of the health care legislation now before the Senate that proposes (in Section 3403) to create an Independent Medicare Advisory Board. He rightly observes that the bill language makes it virtually impossible to repeal that part of the legislation, … More

    Obama On Cutting Red Tape: No We Can't

    For the past week or so, President Obama has been trying to jawbone banks into lending more in order to jump start the economy. He continued the push yesterday, meeting with a group of small community bankers to urge them to open up the spigots. Interestingly, he acknowledged that federal … More

    Smart School Reforms Can Benefit African American Students

    Writing on Townhall.com, Dr. Walter Williams asks an important question: “What’s to be done about this tragic state of black education?” Williams highlights the shockingly low test scores of students in predominantly African American cities like Detroit, where only 3 percent of 4th grade students scored proficient on the NAEP … More

    Reid Roils the Abortion Debate

    Far from maintaining the Hyde Amendment limitations on federal abortion funding, the Harry Reid (D-NV) “manager’s amendment” on which cloture has now been invoked in the Senate would begin to tear down the firewall that individual taxpayers now enjoy in various federal programs not to participate in abortion funding; establish … More

    Nothing Voluntary About Obamacare's Mandate

    Some supporters of the health care “reform” bill being shoved through the Senate are dismissing concerns over the individual insurance mandate and the tax penalty imposed on those who don’t meet that requirement. They claim that because § 5000A of the bill waives criminal prosecution of taxpayers and says that … More