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  • Monthly Archives: December 2009

    Message to Obama: Leave Our Jobs Here, Bring Our Sovereignty Back

    President Obama headed overseas to collect his Nobel Peace Prize and make his pitch for collective action on climate change. Of course, if our president commits us to any binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gases, our jobs will be heading overseas too. The Senate’s 1997 Byrd-Hagel Resolution warned not to … More

    Obama’s Northern Exposure

    The Nobel Committee’s choice of President Obama for the Nobel Peace Prize was baffling, to Norwegians and Americans alike. Even President Obama himself was amazed. As he admitted in his acceptance speech today, compared to other recipients, he has indeed accomplished “very little.” (And he had accomplished even less when … More

    Mortgage Cramdowns Will Hurt Consumers

    Just as the housing market is showing definite signs that it is stabilizing after a lengthy drop in housing prices, the House of Representatives is about to vote on proposal that would destabilize it once again while also raising the cost of mortgages for future home buyers. The proposal – … More

    Why Russia Doesn't Care About Copenhagen

    MOSCOW – The rest of the world’s passions may be boiling over in Copenhagen this week, but Russia is paying no attention. There is an impression that the government and public opinion – quite in the classical liberal laissez faire spirit – share the conclusion that global warming has a … More

    Video: Sen. Hatch Says Congress Is Boldly Going Where It Has Never Gone Before

    Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) addressed The Heritage Foundation yesterday on the unconstitutionality of congressional action that forces Americans to buy health insurance under Obamacare. In Sen. Hatch’s opinion, that mandate would not pass muster under the Constitution, and it would be an entirely unprecedented action that is beyond the scope … More

    Ominous Omnibus: Spending Bill Jeopardizes Opportunity Scholarships

    Yesterday, members of Congress released the text of their $446.8 billion spending measure – the Omnibus Appropriations bill – which will likely be enacted before December 18. To the dismay of low-income parents in the District of Columbia, the omnibus also contains language seriously jeopardizing the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program … More

    New Senate Bill Is Reason to Re-Set the Clock

    Washington is making the rest of America dizzy. The latest “breakthrough” agreement on health care will be the 8th major version this year (each exceeding 1,000 pages)—far more than most Americans can keep up with. The public deserves ample time to review and scrutinize each version before Congress votes. So … More

    CBO: Reid Bill Forces 10 Million Out of Current Health Care

    You don’t hear President Barack Obama make this promise anymore, but when he was first selling his health insurance plan, Obama repeatedly promised the American people: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” Lost in the November 18th Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score … More

    Obama’s Nobel Prize Speech Wrong on Global Warming

    In the midst of resolving conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama briefly mentioned another war in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech: the war on climate change. He said, “The absence of hope can rot a society from within. And that is why helping farmers feed their own people … More

    Will Obamacare Be Run from the West Wing?

    The latest Senate leadership health care compromise is a “Bumper Sticker.” There are no details yet, but the Bumper Sticker tells us enough about where this compromise is heading: a massive concentration of political control over the health care system. While the Senate leadership has decided to turn the outlines … More