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  • Time To Focus On Threats, Not Launching Political Amnesty Fight

    As if the Obama Administration and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano didn’t have enough tough issues to handle with the total failure of the post-9/11 system to keep a terrorist with a bomb off our airplanes, the LA Times reports that the Obama Administration is more committed than ever to push for amnesty in 2010. That is madness.

    Let’s take a step back and consider where things stand.

    First, the economy remains on very fragile ground with millions of Americans out of work, the next pack of home foreclosures to hit, and deficits as far as the eye can see. Add on top of this the half a trillion dollars in new health care taxes, and trillions more in cap and trade energy taxes, and things could get much, much, worse.

    Let’s not forget the battle still to be waged over moving all of the terrorists from Gitmo to Illinois, as well as the delivery of some terrorists to Yemen. With reports out that the Christmas Day terrorist had help from at least two terrorists formally held at Gitmo, the Obama Administration will face a growing fight from the Congress and the American people on the issue.

    Finally, there are still two wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The announced surge in Afghanistan will pose serious challenges for President Obama and his national security team. We pray his long-delayed action is wildly successful.

    Of course, there are other pressing items not noted above, but I think you get the point. There are more than enough items in play that injecting one of the most divisive political issues into the arena is sheer madness.

    As we have previously noted, Obama has taken steps backward on interior immigration enforcement. And while their have been decreases in illegal border crossing, the driving force behind the crossings remain too closely connected to the weak economy to know if our efforts on the border have been sufficient enough to declare victory And, our visa policies remain defective, including the failure to put in place a program for low-level temporary workers.

    Then there is the whole question of what to do with the 11.3 million illegal immigrants already in America. The Obama Administration and its political supporters want an amnesty provision. The American public is strongly against amnesty, especially when the economy is so weak and millions of Americans would then face legal competition of these newly-minted citizens.

    The bottom line is that Secretary Napolitano clearly has a lot more work to do to make sure the system actually does work the next time an al Qaeda terrorist tries to attack us. Having spent time in the Secretary’s Office in 2005-2006 during the frenzy of Dubai Port World, Hurricane Katrina, and other crises of the month, the last things Secretary Napolitano and her team can handle right now is a battle over comprehensive immigration reform.

    If my experience remains indicative of how things are going over at DHS right now, Secretary Napolitano and her team are spending almost every waking moment dealing with the ramifications and questions surrounding the Christmas Day attack. They should get used to it as the Congress sets hearings, the media find out more on what didn’t work, and the demand for accountability increases. These types of events are physically and emotionally draining as already overworked appointees and their civil servant staffers work even more.

    President Obama should ratchet back his agenda for 2010 and put immigration on the back burner. His team has more important things to focus on like stopping terrorists.

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    15 Responses to Time To Focus On Threats, Not Launching Political Amnesty Fight

    1. William Downey says:

      One has to ask: How many of the illegal's in this country are radicalized and how many harbor hopes or plans of launching a terrorist attack?

      Illegals are not undocumented aliens, they are here in violation of the law.

      Providing illegals with amnesty and drivers licensces/state identification cards is one of the great hoaxes of our time. License or idnetification cards are legal forms of identification for air travel, among other things. How can any offical responsible for security even think this is a good idea?

      let's face it the "fundamental change" promised by our president is going to lead to disaster.

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    3. Maria in Pennsylvani says:

      Obama and Napolitano are only interested in using the Mexicans to get their votes.They could care less the Mexicans are taking over our jobs.

    4. Betty Hanicke, Kansa says:

      At a time when our U.S. citizen umemployment is above 10%, it would be stupid to give citizenship to illegals. After all, they are law breakers and should be sent home and apply for admittance in a proper manner. Also since the tax cuts that most, if not all tax payers have enjoyed, have expired at the end of the year, taxpayers will experience a tax increase starting this year. Happy New Year from our legislators. I fear many of our citizens and retires will be in for a shock!

    5. Tim Az says:

      Amnesty is key to the liberals re-election in 2010. It also serves to dilute those Americans who continue to cling bitterly to their god, guns, and freedom.

      More chains and false hope anyone?

    6. Normca says:

      There's no stopping these fools. They are fulfilling their wish list of the last 8 years. If not for the immediate harm, I hope they keep going with these devastating actions because they are touching more peoples' hot buttons who we need to get out and vote these statists out of office. We do need change; change that would take these American extremists out of the majority. Envision what the democrat pundits and MSM would be saying next year at this time if we the Astro Turfers, Right Wingers, showed up at the voting places [in the Pelosi buses] in such large numbers that Acorn could not overcome, to vote the Republicans into the majority.

    7. Drew Page, IL says:

      Of course B.O. wants to grant amnest to all the illegal aliens. It is a great recruiting scheme to increase the number of Democrat votes (with or without ACORN's help). There is also a side benefit. B.O. can then say, "See, I told you my health plan wouldn't cover illegal aliens". That's because the illegal aliens will be declared "legal" by presidential fiat.

    8. vera md says:

      I believe that those people who have entered without papers should be able to stay. But that they should not be able to help anyone else to enter.the money they make should be taxed a little more as a penilty for not entering the proper way.

    9. Adam, Virginia says:

      This administration cares only about politics. They want amnesty for illegals so they will have more support for their agenda. He will be viewed as a savior to them, giving them the obligation to support his radical reforming of America into a South American style dictatorship. Are people so blind? The self destruction of America began the day Obama took office. I pray that others in our country see the writing on the wall and vote these idiots out!

    10. Renee, VA says:

      This administration wants to break us as in the USA. They can read the polls. They don't care. They know the American people are hurting. They don't care. They know that giving amnesty to 10+ million people will act as a magnet for more illegals just like the last amnesty did, and will only serve to strain our economy even more than it is now. They don't care. That is the terrible truth we all feel, because we DO care.

    11. Linda, Dallas, Pa says:

      Jobs and votes are the least of the problem this would create. Announcing Amnesty is an open invitation for ANYONE to cross our borders! Is that what we want given the recent attack by a radical Islamist from Nigeria????

    12. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      We tried this before, it only encourages more to come illegally. They are law breakers and should be deported when found. The only reason the liberals are pushing for amnesty is VOTES. When they swear them in the also register them to vote, since they were granted help by demos. and they can only read and understand little English people like ACORN show them the Liberal canidates nbame and tell them how to vote. We need to get back to a true way of election, 1st to veify that the voter is legal and make sure all votes are truefukky counted. In 2009 my son's absentee ballot did not reach him intime even though he applied 1st day they were available, same happened in 2008. I wonder how many votes in 2008 were not counted?

    13. Terry Simms says:

      Obama's quest for amnesty has nothing to do with immigration and everything to do with political power.

      Everyone who has a brain knows we could have a compromise tomorrow that would give illegal immigrants "legal status" such as unlimited tourist visas but would stop short of giving them full citizenship with voting rights. Then they could come out of the "shadows".

      But this all about pandering to the immigrant voters not finding a solution.

    14. Drew Page, IL says:

      Why stop at illegal aliens? Why not grant amnesty to all criminals?

      We have heard the excuse that illegals are only looking to get out of poverty. Aren't most bank robbers, burglers and other thieves looking to do the same thing? Most criminals can rationalize why they did what they did. Why are the liberals discriminating against them by excluding them from the blanket amnesty they seek?

    15. Violet pa. says:

      This is just one thing Obama wants to do

      How about the Executive Order he recently wrote that gives the United Nations Criminal Court the right to try anyone in the USA for anything that Obama doesn`t like or our servicemen could be tried for something they did in the act of war,this places our sovergncy under United Nations

      This smells like treason.

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