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  • Needed: A Reagan-like Policy for Iran

    As Iran’s Islamist dictatorship escalates its brutal repression of its own people, growing numbers of Middle East experts have called for a harder line against Iran. Writing in today’s Washington Post, Ray Takeyh, a Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, recommended that: “The Obama administration should take a cue from Ronald Reagan and persistently challenge the legitimacy of the theocratic state and highlight its human rights abuses.” It is refreshing that the Council, which is far from a bastion of conservatism, has recognized the value of Ronald Reagan’s principled leadership.

    But while some Iran experts, who formerly called for recognizing the legitimacy of Iran’s radical regime, have been late to acknowledge the regime’s human rights abuses, corruption, and crumbling base of political support, Heritage Foundation experts long have recognized that Iran’s predatory regime lacks legitimacy and must be firmly confronted. For example, as I wrote in a 2003 web memo, “Revolting against the Revolution”: “Because of its arrogant authoritarian rule, corruption, restrictive social policies, and disastrous economic policies, Iran’s clerical establishment, led by Ayatollah Ali Khamanei who succeeded Ayatollah Khomeini as the supreme leader, has grown increasingly unpopular.”

    Heritage Vice President Kim Holmes argued in a 2005 web memo that Tehran’s human rights violations and support for terrorism make its nuclear weapons efforts all the more unacceptable:

    The human rights community should be as worried about Iran getting nuclear weapons as the Bush Administration is. Human rights groups should be issuing reports, holding vigils, and giving Iran a prominent place on their websites. They need to shine a spotlight on the fact that one of the world’s most repressive regimes — which Freedom House ranks as next to the bottom in political and civil rights — may be on the verge of getting a weapon that could obliterate hundreds of thousands of lives in minutes.

    Perhaps at some point in the future, the Council on Foreign Relations will admit that President George W. Bush was right in calling Iran a part of the “axis of evil” just as Ronald Reagan was right to call the Soviet Union an “evil empire”. But that admission is likely to come several decades in the future, if at all.

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    9 Responses to Needed: A Reagan-like Policy for Iran

    1. Stephen Zimmerman, I says:

      Contemplating action is of no use in combating the future of Iranian bellicose behavior. Severe sanctions should be applied immediately with force to follow if verifiable dismantling is not effected within 6 months. The UN is useless as well as feckless so unilateral action by the US is warranted.

    2. Normca says:

      Where were the human rights calls in 2003 as Saddam Huessen was taking off fingers etc in Iraq. The human rights crowd picks who they want to have rights. And where is the voice of the so called leader of the free world ?

    3. michelle, USA says:

      yes, let's create more Reagan "freedom fighters" so we can call them "terrorists" in a few decades


    4. Bryan, Federal Way W says:

      Again, You are missing the point.

      Let me decide for these guys.

      First, we target missiles on the launch pad and destroy them before any launch of test missiles can be performed.

      Second, we sanction because the world will demand we stand down.

      Third, we get the hell off of the backs of our own NSA, CIA, NDA, and let them get back to work gathering and acting on evidence; setting targets for actionable assault; infiltrating the population for "Popular uprisings"; Covert assassinations; and most of all, SABOTAGE! (You think a melt down wouldn't set back their agenda a few years?)

      And let's get a bit of Electronic war fair in there. We invented the internet, lets use it.

      But the most important thing, we must stop the assault against our own military. No more "Seal trials" for punching murderous enemy combatants. No more taking the word of ENEMY soldiers over our own as to who should have been shot in a fire fight.

    5. Sean, Dallas says:

      Here, here…Bryan.

    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      A Reagan policy would be great for people all over the world, but that would put the people in charge and government wouldn't like that?

    7. Drew Page, IL says:

      Everyone should read Saul Alinsky's RULES FOR RADICALS. The current administration has not only read and studies it, they have made it their primer for affecting change in government.

      Many of us, for years, have considered ourselves among the 'silent majority'. Alinsky had a different name for us, he used the term "do nothings". It was a term used to not only denigrate, but to teach radicals that they had nothing to fear from a bunch of lazy complainers.

      Stalin had another term for Russia's silent majority. He called then useful idiots.

      If we don't take the opportunity in 2010 to flush these spendthrifts and liberals out of Congress, we will have no one to blame but ourselves, making prophets of Alinsky and Stalin.

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