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  • Morning Bell: Cornhusker Kickbacks for All

    Last night the Nebraska Cornhuskers routed the Arizona Wildcats 33-0 in the Holiday Bowl. Most years college football bowl games do not have much to do with health care legislation in Washington. But last night, Husker fans throughout Nebraska were subjected to a 30-second television ad from Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE).

    Politicians usually don’t run ads a month after November, and almost never more than two years before they are up for re-election. But after a new poll showed Nelson with a 55% unfavorable rating and down 30 points to a would-be 2012 challenger, Nelson decided to take to the air.  The source of Nebraskans displeasure with Nelson is no secret. 64% of the state opposes the health care legislation Nelson recently voted for in the Senate, and only 17% approve of the special deal Nelson made for Nebraska’s Medicaid program, more commonly known as the Cornhusker Kickback, in order to secure his vote.

    Nebraskans are not the only Americans disgusted by the tactics President Barack Obama and his allies are employing to pass their version of health reform. The attorneys general of 13 states have sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) demanding that the Nebraska deal be removed from the bill or they will challenge the legislation constitutionally in court.

    Other states are taking a different tack, demanding that the entire Medicaid portion of the Senate bill be redone. The governors of the nation’s two largest Democratic states, New York and California, warn that the Medicaid expansion at the heart of the bill “could collapse the very safety net system it seeks to expand.” New York Governor David Patterson says the bill would leave his state $1 billion in the lurch and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says Obamacare will drain California’s General Fund an additional $3 billion to $4 billion annually.

    The fight over the Medicaid portions of the bill expose one of the dirty little secrets of Obamacare: for all the talk of fundamental reform of the system, over half of the health insurance coverage additions in both the House and Senate bills come from the expansion of Medicaid.

    Medicaid was chosen to do the bulk of the health insurance expansion under Obamacare because it is cheap. But as Americans instinctively know: cheaper does not mean better. The President’s own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have warned that the lower Medicaid reimbursements will mean those who gain insurance under Obamacare through Medicaid will have a very difficult time finding doctors to treat them.

    There is a reason government-run single payer health care advocates rally under the slogan “Medicare for All.” Medicare is actually popular among those who use it. But Americans who think they are gaining real health insurance under Obamacare are going to be in for a rude awakening when they discover they ended up with “Medicaid for All” instead.

    Quick Hits:

    • Rush Limbaugh was admitted to a Honolulu hospital today and is resting comfortably after suffering chest pains. Rush will keep his fans updated at RushLimbaugh.com.
    • A suicide bomber killed at least eight American civilians in Afghanistan Wednesday and the United Nations is temporarily pulling international staff from Pakistan because of the deteriorating security situation.
    • After $787 billion in stimulus spending and $700 billion in bank bailouts, the nation’s bulging debt is now $12.1 trillion.
    • The Obama administration’s latest $3.8 billion bail out of GMAC makes taxpayers the majority owners of the firm.
    • Fears are growing that Greece or another weak country may default on its sovereign debt obligations, forcing the richer countries in Europe to ride to the rescue.
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    40 Responses to Morning Bell: Cornhusker Kickbacks for All

    1. Jim U.- New Haven says:

      Hey Ken Jarvis! Be sure to read today's HF and the let me see you concoct one of your pithy one-line sarcasms. I'm increasingly confident that Obamacare has created the weapons that will defeat it. They (the Dumbocrats) were so hot to get a final vote before their brain-dead members went home for the Holidays that they made deals with the devil to cobble sixty votes together. The problem for them is, the people of this country are not as dumb as Harry, et al think they are.When every commission, think-tank and the CBO are telling us(and them) that the numbers won't fly, we are STILL being told bt O and Harry and Nancy that then healthcare abomination will be "deficit neutral". Have we really appeared that stupid to these jerks???No more. I have never been as proud of my fellow Americans as I am right now. This bill will self-destruct and the grown-ups will give us REAL health reform.

    2. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Ben Nelson should be given a Half-Nelson and run out of Washington on a rail. Come to think of it, changing Congress probably wouldn't change a thing. Let's abolish Congress altogether and create a new legislature that's of the people, by the people, and FOR THE PEOPLE. I was thinking of maybe

      abolishing either the House, or the Senate, but then I thought

      it would be better if we abolished Congress altogether because it's acting more like a lapdog for Presidents rather than a watchdog.

    3. Paullette, Wisconsin says:

      Perhaps one good thing could come of this mess — a real grassroots movement to reform the congress! The degradation of the senate to a bunch of free loading horse traders using our highly valued votes to "move IT along" (regardless of the intrinsic value of IT) — unblushing corruption in the name of "that's the way it's done" — and flaunting of the will of the constituency with "they (meaning us) will get used to it and see that it is a good thing after all" after they shove it down our throats against our will using our votes and our money — The Congress Is Begging to be Reformed, after all, "they will get used to it and see that is is a good thing after all."

    4. Linda Ashburn says:

      In my opinion, Letters should be sent to all of the those who voted this monstrosity into law with the intent of challenging the constitutionality of it all in court with we AMERICANS AS THE JURY. It was done corruptly, behind closed doors, members were left out and not notified to attend, payoffs, kick-backs, bribery. Its disgusting to say the least. This is the worse presidency I have ever seen. The numbers don't lie. The majority of americans DO NOT WANT THIS and have MADE IT KNOWN. However, what the people "do not want" does not seem to matter to those officials who were put in office to represent WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT. We are not children, nor are we ignorant just because we don't hold a political or legal position. We ALL KNOW THIS IS WRONG and how Corrupt our government officials have become. As stated before, Time to clean house! Possible bring charges against those FORCING AMERICANS TO DO WHAT THEY KNOW IS NOT RIGHT OR ETHICAL. At the present time we do have our GOD GIVEN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS WHEREBY TO DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST SUCH AN ATROSITY. We are at the moment a FREE NATION but if something isn't done, I am afraid it will not remain that way long. Obama doesn't seem satisfied being President, nor does he show or have respect for it or it's people, which makes one WONDER? He wants to be RULER of this World. What Shame he has brought to this once Wonderful and respected Nation.I do not believe the Ameican people are going to just accept this and move on. Something will be done.

    5. Colleen, Lees Summit says:

      Complete power produces ultimate corruption. We need term limits for all for the Congress and Senate.

      If anything good can be said about this disaster of a White House we have now woke up the American people and we are standing up for what America was built on. We cannot remain silent and allow status quo to continue. Our Senate and Congress are not representing us by letting our voices be heard. It is time to bring back our conservative values and be accountable for our own selves.

    6. Harry, Illinois says:

      This current Administration and Congress reminds me of the movie The Wizard of Oz. Obama is the great and powerful Oz. Joe is the cowardly lion who has no courage what so ever, Harry is the Scare Crow who doesn't have a Brain, and Nancy is the Tin Man who doesn't have a heart. Oh my, Oh my what are we to do?

      Happy New Year everyone. 2010 is only hours away now. We the voters are the Wicked Witch. Lets start getting out the brooms and start sweeping as many as we can out of office.

    7. Gray_Stroke in the R says:

      Voting them out would instill the fear of God and the People for at least ONE term that may be enough to push the reset and tell the spoiled children we B watching them.

    8. Bernice L McClure De says:

      With the New Year just hours away I am proud to be an American. And that pride will boost my simple, one woman efforts to continue to work for respect for our Republic,our Constitution,

      protection of the Unborn and the gratitude we owe our Military

      their families. We need to let our Police, CIA and our FBI

      do the work that is their mission. To hamper and hold back

      their talent for the sake of the failing present administration

      is UN-American. God Bless America.

    9. Tater Salad says:

      Michigan has two super liberal Senators in Congress that would love to get the country into full blown socialism, Levin & Stabenow. They have to go and be unemployed. They pander to all the special interest groups for a vote. Sad! Next election……….they are gone!

    10. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      This country cannot last long with nincompoop idealists and incompetent 'leaders' running it.

      I am reminded me of a character in the movie: "Tobacco Road", who is given a new car by a rich woman who took a fancy to him. The character is ignorant of the value of what he's been given and, with his family riding in it, proceeds to wreck the car over a short period of time.

      I see Obama as the equivalent of the young man, together with his moronic family of Congress, driving this country to wreck and ruin, having no appreciation for the value of America!

      They say:"We won!; Whoopee"! and are driving America onto the scrap heap!

    11. Ted Moore Grand Pra says:

      Being from Texas I was glad that Texas Longhorns beat the cornhuskers, barely, but I am proud of them for sticking to thier principles and lets hope that senator nelson will be looking for a new job in 2012, way to go Nebraska, you make us proud.

    12. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      We need term limits: four maximum terms for congress and two for the senate.

    13. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Is it interesting to notice how the Progressive politicians of the Democrat and Republican parties are wincing at the expansion of government mandated health programs because of the cost? Such a common sense priority as 'cost' is usually a particle of Conservative concern.

      It is also worth the notice that the common sense American knows graft and corruption when they see it. The purchasing of votes in the Senate and the House, is not a bi-partisan issue today. The Democrat apparatus that runs things in the District can claim all the guilt on this behavior…it is they who have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

      Finally, it is noticeable that voters are realizing that this Administration's budget and expansive federal programs will create a Trillion-dollar-year deficit for each year as long as can be reasonably projected. Democrats in power are proving they are fools with tax-payer's money. If this isn't enough fuel to fire Conservative and Libertarians to elected office, then they are as incompetent as democrats.

    14. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Whether it's insanity, idiocy, or intentional corruption taking this nation into ruin, those responsible are beginning to feel the wrath of the people.

    15. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We are making some small progress an new candidate has been found to run against one of the professional politicians who caused these troubles does anyone else have a progress report? contact me at ww77651@aol.com

    16. Mad-andy, Missouri says:

      Senator Nelson and Senator Landreu's votes should both be disqualified due to ethical issues.

      If you want to express yourself, here is a good place.

      http://my.democrats.org/senate letter

      The big O sent this to me so we could congratulate the senators. You might as well use the link to tell them how you really feel about this Obamination of a bill.

    17. Jake Martinez, NM says:

      Question: Do you agree that we need health care reform, but find yourself disgusted with the health care reform bill that was recently passed by the Senate and the disgraceful tactics that were employed by President Obama and his allies to pass their version of health reform?

      My recent blog post reveals a report that was recently compiled by the Business Roundtable Resource Center that meticulously outlines what a comprehensive health care reform bill must address, to include the delivery system inefficiencies that are currently driving up health care costs and clearly states that, although expanding health insurance coverage is critically important, simply adding more people to an ailing system and spending more money will only make the existing cost problems worse -You Decide:


      "Food For Thought"

      "God Bless & Keep Our USA Safe This Coming Year & Forever"

      Semper Fi!


    18. Brian Hersey says:

      I was so impressed with the senator's statesmanship and respect for our dwindling liberties in crafting his NE Medicaid "deal" that I wrote him an email stating that, in this season of giving, since he had given hard earned income of all American taxpayers, I would match his generosity with a contribution to ensure he is defeated when he is up for re-election. I then wrote a check to the NE Republican Committee. I hope many others will feel similarly charitable in whatever way they feel motivated.

    19. Clive, Nebraska says:

      The medicaid deal is a deal almost every state will end up having, and has been predicted to be coming for quite some time. Nebraska just ended up being the first state to do so.

      The sheer hypocrisy of those legislators complaining about Ben Nelson and ignoring their own 'deals' through out their terms and the Bush years is hilarious.

    20. Charlotte says:

      I got it figured out. Obama's health deform is the mechanism that Bush was looking for years ago…it is definitely weapons of mass destruction!

    21. Howard R. Roby says:

      Perhaps you can help us understand. I am a retired Postmaster, drawing a minimum retirement pension (2008 Gross pay was appx $40,000) sounds good but with taxes and payments to Medicare

      and BC/BS Anthem private Insurance plus living expenses and other taxes ,is not much.

      We (my wife and I) each have been paying $96.40 per month for Medicare and I pay $358.00 for the BC/BS. That takes a hunk of money for health insurance each month. I have been notified that BC/BS will increase to $400 + starting in Feb, 2010. My Medicare and Anthem are deducted from my Postal retirement check and my wife is billed each quarter

      Today I received her bill (due 12/25/10) the payment went from $289.20 to $331.50 !! I had already received the new 2010 Medicare booklet that stated our payment would stay at $96.40 each ,a month. But in a separate letter with the quarterly bill was a letter stating it was going up to $110.50 /Month.


      Although Blue cross has already notified us of their increase, and I excepted it by continuing with them, my wife heard on the news that if this Obamacare bill passes , BC/BS is going to raise their Monthly charge again and might make it as high as 64% of the my 2009 payment.

      I know life is not supposed to be fair , but the idea of raising my monthly charge for Medicare because the Government does NOT give me any money is about as far out as any Democrat has reached.

      Howard R. Roby

      Mrs. Pamela A. Roby

      3640 Harmony Lane

      Zanesville,Ohio 43701

      Ph. 740-452-5588

    22. Howard R. Roby says:

      I would appreciate any ones answer as to why our medicare payment is being raised, when we do not receive Soc Soc. I have written to the President, Sen. Brown, Sen Voinovich, Sen McCain, called Medicare Number in the booklet, and have not received any answer other than it is because we do not receive a Soc Soc check?


    23. Al Reasin says:

      The Senate and House bills still exempt congress and federal employees, so we know what will come out of the conference committee. The usual, do as I say, not as I do. Ah, the arrogance of our "betters".

    24. Harry, Illinois says:

      It's now the beginning of a NEW YEAR!!!

      It's time, as Nancy put it, for the "Astro Turfs", "Swastika Bearers", and "Unpatriotic individuals" to get out our our brooms and start dusting them off so we can be prepared to start sweeping these ingrates out of office, regardless of what party and what house. If they've served 2 or more terms, vote them out. Our system is not broken. It's the representatives in office that are broken. We've allowed these so called representatives too much power and leeway. We need to take back our Country. Let's show them who they work for. Lets start imposing VOTER MANDATED TERM LIMITS. It's 2 AND OUT. Let the slogan begin: LETS WIN AGAIN IN 2010. Lets end the STATUS-QUO once and for all.

      Happy New year everyone.

    25. Dianne, Georgia says:

      We need term limits. Two terms for the senate and for congress, just like the presidency. If they won't impose term limits on themseves then we need to do it for them by never voting for an incumbent.

    26. Cheryl Ciamarra, Bir says:

      OBAMACARE will result in higher costs and lower quality care for everyone. It will be like government run education, free but poor outcomes. Private religeous schools educate one student for $2,000 a year, puclic cost $6,000 per student but they can't read when they graduate. Parents who don't homeschool have to pay twice (once in taxes for education they don't want or use and again for private education It will be the same with healthcare. We will have to pay taxes for worthless care and privately again for any quality medical care. Just watch and see.

    27. Richard, Oklahoma says:

      Several people have mentioned term limits. I think that's an excellent idea. One 4 year term in Congress or the Presidency, and one four-year term in prison.

    28. Jj Keaau, Hawai&#039 says:

      Aloha e citizens, We the people need to come together and defeat the so called "health reform bill".

      Please go to ACLJ.ORG or call them at 1-877-989-2255 to join their petition against this dumbed down version of compromise.

      Jay Seckulow will then send you a free dvd on the sanctity of life. You can also follow them on

      I listen to CSN RADIO every day and find out more information on the true pulse of America. ACLJ is on of the programs that has been a real eye opener on the government's lack of respect for our constitutional rights as American citizens.

      @Bernice: Talking about the FBI, CIA, and the Local

      Police. We have not been informed by the government and their controlled media that on the evening of December 17, 2009,

      the President of the United States of America signed an Executive Order directing INTERPOL to be the Top Police entity

      above the FBI, CIA and the Local Police Dept. effectively taking away the sovereignty of our Law Enforcement Agencies. And reducing the constitutional rights of every

      American citizen. I heard this news today on CSN radio.

      It was on The talk Show "To Every Man an answer". Pastor Chuck Messler was the guest host and was the one that brought this disturbing news to our attention. He also was concerned that the media did not inform the public about this.

      Pastor Mike Kestler is the host of that talk show that answers your questions that you have regarding the bible or other concerns. You can listen to the recording of this show on http://csnradio.com. Aloha Jj

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    32. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Knowing my Nebraska friends and relatives, they are not happy with imposing ads via Ben Nelson and his agenda. I doubt he will be able to pull his boots out of the fire after his huge helath care gaffe.

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