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  • Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) Puts Union Friends Ahead of Air Security

    In Washington, money talks and political paybacks are the order of the day. And if Sen. Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) recent maneuver is any indication, then his choice to slash aviation security funding in favor of fire grant dollars to union buddies speaks volumes about the homeland security priorities of liberals in Congress. In a recent Washington Examiner article, it was revealed that Sen. Dodd, along with other colleagues in the Senate, diverted critical funds that were supposed to be used to detect explosives at airports to pet fire grant projects for his union buddies who helped get him elected.

    It is high time Congress gets serious about where it uses its security monies. Pushing more and more dollars into all sorts of homeland security grants that don’t translate into real security progress is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Dave Muhlhausen, Senior Policy Analyst at the Heritage Foundation, has done a detailed study looking at whether or not DHS fire grants reduce fire casualties. While firefighters are integral part of communities, his research indicates that these grant dollars actually have very little impact on their intended goal of reducing fire deaths and provide very little in terms of improving fire service in communities–making these grants $5.7 billion better spent elsewhere.

    On the heels of a nearly executed airliner bombing, this revelation seems all the more ridiculous. Explosives detection would have come in handy right when a man attempted to smuggle explosives in through his underwear.

    Matt Mayer, another Heritage colleague, proposes a better way to handle these homeland security dollars-pushing states to develop their own capabilities and providing better ways to align money with security priorities.

    It remains important that any federal homeland security spending is done in a smart way, whether at airports or elsewhere. More money does not equal more security. DHS needs to spend money in a way that brings tangible results in terms of stopping bad guys from accomplishing acts of terrorism. Much of this begins before a terrorist would ever have the opportunity to enter a screening line. Intelligence tools like the PATRIOT Act, information sharing with law enforcement and international partners, and putting pressure on countries to stop terrorists from staging operations in their country are the kinds of acts that will go a long way towards stopping terrorist at its earliest stages.

    It is safe to say that most Americans prefer security over helping Sen. Dodd get reelected or score brownie points with his union buddies. And the Christmas Day plot demonstrates just how close an individual came to using a airplane to kill 200 plus people. Washington needs to get its priorities straight.

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    20 Responses to Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) Puts Union Friends Ahead of Air Security

    1. Gwendilynne Farrar, says:

      We must show Congress that this type of negligence will no longer be tolerated. They need to be reminded that they work for us, that the money they are spending is our money. We need to make them truly accountable for every thing they do. Further we must change the rules governing term limits for congressional members. I am tired of people like Chris Dodd putting keeping their seat in congress over protecting Americans and the US Constitution they are sworn to Protect and Defend against all enemies.

    2. Diane says:

      Why isn't this treason?

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    4. tommy........Alabama says:

      dodd is a crook just like most of the union bosses…..i worked for 2 different unions,3 different times……they couldn't force me to work for one now,not even their thugs……dodd is acting like a thug in a gov.job,that he was to up hold and work FOR THE GOOD OD THE people AND COUNTRYnow the greedy unions

    5. John Kearney says:

      Typical! They need to "be gone" in November!

      We will remember you!

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I just don't understand why this is news to anyone. Dodd, as well as most Demorats are not

      concerned with what and how much they steel from

      the people of this country. They have been assured their jobs are safe by Obama and because of groups like ACORN and the news media, they cannot and will not be voted out of office. There is only one way to remove them, and we all know

      what that is. Why is Obama setting up a one million man police force to be ready for a civil war in 2010?

    7. Tim Az says:

      Some people have already forgotten that DHS identified the enemy shortly after OBama was elected. The enemy is the American citizen who bitterly clings to the tired old ideas set forth in the Constitution of The United States of America. Thats why they no longer acknowledge the existence of terrorism. The American citizen is the cause of all their problems.

      No hope and more chains anyone?

    8. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. If you haven’t made your new year’s resolutions yet, let me suggest a great resolution for everybody – in 2010, 2011, 2012. and beyond…..TO NEVER AGAIN VOTE FOR A LEFTWING STATIST DEMOCRAT ON ANY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT!!

    9. Ted Rink, Avon, Ohio says:

      Wake up America! If you close your eyes to the present government climate, the Broadway play, “LES MISERABLES” could become a stark reality.

      For the sake of our children and grandchildren all Democrats, Republicans and Independents had better lay our ideologies aside and stand together shoulder to shoulder behind the “barricade” and be prepared to fight as Americans united against our Statist Government who is trying desperately to strip away our liberty and freedom. “Can you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men”

      The groundswell is beginning. Heaven help us should a modern day “LES MISERABLES” come to pass.

    10. Lynda says:

      I am truly concerned about that re-election process. I read an article in Townhall magazine yesterday explaining what the Dems did ultimately to get Al Franken into office. I am from Washington state. Our governor was elected 4 years ago the same way as Franken and the disgusting part about it was that the article mentioned Al won because the big dogs from Washington state were there in Minnesota to run the show. We are all so aware now how this country is being run, thuggery, bribes, corruption all around. How do we make sure the elections won't be stolen all over the country in 2010? The Dems know what's coming so you know they are planning for it now. We need to be better prepared than they are and be prepared to play their games as well or better than they do.

    11. Gary, Waxhaw, NC. says:


      Nice sentiment but I wonder if Dodd will be turned out. As Tip O'Neil said; "All politics is local." They must love this guy in CT.

      Remember, we all hate congress but seem to love our guy/gal.

      I'm suprised they're not more brazen.

    12. Normca says:

      Dodd will need the unions 11/10 perhaps more than the voters. Union money, Acorn, Justice Dept and a Xerox machine = re-election. He is down in the polls at this time, even after the proposed hospital with the name Dodd on it. And Senator Demint has been accused by "The War is Lost" Harry Reid of giving security short shrift by holding up the TSA nominee just as Dodd gives the unions what this article discusses. Its all about the unions who will fund the democrats' mid term elections in 11/10. The unions who supplanted Chrysler bond holders, were handed 25% ownership in GM, who were excluded from a tax penalty in the health care bill and the unions who cost all of us When we buy goods and services.

    13. ann kitay, fulton, t says:

      Dodd has never struck me as overly bright only needy. However – a new slant on all of this – that plane was flying over/into Detroit, home of one hecka of a labor union. These Dems were about to see a great part of their base blown up and it seems okay with them. We lost steel mills to union greed and now are losing/have lost General Motors – a biggie to most Americans – another icon to fall. How much more do we have to lose before we speak in one voice – get your dirty paws off our country.

    14. Tom Conlon, CA says:

      As much as I have a problem with the current administration and the ruling party in congress, this issue is not real. Our founding fathers created congress to represent their local constituency as well as look out for our national interest. There are many bigger problems to solve than this one. I'm glad Jena McNeill is watching the store, but I'll pass on this one.

    15. Les kansas says:

      Lloyd Scallan mentioned a "million man Police force to be set up in 2010! First I've heard of this, tell us more.

    16. john berry, binghamt says:

      The basic problem as I see it is that our government at all levels is corrupt. The simplest and most effective remedy is to vote every incumbent out of office.

    17. Ardis, Texas says:

      Does not do any good to spend money, money we do not have, when policies are already online that should have prevented the fiasco, of the current Administration (Obama, and his liberal cronies). There where so many red flags on this terrorist he should have been caught before he got on the plane, they should have had a sign holder at the entrance to the airport that directed him to jail, follow me Mr. Mutallab. We do not need more committees, another new head of some bureaucracy, we just need an actual leader for the USA. When a President informs his staff to lay back and not jump to conclusions and put too much attention to terrorists incidents,by changing the name of terrorism, or terrorists events, people from top down have follow the Obama lead. We do not have a terrorist problem, they are man-made disasters. When your main goal as President is to fundamentally change America, this is the change President Obama was talking about, more liberal programs, lets join the European world. Lets destroy the US Constitution. Some politicains have lost their minds, and do not honor our Constitution, our Christian values and morals. If you swear an oath to faithfully defend the US Constitution, and can not honor this oath, then what can you expect after lying under oath but more lies, deception, thuggery, and stealing money from America. Good luck with the change. I will never vote Democrat Again…I am ashamed of our Democratic Leadership…A ship with no rudder, and no Captain at the wheel, that is what we have know. I do not know how to vote in the future but it will not be for any Democrat.

    18. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      If the people who post here would each get seven people who would get seven people….. but no, they post and go to bed, forget all about it. If you want to do something, e-mail me ww77651@aol.com

    19. DAN MOFFATT says:


    20. Da Dog says:

      If, or when the election process ceases to function (through fraud or force) we are at the END. Then the only thing left will be insurrection to remedy the problem. Let us hope that we haven't already reached that point and that we can reclaim the principles of the Constitution at the polls.

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