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  • On Nukes, Obama is Playing Right into Putin's Hands

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has made it clear that he plans for Russia to respond to the fielding of missile defense systems by the United States by modernizing Russia’s nuclear force in order to overcome the defense.

    This is not surprising because Russian officials have been stating for some time that they plan to seek offensive nuclear capabilities to counter U.S. non-nuclear defenses and have been actively pursuing a nuclear modernization program. The Russian offensive nuclear response to the U.S. non-nuclear defensive program is grounded in Prime Minister Putin’s view that an adversarial relationship between the U.S. and Russia is appropriate and should be pursued on the basis of Russia having both the right and the capability to annihilate the U.S. with nuclear weapons.

    While President Obama should respond to Putin with a long-term and energetic diplomatic campaign to convince Russia that the better alternative is a non-adversarial relationship with the U.S. that is reflected in defensive strategic postures on both sides, he is showing no inclination to pursue this course. Rather, he seems committed to a course that permits the early achievement of an arms control treaty with Russia that codifies the adversarial relationship with Russia that Prime Minister Putin is seeking.

    In a bizarre twist for a President that wants to “reset” relations with Russia and seeks a world without nuclear weapons, Russia’s Prime Minister is stating that he wants Russia to posture its strategic forces to threaten the U.S. with nuclear attack and the President is responding with, “I am okay with that.”

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    20 Responses to On Nukes, Obama is Playing Right into Putin's Hands

    1. JC Cardwell, Vero Be says:

      I've read this over and over again trying to understand why this is happening to us. Here I am living in one of the most beautiful places a person can live and for the first time in my life, may way-of-life could be compromised if the system continues to fail. In July of 2008, me and my wife decided to have a child. In August of 2008, the economy, the ethics inside the Constitution, and my new life living in communism began. Had we decided to get pregnant in November of 2008. We would have changed our minds because we would not be able to afford having a new person in our family. Today, everything I do, I do for my daughter; unfortunately, it is far less than what we planned for her. But I am not going to stop. The actions I take to better my daughter includes helping the fight of reducing a potential irreversible problem we have in our country. I am not a lawyer or a politician. I am a US Citizen of this great but failing country we call the USA. To make it more simple, I am scared to death.

    2. Jim Hammock, Arlingt says:

      Most of the Russian peoples are like most Americans in the fact that, given the option, they would rather not destroy the U.S. with nuclear missles. I'll grant you there are a few, and those few do seem to have a real talent for Government; but, and I'm only guessing of course, from my seat in Ohio I think Russia's more interested in selling nuclear weapons than using them (you know how important money is to politicians and czars).

      So maybe we ask nicely that Mr Putin not sell his nuclear weapons to bad people and, by the way, would he store our nuclear power waste at Chernobyl. I'm sure the financial details can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction. We get to build more nuclear power plants to satisfy our electricity needs, and he get's money for land that's otherwise unsuitable for use. Anyway, an accidental chemical or biological spill will probably kill us long before a Russian sociapath launches a nuclear weapon at the U.S.

    3. Spiritof76 says:

      It is amazing how many Americans like Jim above are so naive to believe Putin would respond positively to our pleadings and good intentions. Putin wants to restore Russia to the glory days of Peter the Great.

      Russia would like nothing better than to have a weak US. Our spiralling debt, out of control spending and march towards total socialism will assure Russia that they wouldn't have to worry about the bankrupt US.

      Russia is administering the same medicine Ronald Reagan administered to the former USSR- increase defense spending to cripple their economy.

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      the potential is selling and using.

      Mr. Putin, please put your nuclear energy to the good of mankind. There is a peculiar goodness about you, you may not know you have.

    5. Karen Ruff, South Ca says:

      It's time to take our country back and to let both the President and our rogue congress know that we aren't going to let them give away the whole ship without a fight. Go now to http://www.cc2009.us/aof and read the articles of Freedom that were developed by Delegates from 48 states at a special continental congress this past November. Read the violations perpetrated by the Government, the recommendations for civic actions, and sign up to indicate your support in taking our country back.

    6. John Kearney says:

      Does not surprise me in the least!

      Obama is "just learning" how to do his job. (I think!)

    7. Tim Az says:

      Let me make this clear. When OBama said that I want a world without nuclear weapons. what I meant to say was that I want an America without nuclear weapons. Let the rest of the world call the shots. I don't have the stomach for it anyway. Good luck and I'll be at the gym.

    8. charlie mississippi says:

      Liberal idealism that works in california political campaigns dos not work with mr. Putin. Sorry, this is the real world and our leader for change is taking us down the road to weakness and ofcourse we are getting pushed around by every one from the underware bomber to mr. Putin..expect more of it.

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    10. John B. San Diego says:

      Thank-You Heritage for this debate and discussion and I wish a Happy New Year Mr. Spring and the entire Heritage Foundation Staff. Truth and facts go hand in hand and 2010 offers promise and I know Heritage will be there just for those who desire more than sound bite and empty rhetoric. God Bless!

      President Medvedev joining President Obama for” Photo-Ops” is exactly that, a Photo-Op.”

      The two Presidents face similar challenges in my opinion from different ends of the spectrum .Pres.Medvedev is trying to bring Russian Federation toward the center away from a welfare state towards free enterprise and democracy; at the opposite end is Pres. Obama trying to bring United States towards nationalizing large parts of what was free enterprise to welfare state and what was democracy towards Socialism/Marxism. Both will fail, I will predict forces in their respective countries will not allow drastic movement toward so-called "Centrist Government."

      To the point Obama is no match for Putin and while Putin is occupying the position of Prime Minister he maintains tremendous power and influence; my opinion. With all due respect to the Office of President of the United States, Obama has by his actions and words left his bargaining power with Russia at a distinct disadvantage. By focusing on domestic agendas of change and somewhat abandoning serious dedication to Foriegn Policy Commitment bargaining chips and position are out of place with regard to Obama's policies. Someone should say something from the Foriegn Diplomatic Corps side if they could be heard and more importantly heeded.

    11. philip says:

      Presdent Obama on loveboat Mr.Putin I surrender the U.S. security and our defence so that we can no longer defend our nation while you arm Iran with nukes and are our enmey

    12. Gilmore, Missouri says:

      Spiritof76 is dead on. Putin is Russia's Reagan and Obama is our Gorbachev (sp?). Putin recognizes that our financial, political and social problems will eventually be our downfall and he's helping us along by chipping away at those weaknesses.

      I believe Gorby lives in the U.S. and I wonder if Obama will move to Russia when we collapse. By all indications, Obama wants to emulate Russia's collapse here and unless Americans stop his insanity it will likely happen.

    13. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      Putin may be thinking that a rerun of the war between two great powers – USA and USSR, is possible and with Obama in power, he can win this time.

    14. Claude Cornell says:

      The enemies of our country, right now, see the US as a wounded eagle and are moving in for the kill.

      Russia wants to be the #1 military of the world and China wants to be the #1 economy of the world.

      Obama and our our left-wing Congress are just too stupid to understand what's going on. Liberals are not fit to lead this country.

    15. Corky says:

      There is a growing MAJORITY of American's who see what our administration is doing to this Country.

      Unfortunately, Putin sees the same thing. Obama and our leaders have and are making decisions that are not in the best interest of our Nation or it's People. Cut backs in military spending. Reckless spending has increased our debt to the point we cannot help OURSELVES. We are no longer a "Super Power" but "Super STUPID!" for letting this insanity and our NATIONS SECURITY flounder at the hands of a socialist and his two bit backers.

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    17. Jim Payne--Texas says:

      Just to make sure I get this straight, I'll cut and paste the last line of the subject article:'Russia’s Prime Minister is stating that he wants Russia to posture its strategic forces to threaten the U.S. with nuclear attack and the President is responding with, “I am okay with that.”

      This is a breath of fresh air!! Does it mean that our President will stop lying to us? I hope no one concludes that he is "acting stupidly!"

      This is the LAST DAMNED STRAW!!

    18. John B. San Diego says:

      U.S. pursues “Détente” by herself in the face of worldwide nuclear proliferation!

      Prime Minister Putin resents "Glasnost" and "Perestroika" he views those two movements as determining factors to the decline in "His Russia" P.M.Putin also likely despises Sec. Gobachev, in my opinion.

      A quote from Gen Collin Powell “When I Look in Putin's Eyes I see K.G.B.”

      Gen. Powell was paraphrasing G.W. Bush.

      With regard to “Détente”; our current leadership may change many things, they can however not change history.

      Individuals in charge have dreams at night of “Unilateral Détente”; those in touch with the reality of the morning after say "NO!"

      A sitting U. S. President must resist Russian Objectives in Iran, Ukraine, and Georgia to protect fragile developing NATO structures and the European Union’s access to energy. In the process of protecting Western Interests our leadership must never loose sight of the possible Ultimate Showdown with the U.S.’s Advisories.

      Liberals equate relations among States with Human Relations, emphasizing trust and unilateral gestures of good will.

      Conservatives see Foriegn Policy Commitment as an ongoing battle between good and evil.

      Left sings “Kumbaya can we all get along!”

      Right proclaims; "No Deals with the Devil"

      Coexistence depends on resistance and negotiation with the U.S.’s Advisories from a "Position of Strength” TO SURVIVE!

    19. John B. San Diego says:

      The United States can not put the genie back in the bottle, the Manhattan Project is history.

      The Chicago Atomic Scientists place the doomsday clock at 5 minutes until midnight.

      The scientists claim nuclear weapons modernization is an invalid unfounded premise. What is apparent to me is Putin Ahmadinejad and Kim Yong mentally Ill think the clock is at two minutes until midnight. And those leaders are beating their brains out to position themselves with the upper hand deterrence wise.

      I don't think America and NATO should return to "Cold War Strategies"

      ,that is absurd and overemphasized by the Atomic Scientists. What we should do is continue to develop defensive multiple generations of defensive technology and deployment. Simultaneously time incorporating the latest in delivery system maintenance and capabilities based on our intelligence of the threat and compatible system upgrades.

      To place this into context our "State of the Art" deterrent warhead and delivery system should be the last one on the planet to be dismantled.

    20. john guerrier says:

      The us should make as many missile defense as he can and this bad world to protect our nation and friends overseas from massive missile attack these actions should not concern russia or china because this is a free world.let them make their own missile defense.

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