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  • Honolulu, We Have a Problem

    There was a “systemic failure” declared the president yesterday (implying the system set up under George W. Bush). That declaration gets Obama off the hook. It also shows the White House doesn’t understand the problem and doesn’t know how to address it.

    When these things happen the “system” will always be the problem. That’s because enemies are dynamic…they adopt, innovate, and improvise. If the system just chugs along eventually they will find a way to beat it. As the crotch bomber did a Christmas Day Detroit bound flight.

    Still, politicians like to blame ”systems” because then nobody can be held accountable. Also, then they have something to do—“fix” the system. That’s a politically convenient cop-out. Blame the last guy! Blame the system! Spend more money to “fix” the system and hope the next attack doesn’t happen on your watch. Frankly, that’s what the White House strategy sounds like.

    The right answer is stopping the terrorists well before take-off. That means getting as far before the “boom” as possible. The difference between the crotch bomber and the 2006 London-based plot to dispatch teams of “liquid” bombers on international flights to the US could not be more stark. In 2006, intelligence uncovered the plot, Homeland security devised countermeasures, and the bad guys were stopped long before the bomb. In 2009, we just got lucky. This is moving backwards. That’s not the fault of the system. That’s the fault of our leaders.

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    32 Responses to Honolulu, We Have a Problem

    1. Bobbie Jay says:


      Why hasn't Obama "change"(d) the policies he sees are failures of Bush? So, bad things won't happen?

      Get rid of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. If people are that weak, they don't belong in America. Be a man, take accountability.

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    3. John Roane Sarasota says:

      I guess the difference is GW would not have blamed his predecessor or the system. Good leader or not you can argue but GW would have taken responsibility (and rightfully so) and got to work. That difference is a leader not a blamer.

    4. Bill P says:

      Narcissism has its downfalls!!

    5. Roland, Charlotte says:

      There was a systematic failure when Obama was elected president!

    6. William Downey says:

      Security issues abound because we have created one layer of government over another layer of government.

      We also have a President who apparently views terrorists as criminals and would prefer to try them in public. He seems more concerned about providing them with constitutional rights and a soap box venue than taking accountability for the failures that occur under his administration.

    7. Keith, Andes Mtns. says:

      We HOPE for real statesmen that will CHANGE the USA for the better in 2010. From the mountains, these excuses look ugly.

    8. Catherine, Ocean Cou says:

      I heard on TV, That the Blame Bush card was used again, but this time it you could look at it as a Credit to Bush. When Obama took office he hired Janet Napolitian to over haul the system if necessary. Apparently Bush did a good job, NO Over Haul Needed. The only changes I believe were made in 2009, was to target United States Citizens who disagree with Their Government and to Watch out for those Right-winged Veteran's returning and agreeing with the American People.

    9. Pete,Ark says:

      Obama and clan are just a bunch of smart crooks,

      they know nothing about running the gov,but they're good thieves.

    10. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      The "Blame Game" that Obama's camp continues to use is a huge sign of weakness in this administration.

      Basically what Obama is saying is "The System" is broke and we can't fix it. This is an example of their "victom mentality" about everything.

      Homeland secuity, the economy, the plight of the poor people, the war, health care, climate change.

      His victom mentality is dangerous as it relates to our security and I believe it to be intentional.

      If we have another major attack against our country, Obama and his "its not my fault" attitude won't fly with Americans.

      We will and should, hold him personally accountable. Not Big Sis or anyone else.

      The only thing standing between elections in 2010 and 2012 is some Big Event, that he could have prevented.

    11. Ron Thompson, Albuqu says:

      In a typical liberal way, the real problem was moved from the state department and oversea's procedures to our TSA. Whereas our TSA has problems, the problem was not under their area of responsiblity. It is however, in the State department's area! Why wasn't this individual on the list? as for Obama, the teflon man, has a bunch of incompetent people that are will subject themselves the blame of an event. But in order to save face, it is easier to blame Bush. The incompetent people have not figured out, the American public isn't buying or drinking the cool-aid on the blame game,and leadership is not doesn't involve blameing everyone else for your problem!

    12. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Let's face it, this President does NOT know how to run a country, he and his gang went after the CIA, decided that it was not FAIR to label certain people as terrorist, went after the people who disagreed with him,ie: his hate list, bows to foriegn rulers, apologies to other countries for "Our arrogance". Doesn't this all leave us open for our enemies to know they can try again to kill hundreds of innocent people. The signals were there, the breakdown came in Holland when he was allowed to board a plane sans a passport, luggage and a one way ticket paid for in cash. The blame is not on "W" it falls squarely on the shoulders of this administration that are ignoring the data from pentegon.

    13. Jim says:

      Anytime we vote in the majority we get the government we deserve. Let's accept responsibility for Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress and vow to NOT be conned in 2010.

      If the promises sound too good to be true….you know what to do!

    14. paul l.i. n y says:

      Lets see now?!! I want to buy a one way ticket, cash, to America, in aseat on top of the fuel tanks!!!! What system?!!!!!

    15. L. Hodges says:

      In our next presidential election, why don't we insist that all candidates have leadership and business backgrounds. Obama as a community organizer and Acorn supporter didn't have a clue as to how to run our Country except "into the ground." Impeach him before we have a real tragedy. Fire Secretary Napolitano. We need someone with real security experience, not just another political appointee.

    16. Gary, Waxhaw, NC. says:

      I put this out as a response to a previous story about The One and it applies here.

      We’re all arguing from a false premise and assumption; what if this is what The One really wants? What if we’re being laid low and getting our just desserts? What if America is being returned to her “rightful owners” No one ever said Hope and Change had to be good for regular folk. We ascribed our own meaning to The Messiah’s words; “In five days we’re going to fundamentally transform this country.” That’s wide open to interpretation. I’d say he has. And who’s to stop him? The press fawns; his PS Gibbs and others reinterpret what you see happening. It’s a good gig for him.

    17. Gary, Waxhaw, NC. says:

      Pete in Ar. is spot on; they can control the h*ll out of us yet real problems intentionally elude them.

    18. dave, dayton says:

      As long as we are willing to put up with the PC BS then we will continue to have attacks on the travel industry. It is the most vulnerable, along with infrastucture, and we constantly allow for PC to dominate our security procedures. This guy would have NEVER made it on an EL AL flight, no bags, one way cash ticket, come on! How come no Air Marshall on a US Flagged Airliner from a country that is known to support terrorists, Yemen!

    19. paul l.i. n y says:

      Ellis island or asimilar place would be a nice place for these folks to stay and wait for their sponsors to get in touch with them so their visas are approved. We also know when they are supposed to leave so we can say goodbye!!!

    20. paul l.i. n y says:

      I was born on George Washingtons birthday, I wonder what he would say to his friends about this cituation?!!!

    21. ann kitay, fulton, t says:

      Next time you guys listen to any politician or wanna-be, turn off the sound. Watch the body language and the eyes. I 'saw' the "O" man for what he was at his second speech out. Pay attention. By the way, this man is not an Orator, He doesn't take you anywhere with his manner of speech. He punches and hammers; for punctuation he uses a half-a.. grin. NOT!!!

    22. Judy, Mass says:

      James Carafano you are right on. Are we going to have to hear this for the next (3) years? It is the last Administration's fault. The American people are so tired of this Administration of not doing "their" job. Not appointing the qualified people to do their job that they were hired to do. Putting Czars on the payroll & going over the heads of Congress. Our house needs to be cleaned up. It is corrupt. We need to educate all our friends, neighbors and family. November 2010 is not too far away.

    23. Monte, Prescott, AZ says:

      Forget the blame game. If the following is true, ALL of us who regularly speak against a socialist government of the US will suddenly be filed in an Interpol vault. I've tried Snopes, but find nothing mentioned about this one. If you know anything about it, please post a comment.

      From Threatswatch:

      Last Thursday, December 17, 2009, The White House released an Executive Order "Amending Executive Order 12425." It grants INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) a new level of full diplomatic immunity afforded to foreign embassies and select other "International Organizations" as set forth in the United States International Organizations Immunities Act of 1945.

      By removing language from President Reagan's 1983 Executive Order 12425, this international law enforcement body now operates – now operates – on American soil beyond the reach of our own top law enforcement arm, the FBI, and is immune from Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

    24. Josette M Puch, Scot says:

      To Roland, Charlotte: no it was definitely HUMAN ERROR!

    25. Illinois says:

      Earlier this week, perhaps, Sunday, Secretary Napolitano said the system worked. Everyday, she and the White House have changed their minds. Now it is the system. If the system didn't work, then fix it. They have been in office for almost a year. President Bush was blamed for 9/11 and that was 9 months into his term. Let's play the same game.

    26. Virgil Evans, Ventur says:

      This administration is extraordinary. Enter it, and the art of the side-step, the technique of "point to the abstraction", i.e, the 'system', and camouflaged incompetence, are on full display. Let us hope and pray that no innocents get killed in this farce of a presidency, that is to say, amateur hour at the White House.

    27. pattie lambert, Irvi says:

      Go to eutimes.net, December 16th issue, page 40 and see what our Leader & our military are planning for the U.S. next.

    28. pattie lambert, Irvi says:

      Check out eutimes.net, 12/16/09 issue, page 40, and

      see what lies ahead for our country.

    29. Claude Cornell says:

      Obama's real goal is to back the US down to the level of all the other countries so that the one-world government can take over and then he can run for president of that one.

    30. Resident from Detroi says:

      Typical leftest never responsible for any failure it is always the other guy. I stopped behaving that way when I reached the age of reason, around 7 years old.

    31. Jerry Omaha, NE says:

      Have you noticed while Obama is trying to blame the previous Administration for the near successful airplane bombing and not human error where ticket purchased or corporate error?

      When Bush Administration mentioned that events leading up to 9/11 was a previous Democratic Presidents not responding sufficiently, the Washington Dem leaders wouldn't hear of it and got all the press blaming the Bush who was in office just less than 8 full months. This President has been in more than 11 months.

      But errors in lack of shared communication have be seeded in current leadership and complications of 3 lists instead of 1 list with multiple levels of risk assigned.

      I wonder how many of those of the current 3 lists are only on 1 or 2 lists and still go by unnoticed?

    32. THE CAPTAIN New Orle says:

      This was not a system failure, it was an operatiional failure. It was a failure of operational personnel. Our leaders need to learn that it is not a CIA problem, nor a State Department problem, nor a Homeland Security problem. It is a federal government problem. Obviously, governmental agencies are not working together and are not talking to each other. Also, it is obvious that even when working together and talking to each other, certain personnel are not doing what they need to do. When the government knows that the enemy is training a Nigerian in Yemen for an attack and a prominent sensible Nigerian says his son is contacting terrorists in Yemen, and the British say they have denied the same Nigerian a visa, and the info sits on someone's desk for weeks without action, some one messed up. This is not a system problem, it is a people problem. It is a lack of leadership and not just Obama, but all the way down to the person or persons who did not do the job. It is time for the people in these agencies to wake up. These are not jobs you can do right some of the time. It is a matter of life and death and not just for a few but for many. If an agent or analyst is not going to be serious, than they need to get out.

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