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  • Injustice at Justice; Voting Rights Chief Sent South

    The Washington Times is reporting today that the career chief of the Voting Section at the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, Christopher Coates, is being removed and sent to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Charleston, South Carolina, for 18 months.

    This is significant for many reasons, but specifically because he was the chief of the Voting Section when it investigated the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party and because he has been subpoenaed by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.  The Justice Department is defying federal law by refusing to allow him to testify about the investigation, which necessarily includes reviewing details about the order he received from higher ups to dismiss the case after the Department had already won by default.

    The Commission is also investigating the unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims made by the political head of the Civil Rights Division, Thomas Perez, that Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure required dismissal. Perez’s action impugned the professionalism of the career lawyers in the case.

    I will be writing more about this soon.  But for now, there are two things to keep in mind about this transfer.

    First of all, there is no lawyer with more experience in voting cases in the entire Civil Rights Division than Chris Coates.  So any future claim by the Holder Justice Department that they want to put someone with more experience into this position would be entirely bogus.

    The second thing to keep in mind is that under 42 U.S.C. § 1975, the subpoena power of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is limited to within 100 miles of where a witness “is found or resides or is domiciled or transacts business.”   Living and working in Charleston, South Carolina may very conveniently move Coates outside the subpoena range of the Civil Rights Commission.  Given the Justice Department’s adamant refusal to cooperate with both the Commission and several congressmen who have been trying to investigate the dismissal of the New Black Panther case, this seems like quite a “coincidence.” Indeed, given this amazing coincidence, Justice will have to contend with the lingering doubts that he was moved because, as the Times story says of his work ethic, he would “apply federal civil rights laws in a fair and neutral manner,” not an ideologically and politically biased basis.

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    15 Responses to Injustice at Justice; Voting Rights Chief Sent South

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I know that there are many timing coincidences with this administration and congress. We have also been told that the Justice Dept operates independently from the POTUS…

      I guess this was just another out-of-the-blue coincidence and the timing was purely coincidental.

    2. susan, ks says:

      another example of the deep corruption of the obama administration.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      It is a pattern. Whoever devotes themselves to the work ethics according to the government position, fulfilling their expectations of the people, the intelligence, with sound reasoning, honesty, accountability, efficiency and discipline, is out!

      Failure to comply with Obama's "change," which is opposition of these positive and deserving for all people, qualities. He doesn't run a government for, of or by the people. He has to dismiss those that do.

      Keep strong, and always keep in mind the difference between right and left.

      The right encourages AND ENABLES: freedom, liberty, independence…human abilities… PERSONAL STRENGTH!

      The left discourages all individual ability, as they want the people WEAK AND BEGGING for government dependency. The left will take on any persons problem(s), draw sympathies and make it a COSTLY program… everyones problem. Because of their own personal weaknesses, they can't conceive or have the ability to build strength of human: decency, independence, accountability and respect. They amend laws to appease the weak, instead of enforcement of laws to build personal strength & maintain civil society.

      The majority of government, including the president, is LEFT! AMERICA IS NOT! AMERICANS HAVE STRENGTH!

    4. jim, SC says:

      Just another indication of the depth and breadth of the ongoing usurpation of power by the Executive Branch, via gangster tactics. I'll bet this sort of operation is widespread, and in fact SOP in this admin. We need not to be so worried about how to take the 2010 election, rather how the majority of this administration and a large plurality of those in Congress should now be facing charges of, at least, violating their vow of office, and for some, treason. it is little less than that. I fear a new American Revolution is in the offing–I just hope it can be done without armed conflict. I fear that is about all many of these thugs will understand.

    5. John Winston Salem says:

      This is continual assurance that this administration is corrupt and no good. We will never get to the end of these problems. We have got to get rid of all of them.

    6. Dave, Arkansas says:

      Three years ago the Bush Administration was charged with favoritism in removing and replacing 8 states attorney's by the democrats. What is happening here at the Department of Justice is far worse, and represents an attempt to obstruct justice.

      Hopefully, this issue will be dragged into the light of day and presented to the American people by our media. If this isn't resolved, the election in 2010 could be in jeopardy.

    7. Bj, Ft. Myers,FL says:

      The article above is a good read. Can you imagine if the voter intimitation was conducted by people in white sheets instead of black combat outfits with weapons. There would be no end to the investigation until every detail was investigated, tried and convicted. It appears as though Holder along with the administration is so racially predisposed that it is afraid to allow Christopher Coates to testify as to the improper orders he received. One must ask "WHY". It is my take that if this information were to surface, indictments would be forthcoming at the top of the Justice Department.

    8. Jo,Mich says:

      Eric Holder must go. His underhanded maneuverings are disgraceful…he has no moral or ethical bona fides. He is nothing more than a Chicago politician and should be disbarred

      for his actions.

    9. Tim Az says:

      You read it here first folks. This is how liberals intend to get re-elected. By castrating the legal system to ensure that there will be no investigations of illegal electioneering by the left. If you think it's not an effective strategy. All you need to do is re-examine how Al Franken stold his Senate seat from the voters of Minnesota. The left knows it's possible to win this way. The question is what will the people do about it? The upcoming census may just be your introdcution to the purple shirts who will make this happen at your polling place.

    10. Jada, Arkansas says:

      Tim is absolutely correct. They are setting up to steal the elections in 2010 and 2012. We better figure out how to get on the election boards so we can watch for shenanigans.

    11. philip says:


    12. joan, connecticut says:

      This administration, is tainted by the decisions of Attorney Holder, and his unethical actions. He, To use the presidents words "acted stupidly" by ruling that the navy seals stand trial, with only the word of cold blooded killer for evidence. Another eye opener, is the case in Philadelphia on election day, when The jack booted,baton carrying New Black Panthers, clearly broke election laws, by blocking polling place entrances. Holder, apparently condones this type of action, as well as the fact, that the New Black Panthers did not bother to answer the summons to appear in court. The department Head,Christopher Coates,Voting dept section of Civil Rights division, is the one who is punished, by transfer to South Carolina,which happens to be outside the jurisdiction of subpoena power. The case had passed the first step, but someone higher up decided not to pursue it it. Was this transfer made to avoid testimony to elicit the reason, and also the person responsible for the dismissal. How very convenient! I do not believe in coincidences that are man made. Anyone see a pattern here?? I do! It appears that any honest person { Coates} or servicemen { Navy Seals} doing their jobs, and bringing the law breakers and terrorists to justice, are the ones who face derision by our US attorney general Holder. By the way,Holder was also was the person who got Mark Rich the pardon on the last day of Clinton' s presidential term. Rich, fled the country after cheating the US government. Rich's ex-wife wife, made a huge contribution to the Clinton library, proving MONEY TALKS to this group. Holder, also thinks that trying the 9/11/2001 masterminds, in US Federal court in New York city is a good idea . He is giving this murderous group, the same rights as American citizens, and will allow these America haters, to spew their anti- American propaganda on National Television. The first wish the leader of this treasonous group, asked for was a trial in US court. Holder is giving him that wish! WHY! Is the Attorney General, making a monumental mistake, by placing US citizen lives in New York city at risk???

    13. AKdoc says:

      To the author:

      I'm confused here…if the move is ex post facto and Mr. Coates lived with-in the 100 mile radius at the time of the incident under investigation is he not viable for subpoena?…which begs the question, "is the 18 month transfer tied to a Statute of Limitation?… I hope you will address this in your follow-up report…also, I would hope that the investigating congressmen are aware of this situation and would have already subpoenaed Mr. Coates…In fact, BJ of Fort Meyer's has nailed the core issue here, if these thugs were 'white panthers, dressed in sheets' Mr. Holder would be IMPORTING the entire Charleston office to D.C. to nail these characters to their burning crosses…I know I am going to 'prejudice Purgatory' for this thought, but hey, racial prejudice appears to be alive and glowing in the one office whose duty is to protect us from the very types Mr. Holder is refusing to investigate, which seems a DERELICTION OF DUTY. Mr. Holder do your duty!!!

    14. ED, SA, TX says:

      In politically correct America, the Black Panthers did nothing wrong. Voter intimidation is illegal only if it's committed against certain segments of the population. Since the intimidation didn't occur against those segments, then it's perfectly acceptable.

    15. Rubicon says:

      As the days, weeks, & months go by, and the incidences pile up, perhaps it really is time we consider that there are politico's among us, controlled by suspiciously influential special interest groups & ultra wealthy individuals, who seem to be seeking power, at any cost.

      Taken individually, these incidences amount to nothing. Taken together, & especially when one looks at their consequences, these incidences begin to look like plans to thwart any & all objections & actions to stop what may just be a takeover of our government, using elections & bureaucratic fraud.

      Maybe the paranoid folks aren't as paranoid as we thought? Hmmmm!

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