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  • Morning Bell: The System Failed

    Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN), the explosive Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to detonate aboard Northwest Airlines flight 253, is among the most powerful of explosives in the world and was widely used to blow up airplanes in the 1970s and 1980s. The only reason the passengers of Flight 253 are still alive today is because Mr. Abdulmutallab’s syringe detonator failed for still unknown reasons.

    Yet despite the facts that PETN is easily detected and Mr. Abdulmutallab’s father warned the U.S. embassy in Nigeria about his son this November, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had the audacity to go on television yesterday and say “the system worked” and that the suspect was properly screened. The “system worked?” The 278 passengers on flight 253 could be dead today but for a faulty syringe and the Obama administration considers that a success? That is pure idiocy. Idiocy that is a direct threat to the security of this country and that goes to the heart of the Obama administration’s approach to the war on terror.

    What on earth could Secretary Napolitano possibly mean when she said the “system worked?” The answer can be found at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor where on Saturday U.S. District Judge Paul Borman read Mr. Abdulmutallab the charges the Obama administration has filed against him for trying to blow up Flight 253. And the Obama administration probably will win a slam dunk conviction of Mr. Abdulmutallab. But his conviction will not make us any more safer than the convictions of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers did during the Clinton administration. Prosecuting terrorists when we can is necessary to protect our country, but is in no way sufficient.

    The Obama administration continues to demonstrate that they believe counterterrorism is a law enforcement problem to be managed, not a war to be won. Hence Attorney General Eric Holder’s insistence on sending Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other terrorists to New York for a civilian trial in federal court. The five defendants are already plotting how best to air their grievances and exploit their treatment while in detention. Worse, criminalizing the war on terror will force our government to give
    up the chance to interrogate terrorists like any enemy combatants and lose invaluable intelligence.

    The Flight 253 incident was an intelligence failure. Instead of focusing on convictions, the Obama administration should be focusing on gathering the intelligence necessary to best protect the American people. This aborted attack provides a visceral reminder that terrorists remain committed to killing Americans. But it also illustrates the need to:

    • Work with international partners on countering terrorism;
    • Defend the domestic intelligence and law enforcement tools that disrupt plots inside the U.S.; and
    • Pursue foreign terrorist sanctuaries that serve as staging grounds for international operations.

    Clearly, terrorists have not wavered in their resolve to strike America. The United States must be equally resolute in its response.

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    80 Responses to Morning Bell: The System Failed

    1. David, St. Louis says:

      I've heard that nitrate sniffers are even more effective than x-ray scanners at detecting explosives, and are probably less obtrusive as well. Might be something to think about after this. Might also be something the TSA would be willing to do. (Unlike looking extra hard at Muslim middle-eastern men, something which would also be quite rational that they will never do.)

      Doctor Zero also had a great article on this story at HotAir that I recommend: http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2009/12/27/t

    2. james says:

      your point about law enforcement is now expected to handle terrorism, as opposed to a "war that must be won" rings true. I look at the increasing high crime, black on black shootings, drug dealer gangs….all located near Obama's Southside Chicago home, and I see where this nation is headed. As a State Senator or Congressional Senator, he was able to do nothing but… see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil….just let the Chicago police department manage it the best they can????? sound familiar???

    3. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Our HLS knew about him before this.

      Same goes for the Ft Hood shooter.

      Good job Big Sis…..

    4. Tea Party Republican says:

      Secretary Napolitano is distressingly incompetent. This is one of the most critical cabinet positions in DC. It should only be filled with a person with a background in law enforcement, the FBI or CIA.

      The Administration needs to take these threats seriously. 9/11 was our wake up call. We don't need to let down our guard.

    5. Mary.....Lodi, WI says:

      It has been my belief since Obama was elected that this country would be ripe for a major attack by radical muslims. These people very seriously intend to destroy the United States of America unless Obama and the democratic party don't succeed first.

      Gathering with friends and family last week demonstrated that there are many foolish Americans that feel there is nothing wrong happening to this country! It made me very sad not to mention frustrated to hear their logic that "I trust my government to take care of me". FOOLS!!!! One brother-in-law even suggested we elect one person to be president for an indefinite length of time so we didn't have to keep electing someone! Talk about beating your head up against the stone wall! What's wrong with people! Wake up!!

    6. Maria DeSoto says:

      She is right "The system worked" for the terrorist because they were able to fly with explosives. We haven't progress at all because last time a terrorist had a bomb in his shoe, this time was attach to his body! Where is the Progress???

    7. plumberswife says:

      The SYSTEM worked??? Only if the flight attendents and passengers are suddenly part of the SYSTEM.

    8. Tom, Minnesota says:

      Time for Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano to go!! What a fool

    9. Vested says:

      Ms. Napolitano also said something to the effect that "this is not part of a larger terrorist plot". What the hell is she talking about? If Al Queda in Yemen and other countries planning attacks on the free world is not a "terrorist plot", then what is it – random violence? deranged people that need help? wayward youths? misguided Muslims? Identification of the problem is critical to finding a solution. They are at war with us, and we are not at war with them. God help us!

    10. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      God is still in charge and when he takes an active hand people say things like "Still unexplained" or "unknown". I am sure that if God had not had his reasons for wanting this plane to arrive safely, it would have been a different story.People tend to forget That the supreme being is still in total control.

    11. fiftyfifty says:


      Who would ever think you could tree vindictiveness.

      President Obama made the claim he ended torture did anyone tell the enemy. Psych test ( ? torture ? ) Danial Pearl and

      babies being used as shields this is the enemy you ask our young people to fight

    12. Tom Dangelo Washingt says:


    13. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      The disguise for war that men like President Obama display shows us what their character is built on. Their failure to call terrorists soldiers engaged in war against us and our allies, is primary to defense and should be reason enough to deny him a second term as our commander-in-chief. Not recognizing war, such as calling the late unpleasantness in South Viet-Nam a conflict, is prelude to lying. Manure by any other name still smells as manure. The reason this administration wants civilian trials for the terrorist-detainees at Gitmo, is for the political control they can employ. There is little control these political hacks can deploy in military tribunals. In politics, it's always about the power and the money. I wonder if they even know they are corrupt?

    14. okiejim says:

      What has to happen to our great country before Congress wakes up and gets rid of this, un-elected and woefully inadequate, cabinet the President has paid off with political positions? Homeland Security is not and cannot act like a police force and only react to actual threats. They must discern and stop planned threats. President Bush may have pushed the envelope some on homeland security, but he recognized that such acts as happened Christmas Day are not criminal matters.

    15. Charles LaBounty, Me says:

      napolitano is an idiot just like the rest of his left wing/communist cabinet. you will never see any of them including "bammy" accept resposnisbility for anything that is remotely negative to his "re-election".

      I truly don't see how the Republic will survive with these idiots.

    16. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      FROM – Ken Jarvis


      Today another HF Reader

      sent me an email

      so we could discuss the REAL ISSUES,

      and CLARIFY HF SPIN.

      Send me an Email.


    17. Gary Schneider, Beth says:

      Welcome to time travel. We have returned to the nineties. We are once again ignoring the fact that we are having war waged upon us and want to send police to clean up after the fact rather than keeping these savages fromn our shores in the first place. We are being an audience to our own destruction. This insanity must stop.

      But don't worry President Obama is going to ban blankets on the last hour of your flight. That'll show these pigs who's boss.

    18. Marcia, Jonesboro GA says:

      Well of course they failed….What do you expect

      from bleeding heart liberals who think Thou Shalt Not Profile is part of the Ten Commandments.

    19. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Can't we all realize that we are continuing to allow this country to be put in jeoparty because of the unqualified and/or devious idots that Obama has put in key position in his administration. These type of incidents will occure more and more due to Obama's deliberate failure not to treat these terrorists as what they are. For the sake of God, he won't even call them "terrorists". But what's really scary is there is something else going on here. And that "something" is part of Obama's grand plan to destroy this country.

    20. toledofan says:

      This whole administration is inept at almost everything they do. We have the mullahs phone number and his address, so, why haven't we sent in the B-52's? If the detonator would have fired, there would be 278 innocent dead Americans, because we aren't serious about killing the bad guys. We think they will just go away and be good people if we leave them alone. We are tying our soldiers hands in the war on terror and now they have to determine, on the battlefield, what is politically correct to do; slapping a terrorist now becomes a court martial offense. Either we stand and fight or we should just leave with our tail between our legs. I'm sure this administration would rather do the latter.

    21. ED says:


    22. Linda Ross Sammamis says:

      This administration is set on destroying everything that our nation has accomplished since its founding. Safety seems to be the last thing on this administration's agenda. I will never understand why those who want a socialist/communist government just don't pack up and move to a country that already has one!! I don't see any fences keeping them inside this country!!

      I think our only answer is to keep informed, keep voting conservative, and PRAY!

    23. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Janet Napolitano demonstrates the "New Speak" of "1984". To Progressives, truth is irrelevant. Expediency is what constitutes the truth to them.

      It is the same for the Constitution. The have sold some of the populace on the idea that the Constitution is a "living document" and should be interpreted depending on the times. If a document can mean whatever any person wants it to mean at any time, then it has no meaning at all. It is Government by whim or ideology.

      This Obama Administration has thumbed its nose at the Constitution and Tradition, because it wants a State-controlled society, and an adherence to the Constitution forbids this.

      Napolitano is just one hypocrite among many in the Administration and Congress, who have sold their souls to the Progressive (anti-American) movement. They prostitute themselves to a philosophy that is an evil to humanity.

      Let us all work diligently to rid our Country of these traitors to Humanity and America.

      We need to return to the "Spirit of 1776".

    24. John, Arizona says:

      Janet Napalitano has gotten the Obama administration message – no matter how stupid it sounds, tell the big lie, and eventually many people will believe it.

    25. Carl T (Phx, AZ) says:

      As governor of Arizona, she spent us into oblivion and all of us in AZ are paying for that excess today. She was so despised by Az voters that she left in the middle of the night and did not have a going away party before leaving for the O Administration.

      Shes a totally toothless, mouthpiece for the O Adm.

    26. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      "Liberalism" is a war against Reality. It is a refusal to recognize that Law which is woven into the very Fabric of Reality. C.S. Lewis pointed this out in his short masterpiece, "The Abolition of Man". Read it and you will understand the "liberals" and how their ideology is based on hatred. http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/

    27. Darcy, Dallas says:

      Under Quick Hits:

      While I do not like the fact that small businesses are getting harassed by the IRS more so than big business, the audit rate is actually down compared to 2007 and 2008.

      Please don't spin the data. While I do not like this administration's policies against small business, I find it appalling that my side spins data (like the left) to try and garner attention to themselves. It makes your reporting less reliable…and believable. Please stop.

    28. Willy - Nevada says:

      If we place terrorists in our court systems where there have been no real trials of terrorism, we loose more than we have already lost. Obama and his group of flunkies are doing NOTHING to see to our safety, and those that live here in the USA. I believe that we need to get back to what our great nation was founded on and start believing that if God could have delivered us from so many wrongs back then, He can deliver us now! The size of the problem does not matter it is our faith that has kept us out of harms way for so long. Our fore fathers knew this and believed this, we need to remove the blinders and look at what the facts are and move forward. Keep all in prayer and return to the great nation that God has made us to be.

    29. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      Lloyd – "unqualified and/or devious idots"

      That started with Bush.

      Ed – AGREE – Profiling is OK.

      Linda – No. the Demo's ONLY want to destroy the HATEFUL,

      whoever they are.

      John – AGREE That is HOW the HF Survives.

      Question – WHEN will the HF ever discuss the



    30. Phillipa Applegate, says:

      What kind of special intelligence is required to give a thorough pre-flight screening to a single, young male from a Muslim country who paid cash for a 1-way ticket and had NO checked bags?

      I have yet to board a flight without being pulled aside and made to nearly disrobe, since my hip replacement sets off metal detectors every time. Even though I carry a card with the X-ray photo, name of the surgeon and place the proceedure was performed, am in my mid-60's, have a limp, a 2-way ticket I purchased online, etc.

    31. Louise, Pennsylvania says:

      The Obama Administration is a farce!! What this country needs is more capitol punishment. Line these terrorists up and shoot them…that should send the proper message to their country. We are too easy on these people. Do you think we would be slapped on the hand and told not to do it again if we were to treat them like they treat us? Lets all hope Obama never sees a second term. Get a real leader in office that has our country as well as our own welfare at heart. Yes, God is in total control, but He has also given us the knowledge and know how to stop these terrorists in their own tracks…if we only use it.

    32. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      What else would you expect from ignorant and incompetent people? Just another example of pure stupidity. And it is not going to get better with the current administration in power.

    33. Sheila, SD says:

      "The system worked…" Is that incompetent boob kidding?

      The time for the system to work is BEFORE the terrorist lights the crotch rocket.

      "It's not Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you."

    34. LVK says:

      A couple of points regarding the Northwest Airlines incident:

      1) Interesting that, while NW Airlines is now really Delta, that Delta made certain that only the NW name was used in the publicity;

      2) Screening security for this flite was pretty much in the "capable" hands of the Amsterdam authorites, particularly the issue with allowing a passenger on board an international flite without a passport (if that was actually the case, as reported);

      3) With that said, TSA has the absolute authority to require specific screening steps and actions be taken for international passengers on flites inbound to the U.S. – in that regard, it is very likely that TSA did fail, as Ms. Napolitano finally admitted today

      4) PETN is relatively easy to detect (the tech for that is well proven), provided that is that someone with any intelligence is looking for it – that points to the Amsterdam screening folks, and to our own TSA demands for tighter security screening for flites/passengers inbound to the U.S.

    35. Robert, Tennesse says:

      I have read this Gomer bought a one-way ticket with cash and had only carry on luggage. I did this once when delivering a car, and I was patted down so many times, I began to enjoy it. What gives? I guess it was OK for me, because I would help fill their "see, we're not profiling" quota. After the third time, I asked why and they said I had an "s" on my ticket, which I guess meant I'm special. Let's have a Happier New Year, this one's been a Doozy.

    36. Daria Novak, Candida says:

      I wrote an OpEd for the Hartford Courant on the Napolitano terrorist statement — doubt it will be published since I am a conserative Republican Congressional candidate in CT's 2nd District, but you never know. Until the USG recognizes we are in a non-traditional war whether we like it or not, we will not be addressing the problem. The terrorists want to destroy our way of life, not simply force us to become a more Muslim friendly state. This Administration is blind to the threat and will not change. They must be voted out along with Congress.

    37. Prevailer76AZ says:

      Janet Napolitano's stint as Gov of AZ was a 'waiting in the wings' for something bigger – even VP if Hillary had been successful in her bid for Pres. Nalpolitano proved to be a totally inept governor, doing much harm that we are paying for today. She obtained THAT position through the assistance of her father, a big, behind the scenes shaker and mover in the Democrat party. It seems the Democrats allow very little to happen by chance in their pursuit of total power.

    38. Loretta, Denver says:

      Support and instigate a bill NOW for Term Limits

      1. Term limit options:

      A. Two Six-year Senate terms

      B. Six Two-year House terms

      C. One Six-year Senate Term and three Two-Year

      House terms

      I am withholding any further donations in reserve for organizations and or politicians that promote TERM LIMITS!

    39. Lee-White Tanks AZ says:

      Wow, I'm impressed.

      This writer said: What on earth could Secretary Napolitano possibly mean when she said the "system worked?"

      This borders on 'Outrage'. An emotional response almost totally absent from the GOP these days. I congratulate this writer. There had to be thunder and lightning traveling the halls of the Foundation as this was written.(lol)

      The actions and words of this Administration, and this Congress defines "chutzpah" at the least and borders on 'criminal' in far to many cases. For example, the handling of the entire area of National Security and Defense.

      The attitude has been to change the very descriptors of terrorism in order to 'muddy' the waters, to give the term terrorist a new set of definitions bereft of blood and gore.

      Thank you Heritage, it is refreshing to see and hear real for sure emotion expressed.

      PC is Thought Control


    40. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Win, lose, or tie, Liberals are the only species of man know to say,"I win", to all three.

    41. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      The word in Ann Arbor is that the person who jumped on the Nigerian did not know the guy was trying to blow up the plane – he was just being a good citizen thinking somwhow the man caught on fire and needed help. Yes Janet, the system works when concerned citizens intervene and common sense previals. Sadly, Home Land Security seems to be caught up in procedures and protocols "under the rule of law" – when it is convenient for the Obama administration.

    42. Cathy Orman, Fl. says:

      The system fail because Obama is destroying the system by destroying our CIA's willingness to get out there and get the job done. Would you want to put your butt on the line when you have a President who wants to slam-dump you when all you are trying to do is your job in protecting your Country!!! Obama is to blame for making this Country vulnerable again by shaking hands and bowing to the enemy and proclaiming America's shameful acts of protecting its Country and others. If anybody is to blame for the system's failure its Obama and his administration.

      You can't go around apologising for what he percieve as America's mistakes and have it both ways, because sooner or later its going to backfire!!! Its seem the backfiring has already begun!!! He better find a desk to duck under to save his behind!!! (I would be please to say this at my mother's table!!!)

    43. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      Why haven't we heard anything more about what the couple returning from an African safari heard and saw in the airport, while observing the Nigerian with the bomb and a well dressed Indian gentleman with him, who was telling the teller that the boy had to get on the flight to Detroit. Some document was missing in the boy's papers. They were sent down a hall and the couple did'nt see them again. Fire Janet, start profiling and end the pc idiocy.

    44. jim sardis,ms says:

      we are drifting away from security in all aspects.the borders cannot be closed,racial profiling of Muslim terrorists is prohibited and a radical is in charge of Homeland Security where she did nothing while in her home state to promote national security.the terrible thing about America,is the progression of idiots to take Obama's place even if he was impeached.i doubt,if anything would have changed if all the passengers had been killed.then,there would have been no proof the terrorist actually committed the act.even Bush allowed the borders to remain open to allow cheap labor into the country and the emergency rooms to pay their health care.it seems,both parties are the same politicians doing the same things.

    45. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Big Sis's response's are curious.

      The real issue is how a guy like this, who is on a "fly" watch list is allowed to get on a plane bound for the U.S. with no passport.

      HLS knows who he is and has been warned about him and get's on the plane.

      Our technology to track these guy's is unimaginable and he still get's on the plane.

      I wonder how many other cell's are they going to intentionally ignore.

    46. robert sargent new j says:

      political correctness is why that guy got on the plane.we know who the bad guys are.keep up with them and dont let them on planes.there is going to be more if we dont stop them in their tracks.

    47. Judy, Mass says:

      Next time there may not be another passenger that would do what this guy did. Then what? What will the excuse be then. Does this word mean anything (preventive)? This Administration is a joke. Bottom line is they don't think it is serious enough. They are too concerned with their agenda. The whole house needs to be cleaned up. The "terrorists" are laughing at us. They know that Obama has no backbone. Would he apologize to us if there was another 9/11? There would be some excuse or twist of the words. Who is in control of that teleprompter? We need to bring the light to the people that are in the dark. We have time before the 11/10 elections. We need to save our Country and the lives of the American people. God Bless America…………..

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    49. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      Ken Jarvis who are you? You donot make any sense.

    50. Alan Remick, Tucson says:

      Janet Napolitano, was a terrible Governor of Arizona, she allowed the defict here to build and build, our liberal media here in Tucson won't blame her for the likes of the AZ economy, but will continue to blame Bush for the U.S. economy. Media bias and double standard, I myself don't give Bush a pass, but Napolitano doesn't deserve one either. She also appeared in my opinion to be an empty skirt that turned a blind eye to illegal immigration in this state.

      Now that she is in charge of homeland security she has done nothing except turn back the clock on security matters. She agrees with the GITMO move on Obama's part, she did nothing to stop swine flu in this country, She does not have the mindset of anyone that thinks security should be paramount. She is for open borders or appears to be, look at her appointed postions in AZ as govenor, pro illegal immigrant, pro abortion, pro gay-lesbian, She also vetoed legislation that would have outlawed daycare and in-state tution for illegal aliens. She fought Sheriff Joe Arpaio on his curtailing of Illegal immigrants. Since being appointed as Director of Homeland Security she has cut back on ICE's mission and seems to be more in favor of illegal immigration than against it, in my opinion. How can she say things worked as they were supposed to in this latest instance? Her Department and political correctness could potentally cause us major ramifications in the future. Tell me, screening an 80 year old woman from Minnesota or a Muslim from Nigeria with a shady background, and a father who reported him to the U.S. embassy because of fears, which one makes more sense to screen and not allow them to fly? I bet most Americans are for "profiling" on people who come here from unfriendly places and fit the M.O. of the people who have done these horrific acts in the past. Wake up America before it is too late. Vote them ALL out in 2010 and 2012 we need people in the goverment working for us instead of thier self serving interests.

    51. Scott Cline, Fresno, says:

      With this administration and the idiots running this country, it is only a matter of time before we are involved with another 9/11 When the president and his administration will not acknowledge terrorists for who they are, this will never stop. Napolitano is a idiot!

    52. okiejim says:

      I have been opposed to term limits until now. I always thought the voters had a Constitutional right to pick their representatives in Congress. Now however, every seat in Congress is bought and paid for with pork. It is time for a change! I too will withold any further political donations until someone starts pushing for term limits. Thet are working in Oklahoma and can work nationally. In fact, if we don't soon make the necessary changes in our Government, we will no longer be the United States of America.

    53. dom, ct says:

      I received this update at 10am, at least 2 hours after napolitano backtracked/amended/clarified her sunday remarks, admitted now that there was a failure in the system, and that her "system worked" remark was in response to what happened after the incident (she appeared on Morning Joe and the Today show).

      Come on heritage…let's stay current here.

    54. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      I have a solution to the Gitmo problem. We just change the ROE (Rules Of Engagement). TAKE NO PRISONERS!

      Makes perfect sense to me, if someone shoots at me, they must want to kill me, I feel no problem with killing them.

    55. Carol, AZ says:

















    56. OBAMACURITY says:

      With this working OBAMACURITY system, I can't wait for OBAMACARE.

    57. Lynn, Louisiana says:

      With the OBAMACURITY system working this well, why would you balk at OBAMACARE?

    58. Roberto A Alvarez, U says:

      Gentlemen, it is about time that this Presidente Obama, calls the TERRORISTS, by their name, TERRORISTS, But I will like to bring to your attention that we can not forgrt Latin America, dont forget that it is our backyard, please pay attention could be very bad for this country.I could help anyone in this problem. thank you

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    60. Spiritof76 says:

      Mr. Obama will be inviting the Nigerian and Napolitano to the White House for a beer. The Nigerian Al Queda will settle for a root beer.

    61. Al, The Villages, Fl says:

      There will be more of these incidents unless the Obama administration changes their attitude and approach to countering terrorism. This person should be handled as a terrorist and interogated, not handled by domestic law enforcement. Why was he given a visa? Where was he going here in the U.S.? None of these type of persons should be allowed to immigrate here or visit here – at least for a visit, they should be given a limited visa, a destination and point of contact. I'm afraid that there will have to be more American deaths before the Obama administration is forced to change.

    62. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      A grassroots movement depends on individuals meeting with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers Who live in the same place they do, are subject to the same forces they are, have the same problems, and seek solutions to those problems. People must talk among themselves, arrive at a consensus using their own common sense, and not allow themselves to be influenced by outside sources who have their own agenda which is almost always not in the best interest of the people whom they are trying to manipulate. A person who makes his career being a politician is by necessity a slick liar, who is very good at manipulating people, and is very persuasive. In a time like this, when we have allowed ourselves to be completely dominated by politicians for many years, we must totally reject them in all their many forms, and especially the argument that this Particular group, or party, is putting forth your ideals, in the face of the opposing party, who is against what you believe in. This is, of course a lie, as this politician has his own interest at heart, and is not working for you, but for the moneyed interest who are spending all the money to keep you confused, divided against yourselves, and keep any reasonable person whom you try to introduce into the political arena defeated before he/she gets started. And both sides will team up to attack any outsider, because they know that is their downfall. The reason that they feel safe ignoring the wishes of the people is because they have HUGE amounts of money at their disposal, and can completely destroy any challenger. That is why we need a true grassroots movement to save us. People must ignore big media, and depend on their neighbors and friends and stick with the candidates that they pick from among the people whom they know and trust, and completely ignore any and all candidates put forward by any of the parties, because these professional politicians are going to give their allegiance to the multinationals with all the money and power, and ignore the wishes of the people, know matter what they say. We know this, because they have proven it time and again. That is why I am writing this and that is why you are reading it.

      We must start by getting everybody we know and trust together and picking a person to replace the professional politician who is our master now. Each person needs to stay focused, and stay within their voting district. During this all important mid-term election, we MUST make sure EVERY single seat that is up for election is sized by a REAL PERSON, who is chosen by the voters of that district, and the professional politician who currently holds that seat is replaced. DO NOT allow yourselves to be tricked into allowing any candidate put forward by any party to be elected. Pick your own, from among those who like in your district, whom you know and trust. They way to do this is to ask everybody you know who is willing to fight to save our way of life to ask every body they know, to come to a meeting to select a candidate from among yourselves. If you do this seven times, you will have contacted everybody in your district. Be careful to stick inside YOUR district, and Get YOUR represenitives and SENATORS replaced by people you know and trust, and let everybody else take care of their district. If everybody will do what they can to get this newsletter into the hands of everybody they know, passed from friend to friend, This can be accomplished. I urge everybody to send a copy of this to everybody they know AT ONCE!!!

    63. Suzanne Latham , Mob says:

      If you saw Obama give his 'required speech' about what nearly happened Christmas Day, you can not deny his lack of passion for his words. More empty words. He doesn't care at all. It was inconvenient for him to even have to make any kind of comment on this near disaster.

    64. Dave, MI says:

      The bomb did not "fail to detonate for

      unknown reasons." The hand of God was

      in control and this should be the wake up call that was needed!

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    67. Holly, FL says:

      If Napolitano says the "system worked" then how did packets of PETN go on board with the mussie? His father even reported him in November 2009 as being dangerous. Who's actually more dangerous Napolitano or Abdulmutallab?

      Just another test flight like the Air Tran flight two weeks ago?

      Maybe we should change the seats on the plane to leather, pig skin leather is cheaper than cow skin leather.

    68. Jack Hammer says:

      Bush ruined this country with trillions spent on a WMD lie. Wake up America !!


    69. Tom Conlon, CA says:

      Wait a minute! She was referring to the reaction of the system to the event. Security was increased after the event happened. She states her comment was taken out of context and it actually was. In that original comment she didn't address how he managed to get through the system. She should be criticized for that for sure. …and the administration's blaming the Bush administration for this too is outrageous!

    70. Joan/Atlanta Ga. says:

      President Obama has been terribly inept as our President. He has been in office not even 1 year and we have had 1 terrorist attack already and 1 attempted (that we know of) attack. Obama's priorities are in the wrong place. Travel the world and make friends with known enemies whose tune has never changed and never will. They continually snuff him in his face; the olympics, Iran, etc. It is evident that his posture to try a different tactic than prior administrations does not work. He and his elected officials do not know what they are doing and lie to us. I would like to know 'how the system worked?' What kind of special training is/was needed…. was on the 'no' fly list, his father called to warn about his son, he is a Muslim, NO PASSPORT, no luggage. Profiling seems to work for me….forget about political correctness. Has/have the Muslim community here in the United States stood up abhored at what has happened? WE ARE AT WAR. President Obama and his administratin have not kept OUR COUNTRY SAFE. President Obama needs to stay home here in the United States and re-think his priorities.

    71. Edite Lynch says:

      How or why Janet Napolitano was appointed to head the Department of Homeland Security in America is 'a mystery wrapped up in an enigma.'Her very blatant ignorance of the truth of the most recent attempt at killing Americans in an airplane is legion. She does not comprehend the nature of this failed terrorist attack and has shown herself to be a completely incompetent person to be leading this Department.Would she still have said the "system worked" if the attempt had not failed and many passengers had been killed?The kindest and most thoughtful act that President Obama could do for her is to instantly remove her from her post and replace her with an individual whose credentials justify

      an appointment to lead Homeland Security. Obama should be ashamed of her incompetence that has been streamed around the world. No wonder there has been an increase in terrorist activity when Janet Napolitano's very apparent lack of smarts has been there for all to witness. If President |Obama does not ask for her resignation, then he too is complicit and approving of her decided lack of information and her presentation to the world as a basically incompetent head of one of the most important departments outside of the Department of Defense. She lacks credibility and most definitely does not instill one iota of a sense of security while she is still at the helm. If Obama won't do it, then there should be a loud outcry from the population that he do so.This is not community organizing in Chicago. This is the world platform around the globe that is judging US actions and reactions. Please place someone in charge who can carry the weight of the office and is a well-informed advocate for American security.

    72. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      Ifor one believe in profiling, I also go for the facts, if you haVE a one-way international ticket, no luggage, no visa, then you should not fly, no matter who speaks for you. I have been patted down, scanned, my carry-on luggage gone through, I am a white 77yo woman,born in NY, my father was Danish, mother of french,english and scottish decent, I am blonde, blue eyed, my grndfather who raised me was a JAG in USA, mother worked for Dept. of the Navy, BuOrd, I sure don't meet the terrorist profile but ??

    73. Spiritof76 says:


      Wake up. Give up Bush. He has not been the president for a year. Democrats has been in charge of the government spending since 2007.

      We have had two terrorist attacks since Obama took over-both within the US. The last time we experienced a terror attack in the US was 9/11. Bush got on the ball and took the fight to the terrorists. Now, we are back on pre-9/11 mentality. I am afraid that will result in an attack just like 9/11.

      Think of all the things that are going on now. Do you think they are helping ordinary Americans? Forget the parties but concentrate on the American Founding.

    74. Mike, Chico, Ca says:

      Why hasn't the could have been POTUS who now runs the State Department been silent on this issue and the total failure of her department which runs our embassies and consulates? The father of this terrorist informed the "whatever" in Nigeria of his son's motives. No communication…a total failure to connect the dots. They should have revoked his Visa. This attack on us would have never happened. It certainly should make us think about her qualifications for the POTUS let alone her being the SOS. Think about the military term for SOS. Something on a shingle. Hillary needs to go now away along with Janet HLS who said everything worked well. Obama needs to get serious pretty damn soon…before there are any more "man caused disasters." He obviously "inherited the problem." His words today. All POTUS's inherit problems…the POTUS needs do deal with them, not blame someone else. Not this POTUS. Hey, Barry, in case you have not noticed it yet, we face a war on terror and terrorists. Get with the program.

    75. randy crawford says:

      If there is a reason why the bomber failed, it isn't a particularly good idea to broadcast why he failed. Clue #1: the bad guys will use that information to make sure the next bad guy doesn't fail. Clue #2: Sometimes, shutting up can save lives.

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    78. Linda, Carlsbad says:

      Even the liberals are scared to death. It could have been them on that flight, or their kids.

      How did you like Obama, addressing the Nation, looking like he just got out of bed.

      This administration is through, give it up, we don't want their Communist, anti-American agenda. Now the liberals got it. They could be killed just like the rest of us, when we have a junior senator running, and ruining our country! What a joke!

    79. Pingback: Morning Bell: Does Obama Realize We Are at War Yet? | Conservative Principles Now

    80. Pingback: Hard Astarboard » Blog Archive » Following Up

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