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  • Iran on Fire

    Protests against the regime in Tehran and its heavy-handed treatment of dissidents are growing. One of two things is going to happen. The regime is going to collapse or the mullahs are going to clamp down even harder and the government in Tehran is going to become more extremist and more dangerous. The problem is that the White House is not well-prepared for either outcome.

    This administration is certainly not ready to engage with the people of Iran and nurture and support their quest for freedom. As Heritage’s expert on public diplomacy Helle Dale pointed out during protests after the national elections President Obama “carefully positioned himself on the fence between the alleged winner, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the candidate supported by Iran’s hundreds of thousands of protesters, Hossein Mousavi, the message from the U.S. government has been muted.” Even if the White House was prepared to act it has done nothing to build the tools to do so. The administration has made virtually no progress in updating the government’s public diplomacy tools and the White House has show no interest in democracy promotion programs for Iran.

    Nor, is Obama deal with an even more aggressive Iran. As the government crack down, the extremist will get even more power—and with that power they’ll press for even faster development of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. We are already living inside the margin of error of when Iran might produce a bomb. The administration’s charm offensive has done nothing other than give Iran more time build a nuclear weapon and a missile to put it on.

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    16 Responses to Iran on Fire

    1. Alan MacDonald, Sanf says:

      Iran is less developed — it has not yet learned how to control its people with the facade of a two-party 'Vichy' government (and media) to better hide its authoritarian impulse.

      Iran apparently also does not have WWF, NASCAR, TV reality shows, or 24×7 'news' coverage of celebrity gate crashers in the palace to more politely distract their citizens from mass protests.

      The ruling-elite Empire here could give some of their more advanced "Brave New World" style 'soft power' PR and control techniques to Ahmadinejad and Iran, so that they would have less need to use the older, Orwellian “1984”, 'hard power' techniques.

      After all, it’s been almost four decades since Kent State and Black Panther control techniques have had to be used on the now-complacent and "Quiet American" populace.

      However, all real Americans left, who have not been distracted or dumbed-down by our own modern, global, sophisticated, two-party, ‘Vichy’ Empire, empathize with the average working-class Iranians and we hope that your fight against the old-style visible elitist Empire in your own country is as successful as our ancestors’ was against the foreign, highly visible ‘red coat’ old-style British Empire that we overthrew.

      Many people in many countries have overcome domestic dictators, and even visible foreign empires, and you will succeed independently, driven by your own frustration, courage, honesty, and solidarity.

      The best we American people can do currently is to try to keep this damn disguised Global Empire from mucking you up. Please have similar empathy as we try to overcome the more guileful Global corporate/financial/militarist Empire that currently has our country (and others) by the throat.

      Alan MacDonald

      Sanford, Maine

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      Mr. President, you fail to live up to your rightful duties to this country and abroad. You fail to live up to your word. You fail to live up to your promises. You mislead and distort. You manipulate. You coerce. You look the other way when danger is reeking at the people you mislead to assume you, their protector/leader. You are unaccountable, undependable and unreliable to do the humane thing.

      You, are a disgrace to humanity…

    3. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      Why is anyone surprised at the lack of his commitment to this country? Obama is exactly what he appears to be; an impostor!

      Anyone who gives recognition to this usurper has a serious issue with reality. Especially those in the military who are taking direction from an uncertified commander in chief. Who will be thrown under the bus on the day of reckoning?

      So why does everyone on the hill avoid the eligibility issue except Sarah Palin? Is she the only one with courage to go up against the Alinsky inspired Obamabots? Are the rest of those on the hill complicit in what appears to be a coordinated conspiracy?

      Where is the outcry and the rage expressed by our friends at Heritage? Heratige, purported to be a bastion of righteous freedom. In a pig's eye. Talk is cheap when an organization is called upon to act on principles.

      Speaking of principles, where are our leaders who stand by principle? Where are our leaders with courage? where are our leaders who respect the rule of law and are permitting this charade to persist on their watch?

      where are those who have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States? where are those in the government sworn to protect the interests of the American Citizens?

      Where are our courageous members of Congress? Where are our courageous members of the Senate? Where are our courageous members of the judiciary? Where are our courageous members of the Justice department?

      Where are the American patriots?

    4. Arnie Rosner, Founta says:

      Begging for an answer

      Why is no one asking the obvious question that is just begging to be asked? Why are all members of this government engaged in what appears to be a conspiracy against the American people. A simple, basic question that any reasonable person has a right to have answered. A question that Obama has spent reportedly over $1 million and now perhaps $2 million to avoid addressing?

      Instinctively, even the most rational individual has a suspicion. A suspicion of reasonable doubt. But 545 members of our government can in good conscientious ignore this purple elephant standing in the middle of the Halls of Congress?

      Americans are typically trusting of those who have been elected to represent them. Perhaps to a fault as we are learning the hard way. To add injury to insult, have we been reduced to a level where we are seen as so stupid, in the eyes of our elected officials, that we do not merit an answer?

      Well I don't know about you but when it comes time to contribute to reelection campaigns the first order of business will be to provide that answer. No answer? No contribution!

    5. MrShorty, Arizona says:

      It appears to me that the world is moving ever closer to the "perfect storm" and the resultant consequence for all humanity. 1) The forces of evil and destruction are rising throughout the world to impose their doctrine on all, 2) the United States is mired in political conflict that has the majority of its citizens at odds with its government and 3) the overall expectation of the world community that they deserve to take the wealth created by others and spread it around under the guise of "equality".

      My resultant fear is that the only outcome that can possibly come from this "storm" is a major, world-wide confrontation. Under the disguise of compassion and political correctness, we are rapidly moving into a corner that only a military response will overcome. When the social pacifists awake to the realities of destruction, the population of the world will have been reduced by millions and those in the most need today will be helpless and consigned to death by starvation.

    6. John , Texas says:

      Thank God for the "Black Robed Regiment" that is being revived again. God Bless America!

    7. Bob in Georgia says:

      I wholeheartdly support the demonstrators in Iran, but they are not using their energy wisely. They are only getting themselves killed and arrested and beaten to a pulp. They should be going after their leaders big time in a great show of force.

    8. Jim, Tenessee says:

      This United States of America is nothing like our founding fathers envisioned nor is it the same country that I served under Ike. It has evolved into a legal ponzi for the elite greed merchants in Washington and THEIR elicit wall street piggy bank buddies. Power to the people! Throw the pigs out! Export Congress to Iran!

    9. Ali says:

      This is Ali from Tehran, the heart of the Evil Axis. I am very pleased that there is one country, the united states of America, in the position of the leadership of the world in this 11th millennium who would support the Iranian people like me. But I must say that the present administration in the USA is on the wrong side of the history. The simple reason of it is that this administration is backing the principles that are not the American principles, but the European principles.

      Whilst the people, especially women in Iran are depressing by the Iranian regime, the Obama's administration is not even willing to announce its support to the iranians verbally. Where is President George W. Bush who declared his government's support for Iranian people in every given official situations? I feel deep respect to Mr. George W. Bush and politicans like him because of this simple reason, that I feel he is a real American, a real leader.

      I think that the American people will not vote to the Democrat party with high majority in the next presidenial election. I am also sure that after 2011 that Iranians will embrace the freedom in Iran, Iranian people will play an important role to establish a strong relationship with the United States under the leadership of the Republican party.

    10. pons,miami says:

      conservatives,thank you for you fight.keep fighting the good fight or we will lose AMERICA.I LIVED UNDER COMMUNISM 25 YEARS OF MY LIFE AND IT LOOKS LIKE MY BELOVED USA IS GOING THAT WAY.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL ,MAY GOD BLESS USA

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    12. Kevin Naughton, Lans says:

      What will the United States do if the hard liners are removed from power and the new Iranian government continues with its nuclear enrichment/bomb program?

    13. Karen in Oklahoma Ci says:

      I have been to Iran and seen the love of the average Iranian for the freedom of America. Don't give up! We love your fighting spirit and encourage you to join us in throwing off the tyranny of the elite. Our prayers fly to you. Find your rightful leaders and fight on. Never, never, never, never give up!!!

    14. Kaiser, Martinez CA says:

      @ Bob: Perhaps they are, but it could be that with a bloody/publicized enough occurence could result in something like Tiananmen Square which would have a larger impact on a shaky Iran than on a giant like China.

      Besides, I'm not sure if the Iranian people could get to higher ups and I doubt they will attack high profile clerics.

    15. Jim Bancroft, New En says:

      Many of the commenters here fail to realize: regime change necessitates the absolute overthrow of the Islamic caliphate that presently holds Iran in its grasp. The simple cheering on of the former Prime Minister Mousavi means you are cheering on one of the men who led under Khomenie and oversaw the slaughter of tens of thousands of his own people who were killed beause they didn't live their lives under Islamic law. The use of foreign nationals in the Basij to shoot down and torture Iranian people is an outrage, yet the political left of the world is silent. None of these things are discussed, yet people run around and shout REGIEME CHANGE! as if the mere chanting of the phrase works like a magic charm.

      Unless the Islamic government of Iran is overthrown entirely from the Majlis to the Ayatollahs to the Mullahs and with the complete extermination of the Basij forces, there will be no change in Iran.

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