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  • Immigration Reform Bill Undermines Enforcement

    On December 15, Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois introduced his version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the House of Representatives. Amongst its many provisions, the bill would eliminate the successful 287(g) immigration enforcement program in which local law enforcement are trained and deputized by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to carry out federal immigration law.

    Yet, Gutierrez’s bill is not the only blow made against 287(g) this year. Following an early 2009 GAO report that resulted in claims of racial profiling and a lack oversight and direction within 287(g), the Obama administration announced changes to the Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) that are signed by participating agencies. Law enforcement must now pursue the criminal charges for which an illegal alien is arrested rather than simply initiating removal, and are to limit immigration status checks to only those arrested for “major” offenses. These changes were a strike against the very heart of the program.

    In the past seven years, more than 120,000 illegal immigrants have been identified within the US by the 66 state and local law enforcement agencies that have signed Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) to participate in 287(g). This program has helped to remove dangerous criminal aliens from the US. For example, one participating agency, the Davidson County Sherriff’s Office, has cited 287(g) in leading to the arrest of 90 gang leaders within their jurisdiction.

    Before 287(g), when a suspected illegal immigrant was identified by local law enforcement, all that could be done was notify ICE and wait. In many cases, this meant that illegal immigrants went free because ICE simply did not have the manpower to retrieve all such individuals. 287(g) has offered a crucial force multiplier, adding roughly 1,000 deputized state and local law enforcement officers to the mix of those able to enforce federal immigration law.

    287(g) offers a key tool in fighting crime and removing illegal immigrants from the United States. Recent legislation and executive action should not be allowed to bring an end to such a vital immigration enforcement program.

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    33 Responses to Immigration Reform Bill Undermines Enforcement

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      We are worrying about airline flights and rightfully so.

      One can only imagine what has already slipped into the USA through our borders…

      This is more political correctness under the guise of humanitarianism. Watch for the move to amnesty or immigration law castration AFTER health care gets passed.

      Common sense dictates we will eventually pay a terrible price for being politically correct. Then people will wonder how and why it happened.

      Emasculating our right and duty to ensure people are here LEGALLY cannot make us safer -only weaker. I'm sure there are a BILLION people over the globe that would love to get here. Countless thousands have been waiting for years to do it LEGALLY; of course, they cannot walk across our border – most would have to swim across oceans.

      Strict Worker Visa Program – yes.

      Strict immigration controls that are ENFORCED – yes.

    2. foxmuldar, Pa. says:

      We shouldn't be surprised. Once again Obama has shown his true colors. Obama cares less about enforcing the immigration laws, and is moving closer to giving Illegals total freedom or citizenship. Its all about gaining more votes. Unions like SEIU are in favor of this change and also pushing for full legalization of Illegals.

      Union members must be dummies as they could end up losing their jobs to illegals. Unions want the Illegals so they have more dues paying members. Unions soak the pockets of their members and give little in return. Most of the money the unions are getting from their members are going to Obama and his socialist party.

      This change in the rules is just another example of how Obama is weakening our security as it allows for gang members and other Illegal criminals to move freely without the fear of being carded.

      Its a shame we have a president in office that hate the idea of a free america. Obama hates what america stands for. Obama's a socialist, he cares less about us americans and our right. Give him time and we won't have any right soon.

    3. R. George Dunn says:

      The failure of the Federal Government to enforce the National Borders will lead to putting up check points on all of the State Border entry points to eliminate illegals.

      "To Form A More Perfect Union" by Chief Justice John G. Roberts,Jr speaks loudly for the continued need of unity amongst the States. With the Federal Government ignoring their mandated responsibility and their continued invasion of State Sovereignty, the inevitable will happen.

      Without secure borders, the fiscal future of the USA is in great peril. The forced alliance with border Nations is the highest form of treason to the Constitution. Only if Mexico and Canada breaks into Sovereign States and chose to become sovereign States of the USA under the Constitution, would such a melding be right. Of course with the tyranny of D.C., would want that?

      Elimination of 287(g)is one more step towards the total destruction of the USA under the Constitution. USSA?

    4. MadMommy says:

      This stinks! We need enforcement, not another amnesty. Our neighborhoods are overrun with illegal immigrants and the local police say it's a Federal crime so they refuse to enforce immigration law. They site special order 40 for allowing 2.5 million illegal immigrants to flood into our state over the last 20 years. Now we have this BOZO (Gutierrez) deciding that the Federal government shouldn't do anything to enforce Federal law either. Just make them all legal! Great, what are the citizens supposed to do? Just forget that we have laws? Bank robbery is a federal offense, but I bet if I rob a bank, the cops will show up and arrest me. But if I'm an illegal immigrants, no problemo.

    5. Chuck Taylor, MT says:

      Seems that most Americans do not get energized and engaged until they are personally impacted upon. Facts indicate that 2010 will be a year full of such impacts. The status quo will be severely disrupted. Illegal aliens have displaced U.S. citizens in a large number of blue collar jobs and legal aliens are homesteading on white collar jobs. We need legislation that guarantees that qualified U.S. citizens will get these jobs. Watch what happens when the unemployment rate continues to rise.

    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      Is anyone getting the hint, yet?

    7. Delaware Bob, Smyrna says:

      Luis Gutierrez is what you call a real IDIOT! We have 16 million Americans out of work and he wants to give 20 million illegal aliens and their illegal alien children amnesty. Yes, I'd call him an IDIOT!


    8. Jon Lundgren says:

      Mr. Gutierrez is an American patriot and should be commended for such a great bill. We need these undocumented citizens to turn America around.

    9. Maggie Wahington says:

      Trust me, if California is any measure of how bad this can and will continue to be, just try living there. Go to a store, Spanish under the English. Go to the airport, mostly Spanish. I asked a security person what the video was saying, I did not speak Spanish and this was America. He said (and he was Latino,) learn to speak Spanish. So onward the push, however gentle or bold it may be, to overrun America with so many Latinos that you either sink or swim. I predict many who choose not to live in a third world country will ultimately leave this country for a better life. Sad but it's either that or watch everything you have worked for be taken either in taxes to support them and their large families, and watch your property value decline due to their lifestyle. I'm too old to start over. Our government won't do anything to protect us on the ground or in the air it seems.

    10. Maggie Wahington says:

      Also as another sign, I ended up on an emergency room. The bill came to 4800.00 They called and asked how I would like to pay what the insurance did not. I paid them and then asked "What would you do if I had no SS number and only spoke Spanish?" He said, "Write it off, we do it every day." So there you go. No free medical for me, a citizen who has never not paid a bill in her life, but if I was illegal, no questions asked, here ya go, free medical. Go figure.

    11. Bob White,Columbia S says:

      Do not be fooled by Janet Napolitano. The border is still far from secure and she has gutted effective immigration enforcement:

      1) she has stopped workplace raids that would free up millions of jobs for unemployed Americans.

      2) she has halted contruction of the real border fence

      3) she has stopped the "no match" letter that would identify illegals using stolen social security numbers.

      4) she has weakened the 287(g) law that allows local officals to i.d. and deport illegals.

      5) and she wants to aMNESTY the vast majority of the 12-20 million illegal aliens, and allow them to stay and take our jobs — even if this era of very high unemployment!

      **We are NOT fooled! Just say NO to "comprenhensive immigration reform" mass amnesty!!

      **We demand REAL immigration enforcement and for illegal aliens to be removed from their illegal jobs!!

    12. Alex, Washington DC says:

      287(g) is a spectacular failure. 67 state and municipal police departments participate the program. There are 17,000 departments in the US. As former police chief William Bratton said, local police enforcing immigration laws increase crime. That is because immigrants are then afraid to inform, call, or otherwise contact the police. The LA County Sheriff's Department 28th Semiannual Report states this clearly.

    13. J. SC says:

      Obama is trying to make these immigrants legal so that they help our economy. Our nation was built on immigrants, your ancestors were immigrants, why hold such hatred for people who are just doing what our ancestors did? Different countries need to unite for the greater good rather than segregate and compete. I know this may offend many but it is true that workers from Mexico and South America tend to appreciate their jobs here more and work harder. They take less breaks and work at least 6 days a week without complaint for the most part. As Americans we have become spoiled, I am guilty of it too. We want more money for less work and blame the immigrants coming in to take our jobs as the reason we are not getting this "American Dream". Rather than blaming these immigrants, we should be working with them and learning from them. The work ethic in America has steadily decreased. Immigrants do not take our jobs, we give the jobs to them. And furthermore we should be looking at these companies that are seeking illegal immigrants out rather than blaming the immigrants. Obama is right, going after the immigrants will do nothing, the problem is with these companies that seek to exploit these people and to drive down wages.

    14. CS, North Carolina says:

      But what about Social Security and Medicare?! Won't they lose a lot of "free" money once the illegals are legal? Speaking of Social Security "No-Match" letters, I worked for a company that received such a letter, every year, with hundreds of "No-Match" Social Security numbers in each letter. Oh…but the numbers, on the letters, did match the numbers used by company employees. So, over the years, that company and those employees have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into Social Security and Medicare that can't (or at least shouldn't) be claimed by those individuals using Social Security numbers that don't belong to them. "Free" money, anyone?

      Considering how that company employed thousands of such individuals, over the years, perhaps YOUR Social Security number was used by one of them. Oh well. That's not important…right?! Not to that company, anyway.

    15. Truthful James, Illi says:

      Please stop using the words "illegal" and "immigration" in tandem. These are illegal aliens.. By using them in tandem you semantically justify policies such as the President and Rep. Luis wish to use, which policies are in violation of actual laws. The President chooses selective enforcement and gets away with it.

      President Obama and his crew are not acting as socialists here. This is the traditional "Chicago way" of maximizing the vote they expect to reap and thus win elections. By distorting the ballot box, the Republic be damned, they hope to hold onto power.

      This is the message which must be communicated beyond this channel to all citizens in this country, but especially to the blacks and whites, who form the underclass and whose prospects for work are diminished by the illegal alien horde, who with a sprinkling of Democrat pixie dust are permitted to remain.

      Illegal aliens take those jobs that make possible that interclass mobility which is the underlying economic necessity for the continuation of the Republic. That taking is abetted by the welfare programs designed to keep people in thrall on the "plantations" of the large cities forever grateful to their political owners.

      That's the Chicago Way. It exists in other big cities, but now it has been elevated to the Washington level and threatens us all.

    16. Tim Az says:

      This is far more insidiuos than you people know. This is about Janet Incompetano's hatred for sherrif Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county Arizona. You see Joe took Incompetano to court while she was governor of Arizona to force her to stop impeding immagration laws that were voted through by the people of Arizona. Joe is the one accused in this story of racial profiling illegal aliens and sending them back to Mexico. This is a personal vendetta for Incompetano at the expense of our national security. Guttierez is just the usefull idiot Incompitano is using to deliver this bill. Of course being Mao-Bama's usefull idiot everytime there's a failure of our national security has its benefits. When you have no interest in national security and you need someone to blaim. Who do you hire as your homeland security secretary? Someone with a perfect record of failure of course.

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    18. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      We are caught up in the "Clinton" political correct thing. The dems and obama are all for letting this country disappear. We fought for this country through many hard battles, many paid with their lives and more with their blood and swaet, yet the dems are content to give this country away to be political correct.We the dumb, because we sit on our hands and let these idiots run over us, are lead by the ignorant that only ant power and controll. Who gave up the power and controll, we did.Does the American citizen have no pride in this country, or are all willing to just throw up their hands and let the dems and obama have it all. I for one will never give up this country, as long as I breath I will fight for this country. We will and must vote by huge numbers in 21010.

    19. Andrews,Los Angeles says:

      The Gutierrez Bill is an extreme DOA distraction.NY Sen.Schumer

      and others in the lefty open borders amnesty crowd are

      planning to bring another McCain-Kennedy type shamnesty

      that won't be quite as bad or the lesser of two evils and

      expect us to believe these are our only choices.

      Tip: Its the LACK of Enforcement that has devalued Citizenship!


    20. AKdoc says:

      To J. of SC…You are right my ancestors were indeed immigrants who came to this country as the law required…they entered through Ellis Island and not across the River Rio Grande…while your heart is the right place your thinker is being choked for air so stand up a minute and let it breathe…Mexico is the 5th largest producer of oil in the world and has plenty of money to take care of their own, the prob is the corruption in the upper classes…rather than making of mockery of our immigration laws by ignoring them, let us put pressure on their gov't to take care of their own citizens…if that fails to work then you should organize like minded people and you all can send monthly checks down to Mexico, this has several upsides: they will no longer be illegals since they won't have to leave home and family, you will be putting the coyotes out of business, if your organizational skills are really good you might even get credit for lowering our taxes since illegal entrants will no longer be a drain on our emergency rooms, schools, welfare, etc. thus lessening the tax burden, voila problem solved!!!

    21. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Is a person here legally or not? If so, no problem. If not, many of you would just say, oh well? What the __is wrong with you people!

      Can't you see the national security implications of your statements? Many of you also want open borders. Boy, that is really a good idea!

      Many of you want amnesty. We did that already!! Are we going to do it again in 10 years with another 10 million people?

      Don't any of you bleeding hearts even talk about national security when you are part of the problem.

    22. Mac says:

      So until some illegal kills or rapes someone they cannot even check the immigration status??? Alittle late don't ya think???

      I think we need alittle DMZ zone like in Korea along our southern borders! And to the north as far as that goes.

    23. joan, connecticut says:

      I would like to request that Representative Gutierrez read aloud,on national TV, the rules of the Mexican Government for people who immigrate to their country. One— is you must speak the native language.TWO —No unskilled workers, only professionals allowed. Three– No special bilingual programs in schools FOUR—foreigners will NEVER have the right to vote. FIVE—No Welfare, food stamps or other government aid. Six—No right to demonstrate in the streets. or to talk against the president, no waving of a foreign flag,and no political organizing. Perhaps Representative Gutierrez would care to explain how the rules of Mexico are acceptable, and why he thinks that America does not have the same privilege to enforce immigration rules. There is a legal way to come to America, but the Representative seems to endorse illegal entry. What oath of office did he take? I thought the oath promised to protect and defend the United States etc. Is there something I missed when reading that oath,or does the fault lie with Rep. Gutierrez ???

    24. John, Illinois says:

      The president and Congress are doing their best to solve and contain problems of all types. All of you tend to behave like third world citizens in your mentality and behavior. It is easy and cheap to complain and say what if, or he/she should have……….Congress was designed so that the best solution might be reached by all members…….Republicans have shown their side in times of need to change that is a "NO" instead of coming up with their own solutions and telling us the democrats are at fault…..they don't convince me of their incompetence..it is clear as water…..There will be mistakes made by the gov it is normal but mark my words……HCR and CIR and other issues will be resolved at thier best and they will happen and it is up to the future people and gov to make new ammendements to fine tune the solution to future issues……where AM I? America it appears I am surrounded by below average citizens lilke all of you I wonder why we r not doing so good as a country…………..

    25. tucanofulano, calif, says:

      The terrorists love Democrats. With Democrats as willing accomplices terrorists push for "Amnesty" as well as for "Open Borders". The proper defense of the American people is to deport all the illegal aliens however long that may take, and, to lock down our borders, period.

    26. Drew Page, IL says:

      Congressman Gutierrez is from Chicago, one of the Daley machine politicians. Chicago has an illegal alien populatuion to equal that of Los Angeles, many of whom are from Mexico. Mr. Gutierrez is their champion and wants full amnesty for all of them. All he has to do is maintain that position and he will be a Chicago Congressman for as long as he wants to be.

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    28. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      They want amnesty so these illeterate will vote for them, they swear them in and register them to vote in one sweap, doesn't matter if they know anything about this country, it's history, or if they can read and speak English, all they have to know is vote for democrats. when my grandparents came here in the late 1800's they had to be able to read and speak English, have a job, and be able to pass a test on our laws(Constitution).

    29. Sammy,Beverly Hills says:

      Has anyone asked the illegal aliens if they want citizenship? You'd be surprised. Most will say "No" if they are required to renounce their current citizenship. Let's make that a requirement of amnesty.

    30. joan, connecticut says:

      Why should people who enter this country illegally receive the rights of native born and naturalized USA citizens? They have clearly broken our legal immigration laws,yet they demand to be legalized. This is unfair, to the people who follow the legal immigration rules of America, and wait in line to come to the USA. What message does this send to those people? Break the law, and be rewarded, but if you follow the rules, you are pushed to the rear of the line. The politicians, pushing for amnesty, are shameless in their quest for votes and power. Remember them, in the next election by voting them out. Term limits, are needed to stop the career politicians in their efforts to stay in office for a lifetime.

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    32. Carol, AZ says:

      The rule of law for emforcement must be taken back by each State regarding all aspects of the illegal issue (s) for States rights.

      State by State.

      It is the ONLY WAY this issue will be resolved.

      Eliminating the millions of Fed dollars for entitlement programs for all gifting for all illegals programs in States like NV and Ca.

      Cutting off all Federal funding to CA, and Hotel harry Reid of NV who's populations swell under the banner of free , free, free,.

      They people who come here maybe poor but they are not stupid.

      Anyone remember E-Verify?

      The seach engine that was voted on ,and passed by both party's and blocked by our current Homeland Security experts four times.

      I watch the hearings on C=Span and the results made me sick.

      Janet Nap.as Head of Homeland Security, once again under the burden of duplicity an "behind closed door sessions".block this important piece of legistation. But does some of this sound familiar?r?

      Our Borders are not secured…. we here in AZ, have over two thousand miles of border…

      The fence is a small part of of one solution…..It has help to slow down the major crossing areas for the rush to the border but more importantly has help to protect the brave man and woman who work the Borders .

      Some have been killed, others shot ,and in two cases imprisoned unlawfully, for doing their job .

      .If you want to put a human face on this issue based on "Greed for Buss ."

      perhap each night on our mainstream press we should demand the publish pictures of all the victems of human traficiers that were left to die in the hostile AZ desert from exposure, and thirst.

      That was after the Coyotes that trafic them collected around $3000. per person…

      The local morgues here are spilling over with these faces of humainity that no will ever be able to claim.

      I wonder if Janet Nap. remembers that as X Gov of AZ. or Rep. Luis G. from ILL can explain that away.

      If you want a excellent over-view of the issues , please take the time to watch the National Geographic Special, "Border Wars". It will answer any question you may have on this issure.

      Meanwhile vote the bums out!

    33. Fred, San Antonio, T says:

      Immigration Reform

      Illegal immigrants are in the US illegally by definition.

      The Obama administration is proposing amnesty for all illegals because the administration argues it would be impossible and in humane to round them up and deport the en-masse. In actual fact they want to give them the right to vote, join unions and qualify for national medical care. It would be criminal and a gross injustice to all Americans and immigrants who are in the country legally and paying taxes. It is time we opened public debate once again in this very critical time for our country. I am strongly in favor of implementing a guest worker program. Having lived and worked as a guest worker in several European countries, I know it works and is a just way of addressing the need for foreign labor.

      I would suggest immigrants, illegally in the US, should be given 6 months to apply for a guest worker permit. They should be able to apply in the US state in which they are currently residing. The application should request the US residence address, employment, foreign identification information and description of education level and skills. A background check should be made in the US and country of origin. If there is no criminal record a permit should be issued. If there is any reason to suspect the applicant shouldn’t be permitted to stay in the US they should be deported. The guest worker permit would allow them to work in the US for 6 years. They should be able to leave and return to the states as long as the work permit is valid.

      Illegal immigrants should be deported when found in the US after the 6 months deadline if they haven’t applied for a guest worker permit. Any immigrant found in the US after 12 months, the two six month periods without a guest worker permit, should be deported immediately.

      Any business or person found employing an immigrant without a guest worker permit after the 12 month period should be heavily fined.

      Guest worker permits should be renewable after 6 years if the guest worker has no criminal record, is employed and is current with tax payments. They can apply for citizenship at the end of the first 6 years but must speak, read and write English enough to read and explain the constitution of the US.

      Children born to illegal immigrants, who have not earned citizenship, should not be given US citizenship until after their 18th birthday and fulfilling language and employment requirements.

      Guest workers, with permits, and employment must have health insurance supplied by employers with employee contributions, workman’s compensation, unemployment coverage and social security. Guest workers who are unemployed for more than 6 months or the term of unemployment insurance benefits, whichever is longer, loose their guest worker status and must reapply in their country of origin. If they are found in the US, unemployed for more than 6 months or after their unemployment benefits expire, they should be deported.

      With the current economic recession, a good number of illegal immigrants have returned home for lack of work. Now would be a good time to implement a guest worker program while there are fewer illegals to be processed initially. Let’s open the debate now and solve this problem once and for all.

      Fred, San Antonio, TX

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