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  • An Absentee and Complacent President


    By now, you’ve heard the news.  On Christmas Day, a 23-year-old Nigerian named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow a full Northwest Airlines jet out of the air above Detroit. The only events that stopped this from happening were courageous passengers and a faulty explosive device. If either one of these two events had not taken place, nearly 300 passengers and crew would be dead, and immeasurable collateral damage would have occurred on the ground in Michigan. What you did not hear between this attempted attack on our nation and 3:00 pm EST today, was President Obama’s voice. Over 72 hours; almost three days later.

    During this time period, the world also witnessed something equally distressing. Thousands of Iranians took to the streets demanding a regime-change in their own country. Of course, the current Iranian regime is not only trying to fast track its way towards a nuclear weapon, but also is the major benefactor of the attacks our troops face in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a brutal regime with no regards for the safety of its own people, yet alone ours. Freedom fighters are dying in the streets hearing the sounds of gunfire, tear gas and chaos. What they have not heard is the sound of President Obama’s voice. Not until 3:00 pm today, and even then, it was just a whisper.

    And what was the President doing since Friday morning? He played a round of golf. He went to the gym. He played a game of basketball. He went to the beach. He went out to dinner with friends. He picked up a new game, tennis. All very acceptable and time-consuming pursuits on an event-free vacation. Nobody begrudges a young father spending time with his family over the holidays.

    But the Office of the President bears some extra responsibility and yes, burden. As former White House Deputy Press Secretary Scott Stanzel astutely points out, this was a president who was woken from sleep at 6:00 am to learn he had won the Nobel Peace Prize but wasn’t even informed of this attack on our homeland for over two hours. And if anyone knows the President’s priorities, it is his closest advisors.

    President Obama recognized the burden of his office when he delayed his departure to Hawaii so he could be in Washington for a Christmas Eve vote on health care reform. Mind you, this vote did not make reform law, it merely passed one bill into a conference with another. In the grand scheme of this legislation, it was an event he could’ve watched on television, but he knew his presence in DC, and the temporary delay of his vacation plans, would add that emotional support his caucus needed. So where was the emotional support our nation needed, and Iranian citizens needed, this weekend?

    Apparently on background, White House officials explained that President Obama did not want to panic the travelling public nor add credibility to the terrorist’s propaganda effort. A noble yet misguided gesture, even if true. The attack occurred. By the time the President spoke, the nation knew the terrorist’s name, his background, his father’s background, a sect of Al Qaeda had already claimed responsibility (the validity to that claim uncertain), and we knew every detail of what physically occurred aboard flight 253.  There was little mystery to panic over except whether another attack was imminent. And if President Obama was actually concerned about the spread of Al Qaeda propaganda, he would not be giving Khalid Sheikh Mohammed a show trial in New York City, when the end result — regardless of conviction – is indefinite detention.  A trial Abdulmutallab is likely to recieve as well.

    And while President Obama was enjoying the sun, sea and sand of Hawaii’s beaches, which were closed to military personnel so he could have private access, what words of encouragement was he sending the voices of change in Iran? America has always been a beacon of hope for oppressed people, and citizens begging to break the bonds of authoritarian rule. But not this weekend, and not this summer. While President Obama has “engaged” Iran this year, the people’s fight has been bloodied and the race towards nuclear arms has quickened. And today he repeated the refrain that we “bear witness” to their struggle. The Iranian people are surely looking for more encouraging words than that, especially since this is practically the same statement he gave on June 20.

    Being the president is not an easy job.  The man deserves a vacation.  Just as President George Bush did when he went to Crawford, Texas or Ronald Reagan to California or Bill Clinton to Martha’s Vineyard.  President Bush on these “vacations” found time to visit with nearly twenty heads of state in Crawford, and in 2002 he wired his ranch so secure video conferencing with intelligence officials could take place.  In other words, Crawford, TX was indeed the Western White House.  Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard has so far not given President Obama that same ability to project leadership.

    Of course, this past year, the President has not given Americans any further proof that he takes the War on Terrorism seriously, or the role of American leadership. Engaging usually meant apologizing. War on Terror became a Contingency Operation. Military tribunals became constitutional rights for non-American enemy combatants. The CIA became a convenient target rather than a critical weapon. When protesters died in the streets of Tehran, he was silent.

    President Obama is not to blame that a terrorist tried to murder innocent civilians in America on Christmas Day. Al Qaeda only has one political agenda, to kill Americans, Republican or Democrat. The sooner the President learns that simply being Barack Obama isn’t enough to deter attacks, give freedom fighters confidence or calm the nerves of an anxious nation, the better. Today, the President said his administration will “not rest” until he finds all those responsible for the attack on our nation. Starting…now.

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    62 Responses to An Absentee and Complacent President

    1. Sharon Van Baale, Ja says:

      Well, I'm not surprised. He ran on a platform of "hope and change" but never really stood for anything. He has no patriotic foundation. Why should his inability to act like an American President surprise anyone?

    2. jake says:

      I can't imagine you distress while Bush was spending five days vacationing while New Orleans drowned.

    3. Spiritof76 says:

      I am sorry that I do not accept your statement that Obama is not to blame for the failed bomb attempt. He is. He has encouraged the radical Islamisists by his constant apology of American policies, his immediate exhortation to the American people not to judge Fort Hood shooter and his callous disregard of the Iranian patriots. For all the villification of George Bush about his war-mongering, where are all those idiots now. This is a replay of pre-9/11.

      I want to see Janet Napolitano lose her job for incompetence.

      He seems to be on a golf course more often than Tiger Woods. Where is Cindy Sheehan? Where are all the news commentators of CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN that regularly ridiculed Mr. Bush with and withoout forged documents?

    4. Jim Hammock, Arlingt says:

      Our current President has not committed his time to foreign policy. He and his advisors are schooled in, and deeply committed to, changing America not the world. He doesn't have the same reflexive response to terrorist attacks against America that I have. That is to say I don't see my Country as being, in any way, at fault or deserving of such violence.

      I think the White House staff would think I'm naive, but actually I'm just American.

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      It's too bad an anti=american is leading. One principle of a true American is to protect the lives of people and fight for peace to those whom live without, world wide. This leader is too focused on destroying America and watch the world crumble. He has yet, to use any intelligence he may own, for resolution to any of America's problems. Unable to think for himself, using nothing but honest proof policies.

    6. Phillip Lake, Charlo says:

      In my opinion, we do not have a President that obeys his oath of office!

    7. Bob West, Dayton, Oh says:

      This incident forces us to ask a couple of questions;

      1) If the claims are true and Al Qaeda is responsible for the attack, then aren't we still in danger?

      2) Does the non citizen terrorist get a lawyer before he can be interrogated?

      3) What if this terrorist had information that would be helpful in stopping the attacks promised by Al Qaeda?

    8. Jim Stewart, CA says:

      Excellent read. It seems he's not really interested in the fight it will take to make this country safe. If he looks at the Constitution, which he says if faulty, he will see that that is his PRIMARY function, not half a year and probably an entire 2010 wasted on this health care debacle.

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    10. Space Bisbee, Az says:

      What do you expect, after all Obama is only there for the perks, and to see how fast he can destroy Our Country. The Democratic Party is a party, how much can each one stuff themselves and their home boy cronies with Tax payers monies, at Tax Payers expense. Look for more attacks, as monies for Defense are shuttled of to other Countries, to save them from themselves.

    11. Maggie - O'Fall says:

      What a great read! I couldn't agree more. Our beta-male President apparently has believed his own rhetoric for so long that his primary responsibility (keeping Americans safe)has meandered down his priority list, right behind apologizing for all the previous Presidents that weren't him and collecting undeserved accolades from horrible people who think the people he "represents" are scum. Thankfully, the people on the Detroit flight that this phlegm-wad tried to kill knew what we all know now, "you're on your own." As citizens, it is we who must remain vigilant and if necessary (like in this incident)defend our own safety.

    12. James A, Canyon,TX says:

      O is still basking in victory. Presidency is a lark to him: perks galore. He ignores any threat except to his personal comfort and continuation in office.

      And he still believes he is correct in all things. Terrorist? Right wing plot. Remember he took a long time to decide the SEALS could render the pirates dead. The man is a slow thinker, though portrayed as a study in deep thought. He is not of the above. And his staff is slow, slow, slow except on Marxist doctrine and implementation.

      What about the new Executive Order [EO], signed in Hawaii. The EO deals with allowing Interpol to enter America and do whatever their bosses, including O and his staff, want.

      I can see it now: The European Court wants an American citizen or former government official to be tried in Europe.

      Snatch by Interpol. Obama will claim, "I did not do it."

      He did.

      We are living in desperate times, folks, and terrorism is one facet of terror. The O Administration is terror unlimited.

      Longdrycreek Ranch

      Texas Panhandle

    13. Joan Sarasota FL. says:

      We don't have a President all we have is self indulent misfit who is not fit to run a car wash. This is the left at there finest. God help us all.

    14. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      It was refreshing to hear the word "terrorist" move back into POTUS' vocabulary when he did finally address this issue. No more "man-made disasters"…at least for a while. Sometimes, even a hard-left idealogue has to tell the truth.

      I guess the war on terror isn't over then?

    15. Normca says:

      Destroy an airplane. That is what Obama and Holder charged this terrorist with. An inanimate object; a piece of metal and plastic. I do not care if he is out playing golf or tennis or is eating Kobe beef. Obama, like Bush has or had access to phones to communicate with staff. The leftist always said Bush was on vacation during Katrina. The fact is the president of the USA is always is in communication. The left needs to come out of the past. The pres is not going to hold the hands of the people on the ground – why does Heritage is given that a minute of time ? This president is A W O L on terrorism. Blocking an investigation on the Ft Hood terrorist; why ? It won't be long before they blame Bush again for this near miss attack. 2010 – lets give him a Republican majority and shut the State Media up.

    16. Gary, Waxhaw, NC. says:

      We're all arguing from a false premise and assumption; what if this is what The One really wants? What if we're being laid low and getting our just desserts? What if America is being returned to her "rightful owners" No one ever said Hope and Change had to be good for regular folk. We ascribed our own meaning to The Messiah's words; "In five days we're going to fundamentally transform this country." That's wide open to interpretation. I'd say he has. And who's to stop him? The press fawns; his PS Gibbs and others reinterpret what you see happening. It's a good gig for Him.

    17. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Jake,

      If you want to open up THAT can or worms again, then start at the local level (New Orleans) and the state level (Louisiana L) and review what actions they took before the storm.

      Moreover, New Orleans had enough going on without the disruption of a Presidential Visit. It would have been irresponsible to get in the way of the rescue efforts.

      Lastly, please no not insult reasonable-thinking Americans by comparing a terrorist attack with a natural disaster that struck New Orleans.

      You and your ilk got your man in office. Good move wasn't it?

    18. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I absolutely disagree that Obama is either "Absent

      or Complacent". Obama is among other traits, Devious

    19. Norm Florida says:

      I remember the same rhetoric from President Clinton after the assualts that were made during his tenure. "We will find out those that perpetrated this crime. Ha, ha. What did he accomplish—nothing.

    20. Marcia-Columbia, MD says:

      My knee-jerk reaction the first time I saw pictures of Obama and Putin side by side was "Oh dear God, he is in over his head." Unfortunately, with every passing incident, that just continues to be reinforced–

      Obama is in over his head and out of his depth.

      Although much like the every day citizens on board Flight 253, We The People are on our own and that may or may not prove to be such a bad thing, we need to be awake during these times and take back control of our country. Perhaps there has been too much faith (read: complacency) in DC pols in past decades.

      Like "Deep Throat" told the WaPo reporters during Watergate: "You assume that these are very bright men and they just are not." These are not only just your average men (and women) who get up and put their pants on one leg at a time same as us, they are more corrupt and dirtier than the average citizen.

    21. Jill Hetherington says:

      We need to take a lesson from the Israeli's. Do you think they worry about hurting someone's feelings about racial or ethnic profiling? In fact even if I were a Muslim or Arabic or Middle Eastern I would not mind because it would make me safe too!

    22. Bj, Ft. Myers,FL says:

      Let's face it, this administration probably took at least three days to spin the story so as not to offend the terrorist and only offend the American people.

      It would be interesting to find out just how many days Obama has actually been in the White House as opposed to his galivanting around the world apologizing and going on shopping trips to Paris, etc. The only advantage to his being gone from the White House is that he is observed less on the Television spueing his retoric on the sins du jour of the U.S.

    23. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      I absolutely disagree Obama is either "absent" or

      "complacent". Obama, among other traits, is extreamly devious. He is doing exactly what he intends. A few days ago, he "admended" Reagan's

      1983 executive order #12425, thus mandating that INTERPOL have full immunity from our law enforcement agencies, the laws, and the Constitution of the United States. This allows a

      "World Police Force" to do what ever they wish in this country without fear. Does this sound like

      a person who is "absent or complacent"? Or does it sound like a Communist destroying our freedoms

      one by one.

    24. Tim Az says:

      You would think Mao-Bama could have set aside his hatred long enough to conceal his true feelings and at least vote present. Apparently he no longer needs to hide the real Mao-Bama. Instead he finds comfort through his megalomania and believes himself immune to the court of public opinion.

    25. 1st Lt. Richard Ptal says:

      Someone ought to tell this jerk in the White House if he wants to find out who is responsible for this, and upcoming terrorist threats, to look in the mirror and reflect back to how many times he has apologized for America!!! What a clueless hypocrite!

    26. Randy,SA TX says:

      Why in the world would anyone in their right mind blame Obama for terrorist attacks? Anyone who thinks that America is not a terrorist state needs to brush up on their history.We are the leading terror state,if u like that statement or not.

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    28. RLV Phila.Pa. says:

      I still think by his own behavior,that our President hates America and everything it stands for.His only care is his own power grab.Within 2 months we had 1 Terrorist attack at Ft. Hood & a failed attack on Flight 253,which was sucessful in Al Quieda's eyes.They terrorized us.The president #1 priority is to keep the American people safe,instead of Health care passage.We will be hit by terrorist in 2010,they will keep trying and our Fearless leader will keep lying and blaming George Bush for everything.We are to blame for this [The Voters],just as the American people were partly responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor,Dec.7th,1941.History repeats its self,but this time around I think we are going to lose.The same party was in power at that time also.

    29. Phyl, Wadsworth, Ohi says:

      This entire administration is really beginning to show how naive and inexperienced they are. It scares me to think they are responsible for our safety. We see so many things that are flatly visible; what about all that goes on behind closed doors?

    30. philip says:


    31. Bob in Georgia says:

      It appears that every time there is a national issue to address or a national tragedy the President takes the exit door for a few days. I think it time for him as head of state to address the Muslim people (of the World) and ask them to search their souls and form their own groups to combat the territorists in their mist. again, why is this "good vast majority of Muslims" doing nothing and still remain loyal to the Muslim religion? They seem to be able to hide within the crowd. I hardly feel that God (the real God) agrees that his children that he made from the dust be killed just to make a point. This is the real issue.

    32. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      Vacation before the welfare and security of this country, we all hope that change will come to this country before it is to late. WE MUST GET OUT AND VOTE IN 2010, STOP THE DEMS AND OBAMA IN THEIR TRACKS.

    33. Bob in Georgia says:

      We should take a class to learn how the radicals are able to be poisoned to such an extent by their mentors to allow themselves to kill as many as possible in their quest to reach "heaven." Maybe their teaching methods can be refined to the degree that we can teach a debriefing of the prisioners at GETMO and even our jails and prisons by using some of the methods they incorporate (to reprogram).

    34. curt L. Columbus, O says:

      Obama can be judged best by the leaders he calls 'friends'.

      I compare his treatment of Iran's hardliners with his embracing of the anti-constitutional former leader of Hondorous. In both cases, the actual citizens are regarded by their dictators as ungrateful sheep who are only bred to be fleeced for taxes.

      Obama is not trying to find ways to keep out our enemies; Obama is trying to figure out how to be more like his 'freinds'.

    35. joan, connecticut says:

      The Obama administration is filled with radical thinkers.We can Thank God, and Fox News Glen Beck, for outing Anita Hill,the Mao admirer, and Van Jones,who admitted his communistic beliefs,although both are no longer in the White House,they are still in the fold in the background. Cass Sunstein, has views that allows the Constitution of the United States to be "nudged" and not in a good way.Attorney General Holder's Justice department, refused to try the jack booted Black Panther group, that hindered Election day voters in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, even though eye witness reports, said they hurled racial slurs, carried batons and frightened potential voters. They also failed to answer a summons to appear in court. Anyone willing to ignore a court summons? I don't think so, unless you have friends in high places. Blocking polling place doors, and failure to appear in court, has always been against the law, but Attorney General Holder and his group apparently see it differently.Let's not forget the safe school csar, Kevin Jennings and his founding of Glisen, a gay lesbian group that produced a questionable reading list for grades one through twelve. It contained sexual material,detailing stories of incest and sexual events in school bathrooms. Then , we have Dr. Holdren who advises that sterilizers be put in drinking waters to curb population growth. I can't speak for anyone but myself, but all of the above scares me and I worry about the brainwashing of future generations. This is not the America I know and love, nor will I accept the changes they are determined to foist on us. We are a great Republic, and we wish to stay that way, and do not like the way Washington is pushing us towards Socialism. Term limits for all politicians can not come soon enough!

    36. John B. San Diego says:

      Thanks be to God that we enjoy this blessed life here in The United States of America. Hoping that we all had a Merry Christmas and will prosper through the coming New Year! May I enter the preamble?

      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      I only desire that I would have been part of those whom so wittingly crafted such eloquent words. I am but humble to receive these blessings of "Our Constitution", but being a recipient bears tremendous responsibility. President Obama is the leader of those responsible for maintaining OUR NATION, he is sworn to just that.

      Could I take a moment to point out some failures to being that responsible recipient? We all bear some blame through our inactions!

      1) Job #1 of Federal Gov is to provide for the common defense… three blatant oversights and abuses are presently clear

      a) Refusal to recognize terrorist attacks "As War" and not "Simply Criminal" P/C talk doesn't work.

      b) Chastising Intelligence Agencies in order to gain worldwide approval. America is justified in any action we take to provide for defense our citizens. Why hamstring one of our most effective methods?

      C) Emboldening our enemy with conciliatory speeches and lack of decisive actions; sometimes covert actions, we are”NOT” going to make friends with the enemy no matter what we concede that includes money and sovereignty.

      Lastly I know I'm going on; did anyone watch Obama's speech before he departed for Hawaii?

      Well he touted Health Care Reform and had to be called back to the microphone by a White House Press Corps Member to give OUR TROOPS a CHRISTMAS MESSAGE. I doubt any will see this replayed often HERE IS THE LINK:


    37. Randy,SA TX says:

      why didnt anyone complain when Bush didnt say anything about the"shoe bomber"? u guys look for anything to bash Obama

    38. John B. San Diego says:

      Randy,SA TX

      I don't like making this personal against you, Randy or our President Barack; the facts are there Sir; Barack Obama is 25% absent on what matters to US citizens. This last weekend is a more obvious case of absenteeism.

      As Senator Obama he missed three hundred fourteen votes of one thousand three hundred he should have participated in. Now Illinois has two Senators and The U.S. Senate has one hundred Senators, not so bad if you are sick, lame or lazy in the vote as Senators go… with all due respect to The Office of United States Senator. However as United States President you must be present every day and you can only defer to two other individuals in the world.

      So don't lecture me about Obama bashing; you are most likely part and parcel to Obama being where he is today.

    39. Ellen K, Texas says:

      Wow. So how much longer are the libs going to fall back on the Bush bashing for every incipient failure of the current adminstration? I am appalled at what appears to be arrogance and a type of Imperial attitude by this adminstration. And every action we have seen where he has not been highly scripted reveals a shallow understanding of the American psyche. I think the man's a fraud. Maybe that's why his master's thesis is still under lock and key. Writing is revealing. I wonder what the various legal opinions he would have had to discuss under his study in law school would reveal about the real inner workings of his mind. That might give us a more eloquent understanding of why he reacts in such an odd way now.

    40. Dinah, Atlanta says:

      Why are we complaining? Once again, the American majority elected an "Empty Suit" just as they did with Jimmy Carter. When Obama was running for president, he was all talk and no show just as Carter was. If you were around during Carter's campaign, you recognized both were of the same ilk–big, flowery, empty speeches.

      Next time, America, don't elect "all talk and no show", elect someone with EXPERIENCE, INTEGRITY and HONOR!!

    41. Kenneth E. MacAliste says:

      Yes, he's "absent" & "complacent". He's also incompetent, ignorant, & worst of all he's COMPLICIT! This tin horn dictator needs to go NOW!

    42. Roger, Henderson, Nv says:

      Why did Chinese premier Wen Jiabao choose to publicly humiliate Barack Obama at Copenhagen?
      http://www.americanthinker.com/2 009/12/obamas_lost_face.html

      I didn't know that happen, where is the free U.S. press.

      Obama is a worldwide joke. Slamming America every chance he gets and bowing to anyone who stands in front of him.

    43. tucanofulano, calif, says:

      This child-man in the Oval Office is a pretty good speechifier, but that's about it. His agenda for eliminating two classes, rich and poor, is to make everyone poor and having no hope whatsoever of ever improving themselves. His agenda for eliminating terrorists, illegal aliens, and other anti-American activists is to grant everyone Amnesty while eliminating our sovereignty by having Open Borders. The terrorists love Democrats. With Democrats as willing accomplices terrorists push for “Amnesty” as well as for “Open Borders”. The proper defense of the American people is to deport all the illegal aliens however long that may take, and, to lock down our borders, period.

    44. BOB HELLER, RAPID C says:




    45. Tricia, Arizona says:

      Guess what, Randy??? You need a history lesson…Where do you get your misinformation?

    46. Larry, Missouri says:

      I said it almost 2 years ago when he anounced his running and several times since then; Obama is going to bring this country to it's knees. We are almost there…

    47. Lisa, Ohio says:

      If President Obama ever had taken the time to read and understand our the oath he has sworn to defend he may have a fighting chance. But because he was raised amongst those who taught him to think Socialism, we now have to deal with his lack of the true American way, and deal with the Marxist theology he is trying to fold us into. For those of us who saw through “the man behind the curtain” we struggle every day to keep our focus on 2012. It will be a long road with the bumbling of all of those czars and incompetent staff. Hopefully, we will not see another 9/11, in-part, I can’t see the fortitude in him it would take to see the country through something so devastating again! Many criticized President Bush for only spending a few minutes with the school children he was reading to on 9/11. Let us remember his reaction:immediate, concise, and direct. We did not have to wait 3-4 days for the final version of what he was to say. He said, he said it once and without any tele-prompters around!

    48. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      The president works for us. We the American people are his boss. We hired him to run this country. Therefore, my view is that we are above him, and he is not above us. We are the "general contractors," not the president. He needs to remember that.

      He better start listening to the people he works for. He needs to veto his healthcare plan. He needs to make us more secure from enemy attacks, such as these Islam-extremist-jihad terrorists.

    49. Gary, Waxhaw, NC. says:

      Randy in SA,TX: Please elaborate and educate us on why America is a terrorist state. And be sure to focus on the history you wrote about. Tell us why we're "the leading terror state".

      You have many readers awaiting your "case".

    50. philip says:

      Randy you must just be another liberial socialist democrat who cannot see wear Obama is taking our country,and all you democrats can do is blame Bush or some one else for the problems instead of faceing up to them and correcting the cause of the problem. take a look some of the problems lye with in the Obamas presdential leader ship and polosi and Reid positions. Obama dose not even honor our men and wemen of the armforces or the plege to the flag and america. He never sulets or puts his hand over his hart he is a disgrace to our country and sides with those who are out to distroy america and freedom nor dose lissen to the majority of the american people he just lables them. Marixs rule

    51. John B. San Diego says:

      After reflecting on the comments here my faith in the American Spirit is renewed. As was said by one person we will be forced to endure until 2012, I want to add the mid-terms in 2010 could drastically effect any further promotion of the Socialist/Marxist agenda we see being stuck in deals behind closed doors. That falls in the laps of Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid a turning of the majority in Congress 2010 could preserve substantial portions of our embattled Constitution.

      Think back to the time during debates 2008 Hillary said Americans should give thought and concern to who it is takes the 3'oclock am call to the White House Hotline and we should; many seemed to have made the wrong choice. I don't agree with Hillary on all issues I must give her this one, I agree with Hillary on this one.

      That being said I escalate debate to the actual finger on the trigger of our stategic neuclear defense deterent..is it solid? If Americans lack confidence in our leadership's will to defend the country and foriegn leaders so disrespect for our leader is the world safer now than we all were before the last election?? Steadfast, stalwart, "Look them in the EYES" senior statesmanship makes diplomacy a function of National Secuity. Diplomacy from a point of reconciliation and weak kneed policy is a formula for disaster. Hint…Hint Washington D.C.

      Documented it took months to send reenforcements after a field commander's requests Afghanistan.

      Three days the victims of Northwest flt.253 waited to hear what was to happen after the passengers themselves saved the day! What were the terrorists thinking during that delay period? Iranian Protest Leaders flee Iran, I feel for the protestors.

      Sleep well tonight and hope we don't need to hit the launch button. Some of this is hypothetical, others of this deserve attention.

    52. Randy,SA TX says:

      Gary,thank u for ur question. Terrorist is defined as a violent acts which intended to create fear,are perpetrated for ideological goal deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants(civilians).i hope we can agree with tht definition. so the country tht we took part either with arms and military training are Nicaragu,Chili,Vietnam,El Salvdor,Iraq,Iran,Cuba,half of Mexico,Hawaii,Guatemala and the Philippine island. we commit massive atrocities killing literally millions of innocent people.

    53. Gary, Waxhaw, NC. says:


      OK but why do you give the nationals in those named countries a pass? Why is it that when they also commit "massive atrocities killing literally millions…" they're not deemed terrorists?

      If we're propping up one side and that's called evil, why is it that the other side, who also resorts to killing is considered virtuous?

      Why do guys like you love a Fidel or Raúl yet despise a Batista?

      BTW – how far back ya goin with the countries you've cited? From what I've seen lately our military believes it's better for our boys to die than civilians who are mixed in on purpose with the terrorists..or in your eyes…freedom fighters.

      I better be careful with you; you might be one of those types that believes it's great when our guys get killed…like they deserved it.

      If you respond, please don't feign righteous indignation, resort to name calling and get all PO'd; just answer the questions. Thanks.

    54. Dorinda Sears, Tibur says:

      This is in response to Randy from Texas who accuses us of being a terrorist nation. His is the comment of a quisling choosing to ignore the very real fact that there is hardly a spot on this globe that has not received help from this great nation.

      Randy it is you who need to look at history. There are many of us in this country whose fathers spilled their blood saving Europeans during WWII. Our money, our food, our technology and our healthcare has crossed the borders of many nations over and over again for no other reason that goodwill.

      Liberals used to say that we were only in Iraq to get oil. The truth is that we are still there and not one American company received an oil contract. Iraqi contracts were given to every country but ours. But I suppose quislings like yourself will be coming up with their own reasons for that too.

      Shame on you.

    55. Jill Hetherington says:

      Good job Dorinda. Feel free to move out of the country Randy. I am sick of America bashing. What other country goes to war for moral reasons and then rebuilds the country it took over and gives it back to it's people. I never heard of any other country that does that. We are also first on the scene at every catasthrophy to lend a hand and lots of money. I am proud of my country and I can't wait till we get it back again.

    56. W Howard Baker, Bard says:

      Let's face it, we have a wannabe third world dictator for a president. He has the backing of George Soros and his billions and the totally ignorant Chicago political machine along with the SEIU and ACORN to provide foot soldiers in the takeover. We will have to win by 6 to 8 points in order for them not to be able to fix the 2010 and 2012 elections. If you have a safe district for your candidate then work in another to help that candidate get elected, but, no matter which, work in these elections as they are our last chance. We also need to make sure we have a conservative candidate so that the voters have a choice. We don't want another election like 2008, where the candidates of both parties looked alike.

    57. DAN MOFFATT says:

      lets have another presidential election.

    58. randy,sa tx says:

      can someone tell me plz what were the justice(moral) causes for the wars we were in?

    59. Ray, Tucson, AZ says:


      In recent history WWII was fought to avenge a greivous attack on Pearl Harbor, not to mention ridding the world of Adolf Hitler. Viet Nam, though very unpopular, was fought to free the South from Northern oppresion. Korea before Viet Nam was fought for the same reason. Desert Storm was fought because of the unjust take over and oppresion by Iraqi forces. Once again the current wars we are in were justice for 9/11 and sanctioned by NATO, not that I feel NATO or the UN have a say in why we do anything!

      So there you have the reasons, in my humble opinion, why we have fought wars in recent history. I might add that as a veteran of one of the aformentioned conflicts I feel no shame and GREAT pride in my service and support the troops of today without reservations or reproach on how they comport themselves today!

      Hope this helps.

    60. Pingback: Steyniac 403st « Free Canuckistan!

    61. Bobbie Jay says:

      Ray, Tucson, AZ, God Bless you for your service and comment, Sir.

    62. WP Themes says:

      Amiable fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

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