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  • Video: The Left’s Righteous War Against the Individual Mandate

    As we reported last week, now that the public option is no longer part of Obamacare, President Barack Obama’s leftist base is open revolt over the bill’s requirement that all Americans must buy health insurance or pay a fine. We’ve been calling this a health insurance company bailout for months, and now Obamacare supporters like Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) are being taken to task by MSNBC hosts for the provision. Watch:

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    17 Responses to Video: The Left’s Righteous War Against the Individual Mandate

    1. RG Bud Phelps says:

      I do not like interviews where the host talks on top of he invited guest. Even when the host is bringing up good points he should at least take a breath and let the guest answer.

      Do you really think this was a good interview?

    2. foxmuldar, Pa. says:

      Give Dylan Ratigan credit for having the guts to ask this Socialist Congresswoman the right questions about why Health Insurance companies stocks have been soaring recently. It's easy to see that Miss Shultz had no clue so she tried to side step the question by giving the familiar its good for americans answer. Well Americans are onto the Liberal talking points and they no longer believe a word that Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Judas Nelson, and the rest of that Socialist party has to say. What will Obama say when his socialist obamacare gets passed and millions of americans are forced to pay a fine or go to jail because they won't buy health insurance?

      This years protest by the thousand of god fearing tea party folks is nothing compared to what we will see when the heavy hand of muslim Obama and his SEIU thugs in Washington start cracking the whip of socialism. Democrats will pay dearly at the polls shortly. Their days in power are numbered.

    3. Roger, Henderson, Nv says:

      Maybe now the people who thought that Obama was for the people will finely see the truth. That Marxism is not about the people but about those in power.

    4. VIctor Gonzales, Ari says:

      It's good to see that the liberal's will object to outright force when our liberty is being stripped.

      If only we could get them to realize that regulations and taxes and social engineering are doing the exact same thing just slower.

    5. Linda, Jenison Michi says:

      This interview made the commentator look like a tyrant and a baffoon, I am a conservative, although I do not agree with her views, she was only trying to answer the question. He was rude and obnoxious. Not a good show for the true conservative movement AT ALL!


    6. Bobbie Jay says:

      I appreciate the attempt of all talk show hosts to get answers from those in authority or acknowledgement of what is going on.

      If a person can't answer all questions that has to do specifically with what is being imposed without hesitation, is a deceptive, liar of a cover-up.

      This lady showed her unqualified credentials of not knowing this and that. Circling around the questions, to spin an answer. Wasting time repeating "can I answer the question?" r

      She answered her own question. No she can't. Good advice to talk show host, ask the question by adding "WITHOUT SPIN!"

      Towards the end, SHE brings up something about women's premiums being higher. So, instead of government butting in where they don't belong in the first place, why hasn't the government overpaid, oversight committee done anything before it came to this, since they see it this way? Another admittance of GOVERNMENT FAILURE!

      The government continues to fail their duty, taking on duties that aren't government duties, watching consequences effect the good, honest and responsible.


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    8. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      It's the same socialist "talking points" repeated over and over again regardless of what format, TV, Radio, or print news. These people just vomit up the same absurd statements that they have been instructed to repeat. It's past time for other conservatives not to allow these Obama lackeys to continue the same lies and distortions to be broadcast. Linda, if that means that turns us into "tyrants and baffoons" so be it. It's time to stop hidding the truth because someone might think as you do.

    9. nilo says:

      It is a Marxist redneck network taking care of their buddies. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. The taxpayer will foot the bill for all of this scam in this healthcare bill. They have bankrupted our great grandchildren. This Obamacare and cap 'n trade is the final nail in the coffin of America's overthrow. Kick 'em all out in 2010!

    10. GrammiSami, Reno, N says:

      I agree that Dylan Ratigan kept over talking Rep Schultz and I don't like that at all. It is way too confusing for the listening audience and obscured the important point that needed to be made. ( I hate Face the Nation for the same reason} I wish he had let her continue to hang herself with the usual Reid inspired rhetoric, and then just pointed out the reality of what was happening. It was really refreshing to see somebody on MSNBC actually pointing out some of the fallacies of the Health Care Bill instead of following MSNBC's usual habit of bowing down to Obama and company's lies.

    11. J. T. Cooper, MD, MP says:

      I am a conservative and totally against health care reform, but Dylan Ratigan is a loud-mouthed moron. He is also rude and doesn't let his guests answer his questions without interrupting them. She is wrong, but we need to hear her answers, however wrong. As a southerner, unlike Zell Miller, I would not challenge him to a duel. I was taught that yankee white trash like Ratigan should be caned by one of my manservants. He would not last one day in Atlanta talking like that. Rude is rude, no matter the political persuasion.

    12. mary triola new jers says:

      Quite frankly I could care less, just allow these people to eat their own. Wasserman has always been a far left moron, and people are concerned that he shouted over her, please let all these people implode and destroy themselves. Lets just sit back and enjoy the show. Then maybe just maybe when its her time for re-election she doesn't win,the idiots who voted her in the last time will say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I noticed that all the comments had nothing to do with the title.

      My opinion is that no American should be punishished in any way or form for not buying anything!

      We do not force flood insurance on those who could most reasonably expect to be effected by rains and winds form the seas. Perhaps it is because they are too poor to purchase the extra cost of flood insurance, and instead rely on programs such as FEMA to replace what they have.

      And when it is not replaced quick enough, and to their satisfaction well enough, they shout the loudest!

      Seems to be that this Universal Health care is the same, except there is no insurance to cover their loses and so all Americans are being forced to pay for what a few do not have, through choice or circumstance.

      I was brought up to move to where the work was, not to wait for the work to come to you!

    14. Resident from Detroi says:

      I hope most americans do not buy the health insurance required by law. And that the Democrats cannot fullfill their own laws because there are too many people to arrest. I hope this health care mess collapes in their face and they walk away like dogs with their tail between their legs. Stupid leftests. They over estimate their own abilities and intelligents and under estimates ever one elses.

    15. j s ryder colorado s says:

      lets all be truthfull. socialist are communtist wthout guns. letcall all commies in our gov't commies to start with.

    16. Drew Page, IL says:

      If there is any doubt left in anyone's mind why people are turning away from MSNBC to Fox for their news, this film clip says it all.

      Under the guise of asking a question, the MSNBC 'interviewer' used the opportunity to deliver a personal harangue.


    17. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      Just remember: the more money insurance companies make, the more money the government will be able to collect from their taxes. So when these insurance companies profit, it is a win-win for both the insurance companies and the government (federal,state and local). The socialists / progressives / liberals need to be reminded of this, and to stop calling the insurance companies evil and greedy. I wonder if Debbie Wasserman Schultz understands this.

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