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  • Christmas with the Presidents

    Christmas in the nation’s capital has evolved through the years.

    President George Washington held a Christmas party for Congress, starting with an early morning fox hunt.

    First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln raised money to provide Christmas dinners for wounded Civil War soldiers.

    Benjamin Harrison set up the first Christmas tree in the White House in 1889.

    Teddy Roosevelt played Santa Claus for schoolchildren.

    Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge gave a Christmas speech on national radio. It was only 49 words long.

    Franklin Roosevelt did not hesitate to praise Christ expressly by name in his Christmas speeches to the country.

    Mamie Eisenhower personally wrapped gifts for each of over 500 White House staff.

    Ronald Reagan brought back nativity scenes that Jimmy Carter had discontinued.

    These accounts are condensed from David Barton’s WallBuilders article, “Christmas with the Presidents.”

    The Heritage Foundation wishes you a very Merry Christmas.

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    10 Responses to Christmas with the Presidents

    1. Jude DiGiovanni, NC says:

      What Godly presidents we used to have!

      This country will never be Blessed again until we Turn back to GOD!

    2. Patricia, MN says:

      and President Barak Obama hung pictures of transvestites on his tree…

    3. Mary Poole Lewis, Up says:

      This is truly God's country, I feel he is watching over us even if some of our presidents, past and present, have at times forgotten this. We are still blessed and will rise above our present difficulties. God bless us every one!

    4. Jonathan Stapleman, says:

      We have a Godly heritage as a country. This is not just religion, but a relationship with our Creator. What a privilege!

      This is also historical and foundational to our country.

      I believe the "Spirit of America" is deep within her just waiting to be tapped.

      If God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah who had no Bible, imagine what could happen to the U.S.!

      Let's pray for our country and our President even if he is ungodly. Maybe God can turn him around.

    5. Florissant, Missouri says:

      And the only thing President Obama can boast about is trying to make Christmas entirely secular by removing the Nativity scene. No Christ, no Christmas. What is wrong with all the people who celebrate a feast this time of year putting out ALL of the various decorations anywhere they deem appropriate? That would really celebrate our diversity. This is what our country is all about.

    6. Lynn Watson, Macon, says:

      Only prayer to the living God can help the people and the nation at this time. When holiday greetings and winter break holidays take the place of Christmas greeting and Christmas Holidays, you can't expect anything but the downfall of a nation. We need Christian leadership. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. Christianity is the only religion that worships a risen Savior! It would be sad to me to worship someone who is still in the grave! God bless those in leadership who strive to bring back moral and Christian knowledge.

    7. CH, Louisiana says:

      Our education system, which has (deliberately) rendered our Christian foundations and heritage utterly esoteric, is a travesty.

    8. Walter Dampier says:

      God will continue to bless our nation DESPITE the buffoon that's currently posing as president in our white house.

    9. Bobbie Jay says:

      Thank you very much, Heritage! We had a beautiful Christmas as mother nature's gift allowed. Merry Christmas to all at Heritage as well!

      I find it very suspicious that the president of this country, didn't hesitate to tell the world "America is not a Christian nation," yet, turns around with the holiday greeting "Merry Christmas."

    10. Nora Firestone, Virg says:

      Merry Christmas, from the Obamanable Showman

      Happy Christmas, America. We're all being screwged by the Obamanable Showman and his band of Merry Fools and Jingle Bullies. They're crawling around like mice, trying to deliver the coal and poisonous candy canes to our stockings and work boots in the the form of nationalized health care and the accompanying growth of government and its dependents. The geniuses.

      Sad thing is, some people are excited. "Surely there's a big, fat, free diamond in my coal!" Surely. And if there is, your hard-working neighbor inwittingly paid for it. Not only with his or her tax dollars, but with the forced relinquishment of real American values. Wear it with pride, you've apparently earned it. You voted, after all. Oooh, the power in that little stylus at the voting booth. Oooh, the change you've created.

      Oooh, the audacity of intelligent Americans who hope for common sense and integrity to prevail above this giant mess.

      I'm about to toss my sugar cookies.

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