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  • What Next? Fish for Fidos

    Since the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Conference ended in complete failure, some on the eco-left are engaging in a bit of gallows humor including Head of Research for Oxfam Duncan Green who writes on his blog:

    The BBC’s ‘Ethical Man’ (probably another cat lover) has done the numbers. Keeping a medium-sized dog has the same ecological impact as driving a 4.6 litre Land Cruiser (I assume that’s some kind of car) 10,000km a year.

    Using a unit known as a ‘global hectare’ – a measure of the land area needed to support a certain ecological footprint, growing and manufacturing the 164kg of meat and 95kg of cereals a border collie or cocker spaniel eats every year takes about 0.84 gha. A bigger dog such as a German shepherd consumes even more – its carbon pawprint is more like 1.1 gha. That is more than the environmental footprint of the average Indian person, who uses just 0.8 gha of resources. If you are a multiple dog owner you are in even more trouble. Two big dogs are responsible for more carbon emissions than some British citizens.

    By contrast a cat (hah!) needs 0.15 gha, a hamster 0.014 gha, and a canary 0.007 gha. The most carbon efficient pet is a goldfish. Its carbon finprint requires just 0.00034 gha. That’s over 3,000 fish per pooch.

    So if you care about climate change, join my new campaign. Our key demand is a ‘fish for fidos’ scheme, loosely based on Cash for Clunkers, whereby people trade in their dogs in return for goldfish. It makes at least as much sense to promote this as a solution to climate change as human population control in poor countries.

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    12 Responses to What Next? Fish for Fidos

    1. Tricia, Arizona says:

      The climate will continue to change no matter what we do…Climate has nothing to do with what was going on in Denmark. It has to do with redistribution of this country's hard earned wealth to greedy little dictators. I'd sooner see the end come than be like Europe… I love my country and I hope that we are able to stop these Socialists…Communists, or Fascists or whatever. We need to replace everyone in Washington who doesn't represent "We The People".

    2. Mary says:

      Amen sister!

    3. Beaverton, OR says:

      Merry Christmas, Tricia. Very well said. God bless America!

    4. Scott Scarborough, C says:

      I have never voted demopublican or republicrat. The enemies of freedom begins at the local level. You have voted for these people in office because they are democrat or republican. You are getting exactly what you voted for. Vote on principal, not who has a chance of winning. Libertarian or Constitution Party candidates are there. Look how Ron Paul was overlooked by the GOP(should be GOB…good ole boys. We have been warning you for years, now the socialist dogs are not hiding their agenda behind, "the good of society, kids, homeless,etc. ad infintum.

    5. Perry OK says:

      If I must refresh, it will not be with fish. Our famous fore father Ben Franklin stated"gold fish and guest both begin to stink after 3 days. Just think how rank Copenhagen smelled?

      Fish is served on a plate. My dogs serve a purpose and are smarter than some people.

    6. philip says:

      These policial hacks are out right out of their mind.They live in a daze have no since of reality or truth, and with their babble and lies are trying to bring down the world and it's people. They need to demissed from all credibility and all polictial power, and their judgement voided. They should not be alowed to partispate any goverment planning

    7. Martin1 says:

      In your hat and theirs too!

    8. Richard Fletcher, Sa says:

      I couldn't have said it bitter than Tricia, Arizona, did.

    9. Rayford Davenport says:

      The subject alone should disqualify anyone who believe in climate control.

    10. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      In a Republic, all laws in our Constitution are written to contain the powers of the Federal Government. Not its citizens, nor their pets, air, water, or land. That power lies exclusively within the individual States Themselves!

      Let the gentleman in Enland care for a sand flea, which he can nurture with his own blood if he so wishes, but tell me not what I may have as a pet of my own.

    11. Drew Page, IL says:

      Global hectares? Ecological impact? Carbon footprints? It just keeps getting better and better.

      The people who keep coming up with these terms have got to be living off research grants. The more they can scare the hell out of people, the more 'research' funding they can get their hands on. I am sure if given more time and money, they will be able to prove that Nostradamus predicted all of these things.

      Now I can understand why those other socialized nations in the U.N. support this nonsense of "global warming". This is just another scam like the "oil for food" program set up to make certain sponsors of this program very wealthy at the expense of the American taxpayer.

    12. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I much prefer the company of my beloved dogs. At least they instinctively sense danger, will protect and defend, and give unsurpassed loyalty. They are true friends and family.

      Goldfish? My dogs love to eat fish.

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