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  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Discusses the "Lunatic Fringe"

    Over the weekend, Senators from both sides of the aisle debated the merits of Obamacare with a level of emotion rarely seen in the halls of the U.S. Senate.  But one senator took home the prize for the most outrageous comments unbecoming of an elected representative.  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) began a floor speech citing a liberal op-ed that referred to the “lunatic fringe,” which appears to lump all sorts of groups in with conservatives.  He used this as a catalyst to make floor remarks (seen in the video above) about Obamacare’s opponents saying: “They are desperate to break this president,” Whitehouse continued, “…it is unbearable to them that President Barack Obama should exist.” 

    Between those tragic thoughts he lumped in members of the Aryan nation, birthers, militias and fanatics with the entire overwhelming majority of Americans opposed to Obamacare.  So even though members of his own party were on the fence about the Senate’s health care legislation right up until they got $300 million payoffs, the non-bought-off Americans opposed to it must just hate the President.  What other rationale could they have…well…except for the unfunded entitlement expansions, tax hikes, lesser quality care and massive expansion of government control of their lives.  But those are small issues compared to their hatred of a politician, right? Right?  Wrong.

    Let’s be perfectly clear, the only bipartisan agreement in the United States this weekend was against the Senate’s health care legislation.  Polls showed opposition ranging from 61% over at CNN to 56% at Rasmussen.  These are not fringe elements of society.  They hate the policy, not the President.  They hate the bill.  This is the type of dangerous rhetoric that leaves us with a divided Congress and a divided America.  And somebody in the media should ask Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) if he condones such remarks with the same tenacity they would have if the parties in Congress were reversed.  Someone should ask each and every one of his colleagues if they agree that all those opposed to Obamacare are members of some radical fringe element.

    The funny thing is that Senator Whitehouse’s outrageous comments overshadowed the part of this video where he talks about the “last thrashing throws” of the health insurance industry as it watches its business model die.  Right after these comments, he voted to unconstitutionally mandate every American buy private insurance from this “dying” industry.  But who could rationally be opposed to that?

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    31 Responses to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Discusses the "Lunatic Fringe"

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D) RI, has the nerve to talk about "lunatic fringe"? He and his leftists are so out of touch with reality that NOW they think THEIR countless radical left-wing organizations represent the majority of the people?

      I watched 8 hours until the vote. Why? Because I wanted to see and hear how these "patriotic democrats" were going to lie and explain away this bribe-laced bill.

      What a joke. It was really scary listening to these folks who are entrusted in running this country. It's amazing we have survived as long as we have.

      Equally incredible is the fact these people hold hearings on criminal enterprises. The entire government is nothing but a ponzi scheme as they keep moving money around.

      Does anyone really think the new health care reform taxes are going into a lockbox for 4-5 years and be SAVED? There is a good chance they will be spent and we will be taxed more to cover the "shortfalls".

      This is NOT a conspiracy theory. This is how they have always operated. WE WANT PROCEDURAL CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN. KEYWORD IS BELIEVE.

    2. john Pa. says:

      I've been a democrat for 40 years, but these people aren't the democrats that I've voted for in the past. Is it lunacy to want healthcare? If this is the democrats idea of providing healthcare for all I'm glad that I probably won't live to see my grandchildren work under the heavy bondage of this administrations foolish spending.

    3. bill purcell oregon says:

      The only good coming out of this mess, is that we know who NOT to vote for now, its all out in the open now, political suicide for most, jacksonian moment for all of us to rally behind, these loony leftest, progressive, athiests are smoked out into the open now, for all of the salt of the earth center right regular folks to see.

    4. neuroguy, maine says:

      This despicable and pathetic left wing shill will go the way of the rest of the 'lunatic fringe' on the left over the next couple of election cycles. These people have been let out of the closet now because they feel empowered with a far left ideaologue in the white house. They'll find out what a minority group they really are now that the independants who bought into Obama's election year lies have gotten a taste of what happens when a truly far left president gets the reins. These are the most elitist individuals who have ever disgraced the halls of Congress, and that is going some.

    5. Bobbie Jay says:

      I agree with FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

      Our income, family of four, makes less then half the $80,0000 incomes that qualify. We have a chronic illness in the family. It costs money every month. Not enough to meet that premium. But with our average educated brains, FIGURE IT OUT! The job of government is to lower that premium. NOT COMPETE WITH THE BUSINESS!!!

      It's funny how these dangerous militant government members refuse to listen to 300,000,000 people but will destroy their lives for 10,000,000. Instead of doing the job of government, FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE TO FIGURE IT OUT THEMSELVES! they insist on butting in with their tax paying programs of corruption, infiltrating into every responsible living person.



    6. Jack, NC says:

      Proof positive that at a minimum Sheldon hasn't read the bill.

    7. David G. Yorkville, says:

      We don't need Tea Partys, Third Partys, or a new Conservative Party. What we need is Congressional Reform!

      We need to strip these self appointed semi-gods on Capital Hill of their accummulated powers. They have become spoiled children in a candy store. They've surrounded themselves with a system, a set of rules, a Cosa Noestra that, in the end, makes them irresponsible, and worse, unaccountable. It's time to knock them off their ivory towers, and pull them back down to our reality.

      This is revenge time, Americans. It's time to punish these lawyers for what they've done to us in the past, what they are doing to us today, and what they are doing to our children and grandchildren.

      If you agree, then lets begin this debate. How, what, where, when, and why, while we still have a Constitution that says we can.

    8. Bobbie Jay says:

      not to say we weren't better off at one time. Hardships happen in life. Our life is our responsibility! What happens throughout, like any human being, we deal with it. Whether man or animal, every life is born free and accountable for their own.


    9. Bill Sr, Jacksonvill says:

      FreedomofSpeech TX.,I couldn't agree with you more.

      The liberal Progressives just don't seem to know who they are dealing with here.

      They will find out over the coming months and big time in November of 2010.

      The Liberty Line is leaving the station, all aboard.

    10. Neil Goeckerman, Tay says:

      I'm afraid I hold BOTH parties with the same disdain. The Oligarchy must be given the boot.

      ALL incumbents should be voted out in November 2010. Maybe WE can send a message. I have held this belief for years. In my case (conservative) I have been following my own advice for years with very little success. Recently I heard someone ( a guest) on a FOX news program echo my sentiments.

      We the people can and should impose term limits starting November 2010. The vote is term limits.

    11. Charles, The Republi says:

      I'm with Rush, there is no such thing as a Moderate Democrat in an elected office. They are all radical. The RINO's are no better. Washington reeks with unprecedented greed & megalomania. Pain is the price of neglect. We the people, have neglected to hold those in office accountable. We the people, have allowed our values to be grayed out. We the people, have allowed political correctness to silence & weaken us. And what did we get for our neglect? Pelosi, Reid, Obama & the RINO's. That being said, "we the people" need to show Washington "CHANGE THEY CAN BELIEVE IN". Let the election cycle begin. We the people, have some "house" cleaning to do.

    12. DR - Orlando, FL says:

      If we can't impose term limits at the national level, what about the state level. Couldn't we get enough people in each state to start petitions to have it put on the state ballots in 2010 that any Federal or State Representative or Senator can be elected for no more that 10 years? That is the limit for a president, why not for Congress as well? The theives in D.C. will never listen to us nor allow a national vote on term limits, so maybe we need to get the law enacted at home where we live and where our representatives should be listening to the people who elected them!

    13. Randy,SA TX says:

      its sad that we the people need to pass a law so that big biz can remove preexisting condition.

    14. John Rosky Andover, says:

      I like DR's comment about the States setting term limits. If it is possible that should be done or if not we need to get a bill in each state to have it.

    15. Bettye Jo Georgia says:

      Please read these two web sites. They both contain very scary information which is not readily known.

      We are all so anxious for the 2010 elections so we can vote these clowns out of office. But have you noticed the politicians do not seem to fear We the People. Wonder why? Do you suppose they know something we don't?

      Seriously, with 61% of the people angry at the elected officials you would think at least some would change their ways in order to get re-elected. We think they are committing political suicide but they apparently don't think so.

      I do not think Obama intends to be a one-term president. What trick does he have up his sleeve? Remember Honduras.

      Soros has devised a way to rig future elections. I think he rigged the MN senatorial election to get Al Franklen for the 60th vote in the Senate.


      Senator Reid just took another step toward removing our rights. He has hidden in the health care bill a clause which will require a super majority to ever repeal Obamacare.


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    17. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      We already have term limit, it's called the vote, I agree 12 years is enough, that is 2 terms as Senator, 6 as a represenative, and you cannot serve 12 in one housand in 12 in the other. The days of oldmen sitting in the dotage in Congress, having thier hands raised for them need to end, ie; Strom Thurman,needs to end. The lifetime retirement also needs to stop, private sector doesn't get this, why should they, let's go back to what the founding fathers intended, serve, go home, give someone else chance and BE THE VOICE OF " THE PEOPLE" it is suppose to be Gov't. for the people, of the people and by the people, these fools eithe forgot it or thnk they can ignore it.

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    19. Jerry from Chicago says:

      According to Sheldon Whitehouse, anyone who disagrees with and/or opposes Obama's policies, wants and desires is among the "lunatic fringe". Throw in Nazi's, white supremacists, homophobes, xenophobes and chauvinists in with the lunatics (let's see, did he leave anyone out?) and there you have Mr. Whitehorse's definition of the loyal opposition. You also have the Senate Democrats' definition of townhall and tea party attendees.

      Talk about lunatic fringe, Senator, I think you have just described yourself.

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    21. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      If not believing that Obama is good for the Nation makes me a Lunatic, then I am a very happy and satisfied Lunatic.

    22. Kendall (CT) says:

      Sheldon Whitehouse is the classic elitist liberal (i.e. socialist). He is one of the most radical members of the U.S. Senate, and his public statements have increasingly become an embarrassment both to himself and to the State of Rhode Island. Sadly, Rhode Island has a habit of electing liberal Democratic politicians because it still operates under the naive notion that the Democrats are the party of the working man, when, in fact, it has long been the party of government and the public employee unions. Whitehouse is also famous for knuckling under to the most radical and vocal special interest groups, particularly organized labor, radical environmentalists, (of which his wife is one), and the radical homosexual community.

      He is quickly stealing Patrick Kennedy's mantle as the dumbest member of Congress. He recently argued on behalf of legislation to combat the alleged global warming crisis by peddling absurd claims about sea level rise in Narragansett Bay which have no basis in fact. Sea levels have not risen in 50 years according to sea level expert Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner of Sweden. His recent statements during the health care debate set a new low for public discourse.

    23. Geoff Cook, Newport says:

      I live in Whitehouse's district – I promise you, as a new US Citizen I will be lending my weight to the forces to get him out..

      A little history about Whitehouse – When he was the Rhode Island Attorney General, a young 15 year old girl was to testify in a murder case as a witness. The night before she was to appear in court Jennifer Rivera was murdered in a drive by shooting. Our State's Attorney General, despite pleas from Jennifer's mother Iris, failed to protect Jennifer. I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but if he cant keep a 15 year old safe, what hope the country?

    24. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Jerry, Chicago: I used to wonder what were my chances to "qualify". Now I know — they're GOOD! LOL……..

      One question: Will "Reidcare" cover my shrink-bills?! — Sure hope so!

    25. Corky says:

      IF our government doesn't want to listen to the people now..They WILL remember when WE THE PEOPLE take back our RIGHTS the old fashioned way. They are not smart enough to realize they are waking a sleeping giant and we will stand up and FIGHT them!! ANYWAY WE CAN…Legally or………..

    26. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Geoff Cook, RI,

      You're not a "new Citizen". Plain old U.S. Citizen is good enough for me. Welcome to America.

      You've got an uphill battle in RI but keep up the good fight!

    27. OPAS says:

      What is this, 1."IF our government doesn’t want to listen" and 2."they are not smart enough to realize"

      1. They love your thinking, as long as you "blame government", you don't blame the humans in Congress and Senate.

      2. they are happy to know that the voters are not smart enough to realize" that it is real live people that are voting to destruct our country, and blame "Government" not the people they elected.

    28. Irene O'Neill, says:

      Dear Senator Whitehouse,

      I must tell you that I am definitly not in favor of the so called 'Health-Care' bill that was passed.

      I am a concerned constituent and I ask you to oppose the health care reform bill passed by the Senate as it recognizes abortion as a benefit(it's legislatively unprecedented).

      It also forces taxpayers to subsidize health care plans that pay for abortions(in direct violation of the Hyde Amendment).

      It enforces every enrollee in th federal exchange to pay monthly fees to fund reproductive rights(this includes abortion).

      We all have to answer for what we do in this life, and I beg you to please wake up and do the right thing for your fellow man and show a 'good' example to them otherwise my vote is not for you sir.

      God bless you and help you with your decision.

    29. Datinnoth says:

      Very nice Blog, I will tell my friends about it.


    30. Paula Pappalardo, Ha says:

      With all due respect to Senator Whitehouse and the Senatorial office,I cannot believe I got a letter stating that Senator Whitehouse appreciates my support! I have sent emails and placed phone calls expressing my displeasure in his policies and not focusing on what the majority of the American people, specifically his constituency, wants from this administration. I am truly convinced that Senator Whitehouse has never read one word I've written, or received one phone message from me. Where is the bipartisanship in this nation? I am as appalled as much as a true patriot can be. Maybe some air time can be bought, not for partisan politics, but to publicly read the Declaration of Independence. Thank you for the opportunity to express myself.

      Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion.

    31. Greg says:

      Very interesting.

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