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  • Morning Bell: The Health Care Fight Has Just Begun

    The months long drama over the fate of President Barack Obama’s health care plan ended at 1 AM this morning when the Senate voted  60 – 40, on a strictly party line vote, to end debate on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) manager’s amendment; a mere 38-hours after it had been unveiled to the American public. With Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) threatening to veto the bill if any significant changes are made by the House in conference, it is virtually guaranteed that this is the version of Obamacare that will be signed by the President before his State of the Union address in January.

    Final passage of this health bill will be historic, but not in the way President Obama intended. Never before has such a large restructuring of the U.S. economy been passed on a straight party-line vote. Never before has legislation so unpopular with the American people been passed on a straight party-line vote. Never before has the fate of one-sixth of our economy been so dependent on backroom deals and payoffs the full extent of which may not be known for years.

    To defend this abomination of a bill yesterday on the Sunday shows, the White House did not send Health Reform director Nancy-Ann DeParle or Budget director Peter Orszag. Instead they sent White House sent political consultant David Axelrod to defend the bill on three of the five top Sunday shows. But there simply is no defending the policy substance of this bill:

    Busts the Federal Budget: According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the amended Reid plan would reduce the federal budget deficit by $132 billion over the period 2010 to 2019, but that is a mirage. The CBO can only score what the Senate tells them they will do, not what everyone knows they actually will do. For example, the Senate bill cuts Medicare fees for doctors by 20% starting in 2011. Nobody believes these cuts will be allowed to happen. By changing just that provision, Obamacare ends up adding $196 billion to the deficit in the first 10 years and $765 billion in the second decade.

    Busts State Budgets: According to The Fiscal Survey of States, 31 states cut higher education and 26 states cut K-12 education in 2009. This is because Medicaid and education are almost always any states two highest budget items, and states cannot touch the entitlement to Medicaid. Obamacare only increases state Medicaid obligations thus further bankrupting states. This is why Sen. Nelson demanded a permanent Medicaid bailout for Nebraska in exchange for his vote. Other states like Hawaii, Vermont, and Massachusetts also won key federal bailouts for their health programs. Who are the losers? All the other that are forced to pick up the $1 billion tab.

    Increases Health Care Costs: Throughout the health care debate, President Obama promised reform that would “bend the cost curve down” on health care spending. But according to the President’s own the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) the Senate does exactly the opposite, actually driving health care costs up by adding $234 billion to national health expenditures.

    Endangers Americans Quality of Care: President Obama used to promise that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” But as the CBO confirmed this month 10 million Americans will be forced out of their current health insurance plan should Obamacare become law. Even worse, CMMS has reported that Obamacare’s $493 billion in Medicare cuts could force as many as one-in-five health care providers into insolvency thus forcing them out of the Medicare program.

    Forces Americans to Pay for Abortions: Despite the inclusion of the Nelson amendment, when the federal government’s role over the financing and delivery of health care grows, as it does under this bill, a requirement to segregate premiums that cover abortion services would be merely cosmetic in practice.

    $400 Billion in New Taxes: From taxes on employment to taxes on tanning beds, Obamacare is funded with over $400 billion in new taxes at a time of double digit unemployment, including $29 billion in taxes on 19 million Americans who still will not receive any health insurance.

    A “Starter Home” for Government Run Health Care: While technically not a public option, this scheme will have the same results. By giving unprecedented power and authority to the Director of Office of Personal Management, the multi-state plans created in the bill will simply become the government plan. Single payer advocate Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) is even calling the bill a “starter home” for further reform.

    This bill will only make every single problem with our health care system worse: higher spending, higher deficits, and worse care. Former-Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean said on Meet the Press yesterday, “[This bill] simply sets us on a track in this country which is expensive and where we’re going to have lots more political fights.” Dean is dead on. President Barack Obama’s signature on this health care bill settles nothing: it is only the beginning of a much larger health care fight.

    Quick Hits:

    • During last night’s debate, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) compared health bill opponents to Nazis on Kristallnacht.
    • While the White House is calling President Obama’s Copenhagen Climate trip a “meaningful and unprecedented breakthrough”, the left is calling it the “Copenhagen Catastrophe”.
    • As Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) rushes to give the Federal Reserve more regulatory power, the Washington Post reports that the Fed failed to prevent this crisis because it did not understand the risks being taken.
    • The head of the UN’s climate change panel – Dr Rajendra Pachauri – has established an astonishing worldwide portfolio of business interests with bodies which have been investing billions of dollars in organizations dependent on his policy recommendations.
    • Now that the state is not paying for them, the Beverly Hills School board has voted to cut hundreds of slots reserved for nonresident children.
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    81 Responses to Morning Bell: The Health Care Fight Has Just Begun

    1. R. George Dunn says:

      All of the top down mentality is about to hit the buzz saw of the American people, who have woke up to the unconstitutional conduct of the Federal Government. This article says it well, this is but just the beginning of the light of Truth coming out on all.

      What anger do you think will flair up when the American people learn about how the USA has been ran over by this top down leadership redistributing American jobs to the world through the Free Trade Policy administered with no regard to the tax structure developed under closed border, making domestic production handicapped by tax built into the cost of production while companies like Baines Capital evaded Federal Tax by cannibalizing American business and filling contract orders from overseas?

    2. dlh8 says:

      How is this possible? How can these people really believe what they are doing is good for our country? Or are they just power hungry and evil? What is the answer?

    3. Djdelight says:

      Anger is a far cry for the way I am feeling about this economic "Treason!!!" This obabamcare is unconstitutional and everyone involved need to be charged for this crime to highest extent of the law….. NOT allowing further damage to our Blessed Unites States of America by allowing them to stay in office until 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:


      American's WIN.


    5. Linda Goodman says:

      If what has happened in Washington this weekend doesn't make your blood boil, you need to get someone to check your pulse. The silver cloud in this debacle is that hopefully the democratic party has signed the party's death warrant.

    6. Paullette, Wisconsin says:

      What is the deal with the Democrats. Are they delusional? Have they been corrupted so long that they have not one wit of conscience about bribing each other to follow the party line — using the American people as slaves to their — WHAT? ? ? hubris ? Americans are going to have to band together and clean up that rats nest from the outside in. No more assuming these guys work for us — who are we kidding. Now we all have 2 jobs; 1) trying to make a living 2) cleaning out the government that is robbing us of our livelihoods.

    7. Mary L Carey says:

      Other than voting out all of those who voted for this obamacare bill I want to know if and how WE can undo the passage of this bill? I am so concerned for the America that I love and my extended family, now and in the future. Would someone please answer my question or tell me how to find the answer on the web. God bless America.

    8. Ann, Michigan says:

      If abortions to get rid of unwanted pregnancies will be paid for, will plastic surgery to get rid of unwanted wrinkles be paid for, too? Both are considered elective surgery aren't they?

    9. Randa Perry, Friends says:

      NO. This murder of our Republic and our Constitution and our free society by Obama and his sycophants will not stand.

    10. jim delaney - roches says:

      I too am appalled by this Progressive blitzkrieg. And that's the nicest way I can describe it. The November elections can't come soon enough. Until then, the GOP must strengthen its grip on uncompromising conservative priniciples, dig in and not yield on any front. Why is this liberal tyranny happening? Because Liberalism is more a psychology more than an ideology. Trying to deal with "modern Liberals" is like dealing with self-serving, me-first, what's-in-for-me, narcissistic, insecure and egoistic kids. You can't allow them to get away with their rants, warped sense of reality and irresponsible shortsightedness. If the GOP–or the people– cave at any juncture in the empty hope of achieving "civility", there will be hell to pay in ways I hate to think about. For now, all we can do is to vigorously push back and prepare for the people's takeover of Congress in November. In the meantime, the GOP must hold its ground and never waver. It must also entirely purge itself of any nocuous Progressive proclivities within its ranks. America and Constitution First!Yes, I'm angry, but no longer surprised. If we are to take our country back, now is the time for us all to roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

    11. Catherine Ledger says:

      These people are evil and need to be thrown out of office. We, as citizens of a free country (so far) need to march on Washington and fire them. Demand their resignations as they are ruining our economy, over taxing us, finacially burdening future generations, leaving us vulnerable to terrorism, and just destroying our nation. They are crazy, power hungry, and liars. They will not suffer in all this "change" they are elitist and will protect their own. We the backbone of this nation are being destroyed and eliminated. Soon there will be nothing to fight for. Rise up and exercise your rights while you still have them. Get them out of Washington.

    12. Salverda, Hugo MN says:

      I have no Insurance, (I reserve the right to contract with my doctor directly, if I should ever need any health care.) I want to pay for my health care "out of pocket." I guess it will be illegal for me to buy my own health care soon, and I shall be forced to sign a contract with a private insurance company against my will, or go to jail. A signature that is signed under duress isn't valid. Is it? Sign zah papahs old man!

    13. Shannon Amelia oh says:

      I suspect by the end of 2012 we will all be mandated to buy a new car every year, 40 bags of wheat, and teach our children to be muslum. One step closer to full comunism. Thanks Again to our left leadership. I wonder if congress has to follow these laws, doubt it!!!!!

    14. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      It is NOT A LAW yet, What are they hiding that they met during a blizzard, voted at 1AM?? CBO does not and admits it doesn't know what it really will cost, how many jobs will be lost as Ins. Cos. go belly up, the tea parties need to heat up and prevent all this CR– being shoved down out throats and letting th Gov't. into our personal lives and bedrooms. Mao_Bama needs to be stopped, VOTE 2010 cripple him, VOTE 2012 and defeat him.

    15. Brinda, Florida says:

      * First we had "I sat in Rev Wrights church for 20 years and never ever heard him even whisper anything like the comments disclosed on the videos and tapes which have been for sale since video was invented and I listened to every day in my car".

      * Then we have "rush the stimulus" and we can keep unemployment under 8%. Fail to pass it and unemployment will get to 10%. Guess what?

      * Doctor amputate limbs because they get paid more than if they treat the ailment.

      * Cambridge police acted "stupidly".

      * Then we have "if you don't add to the deficit by passing healthcare" we go bankrupt.

      * Then this week we had "this is the last chance to pass healthcare".

      * This morning at copenhagen we have "the time for talk is over".

      * Now we have this monster bill and it is time we recognized this President is not interested in what the people want, but what he can do to take over the Country.

      I think he has a modest credibility gap.

    16. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Bask in the December glow of your legislation, Senator.

      I will remember to vote against your re-election because you

      screwed me with a poor bill and you didn't even read it.

    17. Rob Baker, Park City says:

      Yes, it is part of the class struggle, which is never-ending. We have lost a battle, but will we lose the war?

    18. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      I wish Mr Jarvis from NV would explain how "America Wins"? Obamacare puts the Country in more debt, does not cover anyone until 2013, starts to cost Taxpayers more immediatly, does nothing for those who need it NOW. The bill is loaded with Pork, more Pork, and lastly PORK! The bill forces the American People to become insured or become criminals.

      How is this a win for America?

    19. howiem, bangkok says:

      "the Senate bill cuts Medicare fees for doctors by 20% starting in 2011. Nobody believes these cuts will be allowed to happen."

      But they might just happen, because the doctors will be told who they can treat and who they will treat. The old are a drain on the system, so care to those on Medicare must be cut. Of course those willing to pay the 20% premium will be able to do so under some program with another names, as determined by the Secretary (of HHS). This is not and had better not be the end of the fight against this abomination. If it is, then it is the end of the American Republic. Americans need to read, re-read and be ready to act on the words of Thomas Paine, starting with "When in the course of human events…."

    20. Dean-Texas/Alaska says:

      Not about "health care," never was, this is a pure Maxist takeover of our free society.

    21. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      Liberal-Marxist-Socialist Policies have a long track record for sounding great (from a PR standpoint), but when implemented (to the point which the people actually feel the consequences) it fails completely (due to it over promises but under delivers) in real world economics. Liberals can not "hide" from their votes with this administrations radical policies (as they have in the past). These "yes votes" will be something they will not be able to "sweep asside" in the next election.

    22. Da Dog says:

      Madness reigns in Washington. The proverbial camel will not take many more straws. Hold on kiddies, it's about to get very interesting. The elite have overstepped and are totally ignoring the will of the people. Revolt of one type or another is at hand, be it at the voting booth, refusal to pay taxes or more interesting still. These imbeciles are destroying America.

    23. Kirk Kraft, Marysvil says:

      Stand by for a major legal challenge to this bill if it passes. There are so many holes in the "constitutional" authority of such passage, that implementation is still in question. This could be hung up in litigation for years. At least, I hope that is the case.

    24. carque9, texas says:

      this is crazy-big govt has never solved anything.

      this is all smoke and mirrors-watch the cost go up along with taxes. if it is so great why was it done behind closed doors????

      this will never be cost effective.

    25. John Redfield says:

      The Healthcare bill is unconstitutional and the Democratic Party should change their name to the Socialists Party of the Ununited States of America. I'm very scared that our children will not know the joy of growing up in the United States of America.

    26. Christopher Popham S says:

      Ken Jarvis-Las Vegas:

      Thank you Mr. Prez???

      Thank you for what?

      At warp speed you have perpetrated a 2700 page bill

      #3952 on the American people, behind closed doors and in the dead of night, while we slept.

      111 new government bureaucracies will be created

      along with the dictates, mandates and excesssive taxation. Our Christmas present on Christmas Eve from none other than the inimitable Sen. Harry Reid,

      and at cost of $2.5 trillion!

      Thank you Mr. Prez??? I don't think so.

    27. Roland D, Claus, Ber says:

      It is time to deliberately, carefully map out a systematic campaign to unseat those immediately vulnerable; to articulate a statement of principles upon which we as a nation must base our actions, grounded in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights; establish Term Limits, 12 years only for both House and Senate; a strict limit of Congressional benefits comparable to those in the public sector; a limit on all federal borrowing, and a system to guaranteeing access by the public to their elected officials at all times. We must be inflexible and confront present members at all occasions with the determined front that will not budge no matter what. It is time for Revolution.

      Roland D. Claus

    28. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      Evil is alive and well in Washington now, but watch out you crooks, your days are numbered. Real Americans will fight harder to kick you out, including the head thug, Obama. You may not take our Christmas spirit away and light and truth will prevail over darkness and lies. Merry Christmas America.

    29. Jackson, Dallas, TX says:

      One thing is for certain, the socialist idiots perpetrating this health care hoax on this nation do not follow Heritage Foundation; Truth? they can't handle the truth. Truth is, an overwhelming majority of people DO NOT want this kind of change.

      Yes, this type of thuggery makes us common sense folk's blood boil – but that just plays into FLA Sen. Grayson's bonehead message to the Conservatives: "get sick, and die quickly"

    30. Rick Wohltmann, Pott says:

      We will not even recognize this country in three years as this marxist nightmare plunges us into economic ruin, dominated by global interests feasting on what's left.

    31. Tess, Dunmore, PA says:

      NEVER believe anyone who claims to be pro life and Democratic. This is an oxymoron. God help us all.

    32. Joanne Daniels says:

      Where does one start fixing the problem? What recourse do the American people have aside from waiting for another election? Is the punishment for ignorance this time when we just wait and watch our country being destroyed while our hands are tied? This is harsh. This is reality. Any suggestions?

    33. Tim, Virginia Beach says:

      I will cry for my children and my children's children tonight. In later years I will visit a quiet part of my mind and remember a country that used to be free. A country where "…government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth…" held meaning. I swore an oath to support and defend this nation for over twenty years. This is not my country…it belongs to others.

    34. Grampaw, Texas says:

      Here is a possible way to put the big borrowers/big spenders on a fixed income. It is way past time for the fourth branch to restore constitutional limits on the other three branches.

    35. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      Ronald Reagan is turning in his grave right now.

    36. toledofan says:

      Isn't this just the most amazing debacle you've ever seen? I can tell you, for me, this is an aboimination of the Constitution and something I hope the democrats will pay for dearly. It's obvious the whole of the democratic party is anti-American, anti-business and against the free spirit of individuality. It's like the democratic party has developed into a group of terrorists hell bent on bringing down the country from within. It sad that we have to sit on the side lines and depend on the guys like Mitch McConnel to do the right things.

    37. Sue Hunt says:

      I agree with Christopher Popham Smith….we don't know what's inside the health care bill…(it seems very few really do) yet we are forced. Where is the freedom and Mr. Obama's promise to listen to the public and to have value in bi-partisanship? He is becoming a dictator.

      Mr. Obama, where are the jobs? For the first time in my life, I have been unemployed for 7 months and you are doing absolutely NOTHING to stimulate jobs. Your lip service is disgusting. Criticize Bush? NO…you take the cake by far.

    38. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We must eliminate the career politician as a class This means picking out own candidates from among us and ignoring those put forward by the parties. I see certain politicians hijacking the tea party movement, and tea party people allowing it. does the anger extend beyond these pages?

    39. Margie, Philadelphia says:

      This country is no longer a representative republic. The Constitution has been shredded. The Socialist Party and Communist Party have taken over the Democratic Party. Say good-bye to your freedom!

    40. John, Kansas City says:

      Another comment mentioned that this is treason. If by that we mean against the interests of the American people, then yes. Unfortunately the those who benefit from this with more power are more likely to label us and our discussion here treason. I don't know if they remember or not but taxation without representation (as is evident in the passing of this monstrous bill clearly against the will of the people) leads inexorably to revolution.

    41. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      What has been done can be undone. Vote all senators and representatives out in 2010 if they voted for this national healthcare takeover. Such transgression is an unprecedented assault the constitutional limits of federal control. These elected socialist elites have been insulated long enough by ever expanding trappings of big government power. It must end now. We need to replace this current misguided congress with one that will return America back to its founding principles of state and local government being closer to the people. The federal's role is primarily that of providing for a common defense that in itself promotes the general welfare of independent states.

    42. Wayne Hemmerich, Cry says:

      I have a Dem. Senator, Bill Nelson, who has voted that the Florida citizens should subsidize medicare for Nebraska forever. How can he and all the other Senators justify such a stupid vote. If this bill isn't good for Nebraska without that amendment, how can it be good for the rest of the un-United States?

    43. Rick Wohltmann, Pott says:

      Today's socialist Party leadership is betting that most of the American people are "fat and happy" with what they know and will not question what is really going down. It's up to the bulk of the American public that will soon decide if America becomes a degenerating socialistic state or speaks up for the republic that they were entrusted with.

    44. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      NO Ken Jarvis. You won because you are on the Medicare and love socialism. My daughter LOST because she is the one who will not be able to pay for your perceived victory. When the bill "comes due" the children of today will not be able to pay and their standard of living will be less than yours. Hope you are happy.

    45. LH, San Francicso, C says:

      Thank you Olympia Snowe. Your one vote would have stopped this outrageous, power grabbing monstrocity. You are a disgrace. It's small comfort to know that your days in the Senate are limited.

    46. MLP, Bellingham says:

      We are in our 70's and on a Medicare Advantage plan which is very adequate for our medical needs and very cost effecient. With Obama-care medicare and the advantage plans will disappear to pay for their 2014 costs when the health insurance takes affect.

      We talked with a Canadian lady waiting 20minutes in line to mail a package she deplores the US going Canada's way toward government health care. Her mother in Canada takes months to get a doctor appointment. We will be there by 2014 unless we throw the Liberal out of congress in 2010 and get a "balance of powers" again.

      MLP- Bellingham, WA

    47. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      Harry Reid says that not having insurance caused a death every 10 minutes. This is only 2% of the deaths in the US. This means having insurance must cause 98% of the deaths in the US.

      Think about this fussy math.

    48. Michael Fallis USN r says:

      The Courage of Integrity – "The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity…these are the choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing!"

      Isn't it a shame our elected leaders in Washington demonstrate a total lack of regard or knowledge of those profound words?

    49. Bill Carson says:

      The fact is that this country is not "center-right" as many say. We are "center-leaning far left." Why am I correct? Well, maybe because Americans gave dictatorial power to leftist Democrats. No "center-right" country gives leftists 60% of Senate seats, overwhelming majority in the House, and elects the most liberal president in U.S. history. Now it is time to suffer and suffer we will.

      Yeah, everybody hopes the left will take a beating in Nov. 2010. But not if the public likes socialism. You don't see hundreds of thousands of people in the streets objecting, do you? You only see a few thousand at a time. We will now pay for decades. I'm glad I'm a retired 58 year old. 20 years of socialism or communism and I'll be dead. The young who begged for this will suffer the most. And I hope they r-e-a-l-l-y suffer. They deserve it for drinking the kool-aid.

    50. DR - Orlando, FL says:

      First of all – Grayson is not a senator of the State of Florida, he is a first (and I hope only) term congressperson who is an embarrassment to us all.

      Second – Why are we all waiting around until 2010? There are things we can do NOW. Check into our state laws and see how many, if not all, of these power hungry jerks we can recall NOW without waiting for 2010! Find out who their sponsors are – Hint, I understand Del Monte is one of Princess Nancy's biggest supporters. Stop buying Del Monte products! Same with all the other jerks. Find out who their supporters are and let the rest of us know. These creeps seem to think that only the people of their states will care about what they do, so they have no qualms about screwing the Americans in other states. When it comes to the communist laws they are attempting to make into law, we all need to become active.

      I talk to small business people everyday and one of the scariest things I am hearing is that far too many of them are looking for another country to immigrate to. They plan on closing their businesses, taking their talents, their ambition, their families, and their money to someplace that will appreciate them and not try to steal everything they work for and give it to someone who doesn't want to work. Most Americans are employed by small businesses. If we lose enough of our most creative citizens to other countries, our economy is not ever going to recover. So, let's hit the enemy where it hurts – their pocket books while we're trying to recall them before they can do even more damage to our country that we will have to undo in 2011 after we have thrown them out of office.

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    52. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      It's too late for this Christmas. But for next Christmas, everybody go to the local Dollar Tree or Dollar General, and get a stocking. Then buy a lump of coal, (preferably in a plastic bag), and put it in the stocking. Then next year, send it to every Congressman, and Senator, (mainly Democrats), who

      voted for Obamacare. If Dirty Harry Reid's still around by next

      Christmas, send it to him too. Just a thought. While we're at it,

      include Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen, in the campaign too.

    53. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Yes, Folks, it is unconstitutional as outside the legislative powers granted to Congress in The Constitution. Thus, it is a mere usurpation and deserves to be treated as such. But do not make the mistake of thinking that you can shove this off on the courts for them to decide. Many of the judges on the federal courts are our worst enemies. They are statists!

      NO, WE THE PEOPLE are going to have to solve this. When you fully understand that it is NO LAW AT ALL because Congress has no authority to pass it, it becomes easier to …..just say, "Hell, NO!".

      Those of you who are old enough may remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King who led the civil rights movement. He taught peaceful non-violent civil disobedience of unjust "Jim Crow" laws.

      The "welfare" state is not based on "compassion". It is based on Envy, Coercion and Theft. Money is extracted from one group of people and given to other groups in exchange for their political support of the party doing the redistributing. The "welfare" State is EVIL to the core. It enslaves the productive for the sake of the parasites, in exchange for their votes. So, the productive are forced to finance their own destruction.

      You are going to have to say, "NO!" Medical professionals are going to have to Shrug. You must withdraw your political support from the statist progressives. You must locate, train, and support good candidates. You must look to your States to nullify – to SIMPLY IGNORE – this evil unconstitutional monstrosity of a law.

      I explain the unconstitutionality of this government takeover of medical care at my website. http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/

    54. Doug in Suburban Coo says:

      This should end the fiction that a "Conservative Democrat" is not the punchline for jokes. If the label says Democrat, they're liberal, liberal liberal! Vote accordingly from now on.

    55. Ron Derry NH says:

      This is the shape of fascism. No plan, no truth and no idea how to pay for it…but by golly we WANT IT!!!!

      This is not change, this is an even more aggressive attack upon our nation than what Bush ever mounted and the fed aver dreamed of…this is a complete forced mandate by socialists to lash all monetary growth in health care to their leash and to swallow all competition into mandated controls to secure the future finances of all people by taxation in a direct payment before you even require the service….This will create and politicize your children's health under mandated authority by the state of what they can and cannot have.

      This is the threshold of lost freedom at the hands of the socialist party of America….the speed at which America is folding is astonishing.

    56. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      If this situation was reversed, I wonder how the far-left fringe would conduct themselves in protest? WE KNOW from history how they conduct themselves.

      Pelosi calls conservatives anti-American, carryin NAZI signs (which was inaccurate", and so on.

      What conservatives are is law-abiding citizens. We will go to the polls and exercise our right of free speech. The same right the liberal left always brings up.

      These are dangerous times. Ignoring the Constitution undermines the very foundation of our country. WE must never allow the Constitution to be destroyed and socialism/marxism is NOT a Republic with democratic principles.

    57. Jim U.- New Haven says:

      Ken Jarvis writes one-liners because I think he is incapable of rational thought. He voted for Obama and is too stubborn to admit that this Obamination lied to all the people who voted for him, and some, like Jarvis can't admit to himself that he got taken.

    58. Prevailer76AZ says:

      A new low in scruples and ethics!

      Any passage of legislation that cannot stand the light of day, and/or is accomplished by threats, punishment and reward, has no place in the government of a democratic republic. In fact it speaks to Tyranny.

    59. john x koss Tennesse says:

      It's finally happened. America is no longer a democracy! Why is it a boob from Nevada has the unmitigated gall to tell us what we need in health care and where our money is going to go to fund this catastrophe. It does go back to the American People though, as the vast majority don't vote, don't read, don't get involved and are too timid to speak their minds. (Is Rome burning yet?) I watch these politicians and I get the sense that they really feel they are doing something great for the American People, contrary to our own common sense. This government is what it is (a Joke). No one respects them, No one trusts them and it is sad. Where is Mr. Smith when you need him. He is in us each and every one of us. We need to take our country back from these dunderheads and put the American people on notice. Get out and vote, the free rides are over. We as a nation have become lazy, illiterate and really tolerant of miscreant attitudes, behavior and philosophies.

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    62. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The World War Two term SNAFU comes to mind, as does the Vietnam term FUBAR. Those who know them understand. Those who don't can ask.

    63. C. Stratton says:

      This unconstitutional health care abomination could still be stopped if there were even one Democrat in Congress with a conscience. We, the People, are outraged and will not forget this heresy for many elections to come.

    64. Judith in Michigan says:

      Two questions for Mr. Reid & Co.

      1: If this bill is so vitally important to prevent 2 people from dying every 10 minutes due to lack of health insurance coverage, why won't the benefits "kick in" until 2014, although the taxes to pay for this will start immediately? Some quick calculating determines that 210,240 people will die from lack of insurance during this 4 year stall. Wow! You're OK with this? It wouldn't have anything to do with the elections now, would it?

      2: Multiple amendments have been introduced to force congress people and federal officals to also sign onto this health-care plan, but all amendments were defeated. If this is so great for the American people, why isn't it good enough for you?

      As you are elected officials of The United States, we citizens have a right to have answers from you. Straight, honest answers. No blather or obfuscating. We can tell the difference.

    65. Chris says:

      It will astonish me if Mr. Obama wins in 2012, but then again, America has become quite an astonishing place in the last 12 – 15 months.

      At the pace Mr. Obama is setting, our country will be unrecognizable in 4 short years. At the pace we are printing money to finance debts that can never be paid back, the question is, when will the banks be shut for a "holiday" and reopened with devalued currency?

      So Mr Obama has bought and paid for the votes needed to pass legislation giving the U.S. government control over the Health Care System and adding a pool of taxes to pay for while we grind thru extended periods of stagnant employment growth and de-leveraging from the private sector? Where will the money really come from? More worthless fiat currency?? If the Republicans (and they are a prize worth throwing back) did the same thing with a striaght party vote and none from the opposition, the bought and paid for mainstream Obama Press Corps would be screaming bloody murder. None my diatribe thus far even mentions the fact that the U.S. Government will control our health care via 2000 plus pages of fascist enforcement. I literally shudder at the thought and wonder what this will mean for my children and what the hell happened to the constitution and men like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln?

      When will the American people wake up? A certain part of me says only after a cataclysmic collapse of our economic system (a near certainity in the baby boomers life span). Another part of me says that, Mr. Obama – the biggest puppet president since Jimmy Carter – is a lock to be a 1 termer short of the outbreak of more war. Why do I feel like there will be more war to ensure a 2nd term? How could one become so jaded? The future looks very bleak indeed. Why did it have to come to this?

    66. Chinookman, Republic says:

      Nothing will ever happen. The Amerikaner will vote the same Progressive scums in both parties. They know the sofa laden mentally and physically obese retards will vote them back in. America has long ago lost it's moral compass and courage to speak and vote out corruption. Now we reap the seeds of corruption. The 51% entitlement crowd zombies with Acorn's blessings and voting help will see to it and the Marxists media will make sure this new transformation Soviet style will go through.

      The Republic has been destroyed in 90 years without firing a shot as Nikita Khrushchev so aptly prophesied at the UN podium. ( I saw that on a small B&W TV as a 10 year old child with my dad)

      Good night America I really loved you and will cherish the childhood years I once lived.

    67. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      Does anybody have a clue as to why we are being lied to about the home invasions being committed by illegals?

    68. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I think that this bill will push us over the edge and cause the union to disintegrate. Just a question of when. the deliberate lies about the crime rate are a part of the attempt to keep us under control by lying about how bad it really is- like all the lies about the unemployment rate and economic recovery. If the public knew the truth they would panic

    69. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      will anybody challenge this as being illegal? Where are the lawyers? are they all bought by george soros? We know they only work for money Except maybe Jay, Jay,Where are you??

    70. Sean, Tennessee says:

      Everyone needs to learn about jury nullification. If the health care bill passes then there will be citizens who decide not to participate in the program. They will be then tried in court for not having health insurance. If this is the case then the jury has the right and duty to rule that the law is unconstitutional and therefore the defendant is not guilty. A jury has the right to rule what ever way that they wish. Please research jury nullification and share this with your friends and family.

    71. Robert Payne, CT says:

      This is for every Senator who got "something they care about" in the healthcare bill.

      Shakespeare asked, “to be or not to be,” I submit to you, “to be Principled or not to be Principled, that is the question of our Political Times. Whether to craft and wield new legislation for the sake of doing so, or to fight for that which is agreance with the very substance of thy being. For, if any one person’s duties ought to be grounded in principle, should it not be the Statesman for he (or she) acts for the will not of himself, but for the masses who put him there. Therefore, should the Statesman not to hold true to some principle of greater quality than that which is to put one’s name on a new law. Because to do so is to say the People have no principle except that which is to restrict the very nature of Liberty.

      Can such principle exists? I do believe so, but should such principle be the principle which makes up the character of those whom are to represent the masses, I say not. For such shallow principle would only undermine, pervert, and otherwise decompose those Principles which any Nation of Liberty is founded on. To what end does the principle of supporting legislation for the sake of doing so, cease? I can not see an end and thus such a principle fundamentally must be the antithesis of Liberty. If such is true, ought not it be identifiable? Is it the person who says “Any Bill is acceptable at this point”, or the one who demands “A new Bill, for this one lacks in prudence.” I say “Nay!” to the one who is of acquiescence to Any Bill, and God Speed to one who requires more.

      Let not you be wooed by the fowler who poaches the wings of Liberty for it is your duty to demand with the voice of the heavens, a PRINCIPLED vote in your stead! Do not be fooled by the Seductionist who makes you fat with promises, but loathes your very sovereign right to Liberty. Stand up! Stand up I say! And show those Swine such mockery of your Principles will not fall on def ears, but shake the very root of thy own being. Stand up! And be more than impotent for your very existence should strike a fearsome roar that challenges the Lion in all its might. Stand up! And ask nothing more than this, that your representative vote be founded in a Principle greater than the proverbial depths of Shoel.


    72. Joseph says:

      Hey Obama – check this out: http://tictacdo.com/ttd/Get-Mental-Health-Care-in… – seems like you need to have your head examined!!! How much did it cost to buy all those votes? Michelle's getting a bit less bling for xmas this year?? It's easy to bribe crooks, isn't it…it's not surprising that this has passed. Marxism never worked – who is Obama to impose it on us now? This is the era of destruction! You get to decide who gets to live and who gets to die?

    73. Kim, IL says:

      I wouldn't be so worried about this bill being law if Justice Roberts were the only member of the Supreme Court. He said of himself that he is a strict constitutionalist and a firm believer in federalism. So, I am confident that he would vote to strike parts of this bill down. It's the other 8 justices that I worry about. Who knows what they'll do? Also, who knows what arguments will be brought before the court. If it's too weak, the case could be thrown out…

    74. Joeph says:

      Obama clearly hates American and loves his own career over anything else. PALIN 2012!!!!!!

    75. Ron Brooks, Cincinna says:

      I would say that it is a foregone conclusion that the Democrats will pass the Health Care Bill in the Senate. Speaker Pelosi will rush through the same very quickly before any House members come to their senses.

      I also say that it is a foregone conclusion that once the Bill is law that a large majority of the public will become even more enraged once it is implemented.

      Yes, the citizens will get a Christmas present from the Democrats. While there are certainly many needed reforms to healthcare, this is change that should not be touched with a 39 1/2 foot pole.

      I foresee that the voters next November will say that this change just STINKS, STANK, STUNK!

    76. Kevin Sullivan, Jack says:

      Quick solution to this crooked madness. Every doctor and nurse who is against this bill stops practicing for one month (except for emergencies) their lost pay will be paid by donations by people like us who want to end this madness now. I'm sure many of us will save alot of money in the long run and teach these sob's it is our country to run, not theirs to ruin. Most health care providers need a vacation anyway and the politicians will be forced to face all the people on waiting lines. Might as well get it over with, before the lines are the norm, except of course for the chosen political class.

    77. Nick Weimer Bear, DE says:

      I can only surmise that the citizens of Nevada that share the views Mr. Jarvis are part of the problem, having foisted politicians comprised of the lack of moral structure that Harry Reid exemplifies, upon the country.

    78. fairfield ohio says:


    79. Pingback: The Absurd Report » Senator Judd Gregg: Welcome to a New America

    80. Hilary - USA says:

      Free trade is responsible for the high unemployment we're experiencing now.

    81. Jasmine Belleza, Flo says:

      Well that was a pretty interesting exchange of ideas with the comments. Anyhow, I really think that there is pretty much nothing else that we can do except to accept it and to see on how it will actually end up. It's not like they just made the decision for this overnight and I don't think that the decision was aimed to say that the other options are wrong and that this is right. Let's give it a chance.

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