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  • Congress Must Stop Kicking U.S. Security Down the Road

    Last week the Senate approved a 60-day extension of the Patriot Act as part of the 2010 defense appropriations bill. As Heritage scholar James Carafano writes in The Washington Examiner, it is far past time for Congress to grant counterterrorism law enforcement officials the proven tools they need to protect out country:

    Arrested in 2006, Ehsanul Islam Sadequee and Syed Haris Ahmed were recently sentenced on a slew of terrorism-related charges. Theirs is a textbook case of domestic radicalization. They spent hours online chatting and watching videos produced by terrorist groups.

    Then they started to mimic their “heroes.” In 2004, they began practicing paramilitary techniques, training with paintball guns. Then the pair started reaching out to others interested in Islamist-inspired violence.

    On the Internet, they hooked up with a group in Canada and took a bus there to spend a week with their new friends. One of the Canadians was later arrested as part of the “Toronto 18,” a cell that planned to bomb the parliament building in Ottawa.

    In 2005, Ahmed went to Pakistan where he met with a known Taliban operative. Sadequee trekked to Bangladesh and joined a terrorist group called al Qaeda in Northern Europe. Later he was arrested in Sarajevo with a cache of weapons, including, according to the FBI, “over 20 pounds of plastic explosives, a suicide belt with detonator, a firearm with a silencer.”

    The tale of Northern Virginia’s five terrorism tourists picked up in Pakistan was strikingly familiar. They, too, had spent a lot of time online scrolling through Facebook, scanning YouTube and trying to contact extremist groups on the Internet. They also ended up in Pakistan, caught in the act of trying to link up with a recruiter who had ties to the Taliban and al Qaeda.

    There was, however, a big difference in the two cases. Sadequee and Ahmed had been under investigation for some time. At trial, the government presented a bucketload of evidence detailing Sadequee and Ahmed’s big adventure from recruiting on extremist Web forums to casing potential targets in Washington, D.C.

    They were not the only ones caught in the act. Last month, prosecutors indicted eight men on charges of recruiting Somali immigrants in the United States to join al Shabaab, a terrorist group based in Africa with links to al Qaeda.

    In contrast, law enforcement knew nothing about the five young men from Virginia until just after Thanksgiving, when they were reported missing.

    Stopping homegrown radicals before they start killing is always the better option.

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    7 Responses to Congress Must Stop Kicking U.S. Security Down the Road

    1. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      I am glad the powers-to-be thought a 60 day extension of the one ACT that is trying to protect American citizens from terrorist attacks was worthy.

      The fact we even have to EXTEND it says volumes about the naive.

    2. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I can't believe it! For all the invective showered on the Patriot Act, by Bush haters, the ACLU, Hollywood movie makers, Bill Mahr and the rest of the liberal crowd — a Democrat majority in the Senate passed an extension of this horrible, anti-American stripping of our civil rights?

      Jeez, where are the protests from Keith Oberman, Chris Matthews, Barbara Streisand, George Clooney, Sean Penn? Where's the Saturday Night Live skit, the sarcastic barbs from Letterman, Leno and O'Brian? Where is the fire and brimstone from the pulpits of Jeremiah Wright, the Rev's Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Where are the condemnations in the Op-Eds of the NY Times, the Washington Post, the NBC, CBS and ABC networks?

      From here, the silence is deafening.

    3. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      In order to be Politically Correct, Congress will only be satisfied when only the Terrorist are in charge of Homeland Security! Now with Obama in the lead, we are well on our way.

    4. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      What are 60 days? Nothing. How can you see the sleep and spell they have fallen into? New-York so called trial, Chicago prisons, growth of Mosques here. Patriots, you better be ready.

    5. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      The patriot act scares me, as it targets Patriots as well as terrorist. What we need to do is get the Obama administration engaged with the Narco-terrorist who are tearing The Hemisphere Apart. They are much closer to home, and a bigger threat than the Muslim terrorist to the safety of ordinary Americans

    6. dave, dayton says:

      I sometimes wonder what the terrorists would do if they knew there was a force that was hunting them out and eliminating them, yeh sanction, uh uh kil the Radical idiots. You think terror might work both ways? Now all you libs can call me bad names etc, but I'll bet the Muslamic(sp) radicals would think twice if they knew that somewhere out there,if they did something bad, something bad would happen to them. Oh, yea we are a democracy, we have to put them on trial in New York for headlines. Sometimes, like Willie's song says, "You gotta draw a hard line" Shame we haven't remembered that fact.

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