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  • While You Sleep: 1:00 AM Monday Vote Set on Obamacare

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has set the stage for a major vote Monday morning at 1:00 AM – one that would require the support of 60 Senators. That would, if all goes according to Senator Reid’s plan, set up a late-night Christmas Eve vote on final passage. Senator Reid also used a rare procedure to block any further amendments from being offered, debated or voted upon.

    When it comes time for Senators to cast their vote at 1:00AM Monday morning, shortly after Sunday Night Football ends and most Americans are in bed, they will have had less than 38 hours to understand a 383-page amendment that introduces several new concepts into the health care debate, including:

    • A scheme that gives the Office of Personal Management immense power in administering what amounts to a multi-state public plan;
    • How much a state “opt-out” of abortion coverage in the legislation erodes the long-standing Hyde-amendment;
    • The budgetary impact of ELIMINATING the physician reimbursement fix; and,
    • Multiple new taxes, federal regulations and sweet-heart deals aimed toward certain states like Nebraska.

    It is important for Americans to understand the process being used by the Senate. Barring any procedural snags (of which there are many in the Senate’s complex rules and precedents), the debate is likely to play out as follows:

    • Monday, 1:00 AM – Vote to invoke cloture (i.e. end debate) on the manager’s amendment. 60 votes are necessary.
    • Tuesday, 7:00 AM – Vote to approve the manager’s amendment. A majority vote is necessary.
    • Tuesday, 8:00 AM – Vote to invoke cloture on the original Reid substitute amendment (the 2,000-page bill). 60 votes are necessary.
    • Wednesday, 2:00 PM – Vote to approve the Reid substitute amendment. A majority vote is necessary.
    • Wednesday, 3:00 PM – Vote to invoke cloture on the underlying bill. 60 votes are necessary.
    • Thursday, 9:00 PM – Vote to approve the underlying bill (i.e. the Senate’s version of Obamacare). A majority vote is necessary.

    Last January, President Obama told his senior staff that “transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.” Now, an unconstitutional health care proposal that was drafted behind closed doors and poised to be approved while Americans are not looking will become the touchstone of his presidency. Surely this was not what the American people signed up for.

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    83 Responses to While You Sleep: 1:00 AM Monday Vote Set on Obamacare

    1. AC, Wichita, KS says:

      I see this as EVIL personified.

    2. Garhead, Alabama says:

      Can someone tell us if there is way to stop this insanity? Is there not a way we can start a class action law suit against the congress and senate for their unconstitutional transgressions against the people and stop this health care/cap & trade farce? I'm tired of working hard to support my family and continuously having more and more of my hard earned money confiscated by the government. The actions of the president and this congress border on high crimes and its time to start prosecuting them and start impeachment inquiries. The 2010 elections can't get here fast enough

    3. Don The Trucker, Wil says:

      Disgusting that they're going to get away with this. On Christmas Eve, no less. Who said the Grinch wasn't real?


    4. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      Closed Backdoor Meetings, governmental bribes for votes, and shut out the opposition. Wow Chicago style negotiation at it's finest.

    5. Desmond Taylor Houst says:

      Where did people get the idea that the Senate was a deliberative body? Or that this country under it's abandondoned Constituition used to be a representative republic?

    6. Ilene, MS says:

      They are a bunch of cowards. What would happen if we all refused to pay our taxes next year? Jail? I think I'd rather have that than give control of my life to obama. He and congress need to be impeached.

    7. Steve, IN says:

      I hope there are conservative groups out there lining up lots of lawyers to file all kinds of lawsuits to slow the implementation process. As somebody else said, "2010 elections can't comefast enough."

    8. MryEl; Raleigh, NC says:

      The "Chosen One",who ran for President asamoderate, is conducting business just as many expected,who unerstood from his book and previous record that he was an extreme liberal,socialist,acorn trained community organizer.He lied to us all to get elected telling us what he figured we wanted to hear, and then from day1 of his presidenency has been ramming through all the liberal wishlist of programs of the last 25 years before the public woke-up to what was happening. And of course regardless of the "openness promise",everything is done behind closed doors. Unfortunatly,4 the POTUS, the public has finally "seen the light" or become aware, and hopefully,the polls,e-mails,the demonstraions will cause this monstrousity to go down in flames. Oh, "loyal opposition" we beg you to stand firm and remain united along with any others who wish to cross-over on this one.

    9. GramMAWiman says:

      Constructive Notice of Instruction – The legal avenue provided by which the people may (and shall) remove those from office who vote for unconstitutional laws.


      Anyone have time to research this?

      Any attorneys out there who can tell us by state what language to use so we can put our Senators on notice ?

    10. Sam, Raleigh NC says:

      The same technique was used on Dec 23rd, 1913 when the conservative Senators (the opposition) were home for the holidays with their families.

      That's how they got the Federal Reserve bill was rammed through (which was also strongly opposed at the time).

      Americans woke up from the Christmas slumber and scratched their heads when they read the paper.

    11. robert dacunto nyc says:

      this is amazing, all the fools that voted for these idiots..for the bs that was hope and change..i sure hope their happy now…this man is a joke on the international scale…iran is doing whatever it wants…china is laughing at us…but the torpedoes be dammed their gonna get their socialist state…i'm sick to my stomach…harry reid hopefully will go back next year to making corrupt land deals in nevada.

    12. John B. San Diego says:

      Go to bed with peace tonight all of you Americans troubled in your heart of hearts, the conscience of an entire nation will raise up against the mongrels.

      They the deceivers of this Great Nation will face the day when they will all be cast out of their lofty positions, some of them so guilty they can hardly wait for the day.

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    14. Glenn B. Springfield says:

      Correction: It's "Springfield, MO"

    15. Mariya, California says:

      If the American people wanted this, the Senate wouldn't have to vote on it in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. They could vote on it in the middle of the day in the center of town. They are just selfish and they are not listening to the people in their states. They need to be voted out of office. This is ridiculous. The American people DO NOT want this!!!

    16. Rob, North Carolina says:

      Eighteen states allow for the recall of US Senators. The following Senators think they are safe until 2013, wouldn't it be sweet to recall them:

      Dianne Feinstein,California

      Debbe Stabenow,Michigan

      Amy Klobuchar,Minnesota… See More

      Jon Tester,Montana

      Robert Menendez,New Jersey

      Kent Conrad,North Dakota

      Sheldon Whitehouse,Rhode Island

      Maria Cantwell,Washington

      Herb Kohl ,Wisconsin

      These Senators think they are safe until 2015 but are subject to recall:

      Mark Begich,Alaska

      Mark Udall,Colorado

      Mary Landrieu,Louisiana

      Carl Levin,Michigan

      Al Franken,Minnesota

      Max Baucus,Montana

      Fank Lautenberg,New Jersey

      Jeff Merkley,Oregon

      Jack Reed,Rhode Island

      Lets get busy with those petitions. Lets reclaim America.

    17. Loretta says:

      Anyone know what to do about your retirement money since the dollar will slowly or fast collapse besides buying gold which can be confiscated. As to elections, if amnesty is granted the vote can be tilted to the democrats in 2012. Hopefully 2010 elections will get enough US reps with guts to stop this insanity.

    18. Rant, Texas says:

      There is a rally today in Omaha, Dec. 20th. Huckabee will be attending and he's asking us to sign his petition to end this madness of health care overhaul at:


      I can't believe what Ben Nelson did, using unborn babies as his excuse to hold out and meanwhile, it was only about a sweetheart deal for his State.

      This is totally disgusting. He brought shame upon himself for using such a ploy.

      Our only hope now is in the House where it is said to have 40 brave souls who will fight for the unborn. I hope this is true, and they won't be doing this for a sweetheart deal, as Nelson did.

    19. Leroy V. says:

      Well, America, this is what you voted for. So, enjoy!

    20. Iris Philadephia says:

      No more pre-existing conditions, more people with coverage that didn't have it — and people will rise up with anxiety? It may not play out the way you expect, for there are many Cratchits in the country, anxious over how they and their families will live when sick. A sigh of relief is is just as likely as the fear scenario, for the right to life is not just for the unborn.

    21. Kenn, Tucson AZ says:

      We need to vote all of the dirty-dealing and lying Dems out of office and if possible, special election to get them out by Christmas.

    22. Ron {Texas} says:

      Glad I live in Texas , our state has an option in the US constitution were it can op-ot of the whole mess. We have good roads , oil, refineries ,home of major airlines, and make trucks. Also our Wasinton reps fight for less federal goverment running our lives.

    23. Scotty, Jackson, WY says:

      Ben "Chamberlain" Nelson – "Healthcare in our time." Nebraskans, Louisianans, do you really think all the extra goodies your wonderful senators got just for you are going to be worth anything when the country is bankrupt? You deserve what's coming if you don't let Landrieu and Nelson know they have not fooled you. Arkansans, how come Blanche caved without getting you hundreds of millions? Our best hope for saving this country we love is states' rights.

    24. Roger Lee, Connectic says:

      Hmmm … wasn't the Federal Reserve Act passing in the dead of night on December 23, 1913? Evil loves darkness and avoids the light.

    25. Patrick NE says:

      I tried to download a PDF of the amendment, came up with a Zeus Trojan, gotta wonder how it got there

    26. Ruler4You says:

      …like getting a slit throat for Christmas… from your government…

    27. Shawn, Prescott AZ says:

      If a country followed a "rulebook" (maybe we can call it a "Constitution"), you would not need to file lawsuits to fight over what is already yours. Either way, our money is being confiscated. The system (legal) is nothing if not self-serving. Republicans are no better. There are no rules, therefore, no reason to vote for either party.

    28. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      The States need to get their brightest Constitutional scholars onboard and take this to the Supreme Court before the court gets packed with any more activist legislators from the bench! They can also file a separate suit addressing the unconstitutional mandate threatening Americans with jail/fine.

      NOW, maybe well-meaning Democrats will understand the danger of allowing the radical left-wing of their party to speak on their “behalf”. Ultimately, the Democrats will suffer as well.

      These leftists make no distinction in destroying any opposition. Their oratory, arrogance, smoke and mirrors, and flat out bribery is a disgrace. Most importantly, they are not protecting the Constitution and they are not representing the will of the American people.

      So, what is their purpose in office? Power – period.

    29. April, Colorado says:

      People need health care. Something must be done and this is a start.

      Our country is a better place when our citizens are healthy and well-educated.

      Healthcare reform will pass and Republicans will look like obstructionists.

    30. Doug Varland, Gold C says:

      The democrats voting to pass the health care bill on Christmas Eve are traitors like Judas who betrayed Jesus to the authorities in the Garden the night he was handed over to the authorities. We are promised lower costs and assured coverage but this was a hollow promise. This is a bill that even the Senators voting haven't seen, read or debated with the loyal opposition, but each of our lives will never be the same after the vote.

    31. Rocky in Wyoming says:

      Not that it matters to this administration but is any of this legal ? The bribes in the millions of dollars, a bill few if any have read, add on's being put on by the minute. Will we have a country left by the next election ? We may have already passed the point of no return. The voters wanted change, here it is !

    32. John Young says:

      Why don’t we all get together on Christmas Eve, cross the Potomac and surprise the Senate on Capitol Hill? That sort of approach worked for Washington when he crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day back in 1776.

    33. Glenda DeShane, Corp says:

      I hope they know that everyone who votes for this bill will be looking for a new job. Obama is becoming a Dictator not a President and cares nothing for the people and what they want.

    34. Paula G. says:

      I never thought something like this could happen in America. Obama is evil, truly evil. This health care bill has nothing to do with health care. It will raise everyone's cost and provide us with very little actual health care. What this does have to do with is power and control over you and me courtesy of the Obama Administration, along with taking even MORE of our money to "redistribute" as they see fit. I knew something very wrong and evil was in the works when, as soon as he became president, he announced that he wanted to be the one who worked on the census tallies. Then it dawned on me, he wanted to askew the actual numbers to redistribute money and social dollars to where he wanted them to go. Impeachment proceedings should definietly be started against him before any more harm can be done to America. I think the person from Alabama was right on – can't the American people file a class action suit againist Obama and members of Congress/Senate? they have lied to us, stolen our money and votes behind closed doors, are threatening our national security with "Gitmo North" and the KSM trail in NYC, and we have not even gotten to cap and trade yet! He will bankrupt and destroy America completely if given 3 more years…

    35. Bobbie Jay says:

      "passing any bill as a victory" ? Victory to the American GOVERNMENT TAKE OVER! there is no where, or no how, to the American people. People have to pull up their own pants, pay their own bills and get government out!

      A bill this big shouldn't even be considered, as there are many ways to word and hide and take over. 2000 pages, makes it misleading. This isn't reform, it's government take-over. This isn't competition, it's government take-over. WHO IS GOING TO STEP UP? KILL THE BILL!

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    37. William, Lancaster S says:

      There must be some way to stop this mess. Do you mean that 60 people can dictate what is right for and estimated 3M people in the United States.

      Can some one physically detain one, or more, of these 60 rascals for an hour or two to break off this non sense.

      There must be a legal mind out there that can do something.

      Thank you

    38. Craig Sacramento says:

      This whole scenario sounds more like a typical day in the life of North Korea than it does of anything that could be happening in the USA. It is more typical of what I would expect to see in a dictatorship. On top of everything else it distinctly violates the constitution as national health care and people being forced to purchase insurance from private entities us not a legal function of the Federal Government. Aside from all that it is a dead certainty that this scheme will wreck our medical care and likely bankrupt the nation. It is out and out socialism and just one more step in the direction of cradle to grave control on the part of the government. Hopefully in 2010 we will have the sense to toss the Democrats then turn around and promptly impeach Obama, this we must do if we hope to survive as a nation!

    39. jr., Michigan says:

      well….. what do you expect from "progressives"? i wonder if the morons who voted for this bunch of lunatics are happy? they probably are. most (if not all) liberals are oblivious to the consequences of their actions…. this is all too clear. look at what they're doing!! of course, i'm preaching to choir…. we need to vote these bums out! let's get to work-

    40. Linda, Florida says:

      Evil loves darkness, so of course they're voting under cover of night. How vile is it that they will in essence be voting on a bill that they have not read, do not fully understand, and has not been revealed to the American people in anything but meaningless, flowery phrases spoken by people with lying lips? They can sugar coat this all they want and tell us it's for the good of the American people, but the truth is that they have no concern about our health and well-being, only about their pocketbooks and their quest for power. Transparency? Openness? Change? I think not. But HOPE, yes, I have hope that the American people will rise up and toss these traitors out on their collectively repulsive behinds…..

    41. Durmon Coates says:

      WHERE ARE THE LAWYERS!!!! Everytime a cat is stuck up a tree a lawyers appears!!!!

      Can the Republicans pull a trick from the Dem's play book and find a judge to put this darn thing on hold….

      This CANT be constitutional….

    42. Jennifer, Chicago says:

      It will only take 51 senators to pass this bill. Nelson, Bayh, Webb, et al will vote 'no' later this week and look like heroes. They aren't but the voters will not understand this and think these Democrat senators stood up to Obama. We live in a country full of ignorant voters and that's exactly what this administration wants.

    43. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear April, COlorado,

      Something does need to be done. It is called REFORM not reinvention. REFORM the insurance companies through legislation. Enforce the immigration laws. STIMULATE small businesses who can make profits, expand, and hire more people. DON't TAX AND SPEND AND PRINT MONEY. Reduce taxes for all Americans and more money will be available to the consumers!

      Good Lord, this is tiresome. Please study Keynsian Economics – it does not work long term!

      Merry Christmas

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    45. PAMELA H. SMITH,HICK says:


    46. MinutemanCDC_SC, Pat says:

      "Tempt with greed, bankrupt and foreclose," is the wicked banker's strategy. Hey, it works for cocaine and heroin pushers, why not for thieves and robbers in Armani suits?

      The enemies of America have become a super-majority in Congress and a faux (pronounced, "foe") President. http://puzo1.blogspot.com/

      These enemies of America are racing at warp speed to collapse the dollar and the full faith and credit of the U.S. government – even accelerating as if to meet a 2010 deadline. This will fell the mighty tree and cause its fruit to drop into the hands of its creditors.

      "Tempt with greed, bankrupt, and foreclose," succeeded in subjecting Latin American banana republics to the control of the international cabal of finance and commerce (a.k.a. the European elites, the New World Order, or the future one-world government). Spiritual and moral weakness, fiscal irresponsibility, gross self-indulgence, and ignorance of history and compound interest are precipitating a similar fall of the United States and Canada, even with their vast untapped resources and military supremacy.

      Are America's foes in Washington motivated by treachery, with foreign loyalties, or by naked greed? Perhaps both. But no matter. The consequences are the same.

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    48. bobby tx says:

      if this goes through voting wont change it i say we all go to washington at 1 am and show them we arent going to let them dictate and run our lives the only thing left is a revolution against the government i will fight to keep us free from this type of government

    49. Glenn, Montana says:

      Recall petitions in the individual states can be pursued, but expect them to be tied up in the courts and summarily rejected as were term limits. The first revolution required will be a conservative takeover and subsequent cleansing of the RINOS in the republican party via primaries. Until that is accomplished our agenda as conservatives and protectors of the Constitution will be forstalled at least 20 years trying to establish a viable third party, and I fear that will be too late.

    50. Ron,Louisiana says:

      TERM LIMITS, the only way to bring any control to this runaway madness………

    51. Linda Bingham says:

      Can anyone tell me how many time any house of congress met in the middle of the night and on weekends to pass bills. It seems to be very routine for this congress, when did it start and how often?

    52. Steve Thompson, Spok says:

      There is a recent multibillion dollar settlement called the Cobell settlement, I believe, which grants to thousands of American Indians federal monies as restitution for past mismanagement of Native American resources. Surely this travesty of stewardship is at least as bad as that of the Department of Interior / Bureau of Indian Affairs in past years. One would think that sets a precedent for a legal challenge to this health care scam as mismanagement of our resources.

    53. RW,Georgia says:

      I am not going to pay taxes next year till the very end or not at all. I wish everyone would do this as this would prove a point and the IRS cannot arrest 150 million people. Heck, don't pay your taxes until the April 15th of every year.

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    55. Chris Preston, Detro says:

      I wonder what all those people who voted for Obama and his hope and change are thinking now..unless they were hoping for higher taxes and a president that hates our constitution, or wanted him to change our health care system in the middle of the night and jam it down the throats of the American people.

      The sniveling arrogance of Obama and his co-horts is nothing less then disgusting and truly outrageous.

    56. J. Fadoir-Wisconsin says:

      Did anyone read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page "Commenting is a privilege,not a right." So is health care, it is not a right and no one can tell me it is. There is no where in the U.S. Constitution the gives Congress or the President the RIGHT to steal our RIGHTS and to tell us what we want. There has to be a way to kill this bill!!

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    58. Edgar Cleveland says:

      Chris Preston, Detroit MI writes:

      I wonder what all those people who voted for Obama and his hope and change are thinking now..unless they were hoping for higher taxes and a president that hates our constitution, or wanted him to change our health care system in the middle of the night and jam it down the throats of the American people.

      The sniveling arrogance of Obama and his co-horts is nothing less then disgusting and truly outrageous.

      I and plenty of Americans think that this bill is a great start at health care for all.I want my country back and this is a start.

    59. Greg, Newport News, says:

      When you have a thief in your house, you don't email him to tell him to please leave the good china alone. He doesn't listen to poll data that says, 'People prefer not to be robbed'. No, you eradicate him. You fend for your life and freedom. Don't know about other folks, but I'm there like Patrick Henry at this point.

    60. Pete Cincinnati says:

      I am disgusted by the government take over of health care. Obviously, government can't run anything. We want them out of retirement insurance, which everyone knows is a ponzi scheme. The last thing we want is more corrupt, inefficient, government. Joe Wilson spoke for me. The government class can not kill the private sector and still survive. It will be a matter of time before the whole economy is ruined which most people should realize is the democrate plan.

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    63. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Edgar Cleveland,

      Your statement "I and plenty of Americans think that this bill is a great start at health care for all.I want my country back and this is a start."

      What are you talking about? I'm trying to understand, really.

      This health care bill has nothing to do with getting your country back. This is not a start but a beginning of the end if this endless spending continues.

      You and "plenty of Americans" may think this outrageous bribery to bill is ok but the majority of Americans (in every poll) did not want it-period. Representatives did not represent. And, you think this is getting your country back?

      I ask you, Sir, what kind of country are you talking about?

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    65. marie bragg spart says:

      I am afraid there will not be another election…….especially a presidential election. This congress is willing to be bought and Obama is more than willing to pay. Folks, we are on a downward spiral without brakes. We were told America would colapse from within and it is coming to pass right before our eyes. Why any thinking American would vote for a virtual unknown is beyound me. I had never heard his name until he ran for the presidency. I am not the brightest bulb in my house but, each time he opened his mouth, I cringed at his "change." I kept telling those around me he wasn't defining "change." America voted for a pig in a poke.

    66. John, Fort Wayne, IN says:

      This Healthcare legislation is making me hurl. While declaring war on the evil insurance companies, our elected officials are making their insurance company benefactors rich. The Bill first came out of The House on Nov 9, yet all three Cigna, Aetna and Humana spiked up Nov 2. Someone had an advanced idea about what would be loaded into this legislation. Since Nov 2 as of today, with the Senate Oking their version these stocks are up ~28%, ~20% and ~16% respectively. That’s one heck of a return rate.

      C’mon sheople wake up. We’re literally being sold down the river by our oh so compassionate leaders in Congress and our fearless leader in the oval office. It shouldn’t matter your political bias, this Bill is obviously doing exactly the opposite of what its supporters claim it to be doing. Somehow it must be stopped and as soon as possible.

    67. Bolton, Palm Beach G says:

      I fear that this obamination of the health care system, along with the overall general expansion of government that this narcicist has started is a "change" from which this once great country will not be able to recover.

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    69. christopher rud, new says:

      I hope there is something we can do to get these complete liberal idiots out of office. Having control of our healthcare is going to make government control almost everything we do! This country was founded on entrepreneural people and ideals..It makes me sick to see our incredible country go down the tubes!

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    73. thomas h mccamy dalt says:

      please note my new address Do you have me listed as a member/donor

    74. Zach, Arkansas says:

      ""April, Colorado writes:

      People need health care. Something must be done and this is a start.

      Our country is a better place when our citizens are healthy and well-educated.

      Healthcare reform will pass and Republicans will look like obstructionists.""

      …really April? last time i checked the vast majority of americans HAVE healthcare, and if you want to bring up the 46 million the Dem's are touting, 9.7 million are illegal immigrants, 9.1 million with income above %75,000, 8.4 million have income of $50-74,999,

      The Kaiser Family Foundation, a liberal non-profit frequently quoted by the media, puts the number of uninsured Americans who do not qualify for current government programs and make less than $50,000 a year between 13.9 million and 8.2 million. That is a much smaller figure than the media report.

      Kaiser’s 8.2 million figure for the chronically uninsured only includes those uninsured for two years or more. It is also worth noting, that, 45 percent of uninsured people will be uninsured for less than four months according to the Congressional Budget Office.

      and exactly how does healthcare have anything to do with education?!?! millions will now be unable to afford to go back to collete now that their insurance rates are going up

    75. J, Indiana says:

      How can we trust a government to manage our health care when they can't manage their voicemail system? Days go by without a way to communicate to our Senators–they simply won't listen! Massive takeover without thoughtful representation…it is sad! The debt goes deeper at move than $3 billion a day.

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    78. priscilla, East Texa says:

      We need another Elliot Ness for this Chicago type gangland style of stealing our constitution and government…

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    81. Leslie Katzenmeier says:

      It is tough for me to watch so much of the "Rule of Law" be blatently broken by those we put in our place as "agents" for us. They clearly represent not us but something foriegn to our country's beliefs and rule of law which as a licenced Realtor, I must rely on in order to represent my clients with integrity.

      So far , just to name a few, I have watched while Obama took first position , preferred stockholder and put them behind the unions as benificiary during a bankruptcy. What is this? They had an "enforcable contract that they paid for. An asset which was publically stolen without any just compensation..

      We have seen bold, in your face "racketeering and RICO Statute violations with the using of citizens money which is in trust and held in trust, as bribe money and vote buying by public servants of the people for personal bribes and kickbacks for votes to pass an unpopular healthcare bill. Using our money to do it.

      So far and once again, nobody prosecutes. If it were you or me, we would be behind bars. Last ai looked bribery by person in public office buying or selling "their vote " for money was illegal . A Federal Crime. So is using a trustfund belonging to someone else for personal gain. That is stealing.

      Then we see private auto dealers have their customer base taken again for no just compensation. Just SEIZED and their business franchises forcefully closed, their clients given to supporters of the Democrat party. This is stealing. Once again nothing is done.

      We see mandated expenditures and rationing of the very right to ones body and life be bartered and argued about by complete strangers behind closed doors and are being told exemptions to both our elected officials and their selected groups are Exempted from this? If we who put them their to represent us can be mandated outside public choice then so can they. This is clearly another violation of the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of happiness.

      Where are the arrest warrants? That is my question. You and I would already be behind bars for 20 years over any of the shortlist above.

      Are we now living in a Nation without laws?

    82. Sharon Mancuso Woons says:

      I say get rid of Obama & tthings will return to normal,the man is as usless as dog doo..

      I have had enough of this idiot & I am sure many feel the same way.

      IMPEACH Obama now..

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    Big Government Is NOT the Answer

    Your tax dollars are being spent on programs that we really don't need.

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