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  • Live at Copenhagen: Reaction to President Obama's Speech

    The President just gave a brief speech here in Copenhagen to the assembled parties, laying out what he believes are the crucial elements to a successful climate change accord. Specifically, there are three elements—greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation commitments, transparency, and financing (but more on those in a moment).

    Consistent with the Administration’s prior statements about global warming, the President spoke in absolute terms about the urgency of the matter. Statements along the lines of “We are running out of time,” “The time to talk is over,” and “No time to waste” peppered the President’s speech. This despite the fact that global temperatures have leveled off or even cooled over the past ten years and may continue to do so for years to come.

    The President touted U.S. actions on climate change, including ending subsidies for fossil fuels, promoting energy efficiency in homes and businesses, and “cap and trade” legislation. He repeated his pledge (not yet agreed to by Congress, especially the Senate, we should note) that the U.S. will lower its GHG emissions “in the range of 17 percent” by 2020 and by “over 80 percent” by 2050.

    But the President cast some doubt on whether the nations of the world were collectively prepared to reach a final deal.

    It Boils Down to Sovereignty

    As to the three key elements of an international climate accord—GHG mitigation, transparency, and financing—the negotiators here in Copenhagen appear to be fairly close to terms on two out of the three. It is the element of transparency (read: sovereignty) that appears to be a sticking point.

    You see, the world agrees that each nation is responsible for lowering or at least mitigating their GHG emissions and that the “rich” nations of the world should contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to assist the “poor” nations to do so.

    But what has not been agreed upon creates a major void: How will those hundreds of billions be spent? Will the developing nations be transparent in their mitigation and adaptation efforts? How can the actions and efforts of developing nations—many of which are poorly governed, corrupt, or outright kleptocracies—be verified by the donor nations?

    The developing world—particularly China and India—jealously guard their national sovereignty and bristle at the notion that donor nations would want to actually verify that their billions of dollars are being spent on actual GHG mitigation and adaptation projects.

    The resolution of the sovereignty issue will determine the outcome of comprehensive international climate change negotiations.

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    22 Responses to Live at Copenhagen: Reaction to President Obama's Speech

    1. Derek Scissors, Ph.D. Scissors at Heritage says:

      Right with you, Steve, on sovereignty and transparency. Just wanted to add that China and some other developing countries also don't want the world monitoring the actual amount they are emitting. Money the US and other countries might provide could be used to lower emissions even while much more money is invested in business as usual activities. And total emissions would still soar.

    2. R. George Dunn says:

      Sovereignty should be the question on the mind of all Nations, as this Carbon straw dog has nothing to do with the planet's climate, but all to do with introducing Marxism as an New World Order.

      A day will come, when carbon will be so welcome to help this planet survive and feed everyone, but if the consuming of power being attempted now is allowed, it will never depart. The war technology of now and the future will see to it.

      The simple approach is education of the world, not domination.

    3. Charles, The Republi says:

      It's amazing to see people that have sworn to protect & defend this country, try almost anything to give it away. Traitors. Copenhagen has shown those who are paying attention, what's really behind "climate change". Any American in Copenhagen supporting any of this is guilty of TREASON. To paraphrase Col. Allen West, "there is no expiration date on your Oath to protect & defend" the Constitution and the United States. "Change" is coming. It's sad that obama's ego won't listen.

    4. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      1. greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation commitments

      2. transparency,

      3. financing (but more on those in a moment).

      Ok, the only GHG is comming from washington and the other dictatorships/socialist/marxist governments. So shrinking those governments by limiting their power will solve this problem

      Tansparency – How can they have this if they don't know what it is in the first place. (see obama's pledge during his campaign for reference)

      Financing – We are 12 Trillion dollars in debt, You can't expect financing when your broke.

    5. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      By the way. Almighty God showed HIS disdain for the idiots/proponents/hoaxers of man-made global warming by sending an immense snow storm to Copenhagen. The dumb and stupid can not even see what is staring them in the face after years of indoctrination by the lunatic left which includes our corrupt and controlled media. The Heritage Foundation should be MUST READING IN EVERY SCHOOL!

    6. LINDA MILLER, FL says:



    7. Richard Sandve says:

      The U.S. does not need to spend any more of our money. This is the biggest waste of time ever!!!

      Give the U.N. the power of distribution of funds!

      That is like putting a fox in charge of the hen house!

    8. R.Miller Winchester, says:

      Being on this planet nearly 8 decades I have experienced climate changes yearly, and even daily. No amount of money spent on effort to change climate will do it. No fancy words will either. Mother earth will manage as always. Man and his ignorance cannot accept this fact. It's about time he did. Let's all live in harmony with nature, and not abuse her bounty. If one lives somewhere other than a metropolis life would not be so confusing.

    9. william cincinnati says:

      It amazes me that anyone can say with a straight face that we are running out of time, that we must do something about "global warming" today or we are all doomed. I have been hearing twaddle like that for the past forty years or more, yet here we are and are likely to remain until those who have made it their mission to save us all ultimately destroy the planet with their lunatic "solutions."

    10. Truthful James, Illi says:

      A reduction in emissions by 2050 of 80% is quite feasible if and only if the Obamanatics stay in office. By that time under that sort of regime we will qualify as a third world nation.

      The Republic and all it stands for will have disappeared, but crumblewise that is the way it cookies.

      "They told us that they would have to break eggshells to mak an omelet. They didn't tell us they would have to break the yolks as well."

    11. Slick - Nebraska says:

      As usual, our illustrious President is using terms like “We are running out of time,” “The time to talk is over,” and “No time to waste”. (Gosh, we have heard these before: when TARP was passed, when the $787 billion stimulus was passed, when the push for health care reform started. WILL WE NEVER LEARN? The old saying goes, "haste makes waste" comes to mind.) I, for one, concern about climate change is a low priority because R.Miller Winchester,VA is right . . . we live in an evolving world that seems to endure IN SPITE of us and the things we do.

      I am MORE concerned about nuclear weapons that are being proliferated throughout the world. It is troubling that our President is planning to "TALK" away the problem or make empty threats like "time is running out" and the whole time he is reducing military funding, eliminating military security points, and reducing the weapons we have to protect us and our country. What do you think that means to Iran? I think it means that they are grateful for the extension of time to work on their nuclear weapons before MAYBE something bad happens . . . like UN inspectors or embargos that they can find ways around.

      Don't worry about climate change . . . some idiot rogue nation is going to blow all of us up way before our climate will be a problem!

    12. John Livingston Bois says:

      The politicazation of science and the lack of media attention to the confuscation of the scientific method, and the lack of media coverage to those in the scientific community who are appalled by what has happened, is what the real story coming out of Copenhagen is all about.

    13. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Did anyone expect any other speech from a devoted

      Communist and Marxist? If so, why would they? It's really sad that so many of the people of this country will not or cannot reconize what Obama is and he cares nothing for the sovereignty of the United States. Hasen't he showed when he disgraced this country in every speech he made on foreign soil?

    14. Dano, Texas says:

      Lets see if I understand this. We (the U.S. gov't) owes and is continuing to borrow billions of dollars from China and now we are going to give them additional billions to clean up their act. We borrow so we can turn around and give it back? All the while expecting our own industrial base to spend their own money to reduce emissions. It will take a miracle to pull us out of the hole the liberals continue to dig deeper and deeper.

    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Last year a researcher in Ann Arbor published in the Ann Arbor News a letter to the editor discussing the results on his thirty year studies on the dates the inland lakes in Michigan thaw. The Ice Out dates have not changed for the past thirty years. Apparently where I live is immune to "global warming" – at least that was his response to his skeptics.

    16. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Even the ignorant will eventually get tired of believing everything must be done right now!

      Everything is urgent; we are running out of time. Crying wolf on everything is unbecoming.

    17. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      That is the "KEY" word to defeating the Federal Government here in the United States, Sovereignty, State Sovereigty!

      Once a State becomes Sovereign, it is up to the State's Attorney General with the aid of Constitutional Lawyers to interpret the U.S. Constitution to find whether or not the Federal Directives are indeed within the Limited Powers Granted to them, under the Constitution. If not granted, no need to follow! Let the Feds take the States to the Supreme Court and prove their case, instead of the other way around with all its confusion.

      The best benefits are, the State owns its own Air, Water, Land, and everything above and below the surface. The State decides what is endangered and what is not. The State decides what land is to be set aside for reserve and what is not.

      The whole idea of this meeting on Global Warming is to usurp the Soverieign Power of the United States, and give its Powerto a Foreign Body. Unconstitutional, but some body would have to take the government to court. The Senate would have to impeach the President.

      It is far easier for States to become Sovereign because the Power to do so lies within that State itself.

      With a minimum of 33 States a Continental Convention can be called, with three Citizen elected individuals from each State would meet. They, with a 75% "YES" vote can Amend, and make Amendments to, the Constitution. That is Power! Those peoples can further and more finitely limit the powers of the two Federal Houses, the President and the Federal Courts.

      After all, the main reason for the Federal Government is to be the States Agent in the making of Foreign Treaties and Trade agreements,(and just because something is titled Cap and Trade, doesn't make it a Trade), maintain a Military Force to Protect us, and to assure open Commerce between the States, not Intra State, but Inter State.

    18. Bill R. Florida says:

      As I recall, the climatologists were warning of global cooling in the mid 1970's. How did we move so rapidly from cooling to warming?

      As with any computer program, the information derived is only as good as the program installed. When one considers the ability of an excellent weather forecaster to totally miss the next day's weather, one has to wonder at how they can predict what's going to happen next week, let alone the next decade!

      Why aren't we being informed about the lack of solar, sunspot activity? I forgot the sun doesn't have anything to do with the climate, only CO2! What crap!

    19. Peter, The Republic says:

      It makes me glad to be a senior in life, but saddens me to think of the country I leave behind for those that follow. The continuing push for a One World take-over takes yet another step to completion.

    20. Donald C. SC says:

      After the UN/Iraq Oil for food grand theft program, how could any nation in their right/responsible mind ever consider pooring money into this bottomless cesspole?

    21. Vern Reece, Missouri says:

      As I was reading all these comments I was thinking the same thing as Dana from Texas.

      This should not be any supprise with the Socialist idiots we have in Washington.

      Who else would come up with a scheme to borrow money just so you can give it back to the same people for nothing in return and then pay them the loan back with interest.

      I hope we get a bunch of them out of Wasnington in 2010 and it is not to late.

    22. Mike,Mobile,AL. says:


      What do Revolution and Climate Change have in common?


      Weather changes on a regular and sometimes predictable pattern.Global warming,Global cooling,average rainfall per year,average snowfall, etc.History tells a similar story about revolution.When the people of a nation reach what I call the POPEYE EFFECT(that's enough and enough is too much)you get revolution.Sometimes that revolution is peaceful.Sometimes not.American history is replete with such examples.In the "NOT" catagory it appears to occure every One Hundred to One Hundred and Fifty years.From the first colony of 1610 A.D. to the first revolution of 1776 A.D. was 166 years.From 1776 to 1860 was 84 years.From 1860 to the present day,150 years.I believe we are ready for another revolution.Will that revolution be peaceful or will it fall into the "NOT" catagory.I pray it will be peaceful while preparing for the "NOT".Our American Government has jumped head first into the River of TYRANNY.If we do not cause revolution at the ballot box in 2010 we could be faced with a revolution of a different kind.Let's return our NATION and FREEDOM to the people and reject the notion of SLAVERY and SERFDOM that our current government seems so willing to embrace.

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