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  • Live at Copenhagen: Try Again In 2010 - The Final Slogan From Copenhagen?

    The Heritage Foundation’s Steven Groves and Ben Lieberman are live at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference reporting from a conservative perspective. Follow their reports on The Foundry and at the Copenhagen Consequences Web site.

    Rather than the much anticipated (by environmental activists) or much feared (by those concerned about the economy and American sovereignty) binding new greenhouse gas emission reduction targets to replace the expiring provisions in the existing Kyoto Protocol, the final Copenhagen agreement is shaping up to be much less than that. Though this modest outcome had been anticipated for months, the reality of it is a disappointment (or relief) to those following this issue. It now looks like all that will come out of this conference is a political agreement that sets out broad goals but leaves all the difficult details to be worked out next year – and even that is running into last minute difficulties.

    Though the Obama administration and others will try to spin this as a breakthrough, it is important to remember that for nearly two years, Copenhagen had been hyped as that critical future meeting where everything will be hammered out. Now the can is getting kicked down the road yet again.

    It won’t get any easier in 2010. The problems that derailed a major agreement here in Copenhagen are not going away. Most stem from the sky high cost of reducing emissions from fossil fuel use and the impact they would have on energy prices, jobs, and the overall economies of any nation that undertakes them. That the global recession is lingering only makes this expensive pill even harder to swallow. Most significantly, China, India and other fast developing nations still want exemptions from binding emissions reductions. However, since their emissions growth will dominate in the decades ahead (China already out-emits the US and its growth is projected to be 9 times faster than ours), leaving them out would make any agreement futile.

    President Obama’s speech was remarkably uneventful and broke no new ground. Simply put, he cannot promise more here in Copenhagen than he can deliver in Washington. Cap and trade legislation is stalled in the Senate and faces a difficult battle ahead. After all, 2010 is an election year, and the American public’s interest in expensive solutions to global warming – which was never high in the first place – is declining. A costly climate bill would be even less popular than legislation as it would raise sovereignty concerns as well. Even the administration’s new pledge to contribute to a $100 billion annual fund to assist developing nations in addressing global warming – such income transfers is the only real reason many poor nations have any interest in these negotiations – is also unlikely to make it through a Congress that will soon face an electorate angry over runaway spending and the poor domestic economy.

    One of the elephants in the room here in Copenhagen has been Climategate - the release of emails and other documents evidencing gross misconduct amongst some of the key scientists involved in the main United Nations scientific report that was to be relied upon here. The fact that temperatures have been flat for over a decade only adds to the justifiably growing public skepticism whether global warming really is a crisis.

    Negotiations will probably continue into Saturday, but all that appears to be in the cards is some face saving agreement to agree at a later date. So, they’ll try again in 2010. Perhaps the Heritage Foundation’s Copenhagen team should start planning for the next big global warming conference in Mexico City next November!

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    9 Responses to Live at Copenhagen: Try Again In 2010 - The Final Slogan From Copenhagen?

    1. Jean, DC says:

      Great, Mexico City could use a good snowstorm.

    2. Ron Kilmartin, Pleas says:

      If you love freedom and liberty, a failed Copenhagen is great news. The whole idea of AGW is a failed idea, a hoax, which will become more and more obvious as the full extent of climategate unfolds. The cherry-picking of Russian temperature data from urban heat islands was fraud. All the scientific papers based on the CRU data projections and all the IPCC reports belong in the trashbin of science.

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    4. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      This is horrible news!

      Prince Charles and UN Leaders have stated that we were out of time and it would be a global catastrophe if binding agreements were not met at this summit.

      ALGORE has said the polar ice caps would melt in 5-10 years.

      2012 is at hand with the end of the world as we know it. If that did happen, it would not be because of global warming.

    5. Jay, IL says:

      Another Obama failure,this has been nothing but a scam from the beginning and then Hillary is over there promoting money we don't have. When will this madness and sell out of America stop.

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    7. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      An ant on a Redwood can try and stomp out a forest fire too, but that won't stop the fire, and surely won't do the ant much good either!

    8. Louis L Cesar F Levy says:

      And so, and so forth. Reality is hard to ignore, thanks to 2010. But don't forget that they can feign some people concern and forget it at 2011, just like 2009; Considers the symbolism of these well known numbers. In the Woman's kingdom that works. So will it for those who fallow willy nilly.

    9. WHICH WAY says:


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