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  • Video: Copenhagen Cheers as Chavez Condemns Capitalism

    At the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, National Review Online’s Charles Krauthammer wrote: “The raid on the Western treasuries is on again, but today with a new rationale to fit current ideological fashion. With socialism dead, the gigantic heist is now proposed as a sacred service of the newest religion: environmentalism.”

    If you had any doubt that environmentalism was not the New Socialism, then please watch the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela get enthusiastic ovations from the Copenhagen delegates as he quotes Karl Marx. Translation after the jump:

    We could say that there is a ghost lurking. To paraphrase Karl Marx there is a ghost running through the streets of Copenhagen. And I think that ghost is silent, somewhere in this room, amongst us. Coming through the corridors and underneath. And that ghost is a terrible ghost and nobody wants to name him or her. It’s capitalism. Capitalism is that ghost. Nobody I don’t think wants to name it. Capitalism. I’ve also been struck by some of the signs outside this conference. One sign in particular that reads, “Don’t change the climate … change the system!” I particularly liked that one and would add to that by saying that by changing the system, we could save the planet. The destructive model of capitalism is eradicating life.

    The Heritage Foundation’s Steven Groves and Ben Lieberman are live at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference reporting from a conservative perspective. Follow their reports on The Foundry and at the Copenhagen Consequences Web site.

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    14 Responses to Video: Copenhagen Cheers as Chavez Condemns Capitalism

    1. AWM- Indiana says:

      Does anyone STILL believe that the Left's leadership is actually committed to any of the causes that are near & dear to the hearts of those on whose behalf they pretend to speak and act? Wake up! It's not the climate- it is the power….and the politics….. and the money…….

    2. matthew queens, ny says:

      Hugo Chavez nuff said.

    3. C jones - Missouri says:

      Mr. President,

      Should you choose to address this gathering of America Haters and theives and not stand against this Marxist degradation of how our Country was founded and how you were able to achieve what you have, then you sir are not fit to be a leader!

      You are a simple puppet at the hands of other Countries. If you let your Secrerary of State make a Statement of Guarntee that obligates the US to $$$$$$$100 Billion $$$/ Year in Extortion to be paid to countries who can't help themselves with the Billions that we have already sent, You Sir are not fit to Rule over "We The People" of the United States.

      If your response the Mr Chavez & Tutu is we Must do more and give more, then you are incapable of understanting that YOU do not have Supreme Authority to make that decision. You Sir have Over Stepped your Constitutional powers as our President.

      Please Mr. President do not allow our Country to be treated with such disrespect. We are the most generous Country on the Planet. Please do not allow us to be dragged thru the Streets of Copenhagen naked and bloody.

      Be our President and Stand for what Freedom and Liberty offered YOU Sir. The chance to be the leader of the BEST country in the FREE world.

      Shouold you not agree, I am sure many of these Countries would open their arms and accept you as their leader.

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    6. Martha Fischer Xenia says:

      Notice that the leftist members of government BHO, Nancy Pelosi have absolutely no problem living large on the taxpayers money. They have no problem flying big planes frequently running up the CO2 in the atmosphere that they themselves want the rest of us to give up our use of electricity and fossilfuel as well as jobs to prevent. Welcome to the new power elit. To think the senate is expected to pass a bill that heads us straight to Marxism.

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    8. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      I don't like Hugo because of his friends..

      Castro, Achmadinnerjacket & Obama.

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    11. Dan, Birmingham, Al. says:

      I hate to say it, but I agree with Chavez here. Capitalism is killing the world. Every bit of legislation that is passed by our government that is meant to protect the environment/citizens' interests/good of the people is filled with tons of loopholes/benefits for the rich/benefits for large corporations. What happened to government for the PEOPLE for the people? If you think your party, be it democrat or republican, isn't to blame, you're just buying into the rhetoric that is designed to pull your attention away from the real issues.

      The people who make decisions that effect not only the citizens of the United States but also the citizens of the rest of the world are paid for by special interest lobbyists who are in turn paid for by large corporations and industry groups.

      If environmental legislation that is passed by officials who are paid by the same corporations that are effected by the legislation, do you really think it's going to be effective by any means?

      It is seriously time to restructure our government so it's not effected by those with the money to pay for favoritism. Where are the lobbyists who are protecting my needs?

      No more corporations running our lives and our government! No more lobbyists! No more campaign funding from corporations/special interests. The government needs to pay for candidate's campaigns. It can be paid for stopping billions of dollars in tax breaks and other kickbacks that our government hands out annually to the rich.

      It's time to return to the democracy that the United States was designed to be.

    12. Marcia-Naples, FL says:

      Our Country is a not a Democracy-It is in fact a Republic, contrary to what a lot of people believe. (And to the Republic for which it stands)

      And we have to do everything in our powers to get these Communist, Marxist people out of Our House, and get it back into the hands of the People. Our Country is great today because of Capitalism and it's free enterprise. But if we are not careful, it will be a Communist Country. We have to stand up and fight for and against this government and take back OUR country.

    13. Valerie, Monterey CA says:

      I agree with Chavez. All of us priviledged people who benefitted from capitalism in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia as well as in the capitals of the developing countries of the world may indeed not wish to see it, but this is the hard truth. The climate change is fueled by a social system that cultivates and rewards personal greed at the expenses of communal solidarity, simplicity and values that can be easily shared but hardly bought and sold. Let us not be too stupid to understand this. We may decide that we wish to continue our personal ball, but at least the ones of us who have children and/or believe in god should think harder.

    14. Dave says:

      All of you had best read what Lord Monckton has said about this Copenhagan summit. It all leads to communism (which is, by the way ONE step from SOCIALISM). Just check out his video on youtube "Is Obama poised to cede

      US sovereignty?"

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