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  • Some Truth in Copenhagen

    The global-warming economics coming out of Washington doesn’t match the global-warming economics of Copenhagen. For instance, according to Senator John Kerry (D-MA) cutting CO2 creates jobs and stimulates the economy. At least that’s what the press release describing his cap-and-tax legislation claims.

    But in Copenhagen this view of economics gets turned on its head. In Copenhagen Senator Kerry talks about the need to pay other countries to adopt the CO2-limiting regulations that supposedly create jobs and stimulate an economy.

    If the mandates, regulations, and energy taxes needed for carbon caps are so great for the economy, why do we need to promise hundreds of billions of dollars to other countries to get them to adopt the same?

    Because the developing world isn’t buying the hype over green stimulus and for good reason—it’s a fiction. Analysis of cap-and-tax proposals by a wide spectrum of analysts (including The Heritage Foundation, the EPA, the Congressional Budget Office, the Energy Information Administration, The Brookings Institution, and the National Black Chamber of Commerce) all show carbon restrictions will reduce national income and reduce employment.

    Heritage’s preliminary analysis of the Boxer-Kerry legislation finds national income will drop by over $9 trillion in the first 24 years of the 40-year program and that the legislation will kill over 2 million jobs.

    It would be nice if the many American proponents of handing over hundreds of billions of dollars to other countries would come back from Copenhagen with a little bit of the honesty those offers imply—an admission that global warming legislation will be very costly.

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    7 Responses to Some Truth in Copenhagen

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Even the Third World Countries know that Global Warming ala John Kerry is a joke but it's a great way to fleece the "Rich Countries" and hold those Citizens hostage! Isn't amazing how these lesser educated, starving Countries figured this out and the Politicians of the United States haven't yet?

    2. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      If Kerry, Boxer, Markey and all the rest of our "honorable" officials are so right, they should have NO objection to a national referendum on Global Warming.

      If they are so smart and above the intelligence of, we the people, the peons that make up this country, THEY should have no problem articulating this problem and persuading us to vote for it. Surely they can come down to our level since we are not capable of rising to theirs?

      The truth is – this "movement" consists of a minority of the population – dried up, bitter hippies from the 60s and the brainwashed generation of followers they have spawned from our leftist universities.

      The truth is these people need to be protected from themselves before they destroy all of us. They think they can reason with vicious enemies who seek our destruction. They think appeasement and apologies wipe the slate clean. They think throwing TAXPAYER money at this "problem" is righteous.

      Rome, and most powerful "Empires" fell because of internal decay and squabble. We are headed in that direction as our society crumbles.

      Global warming and cap n' trade only hasten our downfall.

      "Well-Meaning" really won't matter in the end. These people will try to re-write history to cover themselves when they fail. It will be too late to say "I'm sorry for I was wrong."

      For the sake of our survival – wake up!!

    3. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      Our government should be run just like a business. Incompetent people should be thrown OUT! We have a set operating system(the constitution) which was followed for years and built the ONLY REMAINING SUPERPOWER! Now the left has brought this country to its collective knees by KILLING JOBS, no energy production, no manufacturing, just follow the dominoes as additional industries and companies are shut down. Hey, the politicians are still getting paid..a hell of a lot!..while the public suffers! The employees are running the company and demanding their unearned salaries and benefits, while they run the company into the ground! Just how long do you think this will last?!

    4. John Tripp, Scarboro says:

      If the past stone age means of gathering the average global temperature, (mercury thermometers, mostly placed in urban areas), and used the weather baloon measurements, used since 1956, and specifically the satallite data, using microwave measurements, in effect since 1986, the picture would make it clear even to the hard core progressives what is truth, and what is politics. The production of ozone in times of solar flare activity saves us all from irradiation poisoning, yet you never hear the word ozone mentioned anywhere. It takes carbon dioxide and oxygen combined to make this natural sunscreen, and cutting a great deal of it intentionally seems suicidal to me. The warmest temperatures in the history of this world was in the time of the dinosaurs, when greenhouse gasses made rain forrests, and they in turn created the most intense oxygen levels and animal proliferation that we could imagine. Bring on the CO2, as there are too many desert climates, unable to sustain food crops as is now. Even the liberal scientists admit over 95% of greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, and not pollutants, what is their problem?

    5. Donna Cooper, Presco says:

      When are people going to learn that this is not a top issue to be getting into now. There are more important things to be considering.

    6. Steph says:

      Oh wow. We'll all be on welfare in 20 yrs

    7. Sun Guy, USA says:

      @John Tripp, Scarborough, Maine

      "Even the liberal scientists admit over 95% of greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, and not pollutants, what is their problem?"

      More likely, you meant to say "over 95% of greenhouse gas is WATER".

      CO2 is a tiny insignificant fraction of greenhouse gas. Google Dr. Richard Lindzen @ MIT for more info.

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