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  • Guest Blogger: Rep. Cole on Obama's Troop Surge

    Earlier this month President Obama announced his plans for a new way forward in Afghanistan. He laid out clear objectives for a troop level increase, underscored the importance of strengthening Afghan security forces and outlined the strategic necessity of success in the region. I believe the President made a very compelling case for why it is absolutely critical that America defeat al Qaeda and prevent its capacity to threaten America and our allies.

    The most significant aspect of the President’s announcement was his call for a deployment of 30,000 additional U.S. forces and additional troops to be provided by our NATO partners and other international allies. While I would have been more comfortable with the original recommendation of General McChrystal to increase troops by 40,000, I am still pleased with the decision to bolster our presence in the region. The men and women of the Armed Forces are fighting a tough battle on multiple fronts against an increasingly sophisticated enemy. Providing additional manpower and resources to our troops is vitally important as we move forward.

    I am, however, deeply troubled by the President’s suggestion that our troops be withdrawn after 18 months. While I have tremendous faith in the ability of the United States soldier to accomplish his or her mission, wars are not fought on timelines. Conditions on the ground and well-defined benchmarks should be the measure used when deciding if troops should come home – not arbitrary timelines.

    By telegraphing our intention to abandon the battlefield based on the calendar rather than the progress of our mission, we simply embolden the terrorists to wait us out. Not only does this put our soldiers at greater risk, it also undermines the long term authority of the legitimate Afghan government. The bottom line is this: the terrorists must be defeated and if that takes longer than 18 months, and I strongly suspect it will, then we have to stay until the job is done.

    The American public deserves political leadership that is as committed to winning this war as our soldiers are. After committing an additional 30,000 troops, the President has a responsibility to fully embrace his role as the Commander in Chief. This will entail rallying the public to support our troops, and building a genuine bi-partisan coalition in Congress to continue the hard work that lies ahead.

    There is no doubt that the President has committed our nation more deeply to Afghanistan. It is my belief that we must move forward with determination and a will to win by dismissing arbitrary timelines that undermine the efforts of our forces and our allies. Our soldiers have shown both these qualities on the battlefield and now the President needs to follow their example.

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    4 Responses to Guest Blogger: Rep. Cole on Obama's Troop Surge

    1. Normca says:

      The "Commander in Chief" in the white house today could not command a bottle brigade. And Senator, [thanks to Heritage] we know the Commander asked for 80,000 troops. This is the way Viet Nam Kerry will fight a more sensitive war. Just like Viet Nam. Rules of Engagement do not fire until fired on. So the enemy [the terrorists] who are called insurgents and Freedom Fighters by Kerry's buddies, can hide amongst the people, fire at America's finest and run to another house. The strategy; protect the populous, but do it with less than full strength. What I really admire is the way the Generals verbally support the One by sounding optimistic. General Kerry gets his way with "the right war", "Internet Al" gets his way with Global Warming, the unions get their car company, the banks get their 3%, government employees get their bonus, the congress gets their pork [including Mitch McConnell shamefully]. But 10.2% or 17% of Americans lose their jobs along with health care, while The One lives in luxury and looks for ways to pay his benefactors and garner campaign cash and lie about the health care bill. All this while America's finest are putting it all out there, with one had tied to their back.

    2. Tim Az says:

      Incase you have'nt been able to keep up with the rest of America. You are asking Mao-Bama to do something that goes against every fiber of his being. Pull your eyes away from the bottom of that cocktail glass and engage in reality with the rest of us.

      More hoax and less change anyone?

    3. Bill Towns, Richmond says:

      I can't believe how Mr. Cole actually thinks Obama cares one iota about what happens in Afghanistan! If our goal is too win a war that needs too be clearly stated. Obama is sending extra troops in there without a victory strategy but nothing more than an exit strategy. This is all politically motivated! We also don't need to be fighting this war on the ground under rules of engagement that are so restrictive that we cannot possibly win! Just go in there with overwelming force and completely level the place! If we won't do that then we need to be out of there!

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