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  • 222 Economists Support Reining in Federal Spending Instead of More “Stimulus”

    President Obama last week told a group of Republican members of Congress who were at the White House that, every economist he has talked to said they need to spend more money to create jobs and stimulate the economy. The President then asked them to produce a list of economists that say we shouldn’t spend money to get us out of the problem.

    Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) today released such a list. 222 economists from across the nation signed on to support a statement that cautions against out of control federal spending and too much national debt. The economists all agree that the 2009 stimulus bill did not succeed in its goal of creating jobs.

    Furthermore, the prominent group is in agreement that controlling spending now can be done without harming the economy.

    Politicians in Washington have too often declared there to be a false consensus on an important issue, as if those that disagree with them do not exist. Far from being non-existent, the group of 222 harks from distinguished universities, including Harvard, The University of Chicago, Columbia, and Georgetown. White House staff who tell the President there is no disagreement on the merits of economic stimulus are just plain wrong.

    The President can no longer cover his ears. This year’s 2009 Stimulus bill will end up costing taxpayer’s over $1 trillion dollars including interest costs which these many experts believe was a waste. Any progeny of stimulus would face a similar fate.

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    14 Responses to 222 Economists Support Reining in Federal Spending Instead of More “Stimulus”

    1. Perry OK says:

      The real truth to the stimulas spending! Loan money to the crooks that caused the problem at 0 percent interist. So they can continue to get there big bonuses.

      Our goverment watched as the AMERICAN way of blife was raped and plundered by those who wrote the rules. With the help of our goverment.

      Oh yes we will survive this sullying of our way of life. I personnaly believe we should start HANGING some of those Bankers and SEC personal on Sunday, after church and before lunch.I would almost bet more GOVERMENT officials would be attuned to the rights and wrongs of there ways.

      We have no moral compass anymore. Our ethic are tied to the value of a dollar figure. So yes we need to quit spending money and wasting time. Our nation can heal if given a chance. So quit giving our CHANCES to every other country with there hand out. Do some good at HOME first!

    2. george virginia says:

      My only comment about Pres. Obama is

      Joe Wilson was right. The Pres. continues

      to LIE.

    3. Brad S,, Detroit, MI says:

      Please stop calling it a stimulus bill. It is pronounced – "STIM-USELESS".

    4. Tim Az says:

      You still have'nt caught on yet. Mao-Bama is jerking your chain. It would'nt matter if you had 10,000 economists sigantures advocating that govt. stop spending. Mao-Bama would look at the signatures and tell you the pages are blank. The lame stream media would then report it as fact to the handful of people that still look to them for news. You can't have an intelligent dialogue with someone who is absent of rational.

    5. Truthful James, Illi says:

      The President and his fellow statists have zoomed well beyond the ideal of Equality of Opportunity as the starting ground for interclass mobility They have embraced the end of evolution — equality of existence. Except, or course for Governing Class.

      Worst of all, they seek destruction of the most efficient and effective form of governance.– the functioning family with its unique ability to instill moral and civil behavior. In its place they prefer the mob of individuals which can be satisfied and thus controlled with bread and circuses.

    6. Slick - Nebraska says:

      The most important items on the agenda were done first:

      1) balance of the TARP fund appropriated and not spent

      2) $787 billion dollar stimulus, appropriated NOW and only a small percentage spent; more in 2010 just before election; balance in 2012 before the next major election. Of the small percentage already spent, a disproportionate amount went to districts that supported Obama . . . SURPRISE!!!!

      3) Raising the national debt ceiling to accommodate further bills being padded with all kinds of pork

      4) Health Care Reform – the vote is still out

      5) Cap & Trade – down the road; if it doesn't pass the EPA will take care of it.

      You can see that creating jobs is not on the list . . . and don't kid yourself, they DO NOT care if the middle class survives or not because the more helpless we are, the easier we are to herd!!! This agenda is designed to take over the country and destroy life in the US as we know it.

      So all this business with the economists is more smoke and mirrors. It doesn't matter if the President is telling the truth or not because he is not interested in what you or I think . . . he is doing his part to achieve the master plan of the liberals. Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) could have presented a list with 10,000 names on it and no one in the White House would have cared. If the WH cared about numbers, don't you think they would have dropped this health care bill already???

      Get a grip, people. We have to fight back with everything we have if we want to survive this war being waged by the liberals of America.

    7. Jeanne Stotler, Wood says:

      2+2=4, yet Obama and his people want it to = 6, who is going to pay for all this, not you and I but our grandchildren and their children. I want them to have the same quality of life I've enjoyed, less WWII, we have progressed so much and now we have these people who are suppose to represent US and uphold and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION, that are trying to destroy what 13 or more generations have worked, sacrificed and died for. These people have committed Treason, they cannot not be prosecuted as the FOX is guarding the hen house, we can correct this by voting next Nov., this will criple Obama, then go for the juggler in 2012 and after maybe (don't know the legal limitations) prosecute.

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    9. Drew Page, IL says:

      The are a hell of a lot more than 222 scientists that say man made carbon emissions have nothing to do with global warming and that for the past 10 years, there has in fact been global cooling. What good has it done?

      The liberals in power aren't going to be swayed, or even listen to anything to the contrary of what they want to do.

    10. gennywefner says:

      I think you are right. But you should cover more on this topic.

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    12. Red Chalkton, MN says:

      The deficit has become quite large when measured against GDP, and I didn't realize how bad things are in the USA until I saw this chart comparing our deficits to those in Europe, including Greece et al:
      For the first time, I'm concerned about America's credit rating.

    13. Len, Alexandria,KY says:

      As long as Obamaniacs are in charge, the size of Government empoloyment shall continue to grow rapidly… PAID VOTERS UNITED! sounds like something like Stern of SEIU developed for the Administration…. But real job creation??? Nada, Zip, Zero!

    14. Christopher Carr says:

      Stimulus is like good emergency care – it basically means the economy doesn't "die". But we have a chronic disease that needs to be addressed. The American economy is obese:


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