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  • Morning Bell: Howard Dean Is Right, This Is Not Health Care Reform

    President Barack Obama yesterday hosted yet another health care pep rally to shore up liberal support for his health care bill. Obama’s “rally” followed Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) latest capitulation to Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-CT) health care demands, whereby Reid removed a Medicare expansion that Lieberman had initially supported. From the Roosevelt Room, Obama claimed Democrats were “on the precipice of an achievement that’s eluded congresses and presidents for generations.” But hours later, former Governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told Vermont National Public Radio:

    This is essentially the collapse of health care reform in the United States Senate. And, honestly, the best thing to do right now is kill the Senate bill and go back to the House … You have the vast majority of Americans want the choices, they want real choices. They don’t have them in this bill. This is not health care reform and it’s not close to health care reform.

    Later on MSNBC’s Countdown, Dean further responded to President Obama’s claims that “You talk to every healthcare economist out there and they will tell you that whatever ideas are — whatever ideas exist in terms of bending the cost curve and starting to reduce costs for families, businesses and government, those elements are in this bill.” Dean told guest host Lawrence O’Donnell: “There is no cost control of any substance. … You’re going to be forced to buy health insurance from a company that is going to take on average of 27% of your money … and there is no choice about that. If you don’t buy that insurance you are going to get a fine.”

    The President’s own the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) agrees with Dean and contradicts Obama. CMMS found that the Senate bill, instead of bending the cost curve down, actually drives health care costs up, adding $234 billion to national health expenditures. But the President’s fantastic claims did not end there. Obama then asserted: “And in terms of deficits — because we keep on hearing these ads about how this is going to add to the deficit — the CBO has said that this is a deficit reduction, not a deficit increase. So all the scare tactics out there, all the ads that are out there are simply inaccurate.”

    But the President leaves out this all important caveat in the CBO’s report: “In the subsequent decade, the collective effect of its provisions would probably be small reductions in federal budget deficits if all of the provisions continued to be fully implemented.” But nobody believes that all of the provisions in the bill will be fully implemented. For example, the Senate bill includes a 20% cut in the payments Medicare sets for doctors. Nobody believes these cuts will be allowed to happen. By changing just that provision, Obamacare ends up adding $196 billion to the deficit in the first 10 years and $765 billion in the second decade.

    The American people already do not trust President Obama’s health care claims. Just today, the Washington Post released a poll finding that 51% of adults oppose Obamacare, with 40% in strong opposition. Meanwhile only 44% support the bill with only 25% feeling strongly about it. Digging deeper we find that 66% of Americans believe Obamacare will increase the federal budget deficit, 53% believe it will cause their own health care to cost more, 55% believe it will increase the country’s health care costs overall, and 50% believe it will not improve their quality of care.  These findings echo an earlier CNN poll which found that 61% of Americans opposed Obamacare, with 79% believing it would add to the deficit and 85% believing it would raise their taxes.

    It has become obvious to any American following the debate that President Obama has adopted a get-a-deal-at-any-cost mentality that puts a higher priority on the political victory of passing any bill over the policy substance of what is actually in the bill and how it would effect the American people. As Dean told O’Donnell last night: “You can’t vote for a bill like this in good conscience. … It costs too much money. It isn’t health care reform. It isn’t even insurance reform.”

    Quick Hits:

    Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) told Politico yesterday, “I’m not on the bill. I have spoken with the president and he knows they are not wrapped up today. I think everybody understands they are not wrapped up today and that impression will not be given.”

    Iran announced today that it has successfully test fired an upgraded version of its Sajjil-2 two-stage missile which has a range of about 1,200 miles and can reach Israel and southeastern Europe.

    The Obama administration has agreed to let Citigroup and other companies large banks forgo billions of dollars in tax payments in exchange for paying back taxpayer bailout money.

    Despite the current recession and record deficits, taxpayer funded travel by Congress has jumped 70% from 2005.

    Liberals in Congress introduced legislation that would provide amnesty to all illegal immigrants in the United States as of December 15th, 2009, yesterday.

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    49 Responses to Morning Bell: Howard Dean Is Right, This Is Not Health Care Reform

    1. M, Maldabong says:

      Rand Paul Tea Party money bomb today.

      RandPaulGraphs. He’s raised about 50 thousand so far. That’s pretty good.

    2. LastDoorOnTheRight.c says:

      Credibility is what President Obama is using up at breakneck speed. He claims one thing and the facts say another. It won't be much longer until he has spent away all his credibility and will be seen for the empty liberal-rhetoric teleprompter reciting cheerleader that he is.

      A lot of the american public may be ignorant or brainwashed but I believe that even the mainstream's "have your cake and eat it too" crowd will eventually grow tired of trying to cover up all the lies.

    3. Lila, Oklahoma City, says:

      It really is terrible that Lieberman can not be recalled by his constituents. He serves only his own interests with big insurance companies. He loves power and attention. I can only hope his present actions have severe consequences for him. Can this bully be dealt with NOW … he surely is a turncoat …

    4. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      "…51% of adults oppose Obamacare…"

      Dear President Obama, when 51% of the people disagree with your proposal, it means that you are WRONG! It does not mean that you keep pushing the same, rotten meat down their throats, it means you throw the rotten meat away!

      But President Obama will put mustard and ketchup and pickles on the rotten meat and keep shoving it in our faces!

    5. Curt Lane; Phx. AZ. says:

      It seems, then, that the President, with his incessent lying, is bankrupt of morals, values, ethics, principles… You know, the stuff that makes a person decent. Bad man from a bad party.

    6. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      The bill is unconstitutional. "Medical care" is not among the enumerated powers of Congress. Neither the "general welfare" nor the "interstate commerce" clauses authorize Congress to pass the bill. "Health care" can NOT be a "right". The "health insurance – auto insurance" analogy is dishonest. The foregoing is all laid out at:


      Learn these simple arguments and you can amaze your friends and confuse & confound our enemies.

    7. Bill Sr, Jacksonvill says:

      In Totality we all know,

      It's all about Obama, it's all about Obama, it's all about Obama. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm

    8. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      The Liberal Socialists in power are in disarray because they are all liars and can't keep track of each others' lies. They do not serve America or their Constituents; they serve themselves, their ideology, their Party.

      They want control of all aspects of our lives. They need to be kicked out of our lives!

      They need to listen to the People! The majority do not want Socialism in any form and in particular, the Public does not want this Health Bill debacle imposed on it.

      The Majority want the Government to start serving America and its People according to Our Constitution!

    9. Linda Goodman says:

      Seems no one really wants this bill to pass, except Obama, and maybe Nancy and Harry. Makes one wonder what is wrong with it. Why alll the closed door meetings??? What happened to that "transparent" government we were promised??? Better go back and get it right. If the generals in Afganistan can wait 3 mos. while the pres. ponders if additional troops should be sent, as they requested, we can wait a little longer on this monstrousity. I think Obama is loosing that glow the media shined on him throughout his campaign and his true color is showing thru. Even CNN questions his decisions now.

    10. jim toledo says:

      Well, finally, someone with some brains on the democratic side. Who would ever have thought that Howard Dean would take the side of Americans and actually say the truth? Pretty stange stuff going on! This whole health care debate has been a debacle from the start and the smart person will say fix the economy first, focus on creating jobs, and worry about this later or put in some controls, open up the insurance across state lines, work on reducing the waste and reform the litigation. Put America back to work 1st.

    11. CLC, Atlanta, Ga says:

      In addition to contacting our Senators and Congressman to insist on their vote against the bill(s), and all three will vote against the

      bill(s), what SPECIFIC actions can we take to affect the defeat of the bill(s)? Once we get past this point, perhaps the Republicans will find a way to be more effective in developing and communicating a REAL plan to provide better coverage AND reduce costs, because the current system is a financial train wreck waiting to happen

    12. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      We must all try as hard as we can to stop this NOW. If we stop this thing now, by next year Obamalot's lies will be exposed, and this Hijacking of our freedom will be halted, and we can concentrate on trying to get some of this run away deposit spending reversed.

    13. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      Rush and push. Push and rush. Bad legislation is better than no legislation regarding the health care issue. This president is demonstrating his lack of maturity as a man and his lack of depth as a leader. Actually, he is the president of the democratic party, not president of the United States of America.

    14. Linda,Cincinnati,OH says:

      The Republicans that opposed health-care reform from the get-go can now celebrate that they have made strides in making it "Obama's Waterloo" as they promised. Who did they serve by doing this? Themselves and the insurance industry but not the American people.I would label this as traitorous behavior.

      Had they worked in earnest with the Democrats, they could have offered real fiscal responsibility and been the watched dogs that were needed to keep this under control.As it stands, they only served to deny Americans real reform and created even greater mistrust of themselves.

      Its a shame they didn't use this opportunity for its intended purpose–to strengthen our country in a time of economic crisis and improve health care for our citizens.We voters won't forget.You have killed your own party.

    15. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Lila, wow, some really angry words for a man who has his own ideas about what's right for America.

      His own ideas, like his own opinions. I thought that's what America was all about.

      I think your referring to Germany,68 years ago.

      Is that what you were referring to?

      Because this is America, and we want diversity, don't we?

      I do…

    16. david christiansen t says:

      when they wrote the constitution did health

      insurance exit? I do not think so. health insurance started in the 1940-1949era. In a majority of cases countries with national

      health care it does not work. Why 2000+ pages

      What is in the fine print of these pages?

    17. todd says:

      I'll go with the Dean o this one. I always trust the man telling us like it is and especially the one who does not have to lie to win a political race. Look, all these dems are pushing big time to sell this crap because they feel it's better to pass something than nothing for political gain and that's bunk, Im not falling for it. Reconciliation is a good way and those other reforms can pass by themselves.

    18. Ken Dowell, Old Town says:

      How is this hope and change working out for you?

      In short, Liberal Congress and our President keep running our economy into the ground with more and more people on entitlement programs accompanied by more slush fund stimulus spending. This coun try is going bankrupt and the liberals don't care. What we end up with is trickle-up poverty.

    19. Walnut Creek, CA says:

      Presdent Obama lies like a rug. He makes public statements about the stealth health care bill that are not/cannot be true. He is intelligent enough and has access to accurate factual information to be able level with the American people on such an important issue. Apparently he views political rhetoric as a way of confusing or altering the opinions of citizens through misinformation. He must have a very low opinion of the general public.

    20. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      "Had they worked in earnest with the Democrats, they could have offered real fiscal responsibility and been the watched dogs that were needed to keep this under control"

      Linda – its a little hard to work in earnest when you are not invited to the party. The Republicans were excluded from the meetings – this is well documented. Its a little hard to reach across the isle when the door is slammed in your face.

    21. Joe, Missouri says:

      Everything they do has an alterior motive and it is definitely self serving and about control and getting more money from more people. If they wanted to help people they could pay off everyones existing medical bills and feed everyone in the USA with all the money they are spending. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do at this point anyway except vote them out at election time. "For the people" what a joke! Who makes these bills up and who actually believes any of these politicians anymore?????????

    22. Wallyblu, Zion, IL says:

      You know I tried to watch the Presidents meeting on C-Span but I must have had the wrong time because I couldn't find it.

    23. Webster, KC says:

      Oh wonderful, if health care reform fails maybe the Republicans will control in 2012. Then what? More massive spending and deficits like Reagan and both Bush presidents? More wars? More tax cuts for the richest people in America? More national leaders that think the earth is 5000 years old.

      Great can't wait.

    24. William Downey says:

      I never thought I would agree with Howard Dean, but he's right, the bill should die.

      What concerns me about this is that the proposals mandate that American's be forced to buy helath insurance, and the President and Speaker Pelosi think you should be fined and or sent to prison.

      Where is the Consitutional authority for the Administration and Congress to mandate this? And no it's not like buying auto insurance which is state madated for persons who own/operate motor vehicles, the rest don't have to purchase it.

    25. Ben, Dallas TX says:

      "Oh wonderful, if health care reform fails maybe the Republicans will control in 2012. Then what? More massive spending and deficits like Reagan and both Bush presidents? More wars? More tax cuts for the richest people in America? More national leaders that think the earth is 5000 years old."

      Webster, you forgot to include Obama in that list of spending and deficits. Or, did you forget he is responsisble for more spending and deficits than Reagan and both Bush presidents combined? Did you also forget that the US saw a boom in the economy which was unprecendented under the tax cuts of Reagan? Name one thing Obama has offered which has done anything good for the US. Don't even mention the stimulus bill. With unemployment at 10%, the unemployment number seems to be the only thing stimulated. That and the deficit.

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    28. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      These are terrible times that we live in. Times that threaten our Nation's very existence. Our Leaders are Hell bent to take us all down a path of no return.

      However, there is hope. That hope lies within the Citizens of these United States. Our hope and our weapon is the fear and the courage to keep standing and shouting against the lies the Feds and the Media present to the World and to our Fellow Citizens.

      To borrow from Tom Clancy's view of 'Shared Fear'; "Shared fear wasn't something to overcome. It was a mutual support system that turned people of disparate backgrounds and intellects and interests into a single, bonded organism. It was what made the crew of a Warld War 11 bomber or a police squard car or an elite commando force closer than a husband or wife could ever be. It was what made a whole greater than the sum of its parts."

      Shared fear of our own Government is our commitment and what we all have in common at at this moment in history. We can and will overcome radical statements such a Michelle Obama's,"We shall change history if need be." Neither the President, nor the Representatives, nor the Senate, is Stronger that our own Constitution, for it is ours, not theirs. We are not beholding to them, they are answerable to us, and as long as we all make that Stand as one, we will win on any and all issues they bring forth.

    29. Sheri says:

      This bill will be disasterous for our health care system. Republicans should use every partiamentary procedure possible to stop this takeover of our health care. I do not appreciate the fact that Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel wants to take health care away from my special needs child.

    30. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Several of you asked above if there were anything which could be done to STOP the Senate from passing the "Health scare" bill.

      Good news! According to Erick Erickson of RedState.com, the answer is "YES!" According to Erick, the Senate Republicans have an aresenal of parliamentary weapons which they can use to shut down the Senate and kill passage of the bill.

      Erick's fascinating article was posted Dec. 12, and here is the link:


      Read, and then call your Republican Senators and teach them how to fight! Yes! We must tell them how to do their jobs. But it does appear that Tom Coburn & Jim DeMint have at least some idea of the weapons available to them.

    31. linaji in California says:

      I am so Proud of Howard Dean.. He has always been honest.

      I hope all Americans who do not like what is going on will unite and say no.. I will not be forced to have health care.. and pay these horrible corporations and their CEO.ss no different from banks.. God I am so done with this admin.

    32. Paullette, Wisconsin says:

      Dean has enough sense to know that passing a bad bill against the stated objections of 60% of his countrymen will only lead to countinued mayhem. Letting it die and walking away makes more sense; then real reform on an issue by issue level can proceed. Wise Democrats don't owe their allegiance to the egos of the "bill at any price" crowd.

    33. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Webster, you forget one very important thing. It's the "richest (productive) people in America" and those on their way to riches, who created wealth; measured also in productive jobs and a continuous increase in the standard of living. What follows is to give this assertion the perspective of a proper context.

      What best describes "increase in standard of living"? Decreasing cost relative to utility. That would be the most direct measure of productive success. A productive job would be one which yields ever better returns. For example, a loaf of bread costing 1/2 hour's work in the distant past could now be obtained for the price of 5 minutes of work. That is the result of investment in technology of all kinds, from basic education, to agricultural science, to professional training, to better machinery, transportation, distribution, even to including more effective management and accounting practices. Who provides the huge sums of money to be invested and continually reinvested over a very long period of time?

      Back to "rich people". America used to be a country where the mostly productive rich (most of the self-made men in the world) had excess capital to invest in more of their kind or those of great promise starting out in some field. Their investments created not only a technological "mushroom cloud" of physical improvements benefiting all, but more importantly a culture perpetually driven to improve — literally everything!

      Worked well until the government decided it "needed" to meddle in some markets. Controls are costly. They cost double if unnecessary, and triple or more when enacted with punitive intent. The proper payment would always be a specific tax to pay for just that control, which would reveal to all its true price and relative benefit. That would be proper economic thinking.

      But, when was the last time anyone knew a Congress properly mindful of correct economic principles?

      Enter general taxes, deficit spending, and the destruction of capital known as inflation when the first two are no longer adequate to "manage" things. The jobs which we are now lacking have been "progressively" and gradually "inflated off-shore". Also progressively, transfer payments get made to those most negatively affected by this development. First, to the "lower classes" of the economy, then "progressively" to ever higher levels, reaching ultimately the very "cathedrals" of high finance and industrial prowess on Wall street and in Detroit!

      Does give the concepts of progress and "Progressive politician" a whole new (but still non-identical) meaning, doesn't it?

      You may now complete the sequence by yourself. Hint: it becomes a vicious circle, the point which we have now reached!

      No, another round like under Reagan or Bush Sr. could prove impossible. Are the Democrats making sure of this? Is that at least one ulterior motive inspiring their present "orgy"? Your guess is as good as mine. We'll know in a year, or three!

      So, regardless of who or what fails at this stage, Obamacare, Climategate, Afganistan, or Obama himself, our goose is cooked if we don't get politicians into Congress who know enough to get out of our way and to stop spending our last capital reserves, that is if we still have any!

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    35. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      I am tired of this Idiot Obamalot spending 12 trillion dollars and telling us we will go bankrupt If we do not spend more!! Will somebody PLEASE impeach him?????

    36. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      he SAYS If we do not allow him to take over we will go bankrupt. Does he think we are crazy? Will somebody PLEASE impeach this Guy?????

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    38. Gilles de la Tourett says:

      The hateful Wicked Witch of the West tried to feign some tears during a thinly veiled threat of violence against the millions of peaceful, honest, hard working Americans who are fed up with the socio-fascist agenda of the messiah. This pathetic ugly old hag has called Americans exercising their First Amendment freedoms of speech and assembly “un-American, Astroturf, evil, Nazis and racists.”

    39. Gilles de la Tourett says:

      Imbecile Senator Feels Global Warming When She Flies-

      Yes, you read that title correctly. Senator Stabenow (D-MI) actually believes that she can “feel” the myth of global warming when she flies. In an interview with Detroit News Monday, this imbecile stated, “Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I’m flying.” Either Stabenow doesn’t get out much or she is a complete moron. Stabenow was referring to turbulence, a phenomenon that she strangely thinks is a result of global warming. What an imbecile.

    40. Gilles de la Tourett says:

      Oh thank you dear leader for your inspiring speech to my children. Never in the past 15 years had I thought to tell my kids to wash their hands or to stay in school. Your wisdom is awe inspiring.—Thanks to the millions of American parents who were outraged at Obama’s attempt to indoctrinate their children into the strange and creepy cult of the messiah. Your anger castrated our socio-fascist leader forcing him to swap his indoctrination speech for the worthless, brain dead one he gave on Tuesday. I guess our great leader will have to wait to build his fascist army.

    41. Gilles de la Tourett says:

      Unemployment hits 9.7%, the highest it has been in over 25 years and Biden thinks the stimulus is working. The growing consensus is that the American Recovery Act simply added a trillion dollars to the national debt with little to show for it except for a pig manure study, a few turtle crossings, and some healthy swamp rats in San Fransicko. Get a clue Joe!

    42. Margaret Bacon, Tn. says:

      The polls clearly show that the American people do not support Obamacare. The Senate and Congress are aware of these polls, yet they continue to ram Unconstitutional bills down our throat. It is time to Impeach Obama for FAILURE to keep his oath to uphold the Constitution. The CZARS must be marched out of office with him. It is time to take a stand in Courts across America. Wake up America.

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