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  • Iran's Missile Rattling Signals Continued Defiance and Rising Military Threat

    As the Obama Administration’s year-end deadline approaches for reaching a diplomatic solution to the international standoff over Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Tehran has opted to stoke tensions by brandishing one of its most advanced ballistic missiles. Iran’s state-controlled television network today announced that Iran had successfully tested a Sejil-2 missile, a solid fuel ballistic missile that is one of Iran’s most sophisticated weapons. The two-stage missile is believed to be more accurate and easier to launch than Iran’s liquid fuel ballistic missiles. It is one of Iran’s longest range weapons and can strike targets approximately 2,000 kilometers (about 1200 miles) away. This range is sufficient to reach Israel, Egypt, southeastern Europe, and many U.S. military bases in the Middle East.

    Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi claimed that “Given its high speed, it is impossible to destroy the missile with anti-missile systems because of its radar-evading ability.” Vahidi may be exaggerating the missile’s capabilities for propaganda purposes. U.S. missile defense technology clearly is capable of defending against missiles with the range and speed of Iran’s Sejil-2. It is highly unlikely that the Sejil-2 will be able to evade U.S. missile detection and tracking capabilities. And the Missile Defense Agency has developed and fielded missile defense technology capable of handling countermeasures currently in the hands of Iran and North Korea. But the United States and its allies cannot afford to underestimate the growing capabilities of Iran’s rapidly improving ballistic missile force, the largest in the Middle East.

    Vahidi may have been responding to reports of Monday’s announcement that the United States soon will conduct its first missile defense exercise specifically designed to simulate a long range Iranian missile attack. The head of the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency, Lt. General Patrick O’Reilly, said that the United States would conduct a missile defense test in January that would simulate an Iranian missile attack, instead of the North Korean missile scenarios that recently have been simulated.

    Iran previously has tested the Sejil-2 missile, notably, in a widely publicized media event in May presided over by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In September, Iran again publicized a Sejil-2 missile test after the revelation of a secret uranium enrichment facility near Qum. The most recent test comes after the revelation earlier this week that western intelligence agencies had uncovered secret Iranian documents indicating that Iran is working on perfecting one of the final components needed for a nuclear bomb, a neutron initiator that triggers a nuclear explosion.

    Clearly, Iran’s radical regime is making significant advances in missile technology that it seeks to display to the world, at least in part to discourage international action against its nuclear weapons program, which it continues to conceal and deny despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

    For more on Iran, see: Iran Briefing Room

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    5 Responses to Iran's Missile Rattling Signals Continued Defiance and Rising Military Threat

    1. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Two things seem always to have come together: Iran's saber-rattling every time one of these so-called deadlines approaches, and its continued refusal to allow meaningful inspections of its nuclear program(s). How much brainpower was required to conclude that someday they would have the capability to produce both, an explosive nuclear device and the delivery system to make that a useful threat? — Now we're being told they have developed and/or bought the ultra precise timing capability to create a nuclear ignition module.

      How many more such "discoveries" do we need to make before it becomes clear to even the greatest dimbulb on earth that "peaceful use of nuclear energy" was never their ultimate goal? Who will still maintain that this blackmail will vanish by itself just so long as we in the West provide a fresh round of "sanctions" to justify appeasement at every new turn?

    2. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Roger S., MA,

      The truth is the UN, including us, ALWAYS KNEW the Iranian's goal. This fanatical theological regime's goal is Global Islamic Rule.

      The nations of the world never had the courage to mean business and stop them. Many countries had economic interests first – and still do. And, no one had the military courage to give Iran an ultimatum.

      The world cannot blame the U.S. for this mess, although they will when something happens.

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