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  • Another Poll, More Proof America Does Not Want Obamacare

    NBC News reports:

    As the Senate sprints to pass a health-care bill by Christmas, the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that those believing President Obama’s health-reform plan is a good idea has sunk to its lowest level.

    Just 32 percent say it’s a good idea, versus 47 percent who say it’s a bad idea.

    In addition, for the first time in the survey, a plurality prefers the status quo to reform. By a 44-41 percent margin, respondents say it would be better to keep the current system than to pass Obama’s health plan.

    By comparison, in September’s and October’s NBC/Journal polls, the American public preferred changing the system to the status quo, 45 to 39 percent.

    The 15 point spread between the 47% against and 32% for, more than doubles the spread NBC News measured back in October when only 41% opposed Obamacare and 38% supported. And don’t forget today’s Washington Post poll showing 51% of adults against Obamacare and only 44% support it.

    And why are the American people souring on Obamacare? The Washington Post reports that 66% of Americans believe Obamacare will increase the federal budget deficit, 53% believe it will cause their own health care to cost more, 55% believe it will increase the country’s health care costs overall, and 50% believe it will not improve their quality of care.  These findings echo an earlier CNN poll which found that 61% of Americans opposed Obamacare, with 79% believing it would add to the deficit and 85% believing it would raise their taxes.

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    24 Responses to Another Poll, More Proof America Does Not Want Obamacare

    1. Randy,SA TX says:

      what wrong with everone we are rationing health care NOW. what do u think preexisting condition are? big business has no place in health care! Profit over people.

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    4. Mary,Cleveland, OH says:

      I kindly like to respond. Big business has a place in health care over the government. Simply put: when the insurance companies make a profit, the goverment profits financially as well. That's because the government collects taxes from the profits of these insurance companies. No insurance company, no taxes to collect, and in the end the government will loose money.

      With a government takeover of our healthcare system, there will be more rationing, and quality of care will go down. Look at Canada, Britian, and Oregon. You can read stories about their system's problems.

      I say get the government out of our lives and stop suppressing our freedoms.

    5. John Saucier says:

      If obamacare is passed, I don't think we need anymore senators or congress that won't listen to the majority of the people and continue to waste our hard earned money on bad programs and pet projects. It's time to take back our country from the government with our votes before we don't have a country. Check your congressman's record, please. They are supposed to be working for us, not their ego and pockets. No more taxes, no more worthless spending, no obamacare, no deficeits. How do we foreclose on our government spending – call them, write them, go see them, vote them out. Let it be known, we don't like it – at all.

    6. mary triola new jers says:

      They just don't care what we think. What a disgrace we have come to this. I believe with the approach of CHRISTmas GOD is listening to all of us. Jesus will be born again and help us to get OUR COUNTRY back from all the insanity we face everyday.

    7. Ben Franklin, IN says:

      We conservatives are not opposed to Health Care Reform. We are opposed to Health Care Reform as it is now being presented. The current system is a mess. But, it's a mess BECAUSE of government and BECAUSE the patient is not empowered to make their own decisions. Current government policies exasperate this problem. We want true free market reforms, as the Heritage has detailed.

    8. Bill P says:


      Do you think "BIG" business had anything to do with bringing us our standard of living, which inlcudes healthcare. No one wants a nation of large parasites manipulating our lives. Business opportunity and entreprenuerialism have given this country an amazing advancement in life!! Let the market correct the problems in the healthcare industry.

    9. philip says:

      Obama americans do not want your health care program why is the polosi reid and the democrat party have so little respect and so adomodestiy toward the american people who want freedom of choise and not made crimimals of while you push dowN our whishes with dictator behind doors and lies you are miss useing the power of office

    10. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      Thanks to a controlled and corrupt left wing media which would not report the "whole" truth if their very lives depended on it(reallity is ULTIMATELY their lives DO depend on the truth!), most Americans who tune into ONLY MSM have no clue what the purported health care bill is about. This admin is about destruction of the health ins. industry, by undercutting any company's premium, 'cause the TAXPAYER will ultimately pay for EVERYTHING! There is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE RIDE PEOPLE! The ONLY MONEY the government has is WHAT THEY TAKE FROM HARDWORKING PEOPLE through a corrupt income tax system which the politicians(very stupid, incompetent, take-care-of-themselves-first politicians). By the way, with almost a true 20% jobless rate, have you seen any politicans take a cut in pay?! We should, as a people, demand a 40% cut in pay and benefits and a like-cut in their bloated staffs! They should reap what they sow.

    11. Cat, MI says:

      'Big government' will mess the health care system up worse than anything big business ever did. If the government allowed the insurance companies to continue, but refined the regulations regarding how much could be charged to the customers,it might solve some of the issues.

      It's amazing how many folks I see dropping $300 to $5000 during the holidays for gifts, but some of these same folks complain about paying for a doctor's appt. On the other hand, my family decided to pay our hospital bill for a 'holiday celebration' this year, and are happy we have food to put on our table. If our taxes are increased, I wonder if we'll be reduced to eating rice as our daily food instead of buying a ham and the fixins' or whether we'll be able to provide heat and a home for our families in the future – just so can include everyone in a medical plan.

    12. Randy,SA TX says:

      people please understand that the goverment(we the people) have to make law so that big biz can stop denying preexisting condition.if we the people that care of our people then we r held responsible which is better that not with big biz

    13. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      We know the Polls and so do the Congess people. I'm beginning to believe that the only reason for the difference between votes is that there are those who have jobs lined up as Lobbiest and those who do not! I hope to vote for the Individual who will put thier lands and their fortunes on the line to represent us, the same as our Founding Fathers. AS a matter of fact, I will settle for no less. I want a signed contract between the Candidate and the Citizens of the State promising not only to uphold the Constituion, but to undo everything passed that is Unconstitutional and to impeach Obama for failure to keep his Oath to uphold the Constitution, and list his Crimes against it. Failure to do these things forfiets his fortune and lands to the Citizens of his State, not to the Government. That person I will vote for. We all should settle for nothing less.

    14. Robert Ivy, Dawsonvi says:

      All the experienced, good, reliable doctors will leave the profession if the healthcare bill is passed. They will not be able to keep their practices operating.

    15. Drew Page,IL says:

      B.O. and his supporters tell us that adding 30 or 40 million more people into the health care system is going to reduce health care costs. And to do this, he's going to take $500 billion dollars out of Medicare funding. He says he's going to accomplish this by making Medicare more "efficient". We have come to learn his definition of "efficiency", which is to pay the doctors who treat Medicare patients even less than they do now (which is already 30% less than what insurance companies doctors of non-Medicare patients). That ought to really make doctors want to take on Medicare patients, don't you think? At the same time, he proposes to expand eligibility for Medicare to those age 55 and over. This is equivalent to putting more people on the Titanic and reducing the number of life boats to make room for them.

      I've recently retired and after working for 45 years and paid into Social Security and Medicare all that time. And now, after having raided the Social Security funds for years and leaving worthless IOUs, my government tells me Social Security is broke, that I have to wait to age 66 instead of 65 to collect and oh, by the way, we are cutting funding for your Medicare benefits by $500 billion and letting in millions more people between 55 and 65 ( and God knows how many illegal aliens)to share the few remaining dollars left in Medicare.

      And we have to listen to these sanctimonious bastards tell us how hard they are working for the American people, all the while keeping their government provided health insurance and getting a pension of 80% of their annual salaries for the rest of their lives.

    16. Ernie, St. Augustine says:

      Randy, kindly name one thing the government has attempted to operate as a private enterprise, that has not been run into the ground. Amtrak, Postal Service, Medicare,…shall I go on? Each failure — many of them ongoing to this day — have cost us billions and billions in hard earned tax dollars, and not one these "businesses" has enhanced competition with the private sector…in fact, these the existing government healthcare programs subsidize the private sector through a wide variety of (reimburwement) payments to physicians, hospitals, big pharma, to name a few. Imagine a giant "public option" healthcare bureacracy staffed with jobs-for-life federal workers, no profit/loss bottom line, managed by politcal appointees and the like, all of whom (probably) never had real jobs. Sounds like Social Security, Medicare, VA, etc. on steroids. Wake up pal….private healthcare does need to be fixed, but Obamacare is NOT the answer.

    17. Jerry from Chicago says:

      We have greedy, undisciplined children running the country. They must be removed from office.

      National health care is nothing more than an attempt by those in power in government to assume even greater control over the American people than they have today. It gives them an excuse to increase taxes and redistribute the wealth. So is the proposed Cap & Trade legislation.

      Recklessly spending us into poverty, so that they can tax us further and exert even more control over our lives is their goal. It has nothing to do with lofty promises of improving the lifes of the American public, despite their protests to the contrary.

    18. Ashley, Louisiana says:

      My doctor doesn't even take me seriously already with what little health insurance I have, I don't have private practice like rich people, but I CAN LIVE WITH IT. This bill will make it horribly worse. I would have to wait literally months to see the same doctor if this heath bill passes. I do not want to share this with everybody else. This will be an anchor if this bill passes for the middle class families. You will pay MORE taxes than what you pay now, which it isn't cheap already. This will welcome filthy immigrants to soak up what little we have left. We might as well call us broke and let us live in card board boxes because this is practically putting us on the level of poverty. It will come down to you are either rich or poor and nothing in between!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. DAN MOFFATT says:

      you can run all the polls you want to.you can have all the polls reflect that america does not want this healthcare forced on them.it will serve you nothing.wake up america,these politicians are doing this behind closed doors because they don't care what you think.the money that goes in their pockets as a result would make bernie madoff blush.there is no accountability for what they are doing to you and me.you didn't choose wisely america,and so this is whats left.

    20. J.T. says:

      I am sickened by the passage of the bill. Our own Senator Ben Nelson has sold out our State and our Country. This bill will bankrupt this great country, impose rationing, higher taxes,it is a disaster! The people voting for this should be held responsible in the next election…they were un-willing to listen to us, they work for us not the other way around;they just don't care what we think. We do not need people like this in government!

    21. J.T., Nebraska says:

      I am sickened by the passage of the bill. Our own Senator Ben Nelson has sold out our State and our Country. This bill will bankrupt this great country, impose rationing, higher taxes,it is a disaster! The people voting for this should be held responsible in the next election…they were un-willing to listen to us, they work for us not the other way around;they just don’t care what we think. We do not need people like this in government!

    22. tk, romeo says:

      Those individuals who wallow in the cesspool known as the US Senate are in a sprint to bankrupt America. How dare our "elected" servants be so arrogant towards all Americans (yes, even those that favor reform). The corruption that has run amok over this bill is sickening. I agree 100% with JT from Nebraska that we do not need people like this in government!! Especially when we pay their outlandish salary and lifetime benefits. I hope all of those who voted for this sickeningly stupid attempt at healthcare reform keep an eye on their back!

    23. Randy,SA TX says:

      erin i can give u 30x the examples you can give me about runing companys to the ground with private tyranny.

    24. G. Bromberek, La Gra says:

      Please do not pass this bill….we do not want a welfare state and do not want to depend upon the government but depend on ourselves….we need people to be responsible and not depend upon the government….we can change health care by cutting costs….Stop wasting time and get jobs for people….taxes kills growth.

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