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  • The Three Senators Who Could Save You From Government-Run Health Care

    Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) may have announced that he expects to vote for Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) health bill this afternoon, but that leaves Reid with just 59 votes. He needs to get all three of the following holdouts to sign on the dotted line by Christmas:

    Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE)
    As we have thoroughly documented before, there are nearly two dozen abortion funding prohibitions in current federal law that reflect two basic principles: 1) that, except in situations involving the life of the mother, rape and incest, the federal government will not pay for or reimburse for abortions under federal programs like Medicaid; and 2) that, with the same exceptions listed above, the federal government will not subsidize insurance plans that offer coverage for abortion. This is why the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB), military insurance through TRICARE, and the Indian Health Service do not cover abortion unless the mother’s life is at risk.

    Reid’s health bill would change all that, forcing Americans to subsidize elective abortions for the first time in more than 30 years. Nelson told Face the Nation this Sunday: “I still have the unique issue of abortion. I’ve said I can’t support the bill with the abortion language that’s there.”

    Pro-abortion Democrats in the Senate are going to have to vote for a Stupak-Pitts-like amendment, reaffirming our nation’s policy not to use taxpayer money for elective abortions, before Nelson will become the 60th vote.

    Sen. James Webb (D-VA)
    In the Winchester Star today, Webb announced that he is “still undecided” on how he will vote. Webb voted with conservatives five times for amendments that would have prevented Reid from stealing almost $500 billion from Medicare to pay for his massive new health insurance company bailout. Webb also described himself as a “long-time supporter of Medicare Advantage programs which have, in my view, greatly improved services in rural areas of Virginia.”

    Webb may want to pay particularly close attention to the latest report from the non-partisan and independent Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS), the agency in charge of running Medicare and Medicaid, which reads:

    Lower benchmarks would reduce [Medicare Advantage] rebates to plans and thereby result in less generous benefit packages. We estimate that in 2015, when the competitive benchmarks would be fully phased in, enrollment in MA plan would by 33% (from a projected level of 13.7 million under current law to 9.2 million under the proposal).

    Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)
    McCaskill told the Associated Press this weekend: “The whole reason we’re doing this bill is to bring down cost, first for the American people in health care, and secondly for the deficit.” AP adds: “Asked if she would vote against the bill if it raised health care costs overall, she said, ‘Absolutely.’”

    According to the same CMMS study mentioned above, Reid’s health care bill will not bring down the cost of health care. Instead, the bill does the opposite, raising national health expenditures by $234 billion, bending the cost curve in the wrong direction. And according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Reid bill raises health insurance premiums for millions of Americans, which is exactly what happened when similar legislation was passed in numerous states.

    Finally, McCaskill is an honest Senator who recognized Reid’s attempt to separate the Medicare “doc fix” as the dishonest shell game that it was. When the cost of the doc fix is included in the Reid bill, Obamacare ends up adding $196 billion to the deficit in the first 10 years and $765 billion in the second decade.

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    41 Responses to The Three Senators Who Could Save You From Government-Run Health Care

    1. Kathy Hathaway, Medf says:

      Thanks for this info – I had been looking for just this type of information online so I could fax my opposition to the bill to the senators where it would do the most good.

    2. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      There is a reason immigration "reform" has not been tackled first.

      You can throw all the cost estimates out when countless millions continue to enter this country illegally and gain sanctuary in, of course, our sanctuary cities.

      Amnesty is next. These phony cost estimates will be obliterated.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      KILL THE BILL! It originated with controversy. Controversy expanded. DIFFERENT TERMINOLOGY! IT CAN NOT BE TRUSTED!

      The abortion issue disgusts me, as I continue to be suspicious as to why it is put in, in the first place! And why it's not considered to be personal accountability, no matter what?

      Senator Lieberman has betrayed the people by accepting this bill, when it can't be trusted! Easily influenced, Mr. Lieberman? Just the reason this country is losing everything beneficial TO HUMAN LIFE. FREEDOM # 1!

    4. Luis, St. Louis, MO says:

      Senator McCaskill's Twitter account (clairecmc) stated earlier yesterday/Sunday (I didn't save it as a screen shot) that she thought that Obamacare would decrease healthcare costs. That should give some indication as to whether she'll likely vote.

    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      What's needed are 99 votes scrapping the senate's entire healthcare proposal. Instead, congress should be encouraging states to promote affordable and accessible care for their own respective residents. As I've said before, to be debating details over nationalized healthcare is an absolute affront to the inalienable rights of states and individuals. Surely my comment here will be thrown to the wind of media elitists and officialdom hypocrisy.

    6. American-Texas says:

      Whoever votes for this trash will be remembered and a class action lawsuit backed by every American will me made for traitorous deeds done ,conspiracy by the so-called representatives involved,news agencies involved,corporations involved,etc. This conspiracy which circumvents the Constitution and the will of the PEOPLE will not just be forgotten. You think you have enough money for the lawsuit??? Well then we will do as you do-we will keep it in court forever and bleed your personal finances till you have nothing-then you will see exactly how it is to have everything taken away and have to join this garbage or be fined and put in prison. The Constitution SAYS the government CANNOT financially burden any person.WE THE PEOPLE will remember you all and under our Constitution it will cost YOU.

    7. Olin Maide says:

      Heritage Foundation,

      I am new to your web sight, but a long time verbal supporter of your position with respect to the preservation of our God inspired Constitution. The one item on your web page that just elates me most is titled, “HERITAGE INITIATIVES”. I receive many survey questionnaires especially from the Republican Party groups as I am sure millions others do asking for my opinion on the vital items concerning the future of our nation with respect to government involvement in the everyday affairs of free men and women. I never answer the mindless choices offered as an answer to the questions which range from total support of our freedom and thus limiting the power and size of government to total submission to huge government socialism restricting our every action. I return the survey with a very bold note asking, “If 60% return the survey supporting a movement toward socialism, does that mean the Republican Party will make that part of the party platform? Don't ask me what my position is, but tell me what is your position”?

      I firmly believe that a majority of Americans are conservative constitutionalists and will support absolute conservatism if it is proclaimed.

      Thank you for your INITIATIVES,

      Olin Maide

    8. American-Texas says:

      Every American get together and contact your "AMERICAN" representatives,radio show hosts,"AMERICAN" news agencies ( if there are any left),neighbors,friends,associates etc.-all get together to get this class action lawsuit started NOW.Create a fund that will offer a reward to bring out the truth for individuals hesitant on "blowing the whistle" and for any information on conspirators involved with all conspiratory,unconstitutional deeds and personal integrity of conspirators involved.Fight fire with fire-back and use our Constitution to save it.

    9. peggy minnesota says:

      i never thought about faxing great idea! i to am thankful for this site and the work they do. may god bless you all that are fighting on the behalf of (we the people) side. i am also a conservative and totally believe in our constitution and that it should be upheld by our government which they are not doing unfortunatly. how else can i fight back i now don't have a job right now so money is out of the question until i can get hired somewhere at this point i am 52 and healthy enough to work but i will not give up as long as no one else, out there gives up! you people are a true blessing to america thankyou again from the bottom of my heart

    10. Victoria, Alabama says:

      I found it very interesting that you named Sen McCaskill she is very much the obama bot & has been, she has parroted his words in past on all issues regardless of how ignorant or irrational they were. I wonder how she plans to vote yes for this bill when in her state at this very moment they are working on the state level to nullify federally controlled healthcare. MO is so against it-along with other states-that they are working on a way to avoid the mandate before it even is passed in Congress. Now these are the voters that elected her-sort of proves to me she couldn't care less about what voters think or want. She has forgotten that she is the employee not the employer.

    11. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      If we are depending on democrats to stop this bill, which they have been a part of the party that created this monstrosity, I really don't have much faith. The way this administration has "arm twisted" everyone to get in line with the president's agenda is disturbing, and we must realize that whatever these 3 may want for their vote is going to be put on the table for them to choose our countries fate. Realistically we put them in office and the consequences are being realized. They have the majority, so unless the 3 have a devine intervention we should all get used to a sub-standard healthcare system like in Europe and elsewhere.

    12. James Anderson, Will says:

      Of those three I would say Nelson is the most likely to save us from this montrosity. Webb is and always has been a tool and Claire is Claire. Liberal to the core. I noticed that Byron Dorgan isn't mentioned anymore as one who might stop it. Not surprising. North Dakota is well over 60% against this bill and the man who doesn't live in North Dakota, Byron Dorgan is yet again going to go against its wishes. It's time for this guy to get voted out. I found that his opponent is a fiscal conservative and a real citizen of North Dakota. Paul Sorum has been speaking in our state on fiscal responsibility and sitting down with all parties trying to find solutions. I'm voting for the guy. Hell, he actually lives in North Dakota. If you live in my state, let's support Sorum and oust Mr. Dorgan.

    13. Judith,St. Peters, M says:

      Last week Senator McCaskill said, in effect, there are 'no privately paid abortions in bill'. 'The whole reason (for) this bill is to bring down cost' is another GOOD reason to not vote for this 'heath care' bill, with it's hidden agendas. Use any reason, there's plenty, why NO Senator should vote for this bill. This government takeover of our health care, regulation and control of the private sector, MUST NOT see the light of day!

    14. Paullette, Asia says:

      An avalanche of opposition to this healthcare seems to be a moral imperative. If citizens don't object in every way possible, then they will live with the negative outcomes knowing they are responsible. All senators need to know — WE OBJECT — and stand against this perversity.

    15. ME, Chicago says:

      You forgot our Roland Burris!

    16. Charles-Odessa says:

      There are too many things wrong with this bill, the Senate Procedure, the Presidential involvement, and the total cost to America and its jobs.

      Either you can defend all of it or none of it with your vote.

    17. Gail, Amarillo, Texa says:

      This bill must be killed. If it is about just the cost of health care, why did the President threaten our national security last night? He arm twisting Senator Nelson by threatening to close a st4rategic military base and to make 10,000 people in Nebraska unemployed. This is not about health care. It is about an agenda foreign to the American way of thinking and performing.

    18. Marktlv, Las Vegas says:

      At present, Mr. Obama is indeed interested in a political victory over passing anything of substance that comes remotely close to the promises he outlined to the American public in his joint session speech some months ago. That this president has abdicated his duties and his oath of office, is not surprising. What is surprising, is that we have so many Senators who are willing to stake their political futures in an effort to score points for the president. Have we really fallen to such a low level in the governance of our Nation? They should kill this bill and immediately begin a prudent process of seeking true market driven approaches to correcting the government run healthcare process we now have in this Nation.

    19. DiAnne, Minneapolis says:

      As many have stated above, there are so many things wrong with this bill. First and foremost, it is unconstitutional. Yes, I do all my homework at Heritage. Don't know what I would do without you. John Boehner said earlier on Fox, "If they had the votes, this bill would have passed by now." Trouble in paradise? We, as conservatives, must continue to "make noise". We cannot allow this bill to see the light of day. Mr. Obama promised no earmarks. Many promises have been broken and this one is a whopper. Let's get busy! God bless us one and all!

    20. Bruce Lawton OK says:

      Wishful thinking on your part I am afraid. I will not expect a NO vote from any senator with a D or I after their name. Just my opinion.

    21. Pam, Texa says:

      Please call and write to these senators and any other thinking senator. Ask them why they are willing to follow someone who is willing to throw them under the bus after he gets their votes. It's all about Obama. It should be clear from his "I" and "me speeches that he's primarily concerned with his own legacy and will "sacrifice" others in order to reach his goals.

      Of course amnesty for illegal immigrants is next in the hope that Obama will secure additional voters for him and his chosen followers. We need to act now while there are still more hard-working people in this country than there are people who think they are "entitled" simply by living and being here.

      I simply do not understand redistributing the "wealth" from those who have earned it to those who don't and won't attempt to earn it. We need our country back where hard work and ingenuity is rewarded and government is not in our everyday lives. Surely, in the long run most people will realize that all the freebies that Obama is promising are not free.

    22. Deb, Michigan says:

      I am amazed our congress is willing to hand over another portion of our freedom to the executive branch, transfer more of our money to those who have not earned it, and turn a deaf ear to those they are meant to serve. They are there to protect us from tyranny not assist! Reduce the debt not our liberties or we the people will refuse to pay taxes as did the first patriots.

    23. TerryP, Nebraska says:

      When push comes to shove McCaskill and Webb will cave. Liebermann looks like he is in the process of caving, though maybe the details of the bill will make him reconsider once we get to see those details. Nelson is probably the one that is the most likely not to cave. The ironic thing is that abortion may be what kills the bill, though it has really little to do with health care, not the fiscal nightmare that this health care bill will cause.

      What we need is for the CBO to actually start donig some figuring on what this will cost citizens, employers, and in turn employees. What the CBO has done so far has just concentrated on what it will cost the federal gov't. Once you figure in all the mandates on individuals, employers, and what has to be in a plan to qualify, costs overall will be much higher and rates will continue to climb at above normal rates because their is no individual responsiblity built into this plan. When you are spending someone elses money you just won't be as fiscally conscious as you would otherwise be, especially if the money can only be used for health care and nothing else. Secondly, when you are not held accountable for living a lifestyle that causes increased health costs you are very unlikely to change your habits. This bill just penalizes people who try to stay healthy and manage their money wisely. It takes every incentive away to lead a healthy and fiscally responsible life and insteads rewards the opposite.

    24. oldenpisdhoff, South says:

      These three are most likely doing what the other's have, holding out for that last minute "promise" from the White House. I respect Lieberman but I won't put it past him to get bought out. If he does sink that low, he loses my respect. Also, it amazes me that our politicians can't get past the greed that keeps them from looking out for America first and their districts, secondly.

    25. Annie IL says:

      It is truly disgraceful of our (supposed) president to BUY off senators to get their vote with our tax money. We have not given our permission to use our money in this way. We need truthful senators who will vote for the people not for what the president wants. What a waste of time, energy and money this democrat controlled senate is doing. They should thoroughly be ashamed of themselves. Where is their self esteem and pride in their elective position? If prescription drugs can be obtained less costly from Canada and they are the same or just as good as what we have in the US then regardless of any deals with BigPharma we should import them. We cannot keep making deals to get legislation passed. If it is a good bill it should pass on its' own merits, without getting in bed with all these lobbyists. Snakes breed more snakes!! It is time to stop being cowards and kow-towing to Obama. Does their conscience sincerely dictate a "yes" vote or is it the fear of Obamas' wrath?

    26. Carol, AZ says:

      Closed door sessions, silence and secrets, is "how" this bill is being shoved through, on all levels.

      The lack of public disclosure for fact, by Pres. Obama's Admin.,is the new rule of law, in D.C.

      The mouth pieces utilized for exploitation to the public, is N. Pelosi, and hotel Harry Reid.

      No surprise there!

      They face the camera gushing with slobber, telling the American public, "this is the way it's going to be."

      Currently, both the Dems and Rep. are all so confused,no one really knows what's in, what's out.

      The gifting of $$$ to once opposed elected Rep. to this bill, & to various State, has been the cunning, inkind promise, for votes, for passage.

      The perfect example of this process is the State of Louisianna.

      This modern "Louisianna Purchase" resulted in a pay-off, for votes.

      However, this elected Rep. failed to get the $$$ promoised, a lesser amount was gifted.

      Her greed, duplicity and stupidity resulted in her complaining to the press over this well mange Gov't —- job.

      This example, one of many, is how "sick and broken" this entire scenario has become dealing with this issue in America.

      For myself an those of you who have come to the final tipping point regarding the un-constitutionality of this bill, you are certainly correct.

      Keep that premise close to your heart, that old parchment and the Bill of Rights will triumph over this in the end.

      If this boondoggle passes it will be tied-up in court for years based on the tenet's of free choice, the violation of States Rights and the American citizen.

      (Can we hear from some lawyers out there please)

    27. Dano, Texas says:

      Well, if Lieberman does sign up on Reid's bill, I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers. I was affraid that he was just holding out for more $$ for his supporters. Our "leaders" will vote for anything if they can get enough "pork". Where is Jimmy Stewart when you need him??

    28. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      I'm so disgusted with this Congress now and finally believe they are not interested in what the American public wants in health care and in many cases they just don't care, which makes me sick and mad as hell.

    29. Jerry from Chicago says:

      I would encourage all reading this to send a letter or e-mail to Senator Lieberman, thanking him for the stance he has taken on the Senate Health Care bill. I plan to do so and to encourage him to stand fast in opposition to the public option and the expansion of Medicare to those 55 and over. I would also encourage everyone to contact Senator Webb and ask him to join Senator Lieberman in opposition

      It's terrifying to think that only one man (possibly two) stands between salvation and disaster.

    30. dan,florida says:

      I am so fed up with the Congress. The one mistake our founding fathers made was in NOT putting term limits on All three branches of government. Of course, after FDR Won a third term, the Congress got behind term limits for the President.. If it is good for the President, it should be good for both the Judicial and Legislative branches. This Health care fiasco is nothing more than the arrogant Democrats wanting to keep the entitlement mentality going, which is vote buying, and it is what keeps them in office. I have not much use for the Republicans either, being an Independent. Both Parties are more interested in keeping themselves in Power than in doing what is right for the country. And, of course, Obama wants to remake America in his own image. Just like God made man. I think he thinks he is God.

      Down with the Healthcare Bill!..Term Limits for Congress NOW…. Vote all the incumbents out next election……

    31. Trent Hard Horace, says:

      I agree with James from Williston, ND. Dorgan and Conrad both need to go. Our Govenor needs to announce that he will run against Dorgan next year then maybe he'd change his vote on health care. Right now he doesn't see any real threat to lose his seat no matter how badly he sticks it to the hard working North Dakotan. Obviously Dorgan and Conrad are more interested in their personal political careers than the tax paying middle class income earner of ND or anywhere else for that matter. Ask Canada about their health care system Dorgan and Conrad, and I mean ask the middle class income earner (real people) how they like paying for it, not some beaurucrat. Canada basically doesn't have a middle class anymore because of all the gov't programs. The middle class is who always ends up paying for these things, there isn't enough rich to pay for these monstrosity gov't programs and there never will be!! Someone in Canada making $35k/year has a total tax burden over 50%. That same person in CA is closer to 35%. This is the path you are leading us to Dorgan and Conrad.

    32. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Quite frankly I am losing all faith in all Congressioanl people. To me, those who support the American Citizen's will, just haven't nailed down a job as a Lobbiest yet, and still need to be re-elected.

      I've seen their names on 'Pork Barrel" too. Honesty and Policts mix as well as water and oil.

      Our Constitution needs amending, and it needs it now, via a Continental Convention, called forth by at least 33 States with three Representatives each, and with a 75% yes vote, they have created a "NEW AMENDMENT."

    33. LOUIS L CESAR F LEVY says:

      That three Senators can save is rather a good sign,but let's stay Vigilant and be ready to bring to Court these UN-constitutional Mandates, long enough to have all madly mind controlled congressmen and other official out. Be ready for a SCRUTINY and a SELECTION

      from now on, of whosoever aspire to occupy any Public Position.

    34. Consertive in Califo says:

      Yes there are Consertives in California. Many many more than people think. I have not found a person in California yet that is for this farce of a Health Care Bill (hate to even call it that). Keep the Faith and Tea Parties (we will come). The People of this country have a long memory. Thank you Heritage and Consertive Talk Radio and TV

    35. sue, wisconsin says:

      PLEASE PLEASE save us from Government run health care. Every time government gets involved it's screwed up and costs trillian dollars. The American people(voters) do not want the government in their lives. PLEASE SENATORS Ben Nelson, James Web and Claire McCaskell, vote this bill DOWN – kill it! HELP HELP US!

    36. isaac pentlin, lives says:

      I don't like this health care bill because The Insurance companies devised it. It is meant to destroy the capitalistic system. The capitalist syrem does do good; for example, the rise in the wealth of black americans developed a market in varied areas of the american economy; because money talks in a capitalistic system; It was not the democrats or republicans but rather the expansion int previously ignored markets.

    37. Drew Page, IL says:

      Sue, WI — Your best bet is to e-mail Senators Nelson, Web and Lieberman urging them to join together to vote against the "public option", cuts in Medicare funding and expansion of Medicare eligibility to those 55 and over, all contained in the Senate HC bill. You can forget about Sen. Claire McCaskell, she is in the tank for President B.O. Do you remember how she treated her constituents who attended her townhall meeting?

      Your plea to "PLEASE, PLEASE save us from national health care" must be addressed to your fellow citizens in Wisconsin. Write to your local newspaper's Op-Ed page, where reader's comments are posted. If enough of your fellow citizens do the same in opposition to the Senate's HC bill, your Congressmen will take notice. Those that you can't sway, you need to vote out of office.

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    41. Norris Hall says:

      Government run health care is going to end up like the government run invasion of Iraq.

      It will cost ten times more than projected, will take ten times longer to fix than estimated, will result in massive debts that will be passed on to our children, and in the end will benefit few people.

      Republicans have got that part right.

      But they are still clinging to the notion that somehow government run invasions of countries are done better than government run health care programs.

      Hello. You have the same folks running both "programs".

      I hope Republicans will take their own words to heart the next time a president want to send an invasion force anywhere in the world.

      The Job of government is to screw things up. That's why Iraq has lasted so long, costs so much, killed so many people, saddle us with so much debt, and still shows no signs of ever ending.

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