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  • Putting Party and Vanity Above Country

    Like a desperate last-minute Christmas shopper who will grab any gift and pay any price, Congress may rush through a hasty and ill-conceived rewrite of health care legislation. President Obama’s message to Senators seems focused more on party loyal and an appeal to desires for glory than on what Americans want or need.

    With public support collapsing all about them (61% in opposition according to CNN’s December polling), Democrats may be motivated by a feeling that they’ve gone too far to turn back now, even if it’s in the wrong direction. They could invoke Benjamin Franklin’s aphorism that “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

    Franklin, however, had a much nobler purpose in mind—independence from government tyranny.

    What’s in the final bill may become immaterial in this Christmas rush. That’s dangerous because the ultimate language remains a mystery after earlier efforts ran afoul of multitudes of objections. The 11th-hour rewrite of the bill will be major version Number Nine since varying editions began surfacing during the summer. With or without a co-called “public option,” it’s certain that the bill will displace millions of Americans from their current private insurance, put Washington in charge of all health care and insurance, and expand the number of people who depend on taxpayers to pay for their coverage.

    Bureaucrats such as the new “Health Choices Commissioner” would be granted czar-like powers to impose what would function as a federally-controlled single-payer system. That power would extend over everyone, even those who think they still have private insurance.

    “It’s now or never” sums up the White House message as President Obama asks his fellow Democrats to disregard the public opposition and pass Obamacare anyway. White House operatives told Politico this is the “last chance” and “last train leaving the station” as time runs out for the Senate to act before Christmas.

    Previewing the message, Vice President Joe Biden said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”: “If health care does not pass in this Congress … it’s going to be kicked back for a generation.”

    The appeal to unity and glory is an echo of the argument Obama used to rally final votes for the House version of the legislation. As ABC News said about that House meeting, Obama used an argument based on political calculation: “At the end of his speech, Obama got a rousing ovation for saying, “I am absolutely confident that when I sign this bill in the Rose Garden, each and every one of you will be able to look back and say, ‘This was my finest moment in politics.’”

    This appeal to political vanity is very different from the claims that the President makes about his proposals in public meetings. So it’s no wonder that Obama has abandoned his campaign pledge to conduct health care negotiations publicly and on C-SPAN. As he said in 2008, “I’m going to have all the negotiations around a big table. We’ll have doctors and nurses and hospital administrators. Insurance companies, drug companies — they’ll get a seat at the table, they just won’t be able to buy every chair. But what we will do is, we’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN.”

    As Byron York writes, the fact that they’ve already overreached is “why Democrats continue to push health care, even if it kills them.”

    Those wishing to commit political suicide will suffer the consequences at the hands of the voters. The problem is that damage won’t end there. Dramatic new costs will be imposed on 160-million Americans who already have health insurance. Unfair adverse consequences will abound, such as a $3,000 penalty on businesses that hire low-income workers. It will be costlier than ever to create new jobs or to buy insurance (except for those who are granted new government subsidies at the expense of taxpayers).

    Rather than appealing to party loyalty and political vanity, President Obama and others need to slow down and consider the best interests of the country. But they show no signs of doing that.

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    3 Responses to Putting Party and Vanity Above Country

    1. John B. San Diego says:

      Mr. York is correct in saying majority leadership in congress and the Obama administration has overreached, I submit they will continue to overreach until they are removed from power or until they can no longer sell anymore of our debt abroad. What does that leave for the next administration and in fact our nation if the Dems succeed, what happens to the next generation or two of Americans…?

      With that said “Healthcare…aka Obamacare” seems to be not so significant as the prosperity and longevity of our country. I was always told prior planning prevents p**s-poor performance. The holiday rush to political expediency seems to have a devil-may-care attitude of distain and disregard to the American People or the future of the economically beleaguered State of the Union.

      Political suicide is a totally different matter the Dems have obviously thought that one through.

      One obvious strategy play out front for all to see is Obamacare will not take effect until after the next general election. A person could argue that this is so Dems can brag they have accomplished something for the sake of mid-terms while not suffering any backlash until after the Presidential election 2012. Ben Franklin is right for the most part few will jump this Stinking Dem Ship for fear of the wrath of Soros and the like cutting off campaign dollars. Meanwhile, Emanuel sits at the head pulling the strings of puppets with a very heavy left hand and total disregard for the health of OUR NATION___ GOD___ Only knows why!!

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      There is nothing in or of this bill to trust. They've revealed the intent and stand firm to get it past. Changing terminology fools Joe Lieberman. The people's concerns? TOTALLY IGNORED! My family and I will be forced to go on this government supervised plan and we don't want it! We don't trust it, we believe the government will hire less then qualified, medical staff. And overstaff anywhere else for the sake of employment. The government is doing absolutely nothing PRODUCTIVE. They continue to complicate this issue. GET GOVERNMENT OUT! KILL THE BILL.

    3. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      "Finest Moment?" Wow, somebody remember to put that on our countries tombstone when the rest of the world drags us into debtors prision on counts of reckless spending and abuse of the worlds economy. Please excuse my sarcasim, but the arogance of these elected officals is mind numbing. If I recall their oath includes something to do with "do no harm" to the american people and "uphold the constitution". So now they are having "buyers remorse" for their power grab. What is "glorious" about the destuction of the capitalist system? In dictator run countries these people would be taken out in public and shot for their treason to the country. But in this country our media "praises" them. Wow, and we wonder why this country needs medication in large doses daily..

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