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  • Guest Blogger: Rep. Capito Says We Need to Put a Personal Face on Copenhagen

    As the festivities in Copenhagen got underway last week, there was no shortage of enthusiasm from those pushing for new regulations, new caps and new taxes – all in the name of saving the planet.

    With EPA Administrator Jackson officially unveiled her agency’s endangerment finding, commentators were quick to point out that this was the proverbial stick that was supposed to bully Congress into finally giving the President what he wants.

    Yet – as all this unfolds – I can’t help but think about what this will all mean to mining communities in my state of West Virginia, or in Kentucky or Wyoming or other energy-producing communities across our nation.

    We can all get on board with a move towards more efficient energy technology that burns more cleanly and reduces emissions. Yet it seems that many in this debate like to pretend that aggressive emissions are a slam dunk win for communities around the world. The human economic costs tend to get brushed aside in this great crusade toward “progress.”

    The cries of “green jobs,” for example, are as omnipresent as coverage of the Tiger Woods fiasco, but talking about green jobs doesn’t change the fact that more than 500 coal miners in my state were told last week that they may no longer have their jobs.

    While a range of local factors contributed to these specific layoffs – it’s quite obvious that the future of coal mining communities is rather bleak given a regulatory agenda that’s blocking mine permits and a legislative agenda that will impose devastating cap-and-trade regime.

    And with news that a proposed West Virginia wind farm was also blocked by court action last week, it’s becoming apparent that moving to these “green jobs” will be no cake walk either.

    On behalf of thousands of citizens in my who state fear that “success” in Copenhagen will mean capping their future, I urge the President and his team to remember that he represents families in Appalachia too. Their jobs should count for something.

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    24 Responses to Guest Blogger: Rep. Capito Says We Need to Put a Personal Face on Copenhagen

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Thank you Rep Capito for lending a human face to this reckless arm chair legislation. Rather than surrender our nation's sovereignty to international interests, the federal government should respect states and their immediate neighbors for being able to handle their own energy commodity and environmental affairs. In other words, the liberal heavy congress and administration need to focus on America's interests. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this why they were elected?

    2. Brand, Branson, MO says:

      As a former NE Wyoming resident where at one time (and it may still be) Campbell county was the 5th largest largest coal producer in the world, right behind Russia, I can tell you that in that state alone Cap and Tax would be devastating to about at third of that states population.

    3. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Regimes like Iran and N. Korea pose a global threat. One has nucs and the other one is getting close. The "environmental hazards" that either of these manic-depressive regimes pose to the world is incalcuable. Sooner or later, one of them will do the unthinkable, whether intentionally or accidentally.

      MEANWHILE, the save-the-world crowd is rioting in Copenhagen over global warming.

      EVEN IF global warming melted the ice caps (according to Al Gore) in 10 to 15 years, is THAT more dangerous to our planet and people than Islamic Fanatics and a manic totalitarian state with nucs?

      The global warming insanity continues, even as REAL, TANGIBLE, threats, could result in the deaths of millions and leave the environment poisoned for thousands of years.

      Where the ____ is the world's priorities?

      They will doom us all.

    4. AliceWV says:

      I think Santa should leave a big lump of WV Coal in President Obama's stocking.

    5. Larry Hoffmann San says:

      This example of lost jobs is just one example of what will happen with cap-and-trade. Many jobs will be lost as energy prices rise. Manufacturing jobs will move overseas where companies can compete because costs are lower there. The cost of living in the U.S. will also rise adversely affecting our well-being and standard of living. And the end result? Virtually no change in global temperature. Bottom line: high cost and no benefit.

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    7. James H. Shott says:

      What's truly frightening is that even if cap-and-trade is defeated, or effectively defanged, the EPA can wreak as much or more havoc on the nation — and West Virginia and southwest Virginia, as well as the other energy producing states — without this dangerous legislation.

      You might like to read http://www.jshott.com/2009/12/going-rogue-sarah-p

    8. Cindy Brown, Kentuck says:

      You are too nice Congresswoman Capito and I admire you for sticking up for coal. Your collegues are onboard with the Obama Agenda. VP Biden said it during the campaign that stuff kills you. If it killed people more people would be dead. The country runs on WV/KY coal and Obama is trying to put coal out of business. Thank you for standing tall for conservative values.

    9. Rick, IL says:

      You would think after all of the climategate stuff we would back off of this agenda, since most of the "science" claiming global warming was fudged. It just exposed it for what it really is, an agenda and not science at all. Why else won't they have an honest conversation about the information, instead they just insult and shout down those who disagree with their perspective.

    10. khris Dundee, MI says:

      Just ask the people in northern michigan how do they like those noisy wind machines they dont they have been trying to get them taken down a year after they were put up who is makeing the money on all this Al Gore?????

    11. Jerry,WV says:

      EPA ruling is a blatant attempt to blackmail congress. You and your allies should make sure the move by EPA goes before the Supreme Court so carbon regulation authority remains with our elected officials instead of with an Obama appointed and directed EPA.

    12. Barbara, Nevada says:

      Self-serving, absurd is the EPA ruling by the Obama appointed Jackson. Another indication Obama and his administration is not concerned with the American people and the Constitution, rather it serves their misguided junk science agenda to gain POWER, CONTROL.

    13. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      It does appear that all of our efforts to stop this hoax is working.

      Good work by those who (China) tapped into the emails exposing the fraud behind climate change.

      Sorry to Al Gore who thought he would make billions off of this hoax on the backs of hard working Americans.

      Thanks to the Heritage Foundation for staying on top of this.

    14. philip says:

      Copenhagen rules should not take present over america and the consitution. We are one nation under the rule of we the people of the united states of america,not one copenhagen world socialist type of goverment. No to world goverment. The united united nations or any other form of world goverment dose have the right to tax the american people we as a nation of free people just say do not honor any treaty with a one world goverment

    15. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      There is a man in Australia, Peter Spencer, who is on a hunger strike as a result of his governments mandates on his land use and CO2 reduction. Austrailia signed the Kyoto agreement. In essence, the government has refused to hear his case in court for the past 10 years. His is unable to farm his land and it is now worthless because it cannot be used and no one will buy government controlled land. Peter Spencer is committed and will die soon if the Australian government continues to ignore his pleas. And you think this can't happen here?

    16. Bill Runyan, Bradfor says:

      My children had an excellent English teacher during high school that taught and continued to reinforce their writing with "specific is terrific . . " I have always tried to speak and write to form a picture of something familiar to whomever I am speaking when trying to emphasize a point. As an engineer with 38 years experience in Oil & Gas, Coal, Iron and Steel, I am used to people, facilities, facts and budgets. I can relate to countless jobs that will be lost with Cap and Trade. I have seen very few specific examples with the faces of "Green Jobs"

      Bill Runyan, Bradford, PA

    17. Carl Austin says:

      I am a West Virginian who, like many others, have had to leave the state during their lives to find careers. I certainly love my home state and its wonderful people, and I'm very proud of Representative Capito's article. I know watch the Presidential campaign last year I saw Mr. Obama in WV several times dangling the carrot of clean coal in front of the voters. I sure don't see any efforts by the government to stimulate the clean coal initiative. I may be wrong, but it seems now just like the many empty campaign promises of this President. Change….ha. Just another empty politician. I do hope he can gather his administration to push for clean coal and the clean production of all of our resources, including the alternatives. I pray for the miners and their families. They have powered this country for many decades, and now they will be "hung out to dry". Where's the Clean Coal efforts?

    18. Carie-Wisconsin says:

      We want coal!! Use the money that's set up for green technology and install the filters needed to recapture emissions from coal!!

    19. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      Any agreement with the United Nations on Global Warming by our Nation's Representatives we can all agree is not in the best interest of the United States of America, no matter what your personal views of the subject are.

      Any agreement with the U.N. will allow our Nation to be subject to power of foriegn interest. That in itself is unconstitutional. But let us say that it is done. In order to enforce the policies, the U.N. would have to use their our Military Forces, and by their own Charter no Nation shall have to, or will use their own Military in their own Country.

      Now can you picture those "Blue Hats" trying to force anything upon the American Independence?

      Never, under any circumstances, give up you Arms.

      Thomas Jefferson once said, "The Tree of Liberty must, on occation be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants."

      Force, in my mind, is always the last and final resort, but it is a resort as an American that I reserve to keep, as guranteed under our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights, and our Constitution and its Amendments. And these, contrary to what any seated or past Politician or Judge may have said, are to be treated as if, "Written in Stone", because we are a Republic and the whole of our Nation is based on those words. They are not adaptable.

    20. FHP, WV says:

      Thanks for representing WV's best interests!

    21. Claude Cornell says:

      It used to be that if someone said something about one-world-government they would be labeled a far-right wacko, but now we are coming face-to-face with the monster. If this Copenhagen thing is successful we will be on the slippery slope

      downward into full-fledged one-world dictatorship.

    22. mike clark, chas. wv says:

      Mrs. capito, you are fighting so hard to keep coal in yours, mine, and ours state. If only Obama could know that it is GODS creation to heat up the earth when judgement day comes, he to should understand that GOD created coal, he also created man to work the coal, that he work it by the sweat of the brow. And the coal miners have. I was at the rally in kan. city and the miners standing was so nice. So much better than the tree huggers. There was a man that came over to the miners side with a child in his arms and the other holding is hand. I quess he thought that the miners were going to start something with him while he had the children. Well to no avail the miners were so respectful, the state police saw this and they came to get the man an escorted him back to the other side. So, you can see who is playing a dirty nasty game.

      Thank you Mrs. Capito for workin so hard. Keep it up, we will stand behind you 100%.

    23. Darryl, Lexington, K says:

      Mrs. Capito, I suggest you speak with your legilators in Charleston and Governor Manchin about the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. The powers of the federal government are granted by the States – not the other way around. It is time to make a stand and the People are in need of leadership on this.

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