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  • Morning Bell: The Battle Over Obamacare's Obituary Has Begun

    Last month, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rammed through her version of Obamacare almost a week before the agency in charge of running Medicare and Medicaid, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS), could issue its non-partisan and independent analysis of the legislation. And for supporters of the President’s plan, it’s a good thing she did. The CMMS report eviscerated almost every single promise the President has made about his health care plan.

    According to that report, Obamacare: 1) raises health care costs; 2) causes millions of Americans to lose their current health care coverage; 3) forces millions of Americans to pay fines and still receive no health insurance; 4) causes millions of seniors to lose their Medicare Advantage plans; 4) places millions of Americans on welfare; 5) jeopardizes Medicare access for all seniors; 6) worsens health care access for the poor.

    This past Friday, CMMS issued another report, this time on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) version of Obamacare and the verdict was in many ways worse: 1) health care costs would rise by $234 billion; 2) 17 million Americans would be forced out of their existing health insurance; 3) 19 million Americans would pay $29 billion in taxes/fines and receive no health care in return; 4) 33% of all Medicare Advantage customers would lose their health care plan; 5)  18 million Americans would be put on welfare; 6) the $493 billion in Medicare cuts would force 20% of Medicare providers to become unprofitable thus jeopardizing access to care for all seniors; and 7) the explosion in Medicaid recipients would exacerbate existing health care access problems for the poor.

    The week before the Senate began debating Obamacare, CNN conducted a poll and found that Americans narrowly opposed the plan, 49% to 46%. Now that the Senate has been debating the plan for two weeks, and CMMS has issued two devastating reports on what the impacts of Obamacare would be, opposition to the plan has skyrocketed. This Friday’s latest CNN poll showed 61% of Americans now oppose Obamacare compared to just 36% who support it.

    Liberals are is beginning to see the writing on the wall. They know that if Obamacare fails to pass the Senate this year, the battle will be on to explain its failure. For them, the story can not be that President Barack Obama tried to push too ambitious a government health plan. It must be that the President and Congress did not go far enough to the left to satisfy the supposedly government-hungry American people. Hence the left is now attacking the White House and Reid over the public option, the employer mandate, drug reimportation, abortion, and health insurance spending caps.

    Obamacare is not dead yet. Speaker Pelosi has signaled that she will quickly pass anything that comes out of the Senate, so Reid could still cave on almost everything and get a terrible bill from everybody’s prospective on the President’s desk by New Years. But Senators thinking about moving quickly should remember that the public strongly opposes this bill, and that opposition is only rising.

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    41 Responses to Morning Bell: The Battle Over Obamacare's Obituary Has Begun

    1. Ed, ohio says:

      The CMMS should also come clean with the impact placing more patients in the system paying low rates to Hospitals and Doctors from Medicaid and Medicare patients….increasing mix to the 35% number of the total that would simply force more Hospitals to file bankruptcy and Doctors to opt out…..get the CMMS to address this issue, because without Hospitals and Doctors there to serve….no-one will have healthcare…..simple econ 101.

    2. Buster G says:

      YAY! YAY!

      Gee, Folks, I'm all for a true Health Care reform, but ~I~ would not tear down my WHOLE HOUSE if I was ~just~ going to re-do my kitchen!

      I'm glad the American public is SPEAKING UP!

    3. ron jones says:

      start following the story on why banks are NOT lending. also who is against the wall street boom and bust track record. stop the manipulation of investment instruments: derivatives, credit swaps, naked short selling etc.

    4. John Eley, Alexandr says:

      We need to be very careful on both sides of the debate on health care in debating the issues in terms of what will happen if certain provisions are retained in any legislation that passes. No one knows with any degree of certainly what will happen if any given provision is enacted. Policy implementation and policy design is at best an inexact "science" and history is replete with policy failures as well as policy failures. In virtually all cases the success or failure of given legislatively based policies is a function of implementation. We should couch all of our evaluations of alternatives in the probabilities and possibilities not in absolutes.

    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      If CNN (Communist News Network) has a poll that shows 61% "disapprove" of Obama's plans to control our health care (and every aspect of our lives), you can only imagien the REAL disapproval rate. Reid, Pelosi, and Obama will lie and distort the true facts about just how disastrous this bill really is. These people, as well as every Democrat that supports Obama's socialist take over of this country, will do every thing they must to pass any sort of bill just to allow Obama to claim he got health care passed.

    6. Jonathan Seid, Willi says:

      The present exploration of a health care insurance plan by the democrats in congress and supported by those who think of themselves as liberal, demonstrates clearly that the party moniker 'democrat' is really 'socialist'.

      Such clarity of party identification seems to be lost on libertarian and republican party members, is as much as it would seem to be so simple to politically attack democrats for this ascension.

      Will the intellectuals of conservative thought reject socialism? I don't think it will happen because the conservatives of politics accept socialism. The only difference between them and liberals, is the conservatives would spend less money and take a little longer to get national health care insurance on every citizen. Really, conservative only means slower, doesn't it?

    7. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Passing legislation, regardless of whether it is good or bad, is nonsense. The Government controlling health care is nonsense. It has no business being in business!

      We have hooligans and hypocrites in Washington who think it's a game of win or lose when they pass legislation. This, too, is nonsense.

      The only thing that makes sense is to believe the goal of Progressives is to first destroy then control all aspects of a free America. Either that, or they are just plain stupid and ignorant.

      No matter what name they called themselves, they are all basically Marxist control freaks.

      "By their deeds shall ye know them"!

    8. jim toledo says:

      Obamacare isn't dead yet and even though it should be, means, simply, that the Democrats still have some life getting this monster bill passed. As long as this is one the table, we're safe, but, I think these guys will do what ever they can to get this passed no matter the lies, deals or whatever they need to do. It's like watching the Democratic party do Hari-Kari and dive bombing their planes into the Senate. It's like these people are willing to throw away their careers and historical perspectives for something that the majority doesn't want.

    9. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      I read HF for the headlines.

      "The Battle Over Obamacare’s Obituary Has Begun"

      WHO is have a battle over the "Obituary"?

      and WHY.

      HCReform is coming, and YOU WILL LOVE IT.

    10. redpens, PA says:

      I hope it fails, along with cap-and-tax-and-destroy. Let's keep it up.

    11. Gene from Indiana says:

      The President saying banks will not be rewarded for turning down loans is the same policies that got us into the housing bubble. Giving loans based on rewards from this government as apposed to the loan applicants ability to pay is what is wrong with the whole thing.

    12. Mike, McLean says:

      Obama's class war continues. On his best day he's a hypocrite the rest of the time he's just a liar.

    13. Ron Derry NH says:

      I'm for health care reform but I don 't consider socialism a reform but a coercion of power away from the people.

      Obama's entire message from day one was "America is flawed, we must turn it into a socialist regime, because I read that in a book as a cure for all that is evil".

      We are getting Socialism not a health care reform package. We are getting a transfer of individual strength based on our freedom to choose our way through life, and it is being substituted by GOVERNMENT coercion and intervention into the very freedom that makes us strong; OUR SELF CREATED VALUE. Where the government should be strengthening our value so we may leverage better coverage they are reducing our value by weakening our position by the way of taking our power away.

      This will be a win for big business, lawyers and government ….not the people as Obama is strengthening the government to Health care business ties and forcing Americans to pay for what ever may come of it.

      No socialist program has ever protected the rights of the individual, his worth and his steady progress toward a better future with Bureaucratic mandates. NOT EVER!

      What the government should be doing is protecting the citizenship worth, his monetary value and his ability to refuse to pay for poor quality and service.

      Socialism takes away the leverage that our country so aptly put in place to insure freedom and liberty, and democrats year by year giving that power to specialized groups and themselves.

      The more people that think Health Reform is being achieved by accepting the tenants of socialism, the further away from personal value and individual strength, that is essential to our future national freedom and survival, and the closer we are to the moronic acceptance that self worth is bestowed upon the people by their government and not the peoples will or god given rights!

      The acceptance of socialism is against our very foundation, when eliminating corruption and coercion that health care reform should be about!!

      Too many Americans are willing to sell out their brothers and children's freedom, for the accepting of government rule over individual privileges, freedom and responsibility.

      The Government is supposed to be defending freedom, liberty and our right to make our way through this life, not building a system to defend hospitals, doctors, health-care, lawyers and financiers to insure some arbitrary belief that some hoe socialism is an achievement over our once protected Constitutional rights.

    14. howiem, Bangkok says:

      Let's not get excited yet. If Obamacare does not pass as a complete bill, there are many bills in Congress that are being submitted piece meal, which could have the same effect as a single plan. One way to see this is to sign up for the weekly reports from govtrack.us. Warning: Every week the list is very long, and piece meal legislation is being submitted and enacted for every other area, regardless of reality. In most cases the disastrous potential of much of this legislation can easily be understood from looking at the title of the bill. In other cases the potential impacts (none good) are hidden in legalese. All laws have costs and the more laws, the more costs and the more government control we can expect.

    15. Mike Rapkoch, Billin says:

      A single sentence in the most recent CMMS report should, but sadly won't, kill the whole business of healthcare "reform" from the left. That sentence contains the following statement: "…the estimates presented here are subject to a substantially greater degree of uncertainty that is usually the case…" No law, much less one addressing the nations healthcare, should pass when such a conclusion constitutes its foundation.

    16. Catherine West says:

      One can hope we wake-up the backgammon, solitaire playing, 'let the leaders do it', also ran Congress-members whose silence as Democrats assures agreement with the Socialist Democratic Party. If any of these mindless, 'joiner', elected individual American's forsake their Oaths of Office for one man — Mr. Obama.

      One thing is an absolute: "The Patient Protection and Affordable Act" is a law to help the Federal Government force, demand, compliance to voluminous of regulations which will affect the amount paid to any provider of patient care. Many of us professionals that have provided care under Medicare/-Cal(CA) for years, are very aware of reimbursement's effect on delivering patient care. If fact that has been 'the name of the game': How the much-maligned world, by government, of the Home Health Care Provider delivering whatever care the patient requires in his place of residence now, versus the Medicare Regulations which prevent the care by underpaying the cost for the care.

    17. Prevailer76AZ says:

      It seems to me the people in congress have become the 'Fat Cats' of which they accuse the banks.

      Nothing computes anymore. The chaos they promised to use to advantage is quite evident. We must hold their feet to the fire and not give in or give up to their daily dose of yet another proposal to distract and destroy.

    18. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obamacare's almost gone. The opera's in the last act and you can hear the fat lady warming up.

    19. sherry, avon, massac says:

      Are these morons that are writing the bill and want to shove down our throats going to have the same insurance we are? Or are they just special, and get the best?

    20. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      This bill must fail, it is the beginning of the end for the America we all know and love. If the dems, obama,reid, pelosi have their way we may as well fly the flag upside down and give up. They have no compassion for the people, they are just about power and controll. WE MUST TURN OUT AND VOTE IN 2010, PUT THE DEMS IN THE STREET WHERE THEY BELONG.

    21. Roberto A Alvarez, U says:

      I am a Cuban-Ameican, Latin America Analyst, and I can't believe that, the US have turn their back to this part of the American Continent, it is about time that our goverment wake's-up and work with the democratic goverments to STOP, ounce it and for all, Presidente Hugo Chavez, Cuba and everybody else that are making deals with IRAN, I am talking about our security.

      I am a graduate from Havana University in Foreing Affairs, but I have never, work as such due to the fact that I am Not a communist.The Cuban Goverment did not want me as a DIPLOMAT. I am here since 1962. Regards Roberto A Alvarez

    22. Ron Turner says:

      The government is already taxing social security benifits making it extremely difficult on seniors. Now the democrats in power want to cut medicare benifits further to make it even harder on seniors and even raise their taxes. They should repeal taxes on social security benifits restore medicare benifits that have already been cut.

    23. robert sargent new j says:

      obama blames the banking for our problems.obama government is starting a genocide on our way of life.the liberals,if they get their way,will destroy us.oabama and his cronies will not win.america is the greatest country ever.and it will stay great.obama will try is best,he will lose and the people will win.

    24. Roberto A Alvarez, U says:

      President Barack Obama and much of the congress are playing aroud with SOCIALIST IDEAS, tehere is about time that they know that there is NOTHING wrong with Coca-Cola, Apple Pie and Chevrolet.

      I have heard all opf this back in Cuba , when Dr. Fidel Castro introduce COMUNISM IN CUBA.


    25. robert sargent new j says:

      thank god for the heritage foundation and the others who fight for our country through radio and tv.god bless you.

    26. Judith in Michigan says:

      Concerning the D.C. Opportunity Scholorship program. Perhaps Kevin Jennings, the Safe School Czar, had difficulty getting his text book selections accepted by this program. Thus the program is being shut down. Either way, it is obscene (I'm referring to the shut-down, not to the books) that The Obama Administration sees fit to take away an opportunity for poor children to benefit from a good education.

      And the protests from the MSM will start when? Hello, anybody there? MSM, where are you?

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    28. Bobbie Jay says:

      KILL THE BILL. Pelosi and Reid are unqualified to write a bill WE CAN TRUST! REFORM is taken out of context, as it wouldn't have been this long, wasting time and money, if it were honest!

    29. Roger S., Ma. says:

      No wonder they were so anxious and super-busy trying to cram this monster down our throats back in August.

      Term limits! Term limits! Term limits!

      Session limits! Session limits! Session limits!

      He who isn't there can't be bought.

      He who isn't there can't make bills.

    30. Paul Griffey, Richmo says:

      I rate the "I" poor excuse of a president a big F. As it has been pointed our, it is "I this" and "I that", all about himself. He needs to be replaced along with the top 5 or 6 dem's. It's a shame they just can't be fired and loose all pay, they will get,for doing nothing in congress that makes any since.

    31. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      When they are willing to pass "anything" just to pass "Something" you know that things are desperate. Problem is that when people are "desperate" they tend to make hasty decisions that are not "thought thru." I question in trying to pass something that so many special intrests or politicians are being "bought off" for their votes. The fact that some people are just going to vote "yes" because they "think" they can claim that they got something out of it misses the point. When our politicians do not vote in the intrest of the people's will it's just wrong and is bound to have bad consequences. I hope it does not pass, but when special intrests and pork is involved you never really know until the vote is cast.

    32. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      Americans must listen to people like Mr. Alvarez, who know first hand what Obama and his henchmen are trying to foist on them. Socialism and Communism don't work and we are fools if we allow Obama to win. My family had business ties with Cuba and were sick to see what happened under Castro. His brother is no better.

    33. Christopher Popham S says:

      It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to make

      substantive comments on the legislative practices of

      Congress and Senate. They are so out of line and on

      such a spending frenzy, it's hard to keep up.

      However, here is some food for thought, my fellow

      Americans. The federal government currently controls

      30% of the economy. Passage of 'health care reform'

      would extract 16% of the economy and the most recent

      bill (HR4173, control over the financial services

      industry) would be another 15%. That all adds up to

      61% control over our economy and lo and behold, we

      have yet to pass cap & trade, which would likely add

      a bit more. And so, in the near future, we are likely to see hundreds of new government, regulatory bureauracies dictating and mandating every facet of our lives. Socialism? Hold on to your

      hats; this is just the beginning, UNLESS, we as a

      family of 300 million Americans take a stand for

      the domestic security of our nation.

      Good luck America.

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    35. Roni, North Carolina says:

      The government is the cause of our insurance rates being out of control in the first place. Now they want to take control and charge us through taxes even more than the insurance companies charge.

      On the Obamacare, the elderly and those in the twenties will be the one's who suffer the greatest. Of course there are those of us who will refuse the coverage and we will certainly pay the price. No tax return, a fee for no coverage up to $250,000, and jail time. Hm-mmm makes me wonder why Fema is busy renovating the closed military bases. Is it possible, those Fema camps could actually be "American Concentration Camps," for those of us who does not want his stinking Obamacare?

      What is left to do? We have called and written our Congress people and have gotten no where. They do not listen. It is not about us, it is about Obama making history.

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    37. Bob Davis, FL says:

      Say no to socialism !!! say no to Obama and no to

      the democrats in the house and senate!!!! Lets take our country back!!! NOW !!!

    38. Bob Davis, FL says:

      Let's all say no to all those in government that want to take us down the road to socialism!!!!

    39. bernice rocca, 2340 says:

      I was receiving the Morning Bell letter every morning at my old email address which was b.rocca@sbcglobal.net. I now have a new email address: bernicerocca@yahoo.net – Please forward to my new email address.

      Many thanks.

      Bernice Rocca

    40. bernice rocca, 2340 says:

      I've been receiving the Morning Bell newsletter every day but have just changed my email address to bernicerocca@yahoo.com. Originally, my email address was b.rocca@sbcglobal.net. It would be appreciated if you would change your records. I really enjoy receiving my newsletter every day – have been a member of the Heritage foundation for a while. Many thanks.

      Bernice Rocca

    41. ZENO C. THARP III says:


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