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  • Guest Blogger: Rep. Lamborn on Copenhagen's Threat to US Sovereignty

    In the next few days President Obama will venture to Copenhagen, Denmark to attend the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which began last week. One of the discussed goals of this conference is the creation of a universal climate change treaty.

    I am concerned that any job-killing, cap-and-tax style treaty could seriously harm American families, small businesses, and American sovereignty. Our economy is facing a skyrocketing national debt and 10 percent unemployment. The United States must reject any attempt by international bureaucrats to stifle economic growth with a massive energy tax or by huge transfers of wealth from the U.S. to other countries.

    Right now in Congress, if the cap-and-tax bill were to be enacted into law, one analysis indicates it will reduce gross domestic product by nearly $400 billion annually. According to a study by the National Black Chamber of Commerce, cap-and-trade would cut net employment by 2.5 million jobs. Any such tax on an international scale would likewise devastate our economy. President Obama must keep this in mind during his upcoming trip.

    Additionally, any such treaty could undermine American sovereignty. The United States should not be legally bound to submit domestic decisions about energy and emissions to international inspection, compliance, and enforcement. We already have too many unelected bureaucrats in our U.S. government, and adding an international layer- one that is not accountable to the American taxpayer – is completely unacceptable.

    I am not alone in my concern nor is my concern unique to this Congress. In 1997, the 3rd Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change produced the Kyoto Protocol, which was an international agreement on greenhouse gases, and took effect in 2005 and is set to expire in 2012.

    Interestingly enough, before the American delegation headed to Kyoto that year, the Senate adopted the Byrd-Hagel Resolution in a 95-0 vote that clearly spelled out that the U.S. should not enter into a treaty that either leaves out developing nations like China or poses harm to the American economy. The Kyoto Protocol violated both provisions, and neither the Clinton nor Bush administrations submitted to the Senate for the required ratification. Those countries that did ratify the protocol failed to produce any meaningful reduction in greenhouse gases.

    As the Copenhagen conference is generally seen as a platform to create a Kyoto II, these same concerns exist today. My concern has prompted me to adopt the Byrd-Hagel language as a guide and add a provision to address sovereignty concerns. Other Representatives, Senators both, Republicans and Democrats, have taken action and submitted letters of concern to the president or spoken out to the media. I am hopeful this collective voice will not fall on deaf ears.

    My resolution, H.Res. 945, expresses the sense of the House of Representatives regarding three nonnegotiable conditions the United States must adhere to while representatives are discussing any international agreement on greenhouse gas emissions under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. These conditions include not signing a treaty if it results in significant harm to our economy, if it compromises American sovereignty, or if other countries are not held to the same standards.

    As the conference enters its second week, I urge the President to make American workers and families his top priority. We cannot afford to keep killing jobs by misguided policy decisions. I hope the United States delegation will reject any ill-conceived scheme of international wealth transfer.

    The views expressed by guest bloggers on the Foundry do not necessarily reflect the views of the Heritage Foundation.

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    18 Responses to Guest Blogger: Rep. Lamborn on Copenhagen's Threat to US Sovereignty

    1. Bonnie Bowman, Fort says:

      Thank you for speaking out on this issue. Hopefully our President will not do the wrong thing.

      Bonnie Bowman

    2. Kyle Keithley Dallas says:

      So few in Congress have a clue as the true M O of the "green agenda", nor do the sheeple soldiers of the "movement" God Bless Rep Lamborn, Never Weaken Sirm

    3. Paul Terry Stone says:

      One question that I have not understood yet. Since the United States is independently sovereign , how could an international agreement overrule what our Congress has to permit first.

    4. Dennis Idaho says:

      Obama may sign this treaty but the Senate has to ratify it with a 2/3 vote. That means that 67 senators have to vote for it before it would become law. Even then it can be challenged by the WE THE PEOPLE.

    5. redpens, PA says:

      This isn't about climate change. It's about wealth redistribution. This must be stopped once and for all.

    6. philip says:

      We as a nation can not aford to pay for other nations america first. We do not enter in any treaties with forgien countries. We are a self governing country with a consitution wich rules our goverment as a free nation. We are not under rules of a globle form of dictatership type of goverments.We will not honor any treaties that require us to pay for or aid other countries for there so called green house gases or any thing that threatens our consitution or our freedoms in american way of life. Congress don't sell out america

    7. ron wieder, new jers says:

      Mr. Obama cares little about our country's sovereignty – as most Socialists and Communists.

      I call him Mao-Bama for that reason. We can ill afford at this time to get involved in any Global Warming fantasies that would impact on our flagging production and increasing unemployment.

      Mr. Mao-Bama has plunged this country into un-edurable DEBT that will impact on us for generations to come. He is by far the WORST president in our Country's history. Let's not allow him to cause us further damage !

    8. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      This President is the worst President in our country's history. We have a Congress going along with all his socialist agenda.

      My questions is what can we as American Citizens do to stop the destruction of our country?

      If Obama signs anything in Copenhagen, I want him impeached!

    9. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I think his main objective is to rule the world, I've always thought he had a Napolian complex, he doesn't like America, he thinks our Constution out of date, he ignored it when accepting Nobel peace award, he and Congress have ignored it over and over passing and trying to pass laws contrary to it's creeds, he bows to other country rulers, apologises for our actions that freed countries from Nazi and communist rule. The only thing he does good, well 2 things, read from the teleprompter and make use of ever photo op he can, if the majority of voters do not stand up nd make sure go back to our basic ways and laws we will ease to be the country we were intended to be.

    10. Jerry from Chicago says:

      It is no secret that America has been the envy of the rest of the world. We are, or were, the one remaining superpower. We are, or were, the wealthiest nation on earth. We are, or were, the nation whose citizens had the greatest freedom and liberty on earth. It is no wonder that America is, or was, the envy of the world.

      When Western Europe was threated with a fascist takeover twice in the 20th century, it was America that stepped in and liberated Europe from that threat. Post-WWII, it was America that prevented the complete takeover of Europe by communist Russia. When natural disasters strike other nations and countries around the globe, America has always been the the most generous to help with food, medicine, money and volunteer workers.

      Some people admire America for its greatness, wealth and generosity. Some, unfortunately have come to despise us for those same reasons. It's not uncommon for people to look with resentment on those who have it better than they do. It is far easier to criticize those who have earned a better life for themselves than it is to make one's own life better through hard work and sacrifice. We can see that right here in our own country.

      Personal responsibility, study, dedication, hard work and saving are such uncomfortable words to so many these days. To many Americans, these are virtues that can often lead to personal success.

      We seem to have a growing number of people in this country who feel that personal responsibility, self improvement, hard work, dedication and saving are for suckers. Unfortunately, this number is growing. And more unfortunately, we have politicians pandering to them.

    11. LOUIS L CESAR F LEVY says:

      Good point Senator. Awareness should be more and more raised around the Huge Deception and Conspiracy against us by Enemies we even might know not. All that threatens us in one way or another should be fought, from huge spending, socialized medecine or even the whole Capitalist par Excellence {Country}. Now is the time to UNDERSTAND the meanings of this UNNAMED and UNCONVENTIONAL WAR against us and FIGHT IT BACK by first of all refusing all that endeavor to lower us.

      Stay vigilent folks.

    12. R Morini New Hampsh says:

      These people are going to do whatever they wish to do, and no one is going to stand in the way of the money they can make from it. This is the next step to One Government. Even if they do not believe the e-mails that have been released, it should be reason enough to stop and have an investigation. But instead they march on and dont care what anyone thinks. Al Gore, Obama, Goldman Sachs, Clinton, they will make fortunes from this. Do you think they will let us stop them? They will squash us.

    13. Dave B. St. Louis says:

      There aren't enough votes in the Congress to give the President the authority to sign a treaty which will endanger our sovereignty. What we have to watch for, down the road, is if the Conference comes back with different wording, calling it an agreeement. This can be passed with a simple majority of votes from a Democrat controlled Congress. This conference isn't about climate change, its about a "New World Order". I never thought I'd live to see the day when the greatest country on earth would be threatened so severely by such a small group of radicals. I hope everyone is as upset in 2010 and 2012 as they are today. The majority of Americans don't like the direction this administration, or the last one, is taking. We need to start thinking as Americans what is best for our country, not as Democrats or Republicans. Let us start by looking at candidates track records and values, not at their veiled promises. God bless America.

    14. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      We can never forget what Al Gore, G. Soros and the rest of them have tried to pull off with this hoax.

      Al Gore is a liar and a traitor to our great country and he should be banisheed from American soil.

      The audacity of these people who think they can steel from hard working Americans to line there on pockets.

      Look at the polls Al, you've been found out…

    15. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      If the President signs this treaty, is it an act of treason?

    16. Dave, Laguna Niguel says:

      The PEOPLE of the United States of America have a RIGHT to DEMAND that the president of our country abide by THE CONSTITUTION and PROTECT its PEOPLE!! To do any less is to ask for immediate DISMISSAL! Protect our borders, our language, our culture, our jobs, our ability to produce products AND energy,protect our ECONOMY and our people from those who are sworn to kill everyone they do not like! SO SIMPLE A JOB!

    17. LOUIS L CESAR LEVY H says:

      Once again, this all is about the SILENT but active and HIDDEN WAR against us or US. Our leaders are controlled by our Enemies who use them in thousands different ways so that they subtly destroy our country. Some of our weapons are VIGILANCE and UNDERSTANDING.

      By vigilance we don't let any hostile measure prosper against us.

      By understanding the LOGIC and MECHANISMS subtly at work, we see all the horror this MIND CONTROL entails and will never have rest until this horrendous process and HUGE DECEPTION is STOPPED, probably by more than simple votes as the Enemy might use other containment. BE READY FOR A SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

    18. Ron, Ky. says:

      When will the vast majority in this country speak out to our poliical leaders to stop this madness and get back to following our constitution and doing what's right for us not everyone else in the world are they to stupid to know whats going on. I hope there is enough people in this country smart enough to to get rid of all of these crazy liberals to get back to commmon sense governing this great country.

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