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  • The Latest Senate Debate on Drug Reimportation: The Outcome Could Kill You

    Timmy: Mommy, where does the new drug I’m taking for my Leukemia come from?
    Mother: It comes from a drug company.

    Timmy: But why does the drug company make it? They don’t know me.
    Mother: Well, partly they make drugs because they help people – the people who work for these companies have kids, too. But mostly they make the drugs because they make money. That’s what they do, just like Daddy when he takes care of patients at the hospital and I do in my office at home.

    Timmy: But where does the drug really come from?
    Mother: Drug companies spend years doing research into what works and what doesn’t. It costs a lot of money, and they get their money back when the drug works and we buy it.

    Timmy: But what would happen if the company didn’t make enough money?
    Mother: Then the company would stop doing research and we wouldn’t have any new drugs like the one you’re receiving right now.

    Timmy: I think I understand.

    If Little Timmy gets it, why can’t Senators? A bi-partisan group of Senators are trying, once again, to allow drug imports from Canada.

    But here’s the problem. Canada, like Europe has strict drug price controls, which means Canadian drug prices are generally- but artificially- lower than in the United States. (This means, of course, that American consumers get to bear all the research costs that go into developing new drugs, but that’s another story.)

    If drugs are re-imported from Canada, lower drug costs will likely follow as advertised. But so will a halt to most research into new drugs. No new research, no new and better drugs. No more effective, more targeted treatments for cancer, no new antibiotics, no new treatments for AIDS.

    But this might not be a problem for you. You might be lucky. If you’re sure neither you nor your family nor anyone you care about is going to need these new drugs, then you should support re-importing drugs. Otherwise, you should ask the supporters of re-importation why they want to kill you.

    For more on the dangers of drug reimportation see:

    Time to Stop Drug Reimportation

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    Why Drug Reimportation Is Bad Policy

    Debunking the Myths of Drug Importation

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    4 Responses to The Latest Senate Debate on Drug Reimportation: The Outcome Could Kill You

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    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      How good is the research being conducted today? a few years back, in the Pioneer Press (i think), there was an article on researchers discovering something called "canceritous?" It was too bogus sounding for me and haven't heard about it since! With all the corruption, it makes one wonder.

    3. Wally Fletcher says:

      Timmy: But, Mommy, why should we outlaw free trade across borders?

      Mother: Shut up, Timmy.

      Timmy: Mommy, why do drug companies scare people into taking drugs with NNT's over 100 having 17% adverse reaction rate?

      Mother: Timmy, I said shut up!

      Timmy: Mommy, what are "me-too" drugs?

      Mother: Son, I'm gonna tan your hide!

      Timmy: Mommy, how come the drug companies get to use the National Institutes of Health research? That's socialism, right?

      Mother: I'm getting my belt!

    4. mamiel says:

      I love how you "conservative" organizations cower at the thought of free trade when in may adversely effect corporate profit margins. The pharmaceutical companies might have no more money for research? Maybe they can start saving by cutting back on all the free note pad and pens they send to my doctor's office, or all their high paid reps who show up to promote the drugs they just "designed" that are identical to drugs that already exist.

      Nice to see another "conservative" carrying water for for the Pziser.

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