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  • Morning Bell: Speaker Pelosi's Spendapalooza

    Next week Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is expected to attach a provision to the Department of Defense appropriations bill that would increase our national debt limit by $1.925 trillion. This debt limit raise would authorize the U.S. Treasury to borrow as much as $14 trillion, which is 30% higher than the $10.8 trillion limit that was in place when President Barack Obama took office.

    Defending the unprecedented size of the debt limit, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told The Examiner: “There is no doubt the debt ceiling will have to be at that level in order to meet our financial obligations at this time next year. This is not creating new debt.” Not creating new debt? Hoyer speaks as though he and his Speaker are completely powerless to control all the federal spending that is driving up “our financial obligations.” In fact, Hoyer’s statement comes on the same day that he and Speaker Pelosi forced through a $447 billion “minibus” spending bill that every single Republican and 28 Democrats voted against. Filled with 5,224 earmarks, this merged appropriations bill provides an 8% hike in discretionary spending for the third consecutive year since Pelosi took over Congress in 2007. Altogether, discretionary spending has jumped 25% since Speaker Pelosi took the gavel, and Congressional Democrats have spent $561 billion more in discretionary spending than if they had limited federal spending growth to the baseline inflation rate. Despite a $1.4 trillion deficit, appropriations bills passed this year have included:

    • A 67% increase for the Environmental Protection Agency’s State and Tribal Assistance Grants;
    • A 30% increase for the Corporation for National and Community Service;
    • A 9% increase for Amtrak;
    • An 8.4% increase for Lawmakers’ Office Allowances; and
    • An 8.1% increase for the National Endowment for the Arts.

    This is not the budgeting of a Congress even minimally serious about the budget deficit. And each large annual discretionary spending increase becomes part of the permanent discretionary spending baseline. In fact, the steep increases over the past three years have added $1.7 trillion to the 2011-2020 discretionary spending baseline – nearly $1,500 per household annually. In the past year, Pelosi’s House has passed a $700 billion financial bailout and a trillion dollar stimulus, a $1.5 trillion health care expansion, a $200 billion Medicare “doc fix,” and an $800 billion cap-and-trade bill. There is no increase to domestic federal spending that Speaker Pelosi can say “no” to.

    It is far past time for responsible leaders in Congress to rein in Pelosi’s profligacy. At a bare minimum, lawmakers should demand that any debt-limit increase also statutorily cap discretionary spending growth at the inflation rate (approximately 2.5 percent annually) for the next decade. Even better, a return to federal spending levels of just a decade ago could go a long way towards solving our debt problem. Heritage’s Brian Riedl explains:

    In the 1980s and 1990s, Washington consistently spent $21,000 per household (adjusted for inflation). Simply returning to that level would balance the budget by 2012 without any tax hikes. Alternatively, returning to the $25,000 per household level (adjusted for inflation) that Washington spent before the current recession would likely balance the budget by 2019 without any tax hikes.

    Quick Hits:

    • Speaker Pelosi said she “would do almost anything” to get Obamacare passed before Christmas.
    • According to a USA TODAY analysis, while the private sector has shed 7.3 million jobs, the number of federal government workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession.
    • According to The New York Times, Americans who buy the same health benefits as members of Congress, or buy coverage through Medicare, will have to fork over a large chunk of cash under the latest Senate Democrat health plan.
    • The Washington Examiner reports that only one fourth of AARP revenues come from membership dues, while the rest come from selling AARP’s name to businesses, including businesses that would benefit from Obamacare, which the AARP has endorsed.
    • According to a new report, climate change criminals have pocketed almost 5 billion Euros by manipulating Europe’s carbon trading “market.”
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    46 Responses to Morning Bell: Speaker Pelosi's Spendapalooza

    1. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Nancy Pelosi has become a dictator who has amassed more power than anyone in her should position should ever have. She is another official elected by the People who has violated her Oath of Office over and over. Will dear Nancy ever be brought to justice? Don't hold your breath waiting!

    2. Rhonda, Texas says:


    3. Doc Bob, Houston, Te says:

      Dear Madame Speaker: I just got my Social Security notice telling me I'd get 'no COLA' due no rise in consuper price index. What formula did you use to increase the budget for Lawmaker's office allowances? Please answer the same question as to National Endowment for the Arts budget increase. Are we significantly short of sculpture this year? Paintings? Got a few in the attick made by grandkids that I'd be glad to contribute.

    4. Tea Party Republican says:

      What about some simple, reasonable actions?

      1/ How about a spending roll back to the spending level of 2008 BEFORE TARP and all the other emergency spending? That would be a cut in government spending which would lower our need for some of the increased debt funding.

      2/ How about a government freeze for 3 years? No one gets an increase, we make do with whatever money is in the pot. This would allow our receipts to close the gap, or a portion of it, between income and expenses.

    5. Mary.....Lodi, WI says:

      The planet needs it to rain for 40 days and forty nights again…..man didn't learn his lesson the first time. Nothing else will stop the insanity of the democrats. They're obviously clueless of all the horrible consequences of their out of control spending.

    6. Amanda, Georgia says:

      Where in the world does MS. Pelosi think this money is coming from? The American People have to get this woman out of office, she is destroying our future, she is aiming to make this country small and insignificant, rather like the UK is now compared to where they were at the begining of the 20th Century. She acts like there is no consequence to her stupidity. They are drunk on their power and are forgetting that the people have the ultimate power to remove them from office. I guess they are thinking all of this spending will keep them in office. Well, not if I have anything to do with it…

    7. David Garry, Homedal says:

      ENOUGH!!!! These "wonderful" leaders are such a disgrace to our founding fathers and to all who have given their lives for this country over the last 200+ years.

      Every action they have taken over the last year has been a farce, we are about to collapse into what happen to the Roman Empire.

      Please someone take up the banner and lead us to our salvation. I do not believe that we can wait for the next elections to replace these morons.

      These leaders should be impeached,recalled,fired. What does it take to remove them from office and get our country back to a world leader state, Maybe a good old fashion blockade of the entire DC area would get their attention. We the PEOPLE have had enough.

    8. Terry, Shreveport, L says:

      I wish someone would pick her up and put her in the

      "NUT HOUSE"!!! As I ponder that thought… I realize she already is!!!

    9. Terry, Shreveport, L says:

      I wish someone would pick her up and put her in the "NUT HOUSE"! As I ponder my thought, I realize…she's already there!(sad to say)…We the people had better "rise up" and take control from this liberal Congress and President as it is clear their goal is to destroy our great nation! Each day they remain in control, they are doing untold, long term damage that is being passed on for generations. ACT NOW…come together!

    10. Terry, Shreveport, L says:

      I wish someone would pick her up and put her in the “NUT HOUSE”! As I ponder my thought, I realize…she’s already there!(sad to say)…We the people had better “rise up” and take control from this liberal Congress and President as it is clear their goal is to destroy our great nation! Each day they remain in control, they are doing untold, long term damage that is being passed on for generations. ACT NOW…come together!

    11. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      It's an insult to all of us who are wondering how to pay our everyday bills with less money, they voted themselves a raise, now they get to raise their office help salaries but SR.'s must make do with less,ie: Medicare B is increased, benifits lowered and Supplement Ins. is increased to cover the later, No COLA for SS this year this ='s less money to pay for GAS. ELEC. and Water. Not even to mention food. Pelosi and the other egg heads on capitol hill do not care about us, they only care about being able to RULE the people of this country and keep their seats for life. Vote them out. Nov. 2010, repeal their actions bring back our Republic/

    12. E B, Tewksbury, MA says:

      At a time when the average credit card holding citizen is getting their credit limit reduced by their credit card company, the Democrats are raising the country's debt limit; how original.Is it possible they really are deaf, blind AND stupid? I think enough evidence is in; YES they are!

    13. Ken Jarvis - Las Veg says:

      "Speaker Pelosi said yesterday she “would do almost anything” to get Obamacare passed before Christmas."



      so that ALL Americans are COVERED.

    14. Tater Salad says:

      Her days as Speaker are what we call…..numbered!

    15. Jefrois, Albuquerque says:

      I swear this current apocryphal world political/religiousspiritual situation was all presciently foreseen in the Scary new Thriller book BLACK ROAD 2012.

    16. jim toledo says:

      I guess that we get what we elect and it's sad that we have elected some of the most unethical people in modern history. It's becoming clearer and clearer to me that the Democrats can't be trusted with the management of our democracy or the government. They have no conscience when it comes to managing money and based on the current health care debacle they don't really care what is best for the country or it's citizens. So, we find ourselves in an unpresidented wasteland. The only way it will end is when these folks are told to pack and go home.

    17. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:


    18. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      People need to accept the fact that the "Democrat-Liberals" use this descriptive name to hide behind. In reality they are card-carrying Marxist Socialists who want to feed and fatten the government. They are fanatic ideologues who believe they must destroy Capitalism and Individual Freedom before they can have control over EVERYTHING.

      People must realize that they do not want to 'fix' anything. There goal is to destroy everything.

      The Constitution stands in their way. Capitalism stands in their way. Democratic Freedoms stand in their way. Individuality stands in their way. Control of personal income and wealth stands in their way. The Fundamental principles of this Country stand in their way.

      So they trample on all of these in order to install their idea of a "Brave New World", a world of total submission to and domination by the state. They would install a despotic dictatorship and control our lives from the womb to the grave. We would all be living in an "Animal Farm" world.

      The Republicans talk a good talk but they have done their share of contributing to bringing this about.

      Everyone should read and learn as much as they can about: Fabian Socialism, Progressive Socialism, Gradualism all of which are different names for the same thing, a Marxist based world. It has been insidiously insinuating itself into our Country and the World since the latter part of the 1800's. That's why it was called Gradualism. Like religious fanatics they have looked to a future beyond their lives and glory in the part they played in bringing about their Philosophy regardless of the wishes or costs to individuals. They are no better than the Islamic terrorists. They are Domestic Terrorists!

      Take the time to click on Wikipedia and the picture will clear.

      Pelosi and all of them are not "crazy". They are sly, cunning and evil people who have been fooling some(most)of the People, some(most) of the time. Hopefully, they will not continue to fool all of the People all the time. Political ignorance is rampant.

      The elections in 2010 and 2012 will decide the fate of America.

    19. Dennis A.Social Circ says:

      There is no news here, the dmes, obama, pelosi and reid do not care about the rest of the country. They just want power and cvontroll and will do anything to get it. The ones that I really feel for are our children and grandchildren. They will be the ones that fight to pay the bills in the future. We may have a silver linning her though, pelosi may dictate that we not have any children as it will lead to destruction of the environement, I mean after all we are heading to the country of socialism, marxism, or communisim under the dems "rule".

      Those of us that can remember the jimmy carter days will think they we great times when inflation and huge interest rates kick in under the present"rule" of obama and pelosi. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON THIS COUNTRY AND CITIZENS.

    20. Darlene, PA says:

      Can we impeach the bunch of them, They think that money grows on trees and not just the paper either. Whenever anyone says Gov. should do what ever, I say wait a minute how about stop doing anything and take a leave without pay for 3 years and just save the taxpayers trillions of dollars.

    21. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Here's a thought: Radical as it is, here's a thought: Why don't

      we do what EVERY mismanaged company does? Declare bankruptcy. Think about it, bankruptcy's the ONLY solution to

      our financial mess. China, and our other creditors, would have

      to stand in line while we come up with a restructuring plan under Chapter 11 of the U.S. bankruptcy code. Too sane? Well, here's another thought: One that's even more radical than first___we do what Mexico did in the 1800s and say "screw you" to the Chinese. Then we declare war on them. Isn't that what Third World countries ruled by incompetent dictators do? I'm being facetious, of course, but unfortunately, therein, lies the truth. We're very quickly beginning the slide toward Third World status. Senator Judd

      Gregg says that we're becoming a financial banana republic.

      His words____not mine. Well, if we're going to become a banana republic, then we should have at least ONE, or more,

      coups. Maybe communism wouldn't be so bad after all. Right? It would be, in Ronald Regan's words, "to accuse Congress of spending money like drunken sailors___drunken sailors spend their own money while Congress spends our money." Obama could try to do what Nixon wanted to do___repeal the 25th Amendment so he can run for President indefinitely—-like his friend, Hugo Chavez.

    22. David Sayers Goldsbo says:

      When the 2010 elections roll around,lets hope there are enough sane people still here that will vote these morons out of office. You can't borrow and spend your debt. But what do they care,it's not thier money. As for the 8.4% lawmakers,or should we say lawbreakers,office allowance increase,that should be up to us not them along with any salary increases. Here we are in the dumper and these clowns are giving themselves more of our money.Enough already. Kick them all to the curb and impeach the head moron Obama.

    23. Jackie, Maryland says:

      If American workers continue to become unemployed, where will Nancy get her revenue? Aren't employed citizens, the people who pay the bills?

    24. Wizenheimer, Wichita says:

      One reason they are pushing for this amount now is so they (the dems) won't need to bring up the debt issue again next summer. With that fresh in voter's minds, they'd all face certain defeat in Nov '10. Just another straw on the camel's back. I think the camel is getting more PO'd than they can comprehend.

      "We cannot tolerate the proliferation of this paperwork any longer. It is useless to fight the forms. We must kill the people producing them."

      — Vladimir Kabaidze, Director of Ivanovo Machine Works, in a speech before the annual Communist Party Congress, 1936

    25. Jeff McDonald - Sant says:

      What do these people use for brains? They obviously care about nothing but their overly inflated egos. They do not look at the polls and figure out that their BOSSES do NOT want more debt. So, if Obama allows the elections next year, he will lose all his power AND the new congress will hopefully impeach the psychopath.

    26. Leith Wood, Virginia says:

      Every day it feels more and more in America like Castro's Cuba.In 2010 we must vote out all in Congress, who are not listening to the people they supposedly represent and do the same in 2012 with the crooked mob in the White House. We are blessed to live in an amazing, free country. Let's take it back.

    27. paul collins.the vil says:



    28. t kulcsar says:

      Where in the sam h**l is our justice system? What these people and I use the word because children may read this is no less than theft,and they should be spending their time in orange jump suits.Is there nothing that can be done to stop the people pulling their chains,because you know they are not smart enough to destroy this country by them self's,After all you can listen to them talk and tell that.The same guy that bought Obama;s office is behind this and we know who that is,he has done this to other country's!!!!!

    29. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Wild, irresponsible and reckless spending. It's got to stop. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Hoyer all have to be stopped. These people are bankrupting our country and our children's future.

    30. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      I suggest that before they are allowed to pass anymore bills, each and everyone of them, and their families, be placed in States, other than their own, and be made to live on the average income of the American Family. Then start taking out all the Federal and State taxes, Property taxes, pay for their water and sewer, their power and food and gasoline, insurance, including medical. And add in the additional "Proposed Taxes" they are considering. Have them all live that way for one year and then, decide if it is equitable what they are considering.

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    32. Judith in Michigan says:

      Those of you not familiar with the Cloward-Piven Strategy, research it. This strategy was proposed by 2 radical socialist Columbia U. profs, Mr. Coward & Mr. Piven. These 2 profs. were big fans of Saul Alinsky of "Rules for Radicals" fame. In a nutshell, they proposed how to destroy capitalism by "manufactured crisis". Very fascinating reading, and frightening because it is happening today in front of our eyes.

      One more point. Mr. Jarvis, you said to hurry up and pass this health-care bill so ALL Americans will be COVERED. Sorry, my friend, but you are not paying attention. Senator Mike Enzi reported on 11-19-09 (and verified by the CBO) that 24 million people living in the US will still not be covered by the Senate health care bill for various reasons, including a full 1/3 who are illegal aliens. Think that is not true? Take it up with the CBO and Senator Enzi, not me.

    33. P.J., Ohio says:

      They are just getting all of their baskets in a row. If he signs Copenhagen treaty and Congress doesn't stop it, we are history. SO pathetic.

    34. Genia from Californi says:

      It is so surreal to watch these politicians so out of touch with the reality of the people that elected them into office (that was the first mistake) and to see how they are so abusing their position of representing the people. They have obviously forgotten or don't really care. They don't want to govern, they want to rule like the dictators of third world countries. It's unbelievable! In the long run they won't get away with it. This comes as no surprise to the God of Heaven and He will be the one they will ultimately be accountable to. God help them!!

      They are all fools and will go down in their folly!

    35. Peggy, Massillon, OH says:

      If we could go back into our history, I am sure that our feeling of being powerless to stop the government is exactly what led to the Declaration of Independence,the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Instead of King George, we are fighting both sides of the aisle in Congress as well as the new "King". I can only hope that when all the current incumbents are replaced in 2010, it will not be too late to reverse the damage. Could we have a campaign to make all candidates pledge in writing to repeal all these massive bills?

    36. Peggy, Massillon, OH says:

      I cannot believe the Chuck Grassley, (R-IA)says he does not know if he put his earmark into the "minibus bill". How can he say he supports Jim Demints bill banning earmarks, then put them in a bill for his state? Oh wait, I know. He is another democrat masquerading as a fiscally responsible Republican. Is he up for re-election in '10? Iowans, vote him out of office. Any incumbent who talks big but votes against his own words, needs to go.

      Republicans in name only (RINOs); list of the Top 10 Most Liberal Republican Senators based on the American Conservative Union Ratings for 2008 (110th Congress, second session).

      Olympia Snowe, Maine; Susan Collins, Maine; George Voinovich,OH (thank God he is retiring); Lisa Murkowski,AL; Mel Martinez,FL; John McCain,AZ; Richard Lugar,Ind;Robert Bennett,UT; Thad Cochran,Miss; Chuck Grassley,IA(because Arlen Specter already went to the dark side).

      If these blind and deceitful Senators are running for re-election, show them they do not belong in Congress.

      VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!

    37. Hal Mettes, Changsha says:

      Pelosi should be impeached…. the best that we can hope for is that she be defeated in election. Will either happen? I doubt it.

      Hal Mettes

      Changsha, China

    38. Jim U.- New Haven says:

      Ken Jarvis, I'm sick of your defense of EVERYTHING the Dumbocrats do (or want to do). Do YOU have any idea of the scope and cost of the Health Bill? Are you naware that ALL Americans could be covered far less expensively than this 2000 page abortion dictates? Do you have any ideas about this administration other than blindly doubling down on your vote last November???

    39. Bob Godwin, Jarretts says:

      8.1% increase in expenses to run their overstaffed offices while 11 percent of the population is unemployed! This must all end, but until more people actually realize what is going on it won't.

    40. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Nothing like buying tomorrow's vote with day-after-tomorrow's "income". They spend like crazy and one of two things will happen: Either, their "gifts" will be enough to get them voted back; or, the new incumbents who will replace them after the 2010/2012 "vote-out" will have to raise taxes to pay for all this –and get themselves voted out in the immediately following election. Either way, they win! My bet says that's why they're not listening. All those here commenting who have referred to Saul Alinsky and/or Cloward-Piven have it just right!

      All the same, use your ballot, also in the primaries, next year and 2012!

    41. Whicket Williams Kin says:

      George Soros is now the most powerful man on the planet

    42. R.E. Vail, Sandy, Ut says:

      Is there no way to get rid of Pelosi? She is a loose cannon and has no respect for taxpayers or the future of our children, grandchildren or our great grandchildren. this stupid spending of money we don't have has got to STOP and STOP NOW!

    43. Ella QUINN N.C. says:

      whicket williams you are right.

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    46. ACE SEZ Bishop, Cali says:

      Folks, if you own a gun(s) shapren your skills with your firearms–you others sharpen your axes and pitchforks—you haven't seen the worst of Osambos agenda for the USA

      Remember November–fight crime –vote out all incumbents

    47. ACE SEZ Bishop, Cali says:

      Folks–if you own a gun(s) sharpen your skills with your firearms–you others sharpen your axes and pitchforks you haven't begun to see the worst of Osambos agenda for the USA

      Remember November–fight crime–vote out all incumbents

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