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  • Copenfrauden: The Scandals Behind Global Warming

    Forget the dire economic consequences of a Copenhagen climate change treaty for a second and think about the fraud involved.

    Carbon Trading Fraud

    Take the European Union, for instance, which implemented a carbon trading scheme analogous to a cap and trade system. And it has been fraught with fraud. French officials are investigating a $230 million carbon trading fraud scheme and this is only the tip of the iceberg in what is a startling revelation and huge blow to the climate talks in Copenhagen:

    Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement arm against organized crime, announced on Wednesday that carbon-trading fraud has cost the bloc’s governments $7.4 billion in lost tax revenue over the last 18 months.

    “We have an ongoing investigation,’’ said Soren Pedersen, Europol’s chief spokesman, in a telephone interview on Thursday from The Hague. “We’re afraid the fraud is not completely finished yet, unfortunately. But it’s positive to see that actions are being taken and we hope soon it will disappear.”

    These Enronesque situations will inevitably occur in the United States, guaranteeing that emissions will not be reduced, but what it will do is invite more burdensome regulations that thwart economic activity, adding on to the economic pain of higher energy prices as a result of carbon caps. It allows for corporations to manipulate a system at the expense of the consumer and the taxpayer while giving the market economy a bad name. This is not a market economy; it’s fraud and deceit that results from politicians trying to create their own desirable system.

    Moreover, since the United States is largely blamed for “causing the climate catastrophe”, other countries will be monitoring the U.S. while they fall short of their own emissions targets and other treaty requirements.

    Global Warming’s Robin Hood

    Sadly, that’s not the only scandal at Copenhagen. The way things are going between developed nations and developing nations at Copenhagen, one would think that Robin Hood was the secretary-general of the United Nations, not Ban Ki Moon. One of the underlying themes has been to take from the rich and give to the poor…to fight climate change, of course. George Soros said $100 billion in funds from developed countries to developing ones “could just turn this conference from failure to success.”

    Or it could add to the fraud of the climate change debate. Why wouldn’t leaders of developing countries play the global warming blame game if they can secure billions of dollars?

    Scandalous Science

    Then there’s the scandal behind the whole reason for cap and trade and climate treaties: the scientific consensus. Climategate revealed conspiracy, exaggerating warming data, possibly illegal destruction and manipulation of data, and attempts to freeze out dissenting scientists from publishing their work in reputable journals.

    Although proponents of cap and trade, Environmental Protection Agency regulations and/or climate treaties argue that now is the time for urgency, the reality is just the opposite is true. Now, more than ever, is the time to pull back the reigns on expensive global warming regulations.

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    9 Responses to Copenfrauden: The Scandals Behind Global Warming

    1. Dave Vancouver BC Ca says:

      The level of mis-information that we are exposed to on a daily basis is mind numbing. What we need is a world wide cleansing round up all the politicals and main stream media and make them stand in a corner.

      Politician's should only be allowed to hold office for 4 years. And as we have separation of church and state we should also have the same separation of politicians and corporations.

      Why do corporations have access to politician's 24/7 while the voters have to deal with bureaucracy. What is good for the goose (voters) is also good for the gander (corporations).

      What has become abundantly clear world wide is the corporations are the politicians. The wall street theft made it clear that the sky is the limit and nothing is going to stand in their way nothing!

      The last time Clinton was speaking in Canada people were lining up to hear Clintons 'aw shucks BS'. They don't realize how much damage Clinton/Gore did to the America's because the main stream media is controlled 'wait for it' by the corporations.

      In your article you highlight corruption already taking place, we shake our collective heads. These people see a way to benefit themselfs and rub their hands saying "aw shucks".

      Good copy by the way 5/5.

    2. twawki says:

      Relax they only lied, bullied, falsified documents, rewrote history, destroyed careers, impugned character, used people and placed the entire world economies in jeopardy

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    4. Paul Z. says:

      What really bothers me is that Tiger Woods gets crucified for liking sex and women, while the UN and governments of the world get off scot free perpetuating this massive AGW swindle that will cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. So much for journalism. Where is the investigative reporting into this serious matter that will affect millions of lives? Where is the peer-review in the scientific process of climate change? No, instead Tiger Woods gets front page coverage in the News, Sports AND Entertainment sections of all the mainstream media channels. Something is very wrong; a revolution may be required to get rid of these climate change hucksters.

    5. Roger S., Ma. says:

      The fraud is never "…completely finished yet, unfortunately". Nor will it ever be for as long as there is all of that "free" money (aka "taxpayer funds") "sailing the seven seas"! Such monies are always looking for an "anchorage", which they "find" with the help of well-connected "harbor guides". All for a dandy "fee", of course. Is that really corrupt, when the primary corruption consisted in the Government's forced "taking" in the first place? — Money gained by force and fraud will always attract others more adept at these two "skills" than the original robbers. Not new, and almost an axiom!

      Why, Ban Ki-Moon IS Robin Hood! At least I never heard of him claiming anything other than that "the rich nations owe to the poor". Has anyone? Any rich nation that would believe him will have only itself to blame! Time to replace him. Time for "High Noon" for Ban Ki-Moon. Get somebody in there who is at least sufficiently intellectually honest to learn to know what to do, what not to do, and when to keep mum about things of which he/she doesn't know anything at all. On the other hand, is there such a person at the U.N.?

      There's no more urgent time than now — to stop all types of "cap&trade", rein in the EPA, and postpone any more of this stuff for at least the next 10 years. Perhaps by then we'll have a real global climate model, one which explains more than it puzzles, is able to answer at least as many questions as it asks, and is not based on "chosen and lost" or "hidden" data!

      Or is that too much "change" for us to "hope"?

    6. Copenfrauden,Ca, USA says:

      Thank goodness for climategate. It seems I've been fooled. I was a Gorebot but not anymore.

      I want to thank God for helping to expose this global warming scam.

    7. Ray B, CA says:

      It is past time to leave UN and force them to someplace suitable like Sudan. So much work, so little time.

    8. R Morini New Hampsh says:

      I have said it before, take the 'trade' out of cap and trade. If no one stands to make fortunes from this farce, see who stands by their pathetic prophesies.

    9. matt boone,,charlott says:

      I never could drink the AWG and Al Gore kool-aid. Whenever in doubt investigate. Check ,see who where the money trail leads. Gores scientist get goverment grants ,you think.His global warming ,like gravity comment, says don't question the science just believe me.Thanks for Truth,it will absolutely set you free. Boomer.

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