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  • Congress Stuffs Its Own Stocking

    America’s biggest spenders have chosen a wonderful Christmas gift for themselves: More of our money.

    Last week, deficit spending reached a new extreme. This week, Congress gave our federal government an 8% pay (spending) raise. Next week, they plan to borrow almost $2-trillion more to keep their spending spree alive. No payments until after Christmas, of course—and the bills are sent to the next generation.

    President Barack Obama led the way in his speech that endorsed “spend[ing] our way out of this recession.”

    Sadly, Congress and the Obama Administration are such jolly givers that they may push Santa into the unemployment line. The new borrowing is beyond our ability to pay.

    It should have been a warning to slow down when the Treasury Department announced we’d overspent our income by $292-billion—in just the first two months of the new fiscal year. Instead, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and friends pushed through a $447-billion spending package that is 8% higher than last year’s domestic spending and 25% higher since Democrats took over Congress in 2007. With 5,224 earmarks. Senate approval is expected this weekend. President Obama’s campaign pledges to end earmark abuse seem to have joined the Ghost of Christmas Past.

    Now, visions of super-sized sugar plums dance through their heads as lawmakers next week plan to expand their own credit line by about $1.9-trillion more.

    The plan is to attach the debt ceiling provision to a military spending bill and vote on it next week. The cynical goal is to accuse those who vote “no” of being against the military. It’s likely that more billions in earmarks will be included as sweeteners to attract votes.

    Earlier this year, explosive spending forced Americans to grapple with just how much $1-trillion is. That’s still an impossible struggle. But now, Congress is going to approve borrowing twice that amount! It’s beyond comprehension.

    Yet it doesn’t stop there. Plans are afoot to spend billions more as soon as the New Year arrives–to “stimulate” our economy, of course. “100 billion, 150 billion, 75 billion — those are all figures that are being talked about,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D, MD) told reporters.

    Perhaps there’s a limit to the ruling party’s appetite for more spending. But if so, it hasn’t been spotted yet.

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    41 Responses to Congress Stuffs Its Own Stocking

    1. mjb says:

      Check out this movie showing the major foreign holders of treasury securities from 2002 to the present!


    2. Daniel de Gracia II says:

      Thanks for posting this. The answer to 1984 is 1776! I wrote an article about how "Crisis Is Killing The Constitution" … check it out:


    3. Cara Jones, Dallas T says:

      The chickens have come home to roost alright! We need to vote these bird-brains OUT!

    4. Linda Goodman says:

      I don't think any comment is necessary. All one has to do is look at the picture above and know we are in deep doo doo.

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    6. Richard Tousignannt, says:

      The only way to stop this type spending is to kick them all out of congress. Check out. GOOOH.com

      This stands for GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE. Meaning we can replace the entire house of reps. in 2010.

    7. Jerry, Indiana says:

      I wish there was some way of revealing the comment/situation that caused such frivolity in the picture above. Whenever you see liberals enjoying themselves like that, it can't be good.

    8. Dan Eldredge, Joseph says:

      What's really sad is that our Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren will be strapped with the Debt.

    9. Ken Van Tassell says:

      Fellow Citizens: Please stay engaged and call and voice your opinion and VOTE! They are destroying the country I served for proudly! For the sake of our children and grands.

    10. Dave, Arkansas says:

      I want to know which republicans are a party to these earmarks. If they are to have any credibility they can't be a part of the problem. Help us to understand this, Heritage.

    11. Corky says:

      This administration is absolutely spineless. They are bottom feeders and pelosi is the lowest. They are feeding on the American People and they don't care about what happens next year. They have millions in the bank and a retirement that pays them very well until they die. They have a very good healthcare package to boot…All paid for by US, the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We need to start a movement to have some of this GRAVY changed and make them WORK for it and not voted in for themselves by themselves….

    12. Pete Stroempl of For says:

      These folks will lead us down the "road to serfdom."

      They must be held accountable – to include harsh punishments for their thefts from the tax paying citizen.

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    14. John Roane Sarasota says:

      The word suckers comes to mind when I saw that photo, that's all we are.

    15. Tim Az says:

      This is very similar to what Janet Napolitano did to Arizona when she was governor. The treasury secratary told her she had overspent and that there will not be enough money for the state to make payroll at the end of the month. Her reply was laughter and then called him a wimp. Then of course she was rewarded with a job at Mao-Bama's side in DC. Thank God for small wonders she would probably have already collapsed the state of Arizona had she stayed here. By next year we are expected to be three billion dollars in debt because of her projected spending.

    16. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Why isn't some smart lawyer pressing charges on this Congress and President. They are commiting treason!

      The Grinch's that killed the American way of life!

    17. Jill Hetherington says:

      They know darn well we are on to them and angry as hell and it doesn't matter to them. I hope they are all gone by 2012 including the folks in the WH. It is time for Congress to start working for the people. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    18. LadiDadi, TheParti says:

      Attaching provisions to military spending, hmmm – sounds familiar doesn't it. Until people look in the mirror, I won't bother listening to this garbage anymore.

      Spending for something I support or by people I support, I don't care how much it costs me, my children, my grandchildren. Spend for something I don't support, or by people I don't support – WAIT A MINUTE HERE – I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK. Please go find your country – it's called Texas.

    19. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      I lived through the inflation/recession during the seventies and felt a much greater business impact from inflation than the recession. While some may think that paying down our debt with inflated dollars will actually lighten the load I suggest it is a really bad strategy. Anyone remember the button WIN (whip inflation now) which turned over became No Instant Miracles. As I see it the administration wasn't around when all of this was happening so to them its "history." But not for me. The inflationary spiral is a very dangerous slope and will result in far greater consequences than the current recession. Beware.

    20. philip says:

      This administration Obabam Polosi, Reidand the democratic party lack total realality,and have lack of morals. The only leadership they have is greed selfishness and no common sence. They just steal from america, and the tax payer. Democrats congress,and the house of rep. have total disrespect for our consitution the united states or the people. Just how much they can put in their pockets and fool people to vote for them. we the people are getting wise to you

    21. Dennis A. Social Cir says:

      We are in the hole way to deep. This must be stoped at once. Let them know with e-mail, letters, and phone calls. We will not stand for this.

    22. Jerry from Chicago says:

      The caption under the above picture should read "and they think they can stop us".

    23. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      All of you on SS and Medicare need to remember this next NOv. We do not get a COLA instead we get a cut, higher medicare part B, higher supplement premiums and part D co-pay, Talk is cheap, he (BHO) says to buy, but then he spends and spends which means higher taxes and DEBT for several generations. My son is a small bus. owner, a surveying co., and he cannot hire help as the work is so slow and overhead stays the same or increases. He just told me his INT rates are up and limit is down, YES his bank got BHO's stimulas money.

    24. Perry OK says:

      As we stand on the edge of this abbis.let us remember who lead us to this sundering. We the people did,yes WE did it to ourselves. We let the politians before set us up to what we have today.

      What to do? REMEMBER and DO NOT let anyone forget.WE THE PEOPLE must state our purpose and FOLLOW THRU. Let ALL polititions know that there reine of "FAT CAT" rule is over. This is not just between Democrate or republican. It is for all of US in our great country. VOTE!

    25. Ernie Ok says:

      Dear Fellow Citizens, It's pass the time to "talk about" It's time to vote these idiots out of office and ban their benefit packages.


    26. Zack says:

      so your party puts us in a recession and then you come after democrats for trying to fix your mistakes? you have no chance in 2010. we will keep the congress. your conservative policies will not be permitted to fail again.

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    28. Cedric Nebraska says:

      "Jeanne Stotler, woodbridge, Va writes:

      All of you on SS and Medicare need to remember this next NOv. We do not get a COLA instead we get a cut, higher medicare part B, higher supplement premiums and part D co-pay, "

      Waaahhhh hoo. Im a disabled vet and I didn't get an increase either, nor should you. I'm getting by just fine. The formula that figures your increases is based on the consumer price index and right now (for the last quarter) it is LESS than last year. No increase in Consumer Prices, no increase for you-BECAUSE YOU DON'T NEED ONE.

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    30. Jerry from Chicago says:

      Zack — You must work for the government. You sound worried, and you should be. Come the 2010 elections we will correct the biggest mistake ever made by an electorate.

      All those 'corrections' you say your team is making to come out of the recession wouldn't include the Stimulus legislation would it? The only new jobs it created was in government bureaucracy. Everywhere else, unemployment is averaging 10%. In places like Michigan and California, it's more likely 15%.

    31. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Cedric, I do my need the money, am a widow, 77, and SS is my only income, $12.00 increase in Medicare suppl. 10 more for part B medicare this means I have $22 less a month to start, and food has gone up, I can't get VA benifits, my late husband worked for a Co. taken over by Gov't. with it went the money that was suppose to go to me when he died, You should not remark on circumstances you know nothing about, we are many, widows on SS and little else.

    32. boxCitoxinors says:

      The response to national disaster is noble but it's a damn shame that so many people take advantage of the sad situations.

      I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill – there's always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.

      This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys "angels" got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!

    33. Richard says:

      my first post

      thank you for having me! :D

    34. Nikon jumelles says:

      But things being what they are I have come to allow that the uninjured community is an riddle, a non-toxic problem that is made regretful on our own mad effort to interpret it as supposing it had an underlying truth.

    35. Appareils photo Niko says:

      But from time to time I arrange come to allow that the fit world is an riddle, a non-toxic poser that is made hideous by our own fuming strive to simplify it as allowing it had an underlying truth.

    36. Yukon jumelles says:

      But right away I be enduring come to believe that the fit community is an problem, a benign conundrum that is made rueful not later than our own fuming strive to simplify it as though it had an underlying truth.

    37. Sector Chronograph says:

      To be a noble benign being is to from a amiable of openness to the mankind, an cleverness to guardianship undeterminable things beyond your own pilot, that can front you to be shattered in unequivocally extreme circumstances for which you were not to blame. That says something very important relating to the prerequisite of the honest compulsion: that it is based on a conviction in the uncertain and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a shop than like a prize, something kind of dainty, but whose extremely particular beauty is inseparable from that fragility.

    38. Guess Leather Watch says:

      To be a noble benign being is to from a make of openness to the far-out, an ability to group unsure things beyond your own control, that can front you to be shattered in very exceptional circumstances as which you were not to blame. That says something exceedingly impressive thither the fettle of the ethical autobiography: that it is based on a conviction in the up in the air and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a shop than like a treasure, something kind of tenuous, but whose mere item attractiveness is inseparable from that fragility.

    39. kenspeaker says:

      Hack again?!

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