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  • In the Green Room: Virginia Walden-Ford Schools Obama and Education Secretary Duncan

    Congress is expected to soon approve legislation that threatens to end the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program—the federal school voucher program that has helped thousands of disadvantaged children attend a safe and effective school of their parents’ choice. The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program has proven to be highly popular and effective. A federal evaluation published by the Department of Education reported that students receiving scholarships made statistically significant improvement in reading achievement compared to their peers who remained in public school. A broad, bipartisan coalition—including a majority if the D.C. city council—has called on Congress to continue the scholarship program.

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    7 Responses to In the Green Room: Virginia Walden-Ford Schools Obama and Education Secretary Duncan

    1. Bobbie Jay says:

      An opportunity for the President to show some heart. Even if he did it now, he would still be discredited in my opinion. His reluctance to address and keeping the people guessing isn't a show of good character. Especially when no reason is taken before all good reason to keep it going. Is this staged? I just can't believe obama would be this heartless to the people who counted on him the most.

    2. ron villella, florid says:

      Its paradoxical that most of those served by this

      program are the ones who voted to put this administration

      into office. And now why are they complaining? Most of what's

      being done was telegraphed in his history and campaign, for

      those who chose not to close their eyes and minds, and yet they

      voted for him.

      Come 2010 and 2012, lets see how they vote!

    3. philip says:

      With the failing of public education in our puplic schools. Obama need to give our children a choise of a excelent education, with the inactment of the charter school system. so our children are able to achive and proven excelent education and give the parents a choise where to send their children for the best education avialable. mr.obama goverment run schools are failing our country and childern

    4. CC, Harpers Ferry says:

      Obama doesn't care about educating kids…he only cares about paying back the NEA for electing him, and thereby having the minds of all children. This is the way Communism works.

    5. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Why doesn't he put his children in the "great public schools", he sent them to private school in Chicago and he does here also, I believe Carter was the only one to send his daughter to public school.

    6. joan, connecticut says:

      The infiltration of schools, by Safe school tsar Kevin Jennings and his controversial reading list, is a disgrace that must be addressed and soon. The list of books, contain offensive sexual content, and is aimed at Middle school students. When Education secretary Arnie Duncan, was asked about Kevin Jennings, he responded that he stands by him. I wonder, if Mr Duncan is aware of what Jennings and his org Glisen, book lists contain. Its not Little Women, or other classics, nothing so innocent. The list, contains books that talk of incest, first grade sex in school restrooms and other things I will not mention in writing.I am no prude, having worked as a correction officer for many years, and thought I had seen everything. I have written to both my Senators, and complained about Jennings warped reading list, or as others have called it "Queering the schools." I have no problem with the gay lesbian community,but I do protest the push to pursue their agenda in schools that are paid for with our tax dollars. I understand,Safe school Tsar Kevin Jennings, also has a list for grades 1 to 5. UNBELIEVABLE!

    7. Drew Page, IL says:

      Joan from CN is absolutely right. This guy Kevin Jennings, the 'Safe Schools' czar, promotes the acceptance of homosexuality in his book, "The Queering of Education"; he counceled a 15 year old high school student who confessed to having a homosexual relationship with an older man by saying "you should use a condom", instead of reporting the incident to local authorities, as required by law of school administrators. And who does Mr. Jennings point to as his inspiration? Someone named Henry Hay,a man who promoted the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)and the idea that it is perfectly fine for adult males to carry on homosexual relationships with pre-teen male children. This is Mr. Jennings' inspiration?

      And Arne Duncan says he stands by this guy. Well, I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I wouldn't want my kids in any school where Mr. Jennings was employed.

      What the hell is the matter with Obama and the people in his administration? How can anyone in their right mind put somebody like Jennings into any position of authority where the wellbeing of children is concerned? Jennings should be fired and Obama should be impeached. You'll notice that Obama's kids aren't in any of the 'Safe Schools' under Jennings' control. Oh no, they are in private schools, where the educational philosophies of people like Jennings isn't tolerated.

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