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  • DC School Vouchers: What Would Community Organizer Barack Obama Do?

    Imagine if 20 years ago on the south side of Chicago two thousand low-income, predominantly African-American families were given an opportunity to take their children out of failing and violent schools and send them to a school where they had a chance to graduate and attend college.

    What if this program had numerous studies that showed the students within the program were making statistically significant gains in reading? What if the program was so wildly popular that for every one scholarship that was awarded, there were four applicants?

    And then, what if powerful politicians, well-funded by special interests, decided to eliminate the program that gave so many low-income minority students hope for a brighter future? Would Community Organizer Barack Obama stand with the powerful politicians who ended the program or the students and families whose lives were put in the political crosshairs of day-to-day partisanship?

    It’s safe to assume that Community Organizer Obama would be on the front lines, fighting with the parents and standing with the kids.

    Today, Community Organizer Obama is President Obama, and now he and his colleagues Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Representative Jose Serrano (D-NY) are the powerful politicians, well-funded by special interests, that are playing a political game with the lives of 1,700 low-income families in Washington, D.C.

    As Former Washington, D.C. mayor Anthony Williams and former D.C. Councilman Kevin Chavous wrote in Sunday’s Washington Post:

    “As a youth, Barack Obama benefited from educational scholarships. After college, he worked as a community organizer on behalf of low-income families in Chicago. Community organizer Obama would support those parents seeking better educational opportunities for their children. Community organizer Obama would embrace a program like the (D.C.) Opportunity Scholarships, which give the children of low-income parents a chance at the American dream — without having to wait five years for the local school reform plan to work.

    “Saving” this program means reauthorization, allowing new children to participate, and increasing the scholarship amounts to account for inflation. The president has said that he will support whatever works in education, regardless of ideology. We challenge him to live up to those words. We challenge him to meet some of the parents and applicants who want to be part of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. More than anything, we challenge him to do what we know community organizer Barack Obama would have done 20 years ago: Stand on the side of these families.”

    For more information about the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program, visit voicesofschoolchoice.org

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    9 Responses to DC School Vouchers: What Would Community Organizer Barack Obama Do?

    1. Dr. Jim Garrow, Casa says:

      Hats off to former Councillor Kevin P. Chavous for his unfailing work to get the program going in the first place and to try to get it back. Unfortunately Obama is on the wrong side of this issue, or is that both sides of the issue.

    2. Bobbie Jay says:

      Out of the "right to know," what qualifications did Barack Obama have to earn benefits from educational scholarships?

      where he sits now and with his over stated, authoritative allowances, suspicion is to drowned out potential. Limit the thoughts and control the minds.

      I am saddened for all children of this country, as their minds become polluted with government influence, rhetoric and deception. God Bless America. God Bless her children!

    3. Grace, Florida says:

      It's a travisty that these children will lose this program. The voucher program is one way to introduce these kids to a good education so they will reach their potential. It has been proven that they excel – tell me why we are taking it away from them. My guess is BOBO and his band of merry men don't really want these kids to excel – they want them dependent on the government and they want to keep them down and out. I'm sick of it. I'm also sick of the entitlement society blaming everything wrong on the Republicans – Stop hoodwinking these people. Tell them the truth – BOBO stop exploiting the people just to get a vote. You've proved you don't know what the heck you are doing. Hands off everything!

    4. Conservative all the says:

      Of all the entitlements program the Scholarship program was the only one that really gave the low income children a chance out of poverty, ie Government Control. The far left can not maintain itself if the children are actually educated.

    5. C.Adli says:

      The Democratic Administration needs a big ;Uneducated Mass;to socilize the country.Therefore why they should spend the money to educat;The Mass;.

    6. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      School vouchers are the only fair and open competition available for the education of America's Children. What works best, at the best cost, will survive. What does not, will fair, and rightfully so. That is the American way of things. No one can mandate success anymore than you can mandate morals. All that a Society can do is reward positive actions, that which continues its own growthand survival through its own actions without the dependency or the taking from others; and the disciplining of negative actions, that which in order to survive takes from another what is not theirs to take and is not earned.

      An Example of Negative is our Federal Government and its systems. An example of Positive is the Ford Motor Company.


    7. Perry OK says:

      Education is of a high value. Yet all is not lost if you chose.

      To win despite the obstacles placed in your path,is so sweet. My personal experience,GED as I joined the military to escape home. College courses as well as CLEP added to my accumulation of college credits. Still no degree, maybe one day.

      Right now I am to busy running our businesses. So yes education is important, but so is how you get it. Self reliance is not taught,it is earned.

    8. Steve g, TN says:

      Now Barrack Obama is just another politician who fooled at least 7 million people who had the audacity to HOPE he was going to CHANGE America and Washington.

    9. Tasha B,Wash. D.C. says:

      I am a parent of an opportunity scholarship student, whom has proved this program truly works. We are low-income and my son is on the honor roll at the Private School this program has allowed me to choose. My 5yr, old daughter along with 215 other applicants for the OSP., was given a scholarship, it was then retracted by secretary Arnne Duncan. How could they not give a care to take back an oppourtunity for my daughter not only to get a good education as her brother but to look forward to her dreams of becoming a Lawyer from the benefit of getting a good education. These same people that so quickly take from our children, would be outragged as I am if the shoe were on the other foot. Didn't GOD CREATE AMERICA FOR ALL TO HAVE A CHANCE AT A DREAM THAT IS REACHABLE,EVEN THE LOW-INCOME, IF GIVEN A CHANCE? Well give mine and other low-income children a chance, after all they are our future. Please don't be closed minded and just think of your future. HAVE A HEART. Look our babies in their eyes and see the desire they so have for a positive and bright future, how could you so easily take that away, with no conscience, and sleep good at night. I ask President Obama if you had not been given the opportunity to get a scholarship, do you think you would be PRESIDENT TODAY? So give our children the same opportuntiy you were given. GOD BLESS AMERICA & OUR CHILDREN.

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