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  • Sen. Inhofe Discusses Climategate, "The Greatest Scandal in Modern Science"

    Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), ranking Member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), spoke to bloggers at The Heritage Foundation’s weekly Bloggers Briefing today and focused his remarks on the controversial “Climategate” scandal — the series of leaked e-mails that have blown holes through the theory of man-made global warming.

    As Sen. Inhofe sat down to speak, he opined that he was just in the Senate trying to convince Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) to investigate the subject of the e-mails, instead of the people who uncovered the e-mails. Sen. Inhofe was the leader of the global warming opposition ten years ago when he chaired the EPW Committee; when a blogger asked him what he thought about the emergent news that the science was flawed, the Senator quipped, “Redemption.”

    Senator Inhofe is not alone in his views on “Climategate.” The UK Telegraph called it the “greatest scandal in modern science,” and the UK MET is reevaluating over 160 years of climate data because “public opinion of man-made global warming has been shattered by leaked e-mails.” Sen. Inhofe seemed confident that neither climate bills would pass the Senate, but feared the Obama Administration would circumvent the legislative process and use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to force regulation through the Clean Air Act. Sen. Inhofe fired back by releasing a YouTube video saying that the EPA finding that CO2 is a pollutant was based on faulty science.

    Now, the United Nations is in the middle of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, where “the science is settled.” However, as we have stated, the science is far from settled. Now, the world has learned that the basis of the science that climate change was founded on could be proven faulty. This has not stopped the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change from creating a treaty that will be costly to the US economy and not have any real impact on the environment. And it’s a treaty that would infringe on our national sovereignty.

    You can listen to Sen. Inhofe’s remarks here.

    You can watch the video of his remarks here.

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    23 Responses to Sen. Inhofe Discusses Climategate, "The Greatest Scandal in Modern Science"

    1. ELI, Carson, CA says:

      Thank you for sharing Climategate. How can we stop Obama and his minions from taking over our lives through his enforcement of this bogus science on climate change?

    2. Catherine West says:

      In view of today's e-mails from all over cyberspace, it appears that the tyranny of most numbers will prevail over truth of fraud in the application of the scientific data to the goal of proved GW.

      This is not acceptable to one-sided, only the government can judge, powers that occupy our Congress & White House. This continues these same people in spending more of non-existent funds from taxpayer's for replacing the jobs of taxpayer's with gov. substructure jobs which were suppose to be under the original Stimulus.

      "One cannot know truth" is the sober words of our President. Along with actions which demonstrate that "..Nature and Nature's Laws", The Creator, all men are created equal, ..with certain unalienable Rights, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, government instituted by Men and govenment's just powers are derived from the Consent of the Governed, "are just words from old men who did not believe the words themselves"(Obama's Autobiography). Not the government giving itself consent or worse – one branch – Executive with cabinets – taking over the running of government: EPA, FCC, HHS, Treasury, Homeland Security, Education, Energy! America is in deep trouble from ignorant leaders at both Executive & Legislative Branch!

    3. Bartib L. Hartzell, says:

      Congratulations to Senator Imhofe for his persistence and tenaciy in opposing the "global warming" hoax and deception.I am pleased that at leastone senator is supporting American taxpayers'

      opposition to the "cap and tax"scheme proposed by Waxman-Markey.

    4. Bobbie Jay says:

      Thank you, Senator Inhofe and the like minded of the truth.

      This isn't "science!" It's a ploy to freely scam, lie, cheat and steal. Include the indoctrination of 3rd world, vulnerable leadership.

      This government leadership (ex. Barbara Boxer)defends DECEIT, DEFIANCE, DISHONESTY. Is Boxer the one that spewed out there's no evidence of God? Little does she know, you don't have to be a follower to see all the evidence. herself being just a bit. It takes a person of sound reason, obviously she isn't.

      Actions of government have been and continue to be based on ASSUMPTION IN ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL AREAS!

      If co2 is a pollutant, then plant, animal and human life must be figments of their imagination.

      Warning warning, danger danger: leadership denying logic, truth and reason! Lacking everything regarding human decency!

    5. Steve Johnson says:

      This is not a new fraud of science, but the continuation of what began when the "theory of Evolution" became a religion to humanist, and socialists worldwide. Now "science" must lie, and leave out data to support the theory in hopes "science" will one day prove it "true", even w/o archeological hard evidence of inter species evolution. NOW, we are seeing "scientist" continue the practice of deceptive theory religion to the inth degree, compounded by political, and economical greed. Just as evolutionist can not AFFORD to be wrong, now neither can the socialist global warming, climate change, CO2 high priests. Al Gore himself said there was nothing wrong with someone trying to make money in the GREEN RELIGION,uh, movement.

    6. Jack Cincinnati, Oh says:

      Are we to assume that at some point people will be eliminated since the EPA in its wisdom considers carbon dioxide as a pollutant?


    7. Tommy..........Alaba says:

      what is the perfect climate…….the ice has beem melting since the "ice age " ask some of those climate people ,what is a perfect climate…..i think Mother Nature has everything under Her control

    8. Anthony Brooklyn New says:

      First of all, I believe Mr. Al Gore defrauded the American Goverment for something like 600 Million dollars with this global warming scam.

      He should be brought up on charges for scamming the american people out of their money.Slam a law suit on him that will show that the american people will no longer tolerate being conned out of their money.

    9. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      We should be thankful for Senator Inhofe. Let me add to his comments….The biggest error of the Nixon administration, IMO, was the creation of this monster – the EPA. I call it the EWA – Environmentalist Wackos’ Agency. Well, that’s all it does. It just caters to the environmental marxists/statists who are determined to destroy capitalism and our way of life, with no potential benefits!! We survived without the EWA for nearly 2 centuries, including decades of the automobile. It may have been well intended to reduce smog, air and water pollution, but we know it has gone far beyond that. It is anti-business, anti-capitalist, and detrimental to the American way of life. When or if Republicans – conservatives regain power in Washington, one of the first things to do should be to eliminate the EPA, aka EWA. The costs of operating the agency are only a tiny fraction of the federal budget, but think of the wealth and jobs we could create, thus leading to greater tax revenue. LET’S GET RID OF THE EPA – YESTERDAY OR SOONER!!!!

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    11. Cassandra Troy, Neth says:

      "UK MET is reevaluating over 160 years of climate data"

      Actually it looks like Gordon Brown has intervened and called of the 3 year investigation since that might inconvenience COP15. Brown told the UK's The Guardian newspaper: "With only days to go before Copenhagen we mustn't be distracted by the behind the times anti-science, flat earth climate skeptics. We know the science. We know what we must do. We must act and close the five billion ton gap. That will seal the deal." (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100019004/climategate-the-loonies-are-out-of-the-asylum/).
      In other words: Gordon Brown has intervened. Far from the Met Office showing a scientific conscience by re-examining their data, they're now releasing it so as to conjure up the necessary "political will". The case is, climatism isn't science, it's ideology! Bamboozled again

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    13. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Visit: http://www.climatesceptics.com.au/ for a defining presentation from an Aussie's perpective. There is a PowerPoint presentation that is very easy to follow. The author gives a compelling arguement against the notion that human activity has any effect on "climate change."

    14. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      This is SO liberal mentality.

      Senator Boxer wants to investigate the person who got the TRUTH out! Logic and commonsense at work again. PLEASE!! Californians, help save the country!

      The email release patriot should receive a medal and a stipend.

    15. Merrill Longpre, Gra says:

      The EPA advises CO2 is a pollutant and hazard to our health. Since this fact is disputable is it

      possible sue the EPA and make them prove it is an undisputable scientific fact.

    16. Cassandra Troy, Neth says:

      Telegraph has more on the Met Office and Brown's intervention: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/geraldwarner/10

    17. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      What is wrong with saying,"We were wrong." and getting over it and on with other things. All this 'Gate' stuff just sidelines the real issues and costs the taxpayers more money and still there's no maximum effect for the effort put forth.

      Just,"We made a mistake. Its done and we're never going there again!"

    18. Janice Morris, MO, U says:

      Questions for Copenhagen

      Any 5th grader can tell you that man or machine cannot change climate. It is called "nature" and has been going on for millions of years. Man cannot change climate. Also about rising seas, if you put ice into a glass and fill it with water, does it overflow when melted? No it does not. Also why are you ignoring 31,000 scientists who don't believe in man-made climate change? The evidence has been tampered with. Why are you continuing with this charade instead of having a full-scale investigation on evidence tampering?

    19. SC says:

      Thank you Senator Inhofe….May God bless you for stating the TRUTH..And, remember that as long as you tell the truth, we Americans usually have forgiving hearts. Stand up for us please…..against that everbearing entity, the EPA.

    20. Perry OK says:

      The sky is falling,the sky is falling. Chicken little sings again.

      The value of all we know is nothing. Just ask (tubby)gore) and windy(ob). We are only here to be pauper for there money and power schemes.

      The sky is intact.but our country is not.

    21. payday loans edmonto says:

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    22. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      I am not sure where all of this is going to end up?

      I know I am "mad as Hell" at the stupidity of supposed "smart people"!

      We have already done some very expensive things like stopped use of some Freon's in AC Units and halon fire extinguishers based on false information.

      Someone needs to "sue the hell out of these clowns" for the cost of these mess. Maybe a 'class action suit" is possible?

      If this is not possible I forsee some very radical responses to this fiasco.

      Some of our leaders need to get ready for real problems….soon.

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