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  • Carbon Dioxide Regulations Display EPA’s Arrogance

    Carbon dioxide is dangerous and a threat not only to human health but our entire planet. How do we know? The Environmental Protection Agency told us so, officially announcing that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are “the primary driver of climate change, which can lead to hotter, longer heat waves that threaten the health of the sick, poor or elderly; increases in ground-level ozone pollution linked to asthma and other respiratory illnesses; as well as other threats to the health and welfare of Americans.” But there’s two important points to make regarding “carbon pollution.” One is that we don’t really know how much carbon dioxide is affecting earth’s temperatures. The second is that we may be underestimating the benefits are carbon dioxide on our planet.

    Out of the entire atmospheric makeup, only one to two percent is made up of greenhouse gases with the majority being nitrogen (about 78 percent) and oxygen (about 21 percent). Of that two percent, “planet-killing” carbon dioxide comprises only 3.62 percent while water vapor encompasses 95 percent. And of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, humans cause only 3.4 percent of annual CO2 emissions. The cause for concern is that carbon dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels trap heat from the sun, and as the atmosphere heats, it holds more water vapor, produces more high thin clouds and increases the temperature. Climate models predict this positive feedback mechanism is what will eventually doom planet earth.

    It’s the magnitude of the feedback climate alarmists warn will lead to doomsday scenarios, but even with all the scientific research, there is little conclusion as to what this magnitude is. Dr. Roy Spencer analyzes satellite data in space and found that there is strong evidence that there is negative feedback, which could cause a cooling effect or negate effects of a positive feedback. In March, Spencer wrote, “But if cloud feedbacks in the climate system are negative, then the climate system does not particularly care how much you drive your SUV. This is an issue of obvious importance to global warming research. Even the IPCC has admitted that cloud feedbacks remain the largest source of uncertainty in predicting global warming.”

    The other issue is: What happens if we find out carbon dioxide is not a pollutant that has significant effects on global temperature and once we spend trillions of dollars to regulate it, and it disrupts the CO2 vital for plant and marine life? One lesson everyone learned in his or her third grade science class is that carbon dioxide is a critical part of photosynthesis.

    A new, pending 501c3 organization emerged called Plants Need CO2 with its missing being “to educate the public on the positive effects of additional atmospheric CO2 and help prevent the inadvertent negative impact to human, plant and animal life if we reduce CO2.” Some of its educational resources include:

    More CO2 Means More Plant Growth
    Rising CO2 Boosts Plant Water Use Efficiency
    Elevated CO2 Helps Plants Cope With Low Levels of Essential Resources
    Elevated CO2 Helps Plants Survive Environmental Stresses

    In fact, a new study released in the journal Global Change Biology found that “levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide during the past 50 years have boosted aspen growth rates by an astonishing 50 percent.” (h/t Anthony Watts)

    The idea that man can change the climate behind command and control carbon dioxide regulations is nothing more than arrogance and conceit. To think that “man is able to shape the world around him according to his wishes” is what F.A. Hayek coined the “fatal conceit.”

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    17 Responses to Carbon Dioxide Regulations Display EPA’s Arrogance

    1. Ken St Louis says:

      If I remember correctly it was Richard Nixon who signed the legislation that authorized the E P A to come into existance. What a sad day for America! What a moron of a president he was! If you once create a monster like the EPA it will only grow by leaps and bounds! Now it is dictating what it will do with impunity!!! And what do we have in congress, a buch of no nothin do nothin constructive M&Ms Mindless Morons Mental Midgets, etc etc

    2. Ray, Savannah, GA says:

      Calling congress mental midgets is is dis-service to Midgets. But you're right about them being morons!…if that!

    3. Dr. Sherman Yacher, says:

      CO2 is an important industrial gas. CO2 is the shielding gas for MIG (metal innert gas) welding. There is some "wire welding" without shielding gas, using flux in the wire, but it produces a very poor weld. The finished weld does not look good and the flux in the wire does not do a good job on the parent metals so the joint is not as strong.

      Most of our naval ships are welded together with the MIG process. There is very little "stick" welding done on naval vessels. This is also true in building construction for structural iron – usually in prefab shops where wind will not blow away the shielding gas. Mig welding used to be used a lot in auto body repair but now with some of the high strength steels panels are glued onto cars with various types of epoxy. MIG welding is still done on older cars for body repair.

    4. Anthony Santucci Wil says:

      All this talk about climate change. Climate change is a normal occurance that takes place every year. Example Some parts of the country have colder winters or hotter summers. We can't control or make changes to change the climate. The real facts on climate change are being hidden from the Americian people. It just another way for the governement to add more taxes for Americians to pay not only here in Americia but to help pay for the poorer countries who can't afford to pay for climiate change. Just more lies on top of lies that we get from our present Government.We can't have intellegent debate on issues that our governement brings forward we are told to shut up sit down and get out of the way. We have to elect new officials who will run the government as the constitution states; for the people bi the people and of the people.

    5. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Ken,

      You can say that about virtually any government program as long as there is greed, corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse.

      The EPA, in theory, is supposed to protect our drinking water, help to keep air as clean as possible, etc.

      No one, surely not our founding fathers, envisioned the degree to which politicians would connive and scheme to fit any bill to their agenda.

      But, since when has THAT mattered.

    6. Stirling, Huntingdon says:

      I was amazed to wake up and hear that "breathing" is now considered harmful to the enviroment (says the EPA). Well with all the "C02" that the president is producing with his speaches I would think that Al Gore would be concerned a bit. Washington DC's politicians should have to pay the majority of any tax that comes of it. So how about they just shut down washington till the next election (pass nothing) and things will be fine.

    7. S Ralston, Southcent says:

      The recent action by the E. P. A. to declare carbon dioxide (CO2), a 'pollutant' reveals to the American public how imperious regulatory bodies can become. There is virtually "no" Congressional oversight of this agency, just as there is little of most of the other regulatory bodies our politicians have created, ostensibly, to 'protect' us from untold &/or unknown evils. In the final analysis, it appears the real evils we need protected from are federal government regulatory bodies that are controlled by suspiciously influential special interest groups who seem to be responsible for writing regulations, not the regulatory bodies themselves.

      Many scoff at Reagan's statement "government is not the solution, its the problem." He also said, 'some of the most feared words in America are "I am from the government and I am here to help you"!

      When we look at the effects of EPA & other federal agencies like Education, Health & Human Services, BATF, FCC, Homeland Security, Commerce, & a plethora of others, what we see are smug & condescending bureaucrats who believe their power is second to none & when they show up, all are to obey w/o question.

      With a majority in Congress who believe in the large government socialist mindset, for at least the next up to four years, all 'we the people' can look forward to is more & more regulation & imposition of rules, policies, & orders that will seriously harm our economy & continue the federal bureaucracy assaults on our freedoms.

    8. Mark, Maryland says:

      Hey EPA!

      The after-effect of your ruling on carbon dioxide is that I have chosen, starting yesterday, to take all the paper products out of my recycling bin and burn them instead in my open fire pit. It is a minor gesture, but I hope it serves as a stick in your collective eye in reaction to your stupid, absurd declaration that CO2 is harmful to life. It must be true that a requirement for employment in your agency is to have failed every science class at every level since Kindgergarten.

      Leave my lifestyle alone. I burn what I can because you exist.

    9. Bill, Charleston WV says:

      The EPA can be controlled if Congress were to remove its authority to regulate carbon dioxide but this will not happen since they are using it as an excuse to force cap and trade. If carbon dioxide is a health hazard in the atmosphere then why is it also not a health hazard if pumped into the ground where it is sure to escape into groundwater?

    10. Bobbie Jay says:

      Truly worthless, including government, spending time, wasting money, debating a non-existence.

      All programs that started in the past had true intent, respect and discipline to do their job as intended. Today those programs fell from the disciplined initiated intent to the opposite. Costly and corrupt, continually make millions holding citizens back with their fear mongering of non-existent man-made global warming. creating senseless, wasteful, inefficient, unnecessary tax-paid green-jobs to credit their claim.

      Where did each of all who believe in man-made global warming get their closed minded education? government?

      It may be beneficial in defense of our liberty, to research the genesis of this government made global-crisis scam?

    11. BobRGeologist Tucso says:

      This fixation on greenhouse gasses has been hyped by idiots such as Al Gore whose ignorance of real science is abysmal. Without greenhouse gasses the Earth would soon become an iceball because there would be nothing to retain the sun's heat from radiating back into space. It wouldn't matter all that much because without CO2 there would be no vegitation for animals to feed on. Without the chief greenhouse gas, water vapor, we would have no rain. So, villifying greenhouse gases as our EPA has done, if it were possible for man to eliminate them, which fortunately man cannot possibly do, saves us from comitting suicide by starvation and the Earth from resembling Mars. Now,followinf this obviously simple chain of scientific reasoning, this leaves EPA with out any excuse for existence, leaving us with proof that Government is our problem, not our solution.

      Just to make the cheese more binding, why are this bunch of idiots in Copenhagen this week trying to decide on how much CO2 to allow in the air when scientific research, funded by over $30 billion in research grants alone, has been unable to prove one scrap of empirical evidence

      that CO2 produced by man's activities has any

      significant effect on the global climate. I can't imagine how this hare-brained scenario was conceived outside a nuthouse. As if this is not enough, only week ago "climate gate" came along to cast further illigitimacy in that a passel of emails were unearthed indicating a group of well known climate scientists at an English university that been a clearing house for climate data, had been a hotbed of scientific malfeasance to keep this sorry hypothesis of AGW alive and still our Government loves it, proof that love is blind, for the biggest scandal that science has ever had.

    12. Mike, Minnesota says:

      To Ken in St. Louis,

      When Nixon created the EPA, the cuyohoga (that river in Ohio)had caught fire from the pollution, Lake Erie was a dead sea. I believe the EPA WAS necessary, but I agree it is a snowball rolling downhill and I can only hope it can be stopped. Maybe a new congress can simply eliminate the EPA and start over with a new EPA which will work with legitimate enviornmental problems, not this climate change crap.

    13. Topanga, Los Angeles says:

      Wow, love the comments: conspiracy theorists much? Ridiculous.

    14. Tamas Havas, Budapes says:

      I do not want hurt anybody. There are facts that the CO2 theory is wrong.

      If I wrote the 10^6+n th study it would volatile as the others.

      Dear moderator please consider it was a trial only. So I will not emerge again.

      I know it does not matter for this site.

      Best regards

      Tamas HavasI

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    17. Wayne Dean Meyer says:

      Regulating the Earth's atmosphere is way above the EPA's grade level. I know a lot of al gore's and ohbummah's buddies are looking for a big pay day, but other than that, there is no reason to bust the USA economy based on a lot of false conclusions by a bunch of junk scientists and crooked politicians.

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