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  • Johns Hopkins Medicine CEO: Obamacare Will Have "Catastrophic Effects" on Health-Care Safety-Net

    Dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine Edward Miller writes in the Wall Street Journal:

    Both the House and Senate health-care reform bills call for a large increase in Medicaid—about 18 million more people will begin enrolling in Medicaid under the House bill starting in 2013, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Actuary Richard Foster estimates.

    A flood of new patients will be seeking health services, many of whom have never seen a doctor on more than a sporadic basis. Some will also have multiple and costly chronic conditions. And almost all of them will come from poor or disadvantaged backgrounds.

    We’ll meet the demands placed on us because serving poor and disadvantaged populations is part of our century-old mission. But without an understanding by policy makers of what a large Medicaid expansion actually means, and without delivery-system reform and adequate risk-adjusted reimbursement the current health-care legislation will have catastrophic effects on those of us who provide society’s health-care safety-net. In time, those effects will be felt by all of us.

    Read Miller’s entire op-ed here.

    Abortion, the public option, and the individual and employer mandates are all important issues in the health care debate. But Miller’s op-ed reminds us that not enough attention has been paid to the fact that in both the House and Senate bills, almost half of all new insurance coverage gained through “reform” is actually accomplished through expansion of Medicaid eligibility requirements. The only reason Medicaid carries such a heavy load under Obamacare is because the Congressional Budget Office scores it as an inexpensive way too expand health insurance coverage. But Medicaid does not provide ideal health care. That is why single payer advocates push for “Medicare for All” not “Medicaid for All” … which is what Obamacare may actually deliver.


    Go here to see a larger, printable PDF of the chart.

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    14 Responses to Johns Hopkins Medicine CEO: Obamacare Will Have "Catastrophic Effects" on Health-Care Safety-Net

    1. tucanofulano, usa says:

      There is NO "hard science" implicating human activity in the so-called "global warming". Sad to see "science" bought off by government grants awarded by politically "correct" motivated slugs. At one point in the USA at least physicians and scientists were pretty much trusted to look for, discover, and truthfully report findings – today, with "obamacare", "global warming and 'cap/trade'" exposed as hoaxes committed by prostituted frauds in white lab coats there is a high level of scepticism, distrust, and anger directed toward these same groups of individuals and their "unbiased" opinions. The focus of the public's weath really needs to be on the politicians, like Obama, who just cannot bring themselves to do or to say anything truthful – they need to be fired.

    2. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Some reform this "Obamacare" promises. I have to agree with Senator Reid that his party's proposed healthcare bill is historically significant. Much like when Russia fell to communism and Germany succumbed to fascist rule. As I said, I've got to agree with old Harry about making history. Of course he compares his meddling to the Democrat's historical idol, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Trouble is, FDR overstepped his constitutional authority while the nation was in the midst of an economic depression. Talk about using hard times for one's own political gain. My message to Harry, FDR's social engineering is not something to emulate or boast about. Returning to our founders' limited government is something to help guide your conscience.

    3. Bobbie Jay says:

      I'm sure everything beneficial will be cut. Safety Net? Gotta squeeze that out. What part of this bill, doesn't lead to take-over?

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    5. John Smedley Madera says:

      Consider this; Lets assume the U.S. population is 308 million. Between medicare, medicaid,schip, tri care, and VA, the federal government provides medical care or insurance to 127.4 million people. Now if we divide 308 million by 127.4 million, we come up with 41 percent of the total U.S. population already on government run health care. Now, the question is begging. How can we have such a catostrophic need for health care reform? I know sometimes medical care costs more than I want to pay, but so does a lot of other things these days. The way medical care is today, an individual can go to the provider and negotiate fees and make payments just like buying a car. Now the real question is; why does the government feel compelled to scare the hell out of everybody and want to control the entire medical industry?

      Will this give us more freedom or less?

      Will this give us better health care or less?

      Will we have more expensive medical care or less?

      Will we have more choices or less?

      I for one am happy with the care I receive and there are other ways to improve the system. We can start by getting the government out of it.

    6. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Why we would want to expand Medicare and Medicaid before we root out countless billions of dollars in fraud, waste, and abuse is like putting gasoline on a fire.

      The larger these programs become the more billions will be "lost".

      How about getting serious and spending 1 or 2 billion to clean up these programs first AND put the scammers and criminals who are stealing – in jail?

      As for Medicaid, this mandate is going to absolutely kill states' economies, especially those with a high concentration of illegal immigrants, i.e., the border states.

      This a great way for the central government to further neuter the States. Governors better start getting press releases out protesting this madness – fast!

    7. Larry Welch, Idaho says:

      Our elected leaders are taking us on a path of destruction that electorial remedies won't be able to stop before unacceptable damage is done. There is a limit to the level of destruction this nation will endure before taking corrective action. Too much work, sacrifice and dedication have gone into the building of our country to allow it to be torn asunder. The threshold of action is near.

    8. Lisa, Clearwater Flo says:

      John, you make an excellent point.

      We are screwed because we have no power to stop this. I am arming up because I will defend myself against domestic enemies.

    9. james wigderson says:

      Does somebody have the state-by-state breakdown what the increased cost will be for Medicaid under Pelosicare?

    10. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I am a nurse, a senior cit., I paid into this medicare while working, I pay for a supplement policy as well, both Medcare B, and the supplement are going up next month while my SS (which I also paid into)stays the same. My MD is a family practicioner, we talk about this health cre, we both know that seniors will suffer as well as those who are handicapped. There is not a nurse I know or a doctor I know who is for this monstrousity of a bill and a real injustice to all who have worked for their benifits.

    11. dave, dayton says:

      I believe the members of Congress and the Senate have no real appreciation for the road they are headed down with OB care. At some point the citizens will revolt, both politically and financially. There is a point at which free Americans will both politically and physically throw them out of office. I believe we are not that far away. This latest speech by OB proves he knows nothing about tax structures nor economics. He is a community organizer, not a real president, we need to impeach him,now before he does too much damage.

    12. philip says:


    13. Patricia, Jacksonvil says:

      What we all need to do is take a stand. If 85% of all Americans are satisfied with their health care and we know that this health care will destroy our economy and health care, then we have to take a stand. Everyone should be writing letters, going to tea parties and anything else we can do…please, I'm so worried about the America that we know and Love so much….I don't think anyone in DC is worried but we need to make sure they are voted out in 2010…

    14. Lynn B. DeSpain says:

      The surest way to brake any business is to give everyone a free lunch, and leave nobody to cook it!

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