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  • What’s Next? WWII Vet Ordered to Tear Down Flag Pole

    Medal of Honor winner and World War II veteran Colonel Van Barfoot just wants to be able to give the American flag the respect it deserves.

    His homeowners association thinks otherwise and ordered the 90-year-old Virginia man to tear down his flag pole because it is not “aesthetically appropriate,” WTVR CBS 6 in Richmond, VA, reports.

    Here’s more from CBS6.com:

    Barfoot lives in the Sussex Square community in western Henrico County. He moved there in July, and was ordered to remove the flagpole from his front lawn when he flew the flag on Labor Day, and again on Veterans Day.

    The homeowner’s association doesn’t explicitly forbid flagpoles but they must be “aesthetically appropriate”. Short flags are allowed on porches, but Barfoot says that’s not the way he was raised to respect the flag.

    “First of all, it’s not dignified, and it shows you got it in the half mast position… you can walk around here and I’ll bet you the American flag is hanging out in the rain, nobody ever checks it”, says Barfoot.

    And what does the homeowners association have to say about all this?

    This is not about the American flag. This is about a flagpole… We are a neighborhood of patriotic Americans, many of whom have served our country in the military as Col. Barfoot has done.

    Barfoot, whose story has drawn national attention, says he will take the matter all the way to court, if he has to.

    What do you think about Barfoot’s story? Do you think he should be allowed to keep his flag pole? Share your comments below.

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    107 Responses to What’s Next? WWII Vet Ordered to Tear Down Flag Pole

    1. unfatmatt, Southern says:

      Homeowners Associations are just little pockets of communism run by people too chicken to run for REAL political office.

    2. Bruce, McKinney, TX says:

      Fight it, fight it, fight it! There is nothing wrong with a flag pole as long as it's not taller than a 2-story house and the flag(s) flying are appropriate. Having a flag pole does not lower the value of the other houses, which is what HOA's are supposed to protect.

    3. Charles, The Republi says:

      HOA's are loaded with liberal "yard Nazi's". Most have no life & get their kicks harrasing people. It is about the flag & they are more concerned about offending someone under the guise of protecting property values. HOA's have become another way of forcing Americans to conform. I've had enough of this liberal anti-American PC garbage. God Bless you Colonel & Thank You for your service.

    4. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      What can be more “aesthetically appropriate” than flying the American Flag on a flagpole?

      Oh yeah, putting trash on buses that say "God does not exist"? Even if a person believes that how is that “aesthetically appropriate” when the vast majority DO BELIEVE.

      Stand your ground Colonel. Let these fools get all this negative publicity.

    5. Jean Barrera, Tucson says:

      You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!!! Here this country that you've maybe served, is fighting for its very existence as a free nation, and you don't want a flagpole??????

      You're all a disgrace!

    6. Jason, University of says:

      I'm sick of homeowners' associations breaching constitutional rights. If he's 90, he most likely owns that property, and it is his constitutional right to fly a flag on HIS property as he wishes.

      Do HOAs care? Nope. Liberals will turn to the constitutions of other countries to find precedents to support their decisions. Why would they respect constitutional rights affirmed in the U.S. Constitution.

      God bless, COL Barfoot. I hope that when it is taken to court, the HOA gets shocked by a conservative judge.

    7. Abraham, Dallas Tx says:

      The American flag is the symbol of the nation, and as such should be exempt from HOA rules regarding flagpole limitations. If you dishonor the flag you dishonor America. Thanks to the colonel and God bless America

    8. Me, Here says:

      I see both sides. Don't move into a community with an HOA if you don't agree with the convenants. If you dont like them, sorry, shouldnt have moved in. On the other hand, I think he should be able to fly his flag – regardless of his military background.

    9. Tara Ridgdell, Harah says:

      My vote: Keep the pole up. Keep the flag flying. It's HIS property. Obviously, these people have too much time on their hands. What has happened to the comraderie of community here? Love thy neighbor… Love you soldiers. God bless the Colonel!

    10. Blackhawk, Roseville says:

      This is absurd. I could understand if it truly was ratty, but for Pete's sakes, this veteran deserves to be able to post 100 flags on his property.

      HOA's need to take a hike. I say someone should start a fund to help people fight HOA's like this. In fact, maybe we can get the ACLU to agree with this. Although, don't count on it.

    11. Karen, Tennessee says:

      This is ridiculous. If the condition is not in the homeowner's association bi-laws when this man moved to this location–meaning he didn't agree to the condition before the purchase of the property, nor is it on the books today–the association can't legally force this issue until they amend their restrictions.

      I agree one of the other comments about home owner associations. I think their existence violates personal property rights and lend itself toward communistic tendencies.

      Maybe we will have to loose all our rights before we remember what this country and this flag represent. I hope Col. Barfoot fights this all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. He has earned the right to flag that flag wherever he wants. I think our military are the most admirable faction of our society. They know how fragile our freedom really is.

      Maybe the association should make it a requirement that every street have a flag pole–this will balance the apparent aesthetic problem.

      Thank you Col. Barfoot for your service.

      We are all indebted to you and the rest of our military. I am ashamed that this has happened in the country you have fought to protect. This association has shown a tremendous disrepect to you.

      You have support. Let us know if there is something more we should do. Your story should be forwarded to Hannity, Rush, O'Riley, and anyone else with a pro-American public platform.

    12. Debbie Ranspot, Carr says:

      This is America! Why all the hostility lately surrounding the American flag? The president, before he was elected, decided that he didn't want to wear a flag pin because" it has become a substitute for true patriotism." What? It is sad that there are not more flags and flagpoles around this country. It is sad on days that flags are supposed to be flown, that there are one or two in each neighborhood.

      Col. Barfoot, thank you for your service to our country. May God bless you in every way -and may the HOA come to their senses.

    13. djmelfi Racine Wi says:

      I have a 30 ft flagpole in front of my house, I think it is beautiful as would and real USA citizen. I can only shudder at the disrespect for this gallant man. They should be joining him at the flag for pledge every morning.

    14. Pat Moore Serving i says:

      From one Vet to the a honored Vet, in my minds eye I would love to see the Stars and Strips flying on a flag pole in every yard in America. How about sending the yard nazi's who I agree don't have a real life, over here to Iraq or any trouble spot in the world and let them see what it's like not to have a house or yard to have a flag pole to fly anything, much less a flag.

      Colonel I believe there is someone out there who could help you with a court case. Thank You For your Service Sir!!! Army Strong!!!!

    15. Peyton Wood says:

      I think the HOA had better watch out when they try to take COL Bargoot's flag from his porch! I'm sure his gallantry, noticed and awarded several times by this Great Nation, will not allow him to have someone refuse him the honor and privilege of flying HIS flag!

      I'm kinda of the mindset of those 2d Amendment kooks – you can have my gun (FLAG) when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

      Thank you, sir, for you service! Continue the fight

      CPT Peyton Wood


    16. Bill says:

      Col, take this to court, "aesthetically appropriate,” is far too ambiguous a term and any judge in his/her right mind will rule in your favor.

      Maybe those pink flamingoes down the street are aesthetically appropriate,”

      the world is goin to hell.

    17. Todd, Eugene, OR says:

      Fight the fight, Colonel. You fought against Nazis and Communists to protect this country, and now you must fight your own countrymen to fly OUR flag the way you deem respectful, which is respectful and proper. Tragic as that is, it must be done, because it is the right thing to do, fly the flag, sir, as you deem fit.

      Thank you, Colonel, for all that you have done to ensure our freedom today, and God bless you.

    18. Mary Beth, TN says:

      What on Earth is this country coming to when a not only a veteran, but a 90 year old veteran can't fly the American flag in his own yard? If it had been a flag of ANOTHER country, it would've been to politcally INcorrect, according to the liberal rules, to say anything about it. Why don't all these ingrateful loyalists go to another country since they apparently can't stand this one? I'd pay taxes for THAT! Load 'em up and ship 'em out! One way tickets only!

    19. Josh, Washington says:

      Instead of requiring him to take his flag down, the HOA should instead require the removal of flags that are left out in the rain or otherwise improperly flown by their neighbors.

    20. Joe, New York says:

      Absolutely ridiculous that a homeowners association would try to do this. Colonel – your homeowners association should be thanking you for displaying the greatest visual the country has. The flag should be a point of pride and honor, not something that should only be displayed if it is "aesthetically appropriate". When is it not? The members of this homeowners should be thrown out of their positions, and persons who actually have some sense about them should replace them.

    21. Zeke Rozich, Coralvi says:

      But why did the HOA board agree a flag pole is not aesthetically appropriate? Is it an empty pole their sickened by? A sidewalk curb is not aesthetically appropriate by this reasoning. Sure, the curb serves a purpose, but not an aesthetic one. The decision is more than likely linked to the prediction of property value. Are there any reports that back up "flag poles reduce surrounding property value"?

      We have people in our HOA who run for real political office. Please ignore unfatpat's response, he sounds like a jealous baby.

    22. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Answers: Inspiring; YES!

      Thank you, Col. Barfoot!

      Wish I were your neighbor:

      First, I'd "plant" a flagpole of my own.

      Next, I'd buy a spare pole, "just in case", you never know!

      Third, I'd join you in fighting the HOA.

      Fourth, we'd drum up some more supporting and supportive neighbors — bet there are some, probably more than we think!

      Fifth, we'd start a recruitment drive for the meanest, nastiest, and most successful civil rights attorney(s) money can buy! (Plenty of 'em "just around the corner", in D.C. It's practically an industry, over there! Buyer's market just now, too!)

      Sixth, a bunch of "fund-raisers" to pay the above. (They'll say they're "not in it for the money". Balderdash! They'll do better if promised a "bonus"! All of 'em! And no better cause than flying "old glory" the way she was meant to fly!)

      Seventh, file a civil rights complaint with the local authorities, and a civil rights suit in Federal Court!

      After all, you didn't risk your life to fight the Nazis just for them to follow you home, did you?!

      'Nuff said! And Good Luck!

    23. Christine Smith Park says:

      I am in tears!!! I can't believe my ears!!! My Dad was a decorated WWII vet and flew his flag everyday of his life.

      What is wrong with you people! This Man put his life on the line for your freedom and is a hero, you should be honoring him on each of these special occasions not scolding him for the display of his flag in the manor in which is correct and respectful of his flag the symbol of the freedom you enjoy at his expense.

      I am horrified that this man can be treated in this disrespectful manor.

      Thank you Col. Barfoot for your service to this country and keep your flag flying.

      I fly my flag everyday now in honor of my Dad and all the men who have served our country so bravely.

      My heartfelt appreciation.

      Christine Smith

    24. Keith, Texas says:

      I find it funny that they have decided it was not “aesthetically appropriate". I wonder if they would have been as upset if someone hung a big poster in their yard with the picture of the Obamessiah with the word HOPE like all those posters. I bet they would not have been near as upset.

      Kepp the flag pole Colonel. And tell any one who does not like it they can sit on it.

    25. Anthony - OR says:

      Go Col. Van Barfoot!

      I'd like to know the address of the HOA and have all of us send them letters. If that doesn't work… it would be interesting to know what the occupations/livelihoods of those who run the HOA and then boycot those organizations to show our support for the Colonel.

      I'd like to thank the Colonel for his service!


    26. Shirley Bretschneide says:

      Col. Barfoot as the parent of an Airman in the United States Airforce presently in Kuwait…I say fight it all the way to the Supreme Court if you have to. We have two flags hanging in our yard and I challenge anyone to tell me I have to remove my flagpole…

    27. Fred, PA says:

      There is nothing inappropriate about a flag pole. This IS about the flag. The HOA yard Nazis are offended by PATRIOTISM and will only tollerate a small amount ie. porch flags are "OK", when in reality they would like to ban them all together but they know they can't. There is certaintly no property value issue so the HOA hasn't a foot to stand on.

    28. Dale.... Salisbury, says:

      I wonder if that homeowners association has stopped to think if it wasn't for hero's like Colonel Van Barfoot they wouldn't enjoy the freedom to complain. The man is 90 years old, all those nut jobs at the homeowners association has to do is just wait it out. Where's all the activists and their sit-ins and marches when you need them…oh that's right no money to be had in this situation.

    29. Bobbie Jay says:

      Who and what IS IT HURTING! Ever since Barrack Obama has been inaugurated, the government has been more harm then good!


    30. Becky, TN says:

      Shame on the homeowners association!!! The trend of disrespecting our own flag and our God is appalling. I'm glad he is standing up for what is right.

    31. Judy, GA says:

      Keep the flag and flagpole! Our country needs it! Change the homeowner association rules and the renegades currently running it. There can be an exception made, but better yet, vote the un-american bums out! I know when I worked at a library at a college in MI, flags were not even displayed on the entire campus! Fly the flag proudly, you earned it, Sir. I salute you, with honor! This is a battle for our country and it is time to take a stand against the "enemy within"! I bet a Harry Potter flag would have been deemed ok!

    32. Bert - South Carolin says:

      Col. – Don't ever give in! As the parent of a an Ensign in the US Navy (who is definitely in "harms way") – I would fight it, fight it, fight it. This is America! I would dare anyone to tell me that I had to remove my flag. These people from the HOA need an attitude adjustment! Thank You, sir, for your service!

    33. Lewsta, Washington S says:

      Col Barfoot, keep your flagpole. No, check that. Take that one down and put up a bigger one. And fly a bigger flag. If they press the issue further, fight them in court. Their "reason" given is far too vague, objective, and unenforceable.

      Oh, and next time there are elections for the homeowner's association board, run for the position. My brother got fed up with HOA nonsense and stood for the position… and got it. He turned things round for the whole neighbourhood, bringing in a voice of sanity. Can't bea t em, join em.

      This sort of insane nonsense is why I will NEVER buy a piece of property governed by a homeowners association. You are conceding far too much in way of your own rights, both as the regs stand now, and as some unknown persons of uncertain value might change them in future. No, bad enough to have the county government telling me what I can'can't do. HOA? No thanks.

      And speaking of thanks, I do appreciate YOUR service to us. thank you.

    34. Todd, Iraq says:

      A sad world we live in! Go get them Colonel.

    35. Stephanie Missouri says:

      How shocking and shameful of these people! You are a veteran! I am sure you have friends who went to war and never returned so that these unhappy people could complain about what they sacrificed for! I cant help but pity those people who dont understand and respect their country or their country's symbol. The toughest thing they have ever faced is rush-hour traffic. This is our country! The country of those who have purchased it, honor it, and hold it sacred… "I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it to support its constitution to obey its laws respect its flag and to defend it against all enemies!" I say make a bigger pole, flag and put a spotlight on it! :-)

    36. jack strumski says:

      First of all thank you sir for all you did for this country,in the war and what u r prepared to do now to fight this crap. How blind we have become when we want to stop a true hero from displaying a flag he put his life on the line for. What is wrong with us. This is just so wrong. Thank you sir.

    37. Kyle MD says:

      Shame on the HOA. HOA's should be ruled unconstitutional. When you buy property it should be yours to do with what you want. As for those of you who say don't move into a HOA community that's not always an easy choice depending on where you work, and the affordability of the homes in the area. Wanting to own a home should not be contingent on someone else's ideal of what a community should look like. LIMITED GOVERNMENT includes HOA's.

    38. Carl T (Phx, AZ) says:

      HOA's are run by busybodies who love to be in the middle of controversies. Thank you Col. for protecting us and our Freedoms and for taking a bullet for us during WW2. Its our turn to return the favor. The entire Country is turning out in FAVOR of the Col. and the rediculousness of HOA's edicts. Let the man have his flagpole and honor those who have fought for our freedoms. I heard earlier in the year that we are losing 100 WW2 vets every day and at 90 he wont be around forever. Last Jan, I lost my Uncle at 89 who was also in WW2. Sit and learn from his vast experiences and give him his due.

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    40. MSgt Thomas, Santee, says:

      HOA's are Obama's America. Control over every aspect of your life. Wake up America! Take back your country!

    41. Scott Miner Cumming says:

      "If you can read this,thank a teacher

      If you can read this in English…THANK A VET"

      Evidently the HOA cant read english or doesnt care what it took to get their freedom to say stupid stuff like this. Hey HOA..dont like what we stand for? There is a bus,plane,train leavin for Canada or Mexico,Russia soon

    42. The Gould Family, Il says:

      This story has brought me to tears. MY DAD ALSO SERVED ALL 3 WARS AND IS HIGHLY DECORATED. Furthermore ANY american ought to be able to have a flagpole in their front yard! A medal of honor recipient, world war two survivor, Korean war survivor & Viet Nam Veteran of 3 wars, has OBVIOUS supporters all across the entire globe, has also won the hearts of millions upon millions, deserves so much more than a flagpole of his choosing and the biggest flag that money can buy with a light perpetually shining upon it in his honor… AND CALL IT THE BARFOOT FLAGPOLE!

    43. Margo, Alabama says:

      This is unbelieveable! I am glad to hear that the Cololnel is going to fight this. I surely cannot speak well for an HOA that would not permit him displaying our country's flag from a flagpole. What goof balls! Well,I think I would move to another neighborhood and tell the whole darn world WHY! God Bless you Colonel Van Barfoot… fight away! By God do it! I fly my flag everyday for all our military and in memory of my husband, (Seabees),and in honor of my 2 sons,(Marines and Navy)!

    44. Ron Wilner, Newburgh says:

      It is incredulous that any organization would find a simple flag pole offensive. A much broader issue is related to respect for the flag as correctly identified by Col. Barfoot. I have witnessed in my day a blatant disregard for the tenets of respectability regarding our flag. I have seen citizens leave the flag flying after dark, allowing it to touch the ground and leaving it exposed to inclement weather. Such a disgrace that a handful of armchair patriots would further show a callous disregard for our symbol of liberty by scapegoating an innocously flag pole. Shame on them.

      Ron Wilner

      Founder and Creator of The Taboo Party

    45. The Gould Family, Il says:

      I think it should be a national monument in his honor and never moved from that site.

    46. The Gould Family, Il says:

      It should be the historic Barfoot flagpole and never removed from that very spot. The only reason to remove that flagpole would be to erect a much taller one with a much larger flag to commorate this man who is a national treasure.

    47. George S., Wichita, says:

      Well, now. You can't just have a bunch of scuzzy flag poles cluttering up your neighborhood, now, can you? Wasn't Richmond the capital of the Confederacy? I wonder if a Confederate flag would be O.K. Just asking.

    48. Richard Adamson, Jon says:

      A Medal of Honor winner and WWII vet should be able to park a tank in his front yard if he wants to – HOA or no HOA!!!

    49. Diane, CA says:

      Most HOA’s are power hungry little people that are hell bent on harrasing people and forcing them to live by THEIR standards. If it wasn't in the CC&R's when you bought the property, it will be when they get done. And finding property that isn't covered by an HOA in a safe and decent area isn't as easy as it was 20 years ago. HOA's should be outlawed and the Col should fight for the rights of all Americans to be able to proudly display the American flag any way he chooses. God bless you Col. Barfoot.

    50. Joseph, MI says:

      Couldn't they make an exception for flagpoles, even if it isn't "aesthetically appropriate"?

    51. Bozzin says:

      Colonel Barfoot, I salute you, Sir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have seen and endured in order to secure the Liberties that we Americans take for granted. We are not worthy of being in your presence, Sir. I am humbled by what you have sacrificed for the greater good of the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you… I know we can never say it enough, Sir.

      "We are a neighborhood of patriotic Americans, many of whom have served our country in the military as Col. Barfoot has done."

      Oh, bull and poop! I guarantee you that 99.99% of that neighborhood has never served or if they did, they did under duress or to get a free college education without ever setting foot in a theater of combat. As to the level that Colonel Barfoot has served, they couldn't even dream in their worst nightmares of what this Medal of Honor recipient has endured.

      True veterans will stand and salute the US flag and love having her shown proper respect. This is purely about control and anti-Americanism.

      You couldn't pay me in gold to live in a HOA – Hateful Overbearing Anti-American – neighborhood. Colonel, if you need me, let me know. I'll gladly stand honor guard at the foot of Old Glory day and night, rain or shine.

      MSgt Bozzin,

      3ID 3dFSB C Company "Hellcats"

      I am a Rock of the Marne!

      "Nous Resterons La" "We Shall Remain"

      "Here We Will Stand" "None Shall Pass" "Let's Roll!"

    52. Grace, Florida says:

      Does anyone know the date the revolt starts? Things are totally out of control in this country and either we find a way to take it back or we lose it.

    53. Grace, Florida says:

      This is exactly why we moved out of a neighborhood with HOA's. They do some good but their need for power get in the way. This is a disgrace – since when does flying our flag on a tall flagpole interfer with anything? The flag should be flying proudly.

    54. Leo Gattoni Mont says:

      Keep the flag and flagpole! The HOA are ignorant people and have no idea what Mr Van Barfoot stands for. His Medal of Honor says it all! God bless you sir.

    55. Jim Przedzienkowski says:

      This is disgraceful and the next homeowners meeting an amendment needs to be put forth to stop the BS. The minority is running the majority.

    56. Tim, Ms says:

      I believe that your right of free speech is what is being attacked here.To go to all this trouble over a "Flagpole" is not the problem.By displaying your Flag you have stated to them you are a Conservative and a Patriot and proud of it so you display your Flag on Holidays.You happily believe this is the greatest Country in the world,sadly they do not agree with you.So to surpress your voice in the area they attack your "Flagpole".Thomas Jefferson,Geogre Washington,Patrick Henry,et al must be screaming in their graves.A State where personal liberties began has now become a sad petty joke..

      Best of luck in this fight America is all around you..

    57. Ginny Moss, OK says:

      Hats off to you, Colonel! I think the HOA is about equivalent to "power of eminent domain" – equally wrong, wrong, wrong.

      You, Sir, are most entitled to fly your flag, and you look great doing it – tall and strong, like the flag pole.

      What can be more beautiful or "aesthetic" than "Old Glory", unless it's an American Veteran of honor?

      Maybe, a nice old cannon on your lawn would add to the "aesthetic balance"? Hold your ground, we support you – all the way!

    58. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      What has become of common decency. Ninety year olds, in general, are due consideration and respect because of their age. Ninety year old Medal of Honor winners should be revered by their communities, not subject to harassment such as this.

      This country needs a right wing equivalent of the ACLU. I am sick and tired of liberal, anti-American zealots, dictating to people such as Colonel Barfoot.

      Justice would be served by making the HOA board member's lives legal hell in the U.S. court system.

    59. Jerry from Chicago says:

      The HOA is composed of individuals that also have rights and more than likely, a majority of them did vote at one time or another on instituting these rules. It was the will of a majority.

      On the other hand, making an issue of a person's right to fly the American flag on a standard sized flag pole makes the HOA look awfully autocratic and mean-spirited. Seems like they ought to have more important things to do with their time.

    60. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Why don't the people under the control of this

      communist HOA take a pole to find out just how many of the board memebers voted for Obama? I'll be willing to bet it's the majorty! After all, they are just following Obama's example. But now note that Obama never read his teleprompter without waring an American flag on his lapel much, I'm sure, to his disguss.

    61. Timothy Terrell, Spa says:

      Good grief. The contract says no flagpoles. When he bought the property, the HOA did not sell him the right to plant flagpoles in his yard. So he wants to violate the contract. We might think the HOA is unpatriotic or whatever, but it is the right of the developer to make whatever rules about landscaping or house appearance they want. We might not like the rules, but that doesn't make them communist. When people who don't live in the neighborhood start telling the HOA what their rules ought to be, or that the contract shouldn't apply because the colonel is a hero, THAT's the collectivist property-rights-destroying socialism that is un-American.

    62. Joe Brown, Kentucky says:

      I think a group of veterans should go to the Colonels neighborhood and occupy it. There is no law against riding around a neighborhood on several hundred Harleys looking at houses. If the Police show up tell them you are there to see the houses for sale in the neighborhood. I'm sure that in this Obama induced depression there are many homes for sale there. What are they going to do arrest several hundred Bikers for simply driving around looking at houses for sale?

    63. 1st Lt. Richard Ptal says:

      When I read stories like this, it makes me want to throw up! If ANYONE, Veteran or otherwise, wants to show Patriotism to the United States of America, it should always be allowed! This dispicable garbage is another result of political correctness that bars prayers in schools, but allows the issuance of "rubbers" to the same schools. It breeds the kind of contempt obama has for our citizens when he constantly apologizes for America protecting other countries. We MUST get rid of him and his cronies before they totally ruin the rest of what little reputation America has left. Next November can't come soon enough!!!

    64. Gloria Hazelrigg Was says:

      The Colonel should add to his pole, the yellow flag with the snake and motto DON'T TREAD ON ME, so currently popular with the Tea Party attendees—true Americans like himself!!!

      HOAs serve a purpose, but living in a neighborhood with such misguided fools as this group, is not for me! I trust that the ongoing support for this noble gentleman will help them see the error of their ways! They owe him honor; not harassment How many of them served in our Military? My guess is NONE!!

    65. John Roane Sarasota says:

      People should think about this and ask themselves at what point will Americans no longer stand for this? Each State has the right to rule its citizens as it see fit within their state constitution. If a State rules you can fly the US Flag regardless of what Association rule or protective covenants or not that is the end of the story.

      The US citizens are being pushed on many fronts as though it was 1774 it will not take much more before it will result in the same thing happening all over again. If that is what you want keep pushing. If that is not what you want get back to living by the US Constitution and the first 10 amendments. After all, so far you are still free, you can move to a State which allows flying or one that doesn’t it’s your choice.


    66. 1st Lt. Richard Ptal says:

      As an afterthought, all of us know we're Preaching to the choir here, so what good is all our huffing and puffing gonna do unless we send a message to those idiots via e-mail, USPS, or better yet, if Heritage can supply the address of a prominent nearby paper or Cable outlet, (preferably FOX), we can blow 'em out of the water. Hopefully someone has already done this. God Bless you, Colonel. I salute you!

    67. Mike Dodson says:

      The charter of the HOA probably has a preamble that starts out with some sort of phrase about serving the needs of the members of the association. Then, since they become de facto civil servants to meet those needs, they morph into civil masters and live for enforcement. It seems almost human nature to want to be superior to someone and dominating them is one way to prove that to oneself. Kind of like alpha dog.

      LTC Bob Howard, another CMOH winner, would advise COL Barfoot to "spit in their eye."

    68. David Onkels says:

      Timothy Terrell and Me, here, are right. The rules of the HOA are actually a private contract, and if anything should be sacred in this country it is private agreements. A purchaser is free (obligated, if he has half a brain) to read the rules, declarations, and covenants that govern property he buys before the sale closes. If there is something therein with which he disagrees, he's free to purchase elsewhere.

      If, however, the HOA is being arbitrary, I think he's free to ignore it.

    69. RRR in Mpls says:

      Dirty little secrets of the HOA scam. Set up by developers to allegedly attract buyers. Then, when the development is sold off, they leave behind family and friends to maintain and run the association at the expense of the homeowners there. Nice funnel of money! Ever try to get a codicile or HOA charter changed? Like prying a politician out of office! Reasonable people do not need HOA's. The only ones they protect are the mentally indigent fortunate enough to have gotten enough money along the way to afford a house there.

    70. Ted Rink, Avon, Ohio says:

      Go get em Colonel!More people will stand proudly behind you than those from the HOA!

    71. Richard Upton Eugene says:

      If it were me, I would tell that HOA to take a flying you know what at a rolling donut. Fly the flag sir.

    72. Sunny Stapelman says:

      Out of respect for an elderly U.S. war veteran who is 90 years old (for heaven's sake)and is still proudly displaying the American flag, this selfish association should suck it up and make an exception. Stop being so petty when there are so many more serious matters at hand. Lighten up, people!

    73. William McGlothlin J says:

      Hang in there and fight for what you believe in NOW! You fought in WAR for what you believed in before, so there is no reason to stop fighting now. You are right and they are wrong. It is a sad thing when so many others want to live your life for you, when they can't even live their own lives decently. This is not a country for a few, it is THE country for all. May God bless you in your struggle and keep you well.


      William McGlothlin

    74. Martha Skinner says:

      The comments regarding Home Owners Associations are ridiculous. I am on the board of an HOA and our role is to see that the place is kept up, the owners investments in the community is important and we oversee that. We chose to live in a community that had rules governing what was and was not allowed. Flag poles are not permitted where we live. If we say OK to one – then everyone can put them up with whatever flag they so choose. Flags are allowed on the houses/villas/condos/verandas but not flag poles.

      When people buy into our community they know the rules – if they don't like the rules, then they shouldn't buy into the community. Simple as that.

      Least anyone call me names because of my being secreatry and board of director of an HMO – I am a very patriotic person – a strong Conservative and never pass a member of our armed forces without thanking that person. But HOA's are a very important part of a community and if run properly are fair and effective. Don't like them – OK – don't move into a community that is managed and run by one. Simple solution.

    75. tucanofulano, usa says:

      It would seem this guy did not read and understand the CCandR's before buying his place. If he now has a problem with them he ought to sell and move on. He gets no special pass to flaut the law just because that's the sort of thing he did in ww2 and got awarded for his actions. His actions now are oinappropriate, illegal, and wrong. Whether he decides to raise pigs in the common areas or put up a display despite CCandR's forbidding him to do so makes no difference.

    76. DAN MOFFATT says:

      HOAs have rules.This is about power.This is being able to affect peoples lives sometimes,adversely.I would suggest that a petition to change the by-laws be initiated.a good lawyer will do this pro-bono.

      This is the only way that wrongs are righted.I would love to see this reversed.this can be undone.GIVE EM HELL COLONEL.

    77. Larry Peterson, Pine says:

      The insanity that has permeated this country is "over the top". This is just another example. Take heart !!!We,the people still have the final say. Everyone must get out and vote next November and start redirection by removing the represantives in the House & Senate who go along with these things. Then a new direction can begin, heading back to core values. It will take some time but ultimately even Home Owners Associations will start acting AMERICAN.

    78. Marty, Houston, TX says:

      Sir, thank you for your service to this great country of ours! As a number of responses noted, "aesthetically appropriate" is a term that is wide open for interpretation, therefore, the HOA is going to have a tough time enforcing the "violation notice" delivered to you.

      As you have already pointed out, Old Glory is our nation's flag and every American's flag and a flagpole is REQUIRED to PROPERLY and RESPECTFULLY fly our flag. And, the HOA is incorrect in stating that this is strictly about a "flagpole". The vast majority of people responding to this blog recognize that this HOA action is not about a "flagpole",as they claim, it is about an individual American showing his patriotism to our great country, a right won with his own blood.

      In most instances, a HOA board is at least a partially elected one, therefore, you and your supporters in the neighborhood could "fire" them just like we "astroturf" voters could and should "fire" those in Washington, DC, in 2010 and 2012, who are not listening to what Americans are currently saying about unwanted programs being stuffed down our throats via legislation, including the current horrendous taxation policies, which include expedited healthcare reform, bailouts, and climate change.

      Sir, you are an awesome American, so keep fighting your good fight! You will prevail!

    79. Deborah, Mission, Te says:

      "The homeowner’s association doesn’t explicitly forbid flagpoles but they must be “aesthetically appropriate”."

      Who is the Kingpin or Queen, declaring what is or is not aesthetically appropriate? Since when is the United States flag NOT aesthetically appropriate? Is the HOA worried the Colonel's example might start a trend? The tyranny of this HOA is not appropriate.

      However, it appears the HOA by-laws do not specify the height of flagpoles or the size of flag or the type of flag. I would recommend that the Colonel stand up to the neighbors with some Ronald Reagan humor and teach them about the aesthetics of patriotism and the essence of his constitutional rights.

    80. Spencer Peters Cars says:

      Up The Flag Pole !!!!

      Down With HOA'S

    81. Holly, West Palm Bea says:

      Keep up the fight Col., and thank you kindly for your service to this great nation.

      The HOA is foolish. Palm Beach County took on the same idiotic fight with Donald Trump. Let it be known… Trump won, and so will you!

      God bless,

      Holly Cook

      WPB, FL

    82. Jackson, Dallas, TX says:

      I am a US Navy Vietnam Vet and live in a community with HOA. We have no such problems. In fact, we have a large Vet's Park area with engraved brick and granite memorials, a 75-ft pole flying the stars and stipes AND the POW-MIA flag. Our Vet's group "Support Our Troops" (SOT) sends a contingent of folks to greet returning soldiers at DFW the first Sat of each month. Everyone is encouraged to fly their flags not only on holidays and military commemoration but EACH time a military man or woman who is related to a resident comes home from the war(s).

      This is a very strong military community; good to be in the company of such a devoted group of patriots, many of whom did not serve but that does is not a prerequisite, and does not dissuade them.

      HOA's can be a pain in the wazzoo sometimes but THIS ONE is playing with FIRE !

      The Col. is 100% right and must not be denied his wish to display our National Symbol. SIC 'EM COLONEL!!

    83. Frank Chester Ct says:

      Personally, I would leave the pole, put a flag on that says I love Obama (I am having trouble typing this line), and see what the reaction is.

    84. Mary B. Mobile, Alab says:

      We are in deep trouble when a patriotic veteran is not allowed to fly the American flag on his own property. Old Glory is "aesthetically" pleasing any time, anywhere. Colonel Barfoot, please know that we are praying for you. May God give you strength and courage to fight these evil people who hate the United States.

    85. William 9, Skiatook says:

      You really should put the christian flag up there with your AMERICAN flag that you fought for so proudly . Do not give in , stay the fight let them move if they don't have any more respect for your sacrifice and our other countrymen & women that fight for their right to be A**ES !!! God bless and I will pray for your strength & fight .

    86. Chris Goral East Tro says:

      I would be happy to pitch in fifty or one hundred dollars (U.S.) to purchase an aesthetically appropriate flag pole. I'm willing to bet we could find volunteers from the Army Corps of Engineers to install it. Perhaps then we could organize a huge parade, and all day celebration in his neighborhood to honor a real American hero.

    87. Bill K., Muncie, In says:

      Does the home owners association have names of people. The comment "many of whom have served our country in the military as Col. Barfoot has done". Yeah right, a whole neighborhood full of people earning the Medal of Honor. What a bunch of petty morons.

      Hell, most neighbors would name the street after the guy and erect a flagpole in his honor. I would be honored if Col. Barfoot wants to change his address next to mine.

    88. howard guthrie/ dela says:

      What is going wrong in this country?Why doesn't someone get a backbone and stand up to these so-called "protectors" of our values whether it's property,personal,family etc.These power mongers are hurting this country.Let's all place a flagpole on our property with a spotlight and fly the flag 24/7!

      Those who are seeking ways to destroy this country should pack up,get on a boat and leave.

      Colonel Barfoot I hate what this is doing to you.You deserve much more than someone telling you not to have your flag on a pole.You earned the right to fly your flag on a pole .Keep up your struggle.

    89. mark in spokane wa. says:

      Since when did it become someone elses business? A republic is based on personal freedom remember? And to the republic for wich it stands indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    90. Shamra J. Sioux Fall says:

      First of all I would like to give thanks to you Col Barfoot for your great sacrifice to protect my freedom. My father is a WWII vet as well and has taught me so much about the war. The very thing you fought against in the 40's is now attacking us here on our own soil. I asked my father if he ever thought he'd see the day that this would happen in America? His reply was; those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. It saddens me to see how Americans take their freedom for granted. I'm proud of you for standing your ground once again in order to keep this right. May God watch over you and bring victory to your cause, you will be in my family's thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas colonel. Note: todays date is when you helped save my freedom. Thank you a 1,000x.

    91. Jim Payne--Texas says:

      So… go ahead now and sue the members of the HOA ….. for devaluing your property. Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood with a bunch of old grouchy goof-balls like them. They have just shot themselves in the foot!!

    92. Jim Payne--Texas says:

      And one more comment: Make sure your lawyer is aware of this–By Law (check with the National Association of Realtors) — any Realtor to sells a home in that neighborhood right now MUST disclose an incident like this which materially devalues the property. Check it out.

    93. Jean Nelson, Corvall says:

      Hi, Chris, I thought you would love this one.


    94. US Veteran says:

      If HOA makes Colonel Van Barfoot take down his flagpole we'll send him one smaller to put back up!


    95. WBN, FORT BENNING says:

      I would like to see the homeowners associations strung up by their panties up that flagpole.

    96. Chuck, Pa says:

      This man put his life on the line for this country, now he is told he can't fly the flag. I fly the flag everyday and believe it is the right of every American to display his love of this country. Don't give in Colonel!!!

    97. Rayford Davenport says:

      If the HOA won't let you have a flagpole.What else is in the HOA agreement?

    98. John, PA says:

      A group of students has just launched a PETITION to support Col. Van Barfoot and his right to fly the American flag with pride and respect.

      Please join & spread the word.


    99. Paul B Star,MS says:

      Col. Barfoot…..Let that HOA come on my land and tell me not to fly my American Flag and see what happens. Stand up proud and Salute OUR flag each morning! I think we would all be more than happy to pay any Attorney to help you fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. USA

    100. C. K. Roswell, Madis says:

      Agreed – Fight the homeowners Association! I have been displaying a USA Flag 24/7. It is hung horizontally on a "messenger" cord between two trees in front of my house. It is illuminated every night by the automatic street light in front of it. We are a nation at war. (Some deny that fact!) On December 7th – Pearl Harbour Day it was replaced by a 48 Star USA Flag. That 48 Star USA Flag flew in the Pacific on my Dad's ship during WWII.(USCG officer with a Navy crew on a US Army Transport Ship FS397) I encourage everyone to fly The Flag. SP5 US Army 1960-1963.

    101. rod permann, gettysb says:

      maybe we should look at getting rid of the homeowners association if they dont belive in flying our flag in our own yards if we want to, no matter what type of pole it is on, as long it is done appropriatly!!! keep fighting and i hope you win.

    102. Bobbie Jay says:

      HOA- "we are a neighborhood of patriotic Americans, many of who served our country in the military"????????????

      Patriotism is displayed with honor! Americans display of patriotism is the flag! How disingenuous can you be to say to a man that fought much of his life for each and all that live in this country to deny him the privilege of displaying his PATRIOTISM in the dignified, honorable way? I can't believe this neighborhood are patriotic in the least bit to consider such a law. And many served in the military? WOW! for what country? The disrespect disgusts me.

    103. Gator in Thomasville says:

      It's time for people to make a stand against ingnorant ideas like this HOA is trying to enforce. I can just about bet the people making the squak are against gun ownership too! Our military is fighting for freedom overseas, and while they are gone, we are losing freedom here at home! Fight this with everything you have! Rally round the flag people, this is one nation under GOD and it's time people started remembering that and standing up for what is right!! I salute you Colonel! God Bless you and Thank You for your service!!!!!!!!

    104. Tim Az says:

      HOA's often times are comprised of people who are incapable of functioning in a free society. Some simply cannot trust their own judgment. Fore others oppression is a fetish of a sort. Others simply find security based in consensus. This they believe insulates them of direct consequences of their actions. I myself choose freedom and except the consequences of my actions. I also practice tolerance of other peoples exercise of freedom. I have to tolerate their exercise of freedom. So they will not tread on me. Land without freedom holds no value.

    105. Carolyn Glendenning says:

      Keep that flagpole up. Get a great lawyer and stick it to the Association. They are living in a free Country because of that flag and the people who gave their lives for it. You are a great Patriot and you should be able to exemplify what mean the most to you. God and Country, My husband served in the 82nd Paratroopers and we have a flag out all the time. I would like to have someone come on my property and tell us to take down the flag. Would not be good. God Bless you! And God Bles America!

    106. Debbie says:

      This gentleman is a Medal of Honor recipient. Does this HOA know what this means? If he wants to erect a 12-foot photo of himself with a continuously burning 40-foot flame surrounded by 20 U.S. flags, let him!

    107. ROY S. MALLMANN II S says:

      Pretty much the same thing happened to me. Since 9/11 I have had a flagpole in my front yard, with an American flag on it with a light on it at night and my homeowners association GREATWOOD H.O.A.-SUGAR LAND, TEXAS) ignored it for a couple years. I was then ordered to take it down as it violated the "deed restrictions" When Tom Delay, our representative intervened and advised me to call our local state representative, Doro Olivo, they backed off and the flag went unchallenged. When Ronnie Earl got forced Tom Delay to resign, the H.O.A. started up again. They threatened legal action and stated that I could only fly the AMERICAN FLAG on federal holidays and the pole must be attached to the home. I took my flag pole down and fastened it to the house,…but it flies every single day, 24/7 with a light on it at night. I am a Viet Nam war combat veteran and I will fly my flag. This is wrong and I would like to get the law changed. Can anyone help?

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