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  • No India Ink on a Copenhagen Climate Treaty

    Leaders from different longitudes and latitudes will make the trip to Copenhagen for the climate change summit from December 7th through the 18th, but many of them are coming empty-handed. The latest comes from India’s Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh who won’t be bringing his treaty-signing pen, “There is no question of India accepting a legally binding emission reduction cut.”

    This comes a day after Australia’s Senate rejected its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, its emissions trading program, for the second time. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had hoped to take this to the show-and-tell part of Copenhagen, but now it’s been defeated – twice. More analysis here. Geoffrey Lean of the Telegraph points out that “Gripped by a 13 year drought, [Australia] is thought to be the rich country most vulnerable to global warming. Its climate is already hot and dry. Agriculture, so badly hit by the drought, is central to the economy. And most people and industry are concentrated on coasts, vulnerable to the rising seas and fiercer storms expected to accompany a warming world. On the other side of the coin, it also emits more carbon per person than any other country on earth.”

    With all those vulnerabilities, Australia’s failure to pass legislation should be a telling sign that cap and trade schemes are a futile, must too costly approach to addressing climate change.

    The Chinese State Council said it would cut the country’s carbon intensity, its “carbon emissions relative to the size of its economy”, 45 percent by 2020, but this is what they’re on track for already. Senior fellow for energy and the environment at the Council on Foreign Relations Michael Levi called the announcement disappointing, saying, “It does not move them beyond business as usual.” China has something for the Copenhagen show-and-tell but it’s like when the 3rd grader brings in fool’s gold and tells the class it’s real gold. China’s commitment is all show and no substance.

    President Obama has his bags packed for Copenhagen, and will show up with a Nobel Peace Prize around his neck and a plan to commit the U.S. to near-term emissions cuts but he won’t be joining the other heads of states during the final three days when all the real wheeling and dealing takes place. He can snap some photos and collect the stamp on his passport, but any binding carbon agreement is unlikely. He had hoped to show off an outline of a Senate cap and trade bill but will likely also come empty-handed to show-and-tell. A draft bill written by Senators John Kerry (D-MA.) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has already been published and now Kerry along with Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) are using the rest of 2009 to shape the bill that can be offered in early 2010. They hoped to have their proposal ready in time to be presented at the Copenhagen climate summit, but like everything else in Washington, it’s taking longer than expected.

    The reality is the economic consequences are too great and the environmental benefits are too small for any country’s leader to commit to a binding agreement. Copenhagen is going from being the next Kyoto, to a show-and-tell, to leaders just telling what they plan to accomplish. Whatever pre-Copenhagen pep rallies world leaders are holding to create the impetus for a multilateral emissions reduction treaty, they should quit wasting their energy. Show and tell is over.

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    10 Responses to No India Ink on a Copenhagen Climate Treaty

    1. tim gallien says:

      This new religion and former science (climatology) is a scam. Most of the believers (climatolojists) will argue that crazy people like me refuse to acknowledge the facts and data on global warming. Well, as to the question of weather or not the Earth is getting warmer, it is. Now here is where people like me and climatolojists differ. A scientific mind must be SKEPTICAL by nature and not influenced by any ideological or political pressures. We must also be very careful to separate correlation and causation. Just because two events happen at the same time does not mean that they are linked in any way. Scientists have done much research on the subject. It seams that governments around the world repress any scientific facts that are contrary to this new fascism. Fact = all other planets are also warming at same rate as Earth. The EPA's own report was suppressed by the current administration in June 09 because it did not reflect current policies, Google it, I dare you to think for yourself. To understand why climatolojy is so insidious, you only need ask, who benefits? Lets just prepare to live in a warmer world for a while.

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    3. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Good points Tim.

      This is nothing but a scheme to redistribute our wealth on a global basis and to use this global warming nonsense as an excuse.

      Millions have been duped for decades; a few have gotten very wealthy and won awards.

      Will the people who have been duped have the moral courage to admit they were wrong/misled?

      Will they blindly follow and commit America's wealth to other countries by following the "hate America mantra"?

      They better understand it will affect THEIR lives, kids, and future familial generations -as well.

    4. stunned says:

      I am shocked. I am shocked that some people can live in this world and see that our situation is becoming dire and stick their heads in the sand under the excuse that "it doesn't exist" and "they are obviously trying to trick us to get our money".

      It is the most ridiculous argument I have ever heard. Firstly, and I ask this honestly out of curiousity, how does asking you to lower your carbon dioxide emissions take money from you and give it to other countries? It might lower the amount of money America makes within itself I'm sure…but if you have no problem with gaining fog banks or acid rains like England and China respectively, knock yourselves out with your hundred dollar bills. I'm sure you'll be able to fan with them when the temperature in winter no longer permits snow.

      Also, if believing in global warming makes me a climatologist [sp?], so dub me (though I gather by the way it was said this is some curse, like scientology). But I'd rather be a believer and be trying to save a world I see going down an apocalyptic path, than be a denier and be unable to build (my retirement home) on my country's coastline in 50 years time.

      Lastly, if you don't believe in climate change, global warming, greenhouse gas emissions being dangerous and the Earth (obvious to we the, "climatologists") progressing to a time where it will be uninhabitable for humans [since we insist on destroying everything we touch in the name of monetary gain]… you probably don't believe in God. After all, you don't believe in what you can't see, touch, smell, hear, feel and of course prove [with money] right?

      'Benjamin Franklin' help us all.

    5. Freedom of Speech, T says:

      Dear Stunned,

      I am sorry you are shocked. The truth often hurts.

      If you don't understand how the Copenhagen "Proposal", Cap n Trade, and the cd emmissions affect the future economic health of this country – no sense even responding to the rest of your points.

      The least of your worries should be cd emmissions. I'm more concerned with the reality that Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists pose to this country and our way of life.

      If that point needs to be emblished there is no hope.

    6. Earth's Girl says:

      Hey Mister living in the 18th centuary Freedom of Speech…..all the planets are warming according to you right?? Do you see life on any of the other planets in our solar system?? Or did your conservative teacher in school have a way of telling you the wrath of God is upon you if you don't beleive every word she says??

      Earth's atmosphere at present is the only one in our solar system that can support life- with 0.03% of CO2. – the appropriate level of it being 350 parts per million- as of now we are at 383.8 parts per million- more than it has ever been since the conception of our planet….plaents like jupiter and saturn cannot have life…too a thick blanket of CO2 and other gases like methane (which at present is being burped into the atmosphere by the million cows your America is producing for beef). . its simple science smarty….have a car parked outside on a hot day….when you get into the car….your seat is hot …why? heat gets in…but cannot get out…same logic for CO2..so a few more years like this and we WILL be like other planets- NO LIFE.

      As for redistribution of wealth…and affecting THEIR lives and kids etc…hey..Americas fossil fuel lifestyle is already affecting half the planet…kids in Africa and other tropical islands are ALREADY dying because of climate change…

      Oh and FYI- as of now…America's ressesion can be solved by the creation of green jobs…a healthy, sustainible, long term way to develop..the green market has twice the economy Fossil fuel industry has..

      Oh and I happen to be going to a college in America…where everyone is fairly aware of these truths..and is doing their best to reduce their carobn footprint..so honey…no one will move around with a 'hate America' mantra… if you catch on with your other wonderful citizens in your country…and wake up to the reality of Climate Change…

    7. gary says:

      Global warming is all a big hoax. People hacked into emails of scientists labs and found they exaggerated their findings to make global warming more plausible, very suspect dont you think ?? gorvernments like to scare people, they know they can control people with this. They know they can use this to stop people using as much oil which is fine but the discusting part is the taxes that are gonna come out of this based on lies and the fact they are only trying to make rich contries sign this treaty so poorer countries can thrive more. This is all well and good for the poor countries to catch up but what about all the jobs which are gonnna be lost ? the billions of money lost from cutting carbon emmissions. Seriosly if this treaty gets signed it will bet he downfall of the West. People forget we came out an ice age not long ago and the world is getting warmer. The sun is actually getting hotter, nothing to do with carbon emmissions !! We are due an iceage again in the future then what are people gonna say. Im just saying politics is a dirty game, dont believe everything you read, question it !

    8. Like Gary..seriously says:

      Umm firstly…. its not 'very suspect don't you think'….its 'very suspicious don't you think'…. If your going to use the language..at least use it correctly…. and secondly….no..its not suspicious…because the IPCC is NOT a political party….it has nothing to DO with politics….the IPCC also has nothing to do with the recent e-mail controversy…..they are not fools….and they have no joy in proclaiming human based activities are causing climate change…but that's the truth…

      Oh and…this is NOT a controversy against the West….like honestly..what do you think this is? The cold war?? The days of post world war two are over my friend….awaken to a new age…to a new thought process….a new world…in which USA will be left out….if it doesn't give up its yesteryear glory of being a 'superpower' because…..creating a green economy and industry….creating a zero waste society..is the new plan…which by the way creates way more jobs to cope with the current recession…yes…the American recession…

      Oh and…..if you cut carbon emissions….you GAIN money…its called carbon credits….DO YOU NOT READ ANYTHING??

      And simple logic….forget climate change….I hope you realize the earth's resources will not last forever..especially at the current rate of consumption..this has nothing to do with some communist scam…the earth very soon…just won't be able to take it any more….and that will be the extinction of the human race…you ready for it brother?

    9. Joshy,India says:

      Climate change is a fact,and is visible in almost every countries.From indian point of view,the land is gettng hotter and hotter and the monsoons are becoming shorter.This affects the agriculture and livelihood of a normal man.To accept that climate change is a reality,no body needs to go to university.You can ask your grandpas.it is a fact and all countries need to understand a make legislation to curb it.obviously more industrialised nations like USA,EU have to take more actions internationally in their own spectrum.Once they take it they can obviously ask other members to follow it.As an Indian citizen,i am satisfied by the measures my govt is taking to curb the climate change and they talk sense.The problem of greenhouse gases is caused by the socalled developed nations,so better US,EU pay for it.China,India and G77 is fully justified in asking for monetary support from developed world,because it is not them who created the problem.Every man in the world have equal rights for cleaner air and same standard of living.You cannot stop the econimic development of other countries like india and china for some problem not caused by them.

    10. Elliot Munro says:

      Climate Change is obviously real yesterday it was 25oC today is was 26oC!!!!!!!!!


      in approximately 2 weeks we will all die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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