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  • MSNBC Calls West Point "Enemy Camp"

    The left in the United States has always had an uncomfortable, at best, relationship with our nation’s armed forces. Last night the official network of the American left, MSNBC, did nothing to help that trouble relationship when host Chris Matthews described the United States Military Academy at West Point as an “enemy camp.” And fellow MSNBC host Rachel Maddow agreed! Watch:

    MATTHEWS: I saw if not resentment, skepticism. I didn’t see a lot of warmth in that crowd out there, uh, that the President chose to address tonight. I thought that was interesting. He went to maybe the enemy camp tonight to make his case. I mean that’s where Paul Wolfowitz used to write speeches for back in the old Bush days. That’s where he went to rabble rouse the “we’re gonna democratize the world” campaign back in ’02. Uh, so I thought it was a strange venue.

    MADDOW: I think we’re… I think you’re right Chris.

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    46 Responses to MSNBC Calls West Point "Enemy Camp"

    1. Michael Hoyes, VA says:

      I wonder if Matthews still has chills running up his legs when BO speaks…

    2. Tim, Arlington VA says:

      A cheap shot by an even cheaper news staff, pretending they're journalists when they're really just sportscasters and gossip columnists. Expecting warmth from cadets in uniform sitting in front of the president isn't realistic.

    3. Padraik, NorCal says:

      Strange choice of words there. He probably meant politically, rather than a real enemy camp, but someone who's an anchor on a news station should be expected to watch his mouth.

      He isn't and doesn't have to worry about that, which is the problem with "90 degrees to the Left" MSNBC.

    4. An American Conserva says:

      I saw a lot of them sleeping…yawn…guess BO could not keep them awake with his BS…!!

    5. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The "enemy camp"? Obama's the darned commander in chief, apparently by default in his case. If he's in enemy territory, then he'd better remove himself as president for the good of the country. This is called the "general welfare of the United States" for the leftist crowd. Such guidance is clearly outlined by our nation's constitution, the same document the academy's cadets will swear to uphold upon their commissioning.

    6. Matt, North Carolina says:

      I guess the only "Warmth" out there was Chris's leg tingle when the "O" began to speak. Can you believe how openly dismissive of the best and bravest at West Point that this political loser, Matthews is?

    7. Penelope, Dallas says:

      Matthews' vial comment is based on the liberal perspective that troops FEAR deployment, that they see Obama as the man who could put them in harm's way, and therefore Obama would be their natural enemy. Those of us who don't camp with the radical left, those who have served, or who have family serving in the military, KNOW it's not about fear. The members of the US military forces are BRAVE, PROUD, and DETERMINED to execute their orders, and ACHIEVE the objective. Matthews and the rest of the libs have a perverse point-of-view, which results in stupid premature articulation.

    8. Ozzy6900, CT says:

      Enemy Camp? Come on Chris! The reason President Obama went to a Military forum is full control of the audience! hey will not boo or speak out, they are military personnel and trained to be respectful and take orders even from a Cowardly Organizer.

      If anyone else noticed, the applause was respectful and subdued and not the rousing "bring down the house" that President Bush got from the Military. God Bless those soldiers!

    9. Randy, Indiana says:

      I laugh at this man every time I hear his words. Problem is…. he is not funny.

    10. JESSY, Northern IL says:

      Disgusting, I would expect no less of Mr. Matthews – good thing, though, his ratings are so low he isn't heard by many, anyway…

    11. Jeff Russell, Clevel says:

      While certainly an ill choice of words, Matthews was (accidentally?) correct. Obama was speaking before an audience he doesn't trust, about a plan he doesn't like for something he doesn't want to do. This is not a splurge. It's a squirt.

    12. Jerry Stokes says:

      Are We Holding Our Current Leaders Accountable to Their “Oath”?

    13. Real American says:

      This is one of those gaffes when someone accidentally tells the truth about their thinking…and liberals wonder why their patriotism is questioned….

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    15. BaitSlinger says:

      Christ Matthews is a joke and no more of a real journalist than Joe Biden.

    16. T Vondrasek says:

      Usual Matthews blah blah blah.

    17. dhc says:

      Am I the only one who thinks that it is suspicious that Chris Matthews and Barbara Mikulski have never been seen in the same room at the same time? Hmmmm……

    18. Steven G Cox,Taylor says:

      Chris Matthews Needs to retire, This kind of thing is not good for america.

    19. tacamojo, oklahoma says:

      Chris WHO!?? Rachel WHO!?? Joe WHO!?? Now here's 3 losers that deserve each other. And they all support Barry WHO!??

      Remember, those Cadets were there because it was a mandatory formation. Been to a few of those during my 23 yrs. of military service. You can bet their discussions before and after this formation were not very flattering to their CinC. They all have something better to do with their time and had to make this wasted time up by getting less sleep that night. I served during Carter's administration. What a terribly embarrassing time for our military. Now we're repeating the same mistake with this pathetic POS in the WH. God help us!

    20. Kevin, York,PA says:

      Enemy Camp???? Is this guy Matthews accountable to anyone? He should be written up or even fired for such a ridiculous statement. Why do people listen to this?

    21. Tom Conlon, CA says:

      Does Chris realize those cadets were required to be there four hours before the speech? …according to Fox News. God Bless our troops!

    22. Slider says:

      Can anyone take Chris Matthews seriously after he was kicked off the NBC team covering the presidential election? Between him and Keith Olberman there's not enough brain power to run a cheap sewing machine.

    23. Roger S., Ma. says:

      Polite applause, no more, from a community which except for his (unearned) rank, he could never "organize". Who's Chris Matthews, anyway? — Oh, the guy with "Matthews syndrome": a recently discovered "neuropathy" striking the leg. Seems now to have "metastasized" to various other parts of his anatomy. "Poor fella"!

    24. grace - college sta says:

      I am very proud of our military, I love West Point, and think Obama should not have been

      there. Obama does not have our military's

      back, and the military knows it. We need a

      new President, one that has military back

      ground, and supports our military. I also

      agree that chris, and his bunch should be

      off the air.

    25. Bob, Portland, OR says:

      Chris is done.

      His ratings are in the tank, so is his ability to think.

      His "glibness" just doesn't work for him anymore.

      Sorry Chris, we are taking back our country and you are not invited to the party.

      Asta La Vista dude…

    26. Dale, Cincinnati says:

      Every night Chris Matthews speaks to an ever shrinking listening audience. If it weren't for other new networks reporting these types of ramblings they would go completely unnoticed. He, and MSNBC, have become irrelevant to everyone outside of the ultra left. I expect that with Comcast acquiring control of NBC Mr. Matthews days and nights are numbered.

    27. Jill Hetherington says:

      From Chris Matthews to OBama these guys treat Americans like the enemy and terrorists like valued American citizens. One of the talk show guys calls this the "upside down Alice in Wonderland world." It sure is upside down and we have three more years of this bozo. I wonder if there will still be an America when he is done?

    28. Mary O, Florida says:

      I sent an email to him which said:

      Mr. Matthews:

      To call our brave men and women at West Point (who would give their lives and limbs for the likes of you) 'the enemy camp' is unforgivable. Perhaps you didn't realize that this country is at war. How DARE you?

    29. JFK, Virginia says:

      MSNBC is Chris Matthews and possibly he is the best they have available. Now that should tell you something about how to not spend your time watching or listening to MSNBC.

    30. Neil Schmidt, Santa says:

      Not once did Obama say that the job of the military was to KILL terrorists. Instead, he said terrorists were to be "contained,"….whatever that means. No wonder the war in Afghanistan will go nowhere, even with an injection of troops. Obama has no concept of what war is and how to win it. We are either committed 100% to the eradication of terrorists and Al Quaida, or we're not. If we are not, as is apparent with the Obama formula, we should get out now and spare further troop deaths. Obama was begged for more troops in August. What on earth took him over three months to make up his mind?

    31. Neil Schmidt, Santa says:

      As for Chris Matthews, this total loser should be fired outright….but I predict that he will linger just like Dan Rather…making excuses at first, while waiting for the outrageous incident to be forgotten.


    32. BigJoe, TN says:

      Anyone who puts any credibility in what these ignorant fools Mathews or Madow has to say is either stupid or a radial socialist or worse.

    33. Linda Carlsbad, CA says:

      Our troops don't trust Obama. Do you think they have forgotten Fort Hood. Our troops aren't safe with this President. They know he has cut their budget, who knows what ear marks he is speeding their money on.

      We need a President that will stand up for our troops and keep them safe, at least a home. We need a President that believes in our country! Not one that bows to every dictator in the world!

    34. Ryan The Devil Dog, says:

      We are discussing C. Matthews and MSNBC(MSLSD).

      Who is really surprised at these comments by stated scource. I could be wrong, but if we on the more Conservative side simply don't watch or listen to the hit squad maybe they will go away or better yet, out of business.

      Pray for those Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen & Coasties!

    35. Tim Az says:

      Mao-Bama has sent a message to America and her military. He is the commander in Chief of SEIU and ACORN and all their many crime based affiliates. His intention is to dishonor our military with forced defeat through rules of engagement that do not allow for engagement until after our soldiers have taken casualties. Mao-Bama does this to raise his own morale as well as his desciples of liberalism.

      More hope and change anyone?

    36. S.Russell, CA says:

      The cadets are a pretty educated group of young people who were looking for inspiration from someone with personal convictions and who loves this country as much as they do. All they got was a suit reading from side to side. How hard is it to tell the nation what you have decided and why? After three months of discussion you would think the President could deliver without a script.

    37. Buz, Fl says:

      Well now, let's THINK about the enemy camp concept. He spoke before the mighty American military leaders, each and every one whom has pledged their beings to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Keep thinking . . . just to whom would they be an enemy?

    38. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:





    39. Dick - Danville, CA says:

      I think Mathews comment re: "going to the enemy camp" is despicable!

      The graduates of that "enemy camp" are the very ones who protect Mathews right to make an ass out of himself!

    40. Gloriana M. Levasseu says:


    41. Susan, Detroit says:

      Chris Mathews lives in the BIZARRO WORLD.

    42. Rayford Davenport says:

      Don't fire him. His program shows the vast difference between the left and right.Let them keep talking.

    43. Drew Page, IL says:

      The enemy camp?? So this is how Chris Matthews views West Point.

      The young men and women who graduate West Point and go on to serve their country and defend his right to spew such crud deserve better than this.

    44. Jeff Middleton says:

      HAHAHAHA–he's at least as much of a journalist as Al "I invented the internet" Bore

    45. John, Mountain View says:

      Chris Mathews says West Point is an "enemy camp" and Rachel Maddow agrees? MSNBC wake up! Both Mathews and Maddow should be fired immediately! Their judgment and basic broadcast competence is seriously lacking. Our military service academies train the best of the best…..especially West Point! By the way Chris, your taxes pay for West Point.

    46. sin sam says:

      ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh my legs are tingling, right chris,he's no reporter, he's just an obama groupie

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