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  • Climategate: From Skepticism to Investigation

    But as Climategate proves, a bit of skepticism will rarely steer you wrong. In fact, it’s one of the key elements of rational thinking.”

    Those words come from David Harsanyi’s excellent column in the Denver Post. He writes,

    As President Barack Obama heads to Copenhagen to work on an international deal that surrenders even more of our unsightly carbon-driven prosperity to the now-somewhat-less- than-irrefutable science of climate change, shouldn’t he offer more than a flippant statement through a spokesperson on the scandal? The talks, after all, will be based on the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fourth Assessment Report, which was partially put together by the very same scandal-ridden scientists.

    Now, I do not, on any level, possess the expertise to argue about the science of anthropogenic global warming. Nor do you, most likely. This certainly doesn’t mean an average citizen has the duty to do the lockstep.”

    As Phil Jones, the head scientist at University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) steps down, increased skepticism as a result of Climategate is rightly evolving into a full-fledged investigation. U.S. Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) weighed in at today’s hearing on the climate emails held by the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, saying, “Sound science policy depends on sound science. When the science itself is politicized, it becomes impossible to make objective political decisions. Scientific policy depends on absolute transparency.”

    But Obama’s science czar, John Holdren (also a sender of one of the hacked emails) held is ground at the hearing, affirming that it is “beyond any reasonable doubt” that man is the chief contributor to warming planet. He went on to say, “However this controversy comes out, the result will not call into question the bulk of our understanding of how the climate works or how humans affect it.”

    Also today, Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight Ranking Member Paul Broun (R-GA) sent a 34-page letter to Holdren reminding him that President Obama sent a memo to him to “guarantee scientific integrity throughout the executive branch.” Holdren did acknowledge the emails are a problem that needs to be resolved but his beliefs on manmade warming appear to bet set in stone.

    Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is pushing for investigation to come from the Senate side as well. Yesterday he sent a letter to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) calling for hearings regarding the leaked emails, emphasizing that climate research affects “everything from ( to name a few ) cap-and-trade legislation, state and regional climate change programs, the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Proposed Endangerment and Cause or Contribute Findings for Greenhouse Gases Under Section 202( a ) of the Clean Air Act,” the US Global Change Research Program, global climate models used by federal agencies, the Department of Interior’s coordinated strategy to address climate change impacts, and international climate change negotiations.”

    Maybe the scandal won’t be everything the skeptics hope for but Heritage Senior Policy Analyst David Kreutzer reminds us that “Few policy questions, and none with as big a price tag, are based so fundamentally on there being a scientific consensus.” The least we can do is a little prying and poking.

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    17 Responses to Climategate: From Skepticism to Investigation

    1. Ishogun, USA says:

      If measure of a crime is amount of money stolen, the climate change brigade with Al Gore in charge, a on the very top. Even the amount of money stolen by Maddoff pales in comparison to what climate change scam cost us already. If there is any justice in this world whatsoever, all of them should be locked up for very, very, very long time!

    2. Rainer says:

      This a good, fair article. I wish conservatives would stop bashing all things green and analyze the affect we are having on the planet. I don't think we're the cause of global warming or that we're even impacting any significant climate change…right now. The earth is resilient.

      However, the science does seem to indicate that proceeding down our current path (particularly in developing nations) will result in an impact to the environment. If anything, the US is the best positioned in the world to make changes, but that should be left up to individual companies to decide. I think our role should be in investing in technologies that do reduce green house gases and share them with developing nations so they may also limit their own greenhouse production. We can be a leader by promoting responsible growth, not over-bearing legislation based on skeptical scientific data.

      The best example of our past leadership has been in the reduction of harmful, polluting chemicals we've been able to pull out of manufacturing. Some legislation required this, but much of it was because of responsible investing by American companies in new technologies. We can do the same with carbon production.

      Conservatives should lead the way in encouraging companies to make changes on a local and international level. However, they should lead this charge with very little regulation that puts us at further economic disadvantage.

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    4. Roger S., Ma. says:

      When did SCIENCE become a matter of "scientific consensus"?

      Holdren is being either incredibly dumb or incredibly deceitful when he panders to the naive and undereducated with a statement such as: “However this controversy comes out, the result will not call into question the bulk of our understanding of how the climate works or how humans affect it.” This is no longer a mere "difference of opinion" among "friends".

      First of all, the discovery of CRU manipulation of data to "prove" preconceived notions ("ideas" is too noble a concept to apply), as well as of manipulation by certain members and associates of the peer-review process, shows this to be far removed from the realm of mere "controversy".

      Second, calling into question the very basis of understanding of global climatic processes and their human component, if any, is precisely what such attempted manipulations accomplish. And rightly so, as they point out that the very "scientists" entrusted with this investigation, presumably the most able and experienced, were unable to create a model sufficiently explanatory of observed facts; that they became so desperate as to feel the need to cheat.

      (Yet, without a valid model, any subsequent policy decisions are bound to be wrong, except by chance. But, who would dare entrust the wealth and health of nations, let alone of the whole globe, to chance?)

      Such behavior would normally have gotten them expelled from any reputable university; at some, they would have been "expunged" from the rolls of those ever matriculated, just as if they had never attended even for a second! In short, this was about as great an academic crime as could ever be committed.

      To downplay this in any way — worse: to even insinuate a relative lack of importance — so as to become able to continue to pursue the political agenda based on such false evidence and conclusions, is no longer an "academic" crime. It is a real one.

    5. Alex, Windsor ON says:

      We need to see prosecutions. The money that they have scammed is just a part of it. So called "Green Legislation" has cost businesses and industries countless amounts of money. Every couple of years, diesel manufacturers have to completely re-engineer their engines in order to comply with new legislation. Another example is C.A.F.E. standards. These people have brainwashed almost an entire generation.

    6. mike wegrzyn says:

      Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) Hope she is in jail soon along with many of her fraud friends…….many more frauds are going to be exposed. We will soon have world peace and an end to the drug trade that must break there hearts…

    7. Patrick Bell says:

      Interesting to watch all of this going down right before the Copenhagen Climate Conference. Sure, the global climate is changing — it has has for centuries. The key here is that data may have been manipulated to make it seem the problem is more catastrophic or imminent, than is really the case. Broadly, that's what conservative's mean when we say "alarmism."

      Take a look back at other academic disciplines. The research money being devoted to departments at major universities. There is more than a cottage industry in "confronting global climate change." But much like the Sovietology departments of yore, if Climategate proves damaging, these new outgrowths may quickly wither.

    8. Dennis London, Pembr says:

      Global Warming is a HOAX. The biggest FRAUD ever attempted, and yet our leftist-government, leftest-scientists, and leftist-educators all continue to perpetuate this FRAUD!!

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    10. Texas Tom, Plano, TX says:

      The major media outlets have ignored ClimateGate once again showing their true stripes. We must stop any form of Cap and Trade. Even if man made global warming were true and I don't believe it for a second, Cap and Trade would not do anything to correct the situation but would devastate our economy, cede control over much of our everyday lives to radical environmentalists. Not only no, but "HELL NO"!

    11. John, Colorado says:

      When you want to think about environmental impact think of the impact a catastrophic wildfire has on the environment caused by a build-up of dry fuel that is prohibited from being harvested because of the "environmental" impact it would cause. Can you begin to imagine the amount of pollutants put out by that? We as citizens of a free nation must take back our freedoms and rights and rebuild our economy with some good old fashion industry.

      The global climate has been changing since the beginning of time, it will continue to do this long after we are gone no matter what some phony environmentalist claims. After having one of the coldest years worldwide on record along with the climategate scandel, hopefully we will see light at the end of the tunnel and an opportunity to take back our country and we will no longer fall victim the bankrupting green movement.

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